Egyptian Wife (A)

This is my first story in English. I actually speak in Portuguese and very little in English, so please excuse the translation errors; thanks.

It’s so delicious, your smell, your smile, your caramel skin.

Come to me, and I will give you a thousand nights of a paradise of intense love and pleasure.

How appetizing your breasts and buttocks are.

If you wish, you can pour your seed into my breasts and make love to my ass.

I don’t want to hurt you. I’m on the periphery of your beautiful nard flower, soft and wet.
But maybe I can’t contain myself and will end up accepting your offer.

No need to hurry, my beloved, the night is long. But first, pour oil over my body; I’ve already perfumed myself.

Egyptian woman, I would almost call you a sin if you weren’t so sweet and kind to me.

I’m not a sin, I’m a blessing. You’ve heard that sex in marriage is sacred and not profane. I’m just blessing my beloved.

My body and my head are going crazy. Please, my lily of the field, let me taste your juice.

Very well. If that is your wish, my insatiable man, I will open myself to you so that you can taste the dew that flows.

Lift your legs my beloved and do not hide your face. I want to see every feature of pleasure that it holds.

Now, come to me. Weren’t you so eager to lie down on my breasts?

Yes, but before I lay my head on them, I want to penetrate you.

Yeah, you don’t know how much I crave that. Fill me up with your fresh milk.

My beautiful gazelle, your insides are warm and wet, a bath for my mast.

My sweet beloved, kiss me as you burrow into me. Taste my juicy mouth and my lips.


I want you to place my pole between your breasts and use your mouth to massage and caress.

Yes, my husband, that will be my great delight.

I think I’m going to explode. Open your mouth wide, because you’re going to drink from the fountain.

What a delight! I’ll close my eyes and slightly open my mouth.
Now I receive it on the tip of my tongue until your hot, white liquid fills my mouth.

Now that we’re satisfied together in this bed, are you comfortable? It will be a cold night.

Don’t worry, I’ll have your naked, masculine body to warm me up.

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