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I didn’t expect to enjoy being tied up as much as I do.

I don’t remember how that first conversation went when you broached the subject, but I’m sure I was surprised at the suggestion.  The idea was mildly intriguing, I suppose; there was certainly something sexy about the thought of giving control of my body over to you!  On the other hand, I was slightly apprehensive at the thought of being truly stuck in the improbable event that something went wrong.

You put my mind at ease when I discovered how much you’d been learning about different rope types and safe knot styles.  Who knew there were so many different ways to tie someone up?  When you assured me you’d include a quick release knot within reach of one hand for emergencies, I figured there was no harm in trying out your fantasy.

And so we did.

And I liked it.

I noticed the brief look of surprise the first time it was me instead of you who suggested including the ropes again in our plans for the evening.  Until that time, I imagine you considered it something I went along with just because you liked it.  I guess I hadn’t shared the way my heart races and my skin tingles with anticipation as you carefully wrap my wrists and ankles with rope.  I hadn’t revealed how my mind runs wild as I wait for you to get everything secured.  You couldn’t have known the rush I get at wondering what you’re going to do to me when you have complete control… when I’m at your mercy.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to tell you sooner just how much I liked it.

Your surprise quickly changed to excitement as I laid out what I wanted.  I could sense you swell even without being in a position to see the results.  I love that.  I love that simply telling you my desires, no matter what they are, can turn you on so quickly.  I used to hesitate to make requests, not wanting you to feel obligated to fulfill something you weren’t really in the mood for.  Now I know better.  Now I know how much you love knowing all the shocking urges that so often fill my mind.

Reading the story of a woman being tied up tight was another unexpected draw for me.  Tight.  I wouldn’t have guessed how appealing that would sound.  You generally restrained me enough that I wasn’t free to do as I pleased, but I did have a little wiggle room.  I had never really imagined it any other way.  But this story, this woman craving it tight, ignited something new in me.

I imagined myself completely naked, spread across the bed, arms outstretched and legs open, tied down tight, my body completely accessible and vulnerable to your desires.  My pulse quickened as I read a few more lines, but I began to lose focus on the words as my thoughts wandered back to what it would be like, lying there, immobile, ready for you to play with as you pleased.

The sexual energy was palpable as I shared my thoughts with you later, and we were both eager to play the scene out.  I did my best to get through the remaining day-to-day tasks with my attention constantly on what I’d rather be doing… what I was looking forward to doing.

At last, the time came when we could lose ourselves in a private paradise.  We kissed with the intensity of bottled-up passion, finally able to release.  Your hands roamed about my body as you stripped me down to nothing but my dragonfly G-string.  With its side fasteners, this carefully chosen adornment could decorate my body a bit longer but still be removed after you had me secured.

With the ropes already in place on the bed, it didn’t take long for you to get me situated, careful to choose knot styles that could hold me tight without fear of cutting off circulation.  After tying each wrist and ankle, you circled the bed one last time, cinching down each point tight—tighter than I even expected you to!

And I liked it.

I let out a deep, trembling breath as you unhooked the dragonfly’s wings and slid it away, exposing my swollen, restless clit.

You eyed me for a moment before slipping off your boxers and climbing onto the bed, positioning yourself hovered over me on all fours.  I felt your warmth as you leaned in and began kissing my neck.  I felt you brush against my lower half, and my arm flinched, longing to reach down and take that stiff shaft into my hand.

Your lips and tongue meandered their way down, grazing each nipple briefly before continuing on to settle between my legs.  There I felt the slippery, hot pressure I love so much make its way around my entrance and across my clit.  My whole pussy ached with building anticipation.

I lifted my head slightly to watch you, and your eyes turned to meet mine, filled with dark, mischievous teasing.

I was nearly ready to burst when you stopped and came back over top of me.  You moved in and kissed me deeply as I felt you slide easily inside.  Your long deep strokes, each ending in a slight grind up against my erect clit, sent chills through me, and my back instinctually arched away from the bed.

I felt your weight pin me back down as you grabbed my breasts with both hands, never stopping your thrusts.  I felt you building but knew you well enough to realize you weren’t ready to be done with me.

You slid off and returned your tongue to my slit.  My arms and legs involuntarily pulled against the tight ropes as you teased your way around my familiar features.  Then you reached up with both hands and began to squeeze and twist my nipples.  The thrill rippled through my body.  I felt tingles like I never had before, all the way into my fingertips!

It seemed impossible how long you had me hovering at the height of ecstasy before I finally gave way, cascading into an overwhelming orgasm.  As an intense cry escaped from my throat, you flew back to your previous position and rammed yourself into me.  Your cock pounding me as my body spasmed heightened the rush that I wouldn’t have thought had anywhere left to ascend.

I was completely lost in a fog of pleasure as you continued your own internal climb.  I relished the subtle way your body changed, making known how close you were to your peak.  With a final low groan, I felt you explode, throbbing gently inside of me several times before collapsing onto my chest.

And I liked it.

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8 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Wow! Such a smoldering writing style! Such beautiful use of words to paint a picture and create a sexual tension in the story! Are you a professional writer?

    We don’t do any kind of bondage etc. but I am impressed with how much you and your husband enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

    It is true that it thrills me as well when my wife makes sexual requests. It lets me know that SHE is enjoying our sexual loving as much as I am!

    • Quiet One says:

      No, not a professional writer, though I am flattered you felt like that could be a possibility! I do dream from time to time about writing something worthy of being a published book, but it's not something I've worked towards at this point in my life.

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Awesome story of not just some great married kink but also of great communication. It is sometimes awkward to talk about new things. Reading this reminded me a little of a short, fun story I read to my wife just last night. ( https://marriageheat.com/2014/09/24/happened-one-night/ ) It’s about a wife that really wants to tell her husband something she wants to do in bed but is afraid how he will react. There’s a great exchange where she is explaining to him why she doesn’t want to say it:

    “You’ll think I’m messed up.” “I already think you’re messed up,” her husband responded.

    My wife and I laughed out loud at that; we’ve made similar statements. I’ve long thought (and MH stories have convinced me) that most married couples are far more adventurous and kinky than they are experiencing, if only they would talk with their spouses about it. Keep on talking, keep on having great married fun, and certainly keep on writing.

  3. Giants05 says:

    Sent this story to my wife via text; got her so hot she sent me a pic of her touching herself. Wants me to stop at the sex shop to get some hand cuffs. Should be super fun and worth writing a story about.

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