Phone Call + Dead Vibe ~ Sex Interrupted Series, Part 1

This is the first story in this series but it is the most recent to have happened. All the stories are true.

We were going for a quickie yesterday morning when our friend, who was having some big challenges, called. Even though I was loving on my wife’s left nip after we’d already kissed, lovingly fondled each other, and done each other’s nipples for a while, we knew we needed to answer the phone. The bummer was that I could see from my wife Melodie’s face that she was “feeling it,” and even though it was a quickie day, she was probably going to have an orgasm. (On our quickie days, she usually doesn’t go for the Big O.)

We looked at each other after we saw who was calling, and my wife confirmed my thoughts by saying, “Go ahead and answer it, Tom.” (My wife is a true Christian who puts the needs of others ahead of her own needs.)

So we did what I think was the Christlike thing. We answered the call of our fellow Christian friend and put the phone on speaker. Neither my wife nor I covered up. During the long audio call, we did our best to give encouragement to our troubled friend. Looking frequently over at my sexy nude wife during over half an hour of this conversation, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

After the call ended, Melodie and I resumed our sexy and loving fun. After again giving oral attention to each of her sweet nipples, I kneeled up beside her to do what we call “tip on nip.” I need to mention that she had been using one of our rechargeable bullet vibes (called the iPlease by iVibe) when I was licking, flicking, and sucking on her nipples. So as I pumped my rod, my glans rubbed on her left nipple as she reapplied the vibe to her clitoris. Melodie’s face really began to “youthen,” and in just 30 or so seconds, her body did that first jerk of climax.

Seeing her orgasm was too much for me. We had PLANNED on ending with sexual intercourse but seeing her orgasm triggered mine, and I came, squirting white cum all over her nipple and both breasts and adjoining arm!

But my wife barked out a laugh and pulled the vibrator off her beautiful clit and tossed the vibe beside her on the bed. Once my orgasm subsided, (and it had been INTENSE, probably because of the interruption of the phone call), I asked my wife what had happened with HER orgasm.

She told me that right as the first electric jolt of her orgasm hit, the vibe stopped vibrating! It’s rechargeable battery had died, along with Melodie’s orgasm. Judging from her first jolt of pleasure, I am sure that she would have completed a strong orgasm too—IF we had recharged one of our vibrators!

This is the problem with living in the same home as some of your grandkids. We have yet to figure out where and when to recharge our rechargeable vibrators! Any suggestions?

In spite of the interrupted sex, once by the phone and once by the dead vibrator, this true story reflects the true nature of loving sex in a long-term marriage. It seems that nearly every time our lovemaking is interrupted, which isn’t often, we both get more turned on for the resumption of sexual intimacy.

Tomorrow I have no doubt that Melodie will be “wired for sound” as we call it. I expect she’ll have an epic orgasm to make up for yesterday’s interruption. Today she remarked that it was funny that her orgasm stopped when the battery of the bullet vibe died.

We have enjoyed the use of vibrators for two decades. Usually, I keep at least two charged, and we have some battery powered ones that we COULD have used, but our two small purple rechargeable vibes (we’ve also been using our Sensuelle Pointplus) are small but powerful and have become Melodie’s favorites! Our Gee G-spot vibrator is battery powered.

* Note: Part 2 of the series is “cumming!”

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10 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    That's a problem with rechargeable things. You can't just swap the batteries out and keep on going!
    It's also a problem with 120v things too. We were out on the deck, my wife was whirring away with the wand, and I was sitting straight across from her slowly pumping away on myself, when the power went out.
    No problem. I ran to my shop, and grabbed some knee pads, and got on the deck and licked her the rest of the way there! She took the knee pads, and did the same to me. As we sat back down, all happy & content, the power came back on, and the Magic Wand started wandering around the floor, like it was looking for something!

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    One of the things I love about MH are these real life kind of stories. Sure the fantasies are hot and fun but it’s so great to hear about great and hot married sex taking place amongst, around and in spite of real life situations, interruptions, mishaps, and what have you.
    As far as the discrete charging issue. We have a locked cabinet next to our bed where all our toys are kept. The door fits loose enough to run a cord into (the thin USB cords) the cabinet, plug it into the device needing the charge, and close and lock the cabinet. I have plans to wire the cabinet with it’s own USB port inside but haven’t done that yet.

    • LovingMan says:

      StillLikeNewlyweds thanks for that observation. I’ve written of some epic true lovemaking sessions where everything went right but that isn’t always the case. We actually take some pride in usually making it work out as we overcome the problems together. It takes love, understanding, & patience. Often we are saying a prayer in our heart for us to be able to figure it out…& the Lord helps us succeed. (YES God cares about your lovemaking in your marriage. We are so grateful for His assistance!) Afterwards we try to focus on what worked and not bemoan what didn’t work in our lovemaking session.

  3. King Arthur says:

    Nice Story. We keep batteries in a bag under the bed for vibes that need batteries. We have a corded Magic Wand that always stays plugged in. And, the rechargeable vibes get recharged after each use. (That's part of my clean-up routine.)

  4. spiritofpeace says:

    Maybe deeper concentration on a nipple awakens more of its sensual pleasure? Perhaps it releases the same hormones as a milk let-down. It must be amazing to be a woman with real mammary glands.

    • LovingMan says:

      I agree but my virginal bride very early on in our marriage introduced loving on my little man nipples and I have found that incredibly pleasurable for almost 30 years! !

    • LovingMan says:

      Yup it was annoying. One of the very few times where Melodie did not get a full orgasm in one of our lovemaking sessions.

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