Garden Discovery

“What do you think?”

I look in the direction of the Voice and saw a creature unlike any I’d seen previously. It appeared to be sleeping.

“I think it’s beautiful. Did you just make it?”

“Yes, but it’s not an ‘it.’ It is a ‘she.’”

“A she? I don’t understand.”

“Take a closer look. She’s a lot more like you, isn’t she, than any other creature?”

“Yes, it seems she is a lot like me, but she also looks different.”

“How so?”

Something came over me. Looking at this creature caused a reaction within me I had not experienced before. My heart was pounding. The beauty of this creature glued my eyes to her; I could not explain it. It, she, was something other. I wanted to be with her, to touch her, to—I could not put into words the feelings and desires that were welling up with me.

“Why is my penis getting longer and stiff?”

“It’s a reaction of your body when you look at her.”

Whatever it was, it felt good. I continued to stare at the creature lying before me as I circled her. I wanted to touch her. My eyes studied her face. I rubbed my own face and chin and concluded that I must look something like that, too. Why did the lips of her mouth draw me to her?

She had two arms as I did. But the two mounds between her arms made my heart pound and my legs feel weak. I didn’t have those.

She had two legs as I did. My eyes traveled up the line between them until it ended. When I focused on her hips, my penis twitched.

“Spread her legs apart. It’s okay; she is still sleeping soundly.” I reached for the creature’s feet, spread them apart, and knelt between her legs. She did not have a penis. I saw another set of lips couched in a patch of hair. Something more than curiosity washed over me.

“Go ahead and gently insert a finger between those lips.”

I so much wanted to, but I  felt afraid. I hesitantly spread the lips apart and gently inserted my shaking finger. I felt warmth. And wetness. I could hardly breathe. Why? My fingers had been wet before. What was different about this wetness?

My penis was constantly twitching now. A sticky, translucent liquid oozed from its tip, dripping in long silky threads. My thoughts shifted from the sensation at the end of my finger to an inexplicable desire to replace my finger with my stiff penis. “These lips are designed for me to push my penis into them, aren’t they?”

“Yes. Wait until she wakes up, though. Lie down beside her. Gently rub those mounds between her arms—they’re called breasts—until she awakens.”

I laid down alongside her, propping myself up on one elbow, and placed my hand over her breast. I felt her body stir and saw that her face turned towards me. Her eyes fluttered open and looked into mine. Her lips came towards mine and pressed against them, then she smiled. Placing a hand over mine, she moved my hand over her breast.

“Pinch the hardness you feel under your palm. Rub it for a while, and then suck on it.” Her hand then moved down between her legs. Her legs were shaking and her back arched. I didn’t know what was happening. “Keep sucking on it,” she urged. Her hand reached for mine and pulled it between her legs. “Rub me here. Don’t stop sucking, though.”

The cries and thrashing subsided moments later. Reaching for my still stiff penis, she squeezed it. “I think you’re meant to put that thing in me… down there where you’ve been rubbing.”

I didn’t need another invitation. I sat up, knelt between her legs, and gently pushed my hardened penis between those slippery lips. I wondered whether the sensation I experienced while I slid in was what she experienced while my fingers rubbed her. I pulled out, longing to experience the thrill again. Something deep within urged me to push in harder, faster, and deeper.

Satisfaction came. I pulled out. Laying down beside this creature again, I turned to her and whispered, “Hi. My name is Adam. I think I will call you Eve.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m starving. After we’ve eaten, let’s come back here, and I’ll show you exactly where your finger needs to be.”

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12 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    I have to be honest about my feeling regarding this story. I LOVE erotica but I do not believe that we can pretend to make God say things that He never said. To use Him to make a story……A BIG NO!!!

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We get that. But we believe this story simply imagines what might have happened when God introduced Adam to his wife. It isn't "putting words in God's mouth" in the sense of claiming that God said or meant anything that he didn't say or mean.

  2. Waiting Hardly says:

    I found this helpful in the way I find it helpful with other Bible narratives in that it helps to visualize or imagine myself within the stories. No different than making a movie about a Bible theme. And by the way, genesis does record God’s first positive command to Adam and Eve was to have sex. So it’s not far fetched. Thanks @ClimaXX for using your sacred imagination.

  3. 1blessedman says:

    I don't see that carmelsk has violated anything sacred. Carmelsk is only meandering in his thoughts about what could have happened. Many times, well known theologians paraphrase what God has said (which is always NOT what He said), and there are even Bibles that use a paraphrase format or an amplified format. Hyperbole is often used in writings throughout the millennia. Hyperbole is used in many of the OT books because they are poetry and hyperbole is ever-present in poetry. John wrote in his good news letter, John 21:25, "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written." Jesus having lived only about 34-35 years, I think John is using some exaggeration for effect—hyperbole. If you wrote enough books to cover the entire earth at 1 book per square foot, you would have to write 1,039,845,312,000. I don't know if Jesus did over 1 trillion things that could have been individually noteworthy. If Jesus did the above number of things and did each for one second, then he would have to have been on the earth for over 32,000 years. (I think my math is close) Carmelsk's hyperbole imaginings has not been presented as if they are absolute or even accurate to any degree. So, I take the writing for what it is. A meandering of wonder. The only place that I would offer some idea is where carmelsk says that Adam did not have that particular feeling before. I personally think that there was some extensive time between Adam and Eve's creation. I think Adam had experienced erections before and was likely curious about such things, because, I think, Adam saw the other creations with their respective mates. And, they were not holding hands and sipping a cup of tea. I think Adam got a full view of the sexual intercourse throughout the animal world. I believe he wondered about having a mate and using that thing hanging down there that keeps popping up like the other creatures. Therefore, it is not good for man to be alone. All that said…..I can't prove any of it. Sounds plausible and adds texture to the fabric of time, but only for wonderment. Gene Edwards has some books whereby he uses a 1st person narrative like carmelsk did. Gene doesn't say that his fiction books are fact. But his books do transport the reader back in time to provoke thought and inspire wonder. ( I have read his "The Divine Romance". Wonderful book that I recommend with clarification that it is based on real events, but not necessarily 100% historically accurate text–a lot of could-have-been ideas, but never dishonoring God. I am not a big fan of fiction but I liked the above story. Cheers carmelsk!

  4. LovingMan says:

    I don’t want to be controversial here because I know that there are a wide variety of views on the creation and what happened in the Garden Of Eden. But I will give my opinion that the forbidden fruit was not sex. I assume that God married Adam to Eve when He put them together in the Garden. Then God commanded them to be fruitful. So to ME that means that sex was not forbidden but commanded. So this creative story is about the first man and wife making love. I personally think they got to know each other first but this story did not offend me. I thought it was very creative! If we accept that the erotic things we do in married sex are good then I see no harm in wondering about the first married sex on Earth… and I see no problem with writing a story like this. I rather enjoyed the story.

  5. undeservinggrace says:

    I liked your story, carmelsk.

    I wrote a fantasy about the Garden about a year ago. Although it is not erotic, it poses some ideas about what might have been if Adam had not sinned. I have pointed to my blog here before: www*dot*undeserving*dot*me. The title is "Standing Firm," and I posted it in June, 2020. You can find it in the blog archive in the sidebar.

  6. Watts2 says:

    I liked the story. I do understand the concern of ClimaXX, but taking artistic license has been done for millenia; some of the best and brightest rabbis were doing it before our Master was even born. The Parables are all about that. Telling a story to make a biblical truth come to life.

    What I found particularly interesting is you had her orgasm by masturbating before they had intercourse. And of course the fullest description of masturbating in the bible was Shulamite in Song of Solomon chapter 5.

    • carmelsk says:

      Thank you for your comment and appreciation. I had almost come to that conclusion myself. I will plan to rise to that challenge, but my climax for this weekend is to bang something other than the computer keyboard, since my 35th wedding anniversary is hard upon me. (In all seriousness, pray for my wife as the two of us work together through some physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. My wife enjoys a great ride to the precipice, but has difficulty going over it, if you catch my drift.)

    • MarriageHeat says:

      I can't vouch for it, but I saw an Orgasm Course listed on the MarriedDance website. If you happen to try it out and it helps, maybe you could review it for us?

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