Young man enjoys overhearing his neighbors' hot married sex ~

The Listener (L)

This post contains strong language (L).
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A recent post called “The Watchers” stirred some memories for me. I have a similar story, except my story is listening and not watching or seeing, and I was the involuntary (but not unappreciative) listener.

I used to live in a condominium complex with very, very thin walls. My room was next to the neighbours’ bedroom. They were a really nice couple, and I was friends with their son.

Because we shared a wall, I could hear my buddy’s parents having sex—and the wife/my buddy’s mom was wild in bed.

“Come on! Fuck me harder! That’s it! Ream that hot, wet little cunt!” she’d say to her husband in bed.

She also said stuff like, “Give me that big fucking dick.”

“Watch me play with my tits and rub my fucking cunt!”

“Lick my pussy.”

“I want to suck your dick, baby.”

Her voice carried through the wall:

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Fuck your slutty whore.”

And she would moan and scream really loudly.

It got me so horny that I would put my hands down my boxers every night they fucked. I started to anticipate their action and kept a towel just to cum in on those frequent nights I heard them going at it. I’d have to bury my face in my pillow to keep them from hearing my moaning and groaning because I would come so hard.

I think my friend’s mom knew our bedrooms shared a wall, though. And maybe she liked the idea of being heard through the wall. When I’d see her in the hallway, she always asked if I had slept well. I would blush and get weak in the knees; I didn’t know what to say.

I sure hope my future wife will be as fun in bed as my buddy’s mom was with her husband. What a great example of hot married sex!

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40 replies
  1. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Mr. Lover,
    That isn't a normal question..after so many x. Did you sleep well?
    We like to keep the window open on hot evenings. And I take full advantage of it. Pounding and freely making it known to anyone what we are doing. Lol. So she knows .. exactly what she is / was doing. I read the watchers too by the way 3-5 X! Need to stroke now. Thank you for your article.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      They did not have sex every night, so I always caught up on sleep then. The couple needed sleep as well (lol). Furthermore, I would sometimes take naps during the day as needed. This is probably my favourite story that I have submitted on MH. Reading this story again makes need to stroke. Just typing this story made me hard.

  2. texasman76 says:

    This reminds me of when I was staying at a hotel on business. My bed backed up to the one behind me. It was a really nice hotel. I was trying to go to sleep when I heard the couple going at it. It was so hot. I could actually hear his balls slapping against her. Needless to say, it got me so hard I had to jack and shoot a big load.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      As hot as that couples action would have been and as hot as this story of couple action is there something even more hot: The sound of female masturbation. The hottest of them all. I have heard the same lady in The Listener masturbating. I was taking a nap one afternoon when I had day off of work. My buddy's dad/the husband was at work, and my buddy's mom/wife was at home. I heard sounds coming from my buddy's mom/the wife and husband's bedroom. My buddy's mom/the wife was moaning, talking really sexy and saying my buddy's dad/the husband's name over and over again. From what I could hear, it sounded like she was using her fingers or a dildo. When she came, she screamed so loudly. While I never saw my buddy's parents have sex or his mom masturbating, I still have fond memories from the words and in the image created in my mind of my buddy's mom rubbing her pussy and playing with her boobies/nipples.I have seen scenes of female masturbation in nonporn romantic movies, which made me horny, and I have looked at porn in the past but mostly because I was curious about how women masturbate. Throughfore, I have a very hot idea of what it would have probably looked like. Very hot indeed! Many of my favourite MH stories involved female masturbation. Keeping playing with those boobies and pussies, ladies.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Mr. Lover you do not need to tell me twice! I think you know this but this pregnant lady (me) can’t help but play with my boobies and pussy! Truly, God’s greatest gift. It is normal that your most favorite stories involve female masturbation or that you’ve looked at porn out of curiosity because it’s what you’re interested in and attracted to. If you have any questions that fall into women and masturbation I’d be more than happy to answer them for you! No judgment here!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Tulsa, yes balls do bounce & slap HARD . WHEN I fuck my wife doggie style, I get to slamming so hard that you can hear it. Along with wet pussy and cum flying, it makes for a great time to…open a window..!!!

  3. LingerieLover says:

    Thank you so much for this. I have several memories of hearing another couple making love when we were first married. It was a hot summer and the windows were wide open. The couple must have been a few doors down but we could hear everything they were saying and especially the moans and screams of the woman as she came, which was always more than once in one of their sessions. I found it a massive turn on to hear another couple making love so passionately and used to love summer nights when we could hear them. It was a prompt for our own lovemaking or my masturbation if my wife was out working a night shift.

    When we had to live apart for awhile, phone sex was a fantastic aid to our sex life. I used to encourage my wife to really let go and tell me what she was doing and imagining. It led to some incredible orgasms for us both. I wonder how many others have enjoyed phone sex because of the pleasure that hearing someone else’s arousal brings?

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Hi LingerieLover,

      I follow lingere lover (lol). I think there is definately a lot of males who are members of the lingerielover club. I know a lot of women enjoy wearing lingere and how it makes them feel sexy. It most certaintly makes them look sexy. In edging at work, I related the story of a university teacher that I had a crush on who often wore thigh-stockings and who I wanted to ask out but never quite got the courage to do so. I also had a close friend that I was interested that loved to wear stockings, and I actually asked her out. Unfortunately, she was interested in another guy. Finally, during jobs in office settings, I certainly have enjoyed checking out all of the dolled-up ladies.

  4. Tulsa says:

    Oh yeah! Fun story! Over the years, I have heard plenty of things going on in hotel & motel rooms next door to where I/we were staying. I figure some don't think the sound will travel, some don't care, and some want to be heard! Just like different couples getting watched I suppose.
    A favorite of ours, was a trip my wife made to see me, when I was out on a job and I couldn't get away. I was staying in a bunk house, but got a hotel room in town for a weekend while she was there. We were already in the mood, sex was already the plan, but when we got back from dinner & in our room, the neighbors were going at it, hot & heavy, and loud. Real loud!
    So…..we gave it right back at them! Hope they enjoyed it as much as us!!

    • Waiting_Romeo says:

      Same here! It’s too much work to have good spelling/grammar after reading a sexy story!

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Very hot! When I was a kid, I don't remember being attracted to any of my friends' moms except for one mom, who was so beautiful. She often wore a bikini around the house during the summer. We've heard other couples before, including couples we've known well, and it's always kind of erotic. Not uncommon for us to vacation with other families we're friends with and over the years we have heard other married couples we know well really getting after it. A few of them were so loud that it seemed to us they wanted to be heard, and one time the wife the next morning asked us if they were too loud (we said we heard nothing even though we did)! We are usually not too loud if we know we're in a cabin with others but over the years we've gotten less shy about it and don't worry if the head board bangs against the wall a bit, there's some moaning, etc.

    • Waiting_Romeo says:

      Had to re-read your comment as I genuinely thought you were talking about a feline, and was quite confused how your cat was ticklish! But now I understand! 😂

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Jeepers Peepers! is one of my favourites stories. It is a must for getting me horny. Welcome back

  6. 1blessedman says:

    We were part time renting a downstairs apartment in an very old wooden two-story building converted into four apartments. Our neighbor directly above us was getting busy one night with some serious masturbation. I thought it was pretty awesome…lol. He actually sounded very sensual by his moaning and subsequent orgasm!

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Like I said, I overhead my buddy's mom from the Listener masterbating, while taking a nap. This happened 2 to 3 times a week. Those sounds plus the sounds of my buddy's parents fucking at night meant that when I did sleep, I slept very well. We lived in the condo complex for almost three years. I was sorry when our family moved to another town. Eventually, I got over my sadness and life went on.

  7. 1blessedman says:

    Wife and I have had some monogamous “same room” sexual experiences with some friends. We both agreed that the audibles are more erotic than the visuals.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      1blessedman ,
      What? Same room sex? Really?
      How did that go? Always been curious about it. You have any stories on here?

  8. Mr.Lover says:

    I should say that the 2-3 times week hearing my buddy's mom masterbate could sometimes be 1 or zero times depending how busy I was and whether I was out at university classes or school during a certain day. I know that she often went to the gym or for a run early morning and was a stay-home-mom as well Often times, I would check out her big ass in yoga pants when she came back from a run or the gym. It was most often in the afternoon or early morning when the fun happened. Since my mom was a stay-home-mom too, I often prayed that she would have to go shopping or go out for lunch with friends in the early morning or afternoon, especially at lunch time. It did not always work out, but when it did, I would so much fun listening to my buddy's mom masturbate and if I missed that then there was always the sounds of the couple fucking at night.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is very similar to my situation right now. My nephew heard us and I felt embarrassed at first but apparently it really turned him on!

  9. 1blessedman says:

    @ Hellohoneyilovey I would share some of those adventures but those moments were generally planned and not 100% serendipitous. So, i think that is in the no-can-do category here. Now, we did not have any specificities predetermined but we did have the agreement that should our visits turn toward sexual things beyond mere adult bantering that we all agreed to it and desired it. Anyone could say STOP at any time but we did have a prearranged agreement and much anticipation that nudity and adult activities were invited to occur. So, doesn’t really fit the serendipitous definition.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      This is actually my dream fantasy vacation…. including everything being discussed and premeditated…. that makes even hotter. “… much anticipation that nudity and adult activities were invited to occur.” YEESSS 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Mr.Lover says:

    Awayswet101, you said, "If you have any questions that fall into women and masturbation I’d be more than happy to answer them for you! No judgment here!"

    So… [From MH: We are moving this thread to the discussion post "Women and Their Toys".]

  11. Mr.Lover says:

    My buddy's mom that I talked about The Listener mostly just used her fingers or a dildo when she masterbated, but sometimes I would hear a buzzing like a vibrator would make.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      As a lady, there is nothing better than spreading your legs when you are wet, sliding something in to fill you up, and rubbing your clit. It seriously is the next best thing to the real penis we get to ride when they get home at night. My point is that I don't blame your neighbor; it sounds like what she was doing feels amazing. I have many vibrators, but a dildo and fingers are my preference too! I am honestly sure many people have heard me even when I don't mean for them to! I am very close to having one of those moments right now thanks to this story.

  12. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwaywet,

    Thanks for getting me horny once again. You said that you were going to write down stories. I look forward to them. I know that your first story and your comments are really hot. I know your other stories will be really hot as well.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Mr. Lover I am so glad I could make you get a boner again! I can’t help but be honest with my comments and experiences. This pregnant lady is horny as can be, always wet and aroused, and absolutely loves to hear when you get hard! Time for me to go have some time with my womanly parts again thanks to this!

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