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Dominant and Submissive (L/A)

This post includes strong language (L) and some anal play (A).
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My wife, Alia, is a bubbly girl with just the right amount of extra weight in all the right places. I always tell her it’s like having extra cheese on a pizza; it only makes it yummier. Her dark brown hair and black eyes offset her smooth fair skin. In short, she looks absolutely delicious to me.

I’ve always considered myself the dominant sexual partner in our marriage. But over time, I began to wonder what it would feel like if Alia took the reigns.  Whenever I imagined the scenario, I got an instant erection. I knew that I wanted to try it out, so I approached Alia about it one day. She listened intently, then just tilted her head and looked at me for a minute before she headed to the kitchen to get breakfast. I didn’t know how to take that and felt at a loss for words, so I left for the office.

After work, I opened the door of our home to find Alia seated on the sofa, eagerly awaiting my arrival. She had on a black sleeveless knee-length dress with pink and off-white polka dots. It was an unusual look for her, but she looked awesome in it.

As I freshen up, she served dinner for the both of us, but she was quiet and thoughtful for some time while we ate. I decided to break the ice by complimenting her appearance and making small talk. But when Alia responded, she came straight to the point.

“I thought about what you said you wanted to try. To be honest, I’m unsure whether you can meet my demands. I want you to prove that you are up to it.”

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked her.

She said, “Seduce me. You can touch me anywhere, but I will punish you if I don’t like it. In the end, if I want you, you’re good. Else we forget this night and never try it again.”

This was new to me, but I liked the idea of the challenge. So I asked her to sit on our bed and gave her a can of cold drink to sip on. I went near her lips but made sure that they didn’t touch hers. I held her hands and pressed them slightly.

I moved my lips along her body but made sure that I didn’t let them touch her anywhere. She must have anticipated a kiss at any moment, but I went down on my knees and kissed her beautiful, clean, white feet, first on top and then moving on to her toes. I started sucking and licking on her left toe like a lollipop. I looked up and saw she had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. I knew that I had won this thing at that instant and would manage to seduce her. But at the same time, I wanted to experiment with my own limits.

Sucking her toe wasn’t bad at all. So I decided to give her my all and become her devoted sex slave. I kissed the rest of her toes and licked between them for five more minutes while my hands massaged her calves. Then I decided to move ahead, so I raised my head a little, and I peeled her dress back a bit further to reveal her milky, fleshy thighs. I started kissing them and making a circular motion with my tongue.

As my cheek brushed her thigh, she felt my stubble and came out of her trance. We made eye contact, and her gaze seemed to invite me upward. As I stood, I took both her hands and raised them above her head. I started sweetly blowing on her right underarm and then kissed, licked, and sucked at it. Then I repeated the process on the other side before moving my lips to her neck.

Next, I unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders, followed by her bra. Her large boobs with their dark nipples made my mouth water. But as I started toward them, she took me by the hair and yanked my head away from her body. Seeing my wide-eyed response, she said, “Easy, boy. You teased me so much. Now I’ll have my revenge, and your punishment will follow.”

She kissed my lips deeply and passionately, then pulled them with her teeth. When she stood, her clothing fell to the ground, and she stepped out of it. She stood there in her black panty, looking at me like it was lunchtime.

She pushed me onto the bed, then removed my shirt and tied my hands to the bedposts using ties from the closet—just what I had dreamed of. Climbing on top of me, Alia started kissing me all over my body and giving me love bites. It felt like a few of those would leave marks to remind me of this experiment! But the pain was worth the pleasure.

As with everything else in her life, Alia got right down to business; she unbuttoned my jeans and stripped me of them. My hard cock sprang up immediately, and she started sucking my balls and licking my dick. Her teeth nipped the tip of it. At intervals, she held my cock at the base and left it to kissed other areas like my balls and perineum. This allowed the cum to build but didn’t make me orgasm. When I asked her to let me cum, she gave my dick a slap.

“You will cum when I want you to.” She continued this for 15-20 minutes and deep-throated me after that. I exploded in her throat, which she hungrily gulped before coming up to kiss me. Then she loosed my hands and tied them behind my back.

Removing her panty, Alia told me to lick her pussy. Instead, feeling bratty, I started licking her asshole, only occasionally giving her pussy any attention. She held my hair and tried to direct my head to her pussy, but I was determined to tease her.

“Is that what you want?” she demanded. “Fine!” She pushed me on my back and sat directly over my face with her ass on my mouth. In this position, I stuck out my tongue for her asshole while my nose burrowed into her pussy. She smelled awesome. I started sucking on her pussy with devotion and might. After fifteen minutes or so, she quavered on my face, and her juices multiplied. I knew she had just cum.

Alia rose from my face. “Thank you. That was lovely!” she said. “We can do more of this power-exchange foreplay whenever you—or I—like. But now…” She released my hands and started riding me.

It was such a relief because I wanted so much to fuck her. I know how much she likes long, deep thrusts, so I asked her to get in the doggy position. She complied, and I pounded her mercilessly while groping her boobs. Then I flipped her over into missionary position and went to town, sucking and biting her boobs and throat while I drove into her. I made sure that she had “medals” to wear for a few days, same as me.

It took a while, but I eventually came deep inside her. Alia had already orgasmed a couple more times by then. She kissed me and hugged me tightly, and we went to sleep.

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  1. 1blessedman says:

    You have a wonderful wife! I think it is wonderful when couples submit to their spouse and please them the way they want to be pleased. That is very Christ-like. When we, as lovers, do the things that our lover desires( with sure comfortable boundaries) and we do that with a heart of unconditional love, it is a beautiful thing. I get as much joy and pleasure from my wife's enjoyment and orgasms as I do my own. Obviously, different but both are equally enjoyable! And, while it is not for some, the booty licking reminiscing was hot!

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