Late For Work

This incident happened many years ago when we were much younger and working, not retired as we are now. Needless to say, we were in better shape, and we were both quite young-looking in appearance. I was in my mid-30s, and my wife looked to be at most in her early thirties.  (But when aroused, she looked 20.)  She was actually older than me, but only those who already knew her would ever believe her true age unless she showed them her driver’s license.

We had both been bullied in our school days. I was a smart (nerdy) and nonathletic boy with health problems, and she was a smart, nonathletic girl with a little extra weight. We were also both sexually abused as children. So we had some real challenges while growing up, but by the time we met, we had both made great progress. At the time of this story, we both had worked to become very fit and physically and mentally healthy. Though not athletic as a kid, I had worked on improving my body while in college and had become a master at martial arts. 

My wife had and still does have big, gorgeous Scandinavian eyes. Melodie took care of all her skin meticulously, had begun swimming regularly well before I met her, and had become what anyone with eyes could see was a curvy (with all the curves in the right places) absolute beauty.  I showed my co-workers her photo and, when I told them her age, they thought I was lying.  They also could not believe that someone had not snatched her up because she was so amazingly beautiful.  And when they met her and saw that she was a genuinely nice and kind person as well, they thought I had hit the jackpot.  By the way, Melodie was great with my kids, who soon became HER kids when we married!  

When this event happened, we were happily raising our children and were both in successful careers—we both worked during all of the pre-retirement years of our marriage. I think this story and my other stories have been good evidence that we found healing and glorious happiness through our faith in God, good mental health therapists, supportive friends and family, fellow Christians we knew from church, and our emotional, spiritual, and sexual bonds with each other.

Our love for each other and our married sexual relationship have helped us appreciate and even celebrate our imperfect bodies that God has blessed us with. Now, with us both dealing with severe health challenges in our senior years, we STILL are in many ways deliriously happy and secure in our love and passion for each other and in our faith in God.

Now on to our story from many years ago:

It was a Friday, and my wife, Melodie, had the day off. We both knew that I had to work, but she was free. Our kids were in their first week of summer vacation and were visiting their birth mother, my ex-wife. So Melodie and I had the house to ourselves, and we were looking forward to a sexy weekend together. But we definitely did NOT have time for any sexy marital fun before I left for work.

When I woke up, I rolled over and kissed my wife, and she responded very enthusiastically. But work loomed in my mind, so I got up, headed to the shower, and came out clean and freshly shaved. Melodie was under just the mint green top sheet. It had been unseasonably warm, so we had not used a blanket that night.

I was getting dressed next to the bed with our bedroom door wide open when I saw that Melodie was pulling down the sheet. I watched it pass over her gorgeous, full Nordic boobs. She’s always had full, porcelain, and voluptuous breasts with perfect raspberry nipples, but I only got to see all the goods after we took our marriage vows, of course! (She sure looked awesome in a swimsuit when we went swimming together before we married, though!)

At this time of our lives, my wife had somewhat short, soft, gently curly hair. Her skin was like soft, smooth, creamy porcelain, and it hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the years. Her big, beautiful Scandinavian eyes in her lovely oval face flashed up at me with a mischievous look. She had changed into her birthday suit while still under the sheet, and she kept sliding the sheet down until it was just below her curvy breasts. Now her perfect raspberry-capped globes were also flashed just for me.

“C’mere Tom-MEE!” (her nickname for me), she said in her deep breathy sex voice. “Wanna have some of this?” Then she cupped the outside of each breast as if to offer them to me. She looked down at her lovely boobs and added, “Oh, Tom, aren’t they beautiful?”

I had to agree! I remember that I was halfway done buttoning my white shirt at that exact moment. Guess what, I did!

Instead of continuing to get dressed, I dove onto our king-sized bed right next to my beautiful and very sexy wife, and I began feasting on her ripe and ready raspberries! I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I had to get to work, but the testosterone rush that my sexy wife caused made me stop thinking with the large organ in my skull. A different set of my organs located further south had taken control!

I licked and sucked and gently pinched those nipples/raspberries, and although they had been hard when we started, they grew even harder! I reached down under the sheet and began to stroke up through Melodie’s very wet labia and on up to the tip of her clitoris, lubricating her clit with her own love juices.

“Ooh, that feels sooooo gooooood!” Melodie said as she reached her hands up inside my shirt to run her fingers over MY nipples.

“Yes,” I agreed, “this ALL feels very good!” Then I added, “And very beautiful and sexy too!”

Then Melodie began to claw at my belt and my pants in an effort to get to her prize. When she had freed my very hard erection, she began to pump me with one hand and said, “Mmmmmmm… that will feel great inside of me!”

Time was a-wasting, so without removing my half-buttoned shirt, I pulled my pants down a little more and tore the top sheet the rest of the way off. Then I quickly climbed between my wife’s smooth, sexy Nordic legs and dove in for several long tongue swipes of her delicious pussy.

Melodie pushed her pelvis up as if to get my tongue further inside, moaning rather loudly. Usually, she is rather quiet during sex, so this was definitely an exception!

“Go inside me!” she demanded. “I want the real thing right now!” We were both so incredibly turned on that we were actually shaking!

“Your wish is my command!” I said as I complied with her wonderful request and drove my hot rod rather forcefully past her swollen labia and into her love tunnel! I knew that she likes it that way when she’s really, REALLY turned on!

“Oooohhhh, YES!” she cried out as she also began pumping to match my frantic rhythm. I pounded away and reached down with my mouth to suck each nipple as she cupped each full breast and pushed it up to me in turn. Our thrusting continued non-stop at a rapid pace.

After I tasted each of her perfect raspberries, we then kissed deeply; her tongue, then mine, took turns mimicking the action of our genitalia further South.

Doing all this exactly this way now would possibly kill me. But we were young and healthy back then and oh-so-horny. We were also delighted in our mutual friendship and love, so the sexual part of our relationship was nearly always amazing. But this took the cake! She smiled up at me in her oh so sexy way as she began to squeeze my pumping penis with her Kegal muscles. (That is the ultimate marriage hug!)

Probably only five or ten minutes passed, but I can’t be sure. Back then—and often even now—we kind of lose track of time while making love to each other. So for all I know, 15 or 20 minutes went by, maybe more!

Finally, she arched her back and completely lifted her shapely buns off the bed to meet my thrusts as she stiffened. I can remember the sunlight streaming through the semi-closed blinds and lighting up the bed UNDER her sexy back because of how high it rose off the bed. Her whole body stiffened, and then her body began to tremble with her intense orgasmic earthquake, and in her husky, sexy voice, she sighed, “I’m coming!!!!”

“Me too!” I called out. (I couldn’t have STOPPED myself from coming at that point.) The feel on my hard penis of Melodie’s Kegal muscles squeezing me, along with her orgasmic contractions, was beyond belief!

I let loose with my load amid loud grunts of pleasure, and my orgasm was so high it was like the peak of Mount Pike! An electric buzz hit my nerve endings that nearly made me black completely out. In fact, I did blackout for a few seconds, then we both collapsed with her on the bed and me still inside and on top of her! It felt like I had released a flood of semen!

“I love you!” I said as I covered her mouth and face with kisses. She returned the kisses at first but then stopped and held my face in her hands as she looked at me, eye to eye.

“That was very nice,” she agreed with a shy, guilty look in her eye. “But you’re going to be late for work!”

“Work!” I cried, “I completely forgot about work!” My white shirt was all wrinkled, and our antics had completely messed up my once neatly combed hair. (I had a full head of it back then.)

“You look like someone ravaged you,” joked my wife as she pushed me up off of her so I could put myself back together.

I stood up and resumed buttoning my white shirt as fast as I could. I messed up getting the right button in the correct buttonhole, and I had to un-button & re-button part of my shirt. Then I tucked it into my khaki pants.

Melodie and I usually lay a soft towel down before sex, but we had been in too big of a hurry. I glanced down to see the creamy white evidence of our passion and beautiful, impromptu lovemaking seep out and form a big wet spot on the mint-colored fitted sheet.

Melodie looked too and said, “I’ll wash the sheets today.” Then she reached for the cover sheet and swiped her still leaking pussy. “But wasn’t it fun making the mess?” she said with her sexy satisfied look.

I had to agree.

Melodie pulled the dry part of the sheet back onto herself, but just up high enough to have most of her sexy and now satisfied breasts still out for my viewing pleasure. I could see both of her raspberries glistening from the workout my mouth had given them. (I’ve said it before, marrying her MADE me a boob man, and she knew it!) She felt guilty for making me late, so after a few moments, she moved to get up and help me get ready.

“No,” I said, “I’m okay. Just lie there and look beautiful and let me remember this glorious view of my beautiful, stunningly sexy wife.”

I leaned down to kiss her, and she reached up as if to pull me down back on top of her. “No time for round two, honey,” I said, but we still shared a deep tongue-dance kiss before I left the master bedroom.

“Sorry I made you late!” she called after me.

“It was WORTH it!” I called back.

I grabbed a granola bar for breakfast, and soon, I was out the door to face a worse-than-normal commute since I normally left home earlier to beat the traffic. Still, I had a smile on my face all day long. Yes, I WAS quite late for work that day, but as I told the love of my life, it was definitely worth it!

Final note: Lauren, the wife of Joespirit101, recommended that I write up this story when I mentioned the event in a comment to an MH Ignite story last month. The story was from April 23, 2021, and it was called “My Prodigal Husband.” Lauren, THANK YOU for suggesting that I write about this. It was like reliving it all over again! I remembered details that I would have assumed were long since forgotten, like the color of my shirt, the color of the sheets, how my wife had the sheet only partially covering her when I left, and a bunch more of the details I put into the story! I’ll admit that a very few details and some of the dialogue may be from other lovemaking sessions from that earlier era of our marriage, but they all happened. I am beginning to think that loving marital sex memories are some of our most vivid memories of our lives. At least for me, they are!

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13 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks Sexlovers! It was worth being late. If I had made that a regular event I would have lost my job. I apologized to my boss but did not explain the reason I was so late.

  1. Panther89 says:

    Mornings are our usual time for lovemaking. We haven't been late to work yet, but as empty nesters it is wonderful to have sex in the a.m. Maybe I will be late one day.

    • LovingMan says:

      Panther89… being empty nesters is awesome. We lie in bed and listen to scripture or scripture commentary most mornings and then may do some making out & heavy petting before we clean-up for a lovemaking session. Of course, being RETIRED M T Nesters means often we have all the time we want for a long and pleasant time in bed.
      When our youngest left for college, several years ago, a member of our church congregation (who was a friend) was talking to me about being empty nesters and ended with “… also known as clothing optional days!”

  2. Giants05 says:

    Great story..certainly inspiring for sure. My wife read this a few weeks back and she told me today she had to play w/ herself after reading, it got her so hot.
    I was heading in much earlier today than usual, and our little one was still sleeping, so I came out to a surprise of my hot, naked wife on our bedroom recliner. I was half-dressed but ended up not being half-dress after a second of seeing her. Definitely respected your story and how hot messy morning sex was… many times we put a towel down or I wear protection when we don't want to get messy, but it did indeed get super messy and sheets had to be changed. Felt super good since I haven't shot a load in her in such a little bit. Reading this story and writing this got me super hard; loved the story.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Reading your comment made me wet lol. I know you said a few weeks back your wife had her first squirting orgasm; did she squirt here? That is so hot, and now I want to squirt! Hearing you got super hard makes me think of my husband's cock, and boy I hope he's home early today. I NEED his penis inside of me.

  3. Giants05 says:

    @alwayswet…she indeed did squirt it was so hot. Your comment got me rock solid hard at my desk. Sent it to my wife and got her super wet. She said your hot comments got her missing the boobs and the belly so told me we have to get to work tonight hahaha. Keep your comments coming

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @giants05 that’s amazing! So glad I could spread the horniness through comments lol! Do you share an office or have your own and had to shut the door? I love when my husband texts me and tells me he couldn’t help himself and was large and in charge below the waist and had to lock his door. These boobs and belly literally make me so wet that it’s insane; I absolutely love my pregnancy body! Did your wife mean you guys need to make another baby!? If so, please tell us how it went!!

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