Prostate Help?

I’m looking for information from the male segment of the MH community who have experimented with prostate stimulation. For a long time now, I have been curious about prostate play.  Is it worth exploring?  What does it feel like?

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  1. Always Horny says:

    Feels really good. Maybe see how it feels having your anus rubbed first when your receiving a handjob/blowjob. Also getting pressure applied externally to your perineum before you add a finger inside the anus.

    If that stimulation feels good to you, you’ll like the internal finger, toy etc that is used during anal play 👌🏻🔥🙏🏻

    Happy experimenting 💪🏻

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    I'm married to a surgeon who years ago told me that one of the best ways to keep my prostate healthy is to blow lots of loads. I'm a lucky man. As for prostate massage, no experience on that front. Sorry.

  3. Northwest Guy says:

    Once you’ve experienced an amazing prostate orgasm, you’ll always want more. You can have multiple orgasms one right after the other. And if you’re the age that maintaining an erection can be difficult, it gives you another option for release! You don’t need any penile involvement to experience one. But once you’ve had a prostate orgasm, or two, then a combined orgasm is off the charts!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Combined orgasm makes me think of us women when we can have a combined orgasm from our g-spot and clit being stimulated. The combination feels ahhhhmazing. My husband loves when I apply pressure to his perineum.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      They are pretty much the same thing, at least for us. Prostate O's for Rez are like G-spot orgasms for me in that he can have them over and over. No wonder people sometimes call the G-spot the female prostate! But an ejaculatory orgasms from penile stimulation is a one and done, at least for a while. That's how a clit cum is for me. Sometimes I can have more than one, but usually I can stop after a one clitoral orgasm and feel satisfied. Those analogous structures seem to function similarly, at least in Rez and me. Interestingly, he seems to experience a more body-and-soul-shaking orgasm from his prostate than I do from my G-spot.

      I hope he'll come on here and describe for you what it feels like, but from my perspective, it seems amazing! I'm sure he'll say it's worth exploring. He started with an Aneros, then a Lelo Hugo, and eventually we got into pegging. [ ]

  4. Sweetie806 says:

    I don't think I have ever experienced a prostate orgasm, but I've definitely tried, using fingers and anal toys. I just haven't gotten the technique down, but I'm hopeful that I will someday soon! Like King Arthur, my wife has no interest in anything anal, so it would have to be during solo play. If you have any luck, rckilbride, do tell!

  5. Keystone Jack says:

    This reaches into the uncomfortable a bit, but here goes. Have you had a prostate exam from the doctor? If so, did he collect some fluid from your penis when he was done? That was a prostate massage.

    Now, take it out of the doctor's office. It's no longer a man with his finger up your backside. It's your wife or your toy. If you think back to the prostate exam (and can get past the whole doctor discomfort thing) there was a part of that you probably enjoyed, but hated that you enjoyed. That's the good stuff.

    Prostate massage is great therapy for those with enlarged or otherwise troubled prostates. It's fun. Buy her some rubber gloves & give it a go!

    • Always Horny says:

      I always got an erection when getting fingered in my ass. It’s a different sort of orgasm too. Made my whole body convulse, with the handjob/fingering combo.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      I would get a partial erection. It made it even more uncomfortable because I didn't want the Dr to think I was liking it. I wish they would talk about it more. I wish they would let you know that they are massaging a pleasure point for the purpose of inspecting and collecting sexual fluid for evaluation. Some mild arousal is normal.

  6. 2Becum1 says:

    Hey rckillbride…

    In reply to your “call” to the male population, I provide the following as I lay out on our back deck sunning myself (in my natural state) to add some color to this body to please my lovely bride! I feel inadequate responding as many have already provided excellent guidance of their experiences. I trust that you and/or others could gain something from my humble thoughts as I consider myself a blessed man in recognition of the One who created this complex “male package” and to be able to share in passionate love with my wife! Through the wisdom of the MHcouples who have shared their experiences in this platform through discussions and stories, we, as a couple, have learned much of God’s intricate design of our bodies and not to take that for granted!!
    So in regards to your inquiry my responses come as a developing recipient of prostrate massage from my giving wife:
    1. Curiousity~ I believe within the realms that God intends-curiosity of our bodies is healthy! Psalms 139:14 states ~”I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”! So exploring with your yourself or wife is what God has purposed. Exploration has taken my wife and I to wonderful levels of intimacy when we’ve been curious about the pleasure points of our bodies. We just love that we didn’t just evolve but were created and designed for each other ~for life as husband and wife! Us guys were packaged with 2 “P’s” for a “providing purpose” ~a prostate and a penis. So my take on your curiosity is that your body (or your prostate) is knocking on your back door to explore and enjoy, validated by God’s wonderful design for you as a man!
    2. Worth Exploring-?: My short answer-YES! While I am not trained in the medical field, I speak from personal experience that regular prostate massages are, to me, beneficial resulting in the healthy release of prostate fluids and assisting in stronger and prolonged erections, amongst other benefits!
    3. The Feeling-?: I would describe the result as an inner pleasure sensation that is like a wave-upon-wave orgasm. In addition, in my experience with my bride as the massager (instead of myself) the level of intimacy goes through the roof!! Various “tools/toys” assist which began with a gloved -well lubed finger(s) and gradually to a “P-spot Massager”, vibrator, and various dildos. While the majority of our massages are foreplay activity (lasting minutes and at times an hour or more) leading to passionate love making (leaving the “P-spot Massager” inserted) ~resulting in intense prostate penetration and ejaculation during orgasm! Drifting off to sleep (because of the designed great chemical releases) I will sometimes awake briefly throughout the night~ feeling my whole body (head to toes) in an unbelievable relaxed state of ecstasy!! Prostate massages, in my opinion, assist in more pleasurable and prolonged orgasms, relieve of pelvic tension, and an almost unexplainable whole body orgasm response, at times, that can last for hours after the “session”.

    I would also add…
    ~“Manscaping” is essential-prior to any massage I groom ~carefully trimming unneeded hair all over my body, shower-making sure I am squeaky clean in every way, and then lotion up with some of my wife’s favorite masculine scents.
    ~Set the Mood-finding that right private space (inside or out?), soft music, candles, and for us ~some of our favorite wine! This helps us both get into the mood!
    ~Relax-And Enjoy! If you are able -don’t be concerned about time. Explore! God has designed these sensations within our bodies and we need to get over whatever “issues” exist. Exploration on your own (as I experienced) might help you know how to guide your spouse, if she is willing to be part of this journey, as is the case with my bride! Blessings!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Sounds like you have quite the package, sir! Your wife sounds lucky, just like me. I totally appreciate you wanting to add some color to yourself and accidentally getting busy while laying out. This preggo woman can definitely relate to some solo time in a lounge chair by the pool. Can’t help myself anymore.

  7. Salcpl says:

    I have long wanted to experience a prostate massage. I have tried solo with different toys and with my wife. It has proven to be elusive for me. It sounds so amazing. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

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