In or Out of Body

Stars streak across the sky
In her mind, imagining the heat
Of something burning so far,
Yet so close,
Can hear angels breathing,
Singing how great thou art

She goes back to the white
The warmth, the feeling
Of being caressed. How each day
Flesh is closer to death, yet
The spirit is renewed, becoming younger
She pounds harder

Where is she?

Thinking back to the warmth of summer
When she’d run through
The woods and stop
Pick up her crown of leaves
Imagine heaven
Then hear water…
trek down her legs

In her reach for innocence
Remembering that she was born naked
Burning impulses asleep in a world
Underneath the moon, peeking through
The window as she lays in bed

She arches up, the sheets waves
Lapping against the shore, summer
Now winter… white
As she transcends, running her hands
Across her navel,

The first time, she laid against her couch
Her mind wandered past her fingers
The dawn through the curtains

Looking up, she left
Her window open… heart pounds
The breeze… contrasts her ragged breaths,
Turns her inner love notes
To Romans 8—no condemnation—legs wide,
She sits, rear up
Asking her hands to pound… she rides

Purple surrounds her in motion
Bracing from the dawn breaking, red
Sky reminds her of when she cried
In guilt, when she felt alone
She kept driving
Her hand into her wetness
Sweat with salt

Rocking, she hears the lake
Feels the current, gravity
Against the rocks, release
Forming on her lips, the foam
Reflecting the sun, heart

Burning the clouds,
Through the curtains
Drifting, swirling room now blue

Cool, then hot
She goes to the shower,
Water washing
Her essence,
Pounds against the wall

Breasts caressed, how did she
Find herself back in bed?
Softly listening for the sun
Legs parted, Red Sea
Now clean light, rest

Her eyes…her mind hears Him
Say fearfully, wonderfully
Made whole, just wait

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13 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    OP: A beautiful poetic expression of the spiritual heights that can be reached when physical ecstasy is merged with spiritual communion in an offering of sacro-sexual worship to our Creator, who in His goodness gave us a body to enjoy. An exquisite blending of body and soul before God.

    MH: and a perfect illustration as well!

  2. Fearless Lunk says:

    Very erotic poem!! 💟💟 And that pic 🍆🍆 YUM! It looks a lot like my wife… and I love watching her masturbate… so yes I’m now super horny! 😁

  3. RMD says:

    Beautiful poetry, yes…sex, orgasm, passion, no condemnation…all are worship, all are holy in the purity of our Father’s heart. What a gift He gave us!

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