Sunday Delight (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A).
Annotations are further explained in the Guidelines. 

A Covid outbreak in the congregation caused the cancellation of our church service on this particular Sunday. So we woke up and grabbed some breakfast, planning to have a relaxing day. But first, we’d take some groceries to the pastor and his family because they were some of the ones who had tested positive.

As we began to get ready, Daniel leaned in for a kiss, which I returned very enthusiastically. After that, things escalated and got hot fast. As we made out, we also made our way to the bedroom. Daniel’s hand busily stripped me bare as his body pushed me against the wall. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, frantic for more, more! I could feel my pussy begin to throb at how desperately this sexy man of mine wanted me. It’s such a turn-on knowing God blessed me with the ability to turn my man on. How I love that I can make him hot in a matter of minutes! I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, and I was so ready for him!!

I began to pull his clothes off him, too, running my hands across his bare chest. He’s so broad and strong; I love to feel his sexy chest and arms. He fingered my pussy so hard and fast that I squirted not once but three times!!! At last, I just couldn’t take it any longer.

“Baby, fuck me. Take me now.”

He made me get on all fours, and as he began to thrust his hard cock into my pussy, I gasped. The sensations caused me to tremble. He fills me up and completes me perfectly! As he pushed in and out, my boobs swung back and forth in time with his frantic pounding. As I thanked God that we could share such an intimate experience, Daniel grabbed my hips and continued thrusting in and out.

“Oooohhhh! Ahhhhh, baby—oh fuck. Yes, baby, fuck your bitch.” (He loves it when I call myself that.) “Fuck me, you sexy beast,” I cried out.

Daniel tugged on my hair lightly, spanking my ass and saying, “You like this, my bitch?”

“Yes, baby, I love it!!”

“Ooooh, baby, I’m cumming,” and as he said the words, he released his load with a moan. We both came to incredible orgasms!!

And that was just the start of the day! After we delivered the groceries, the rest of it was full of sex too. Later in the afternoon, we had a fabulous shower together—something we do any chance we get. The intimate experience of washing each other and fondling while the water runs over our naked bodies can’t be beat.

After we dried each other, I asked Daniel, “Please, eat my pussy!” I ached to feel his tongue run all over my clit and lips, and he agreed.

But I suddenly decided that I wanted to pleasure him some more first, so I took some lube and got his cock super wet, then put a cock ring * around his shaft and balls. I also slid a butt plug * into his well-lubed ass. Then, I began to slowly plunge the plug in and out while my other hand slid up and down his cock. Meanwhile, I talked dirty to him: “Oh, baby, this bitch is fucking your ass and your cock!!

My darling hubby was enjoying how I had taken control and was pleasuring him. It didn’t take long to get him to orgasm. He came so intensely!! Then he went down on me and ate my pussy until I was screaming and moaning his name. I love to cum all over his tongue!

That night as we slipped into bed, Daniel said, “Would you like me to finger you to one last orgasm?”

But I asked if he would try to make me orgasm back to back, as we hadn’t experimented much with that. I usually come twice, but never more than that in one round.

He said, “Sure, baby,” and positioned me so that I was lying in his arms. He kissed me, moving down my neck to my boobs. Then, as he sucked my nipples, he began to rub my clit. I began to moan and squirm, and the pleasure started to build. Daniel moved back and forth between my boobs and mouth, kissing me, owning me. Finally, he began to finger me, and I used my vibe on my clit. It didn’t take long at all until I came all over his fingers.

As I was coming back down off my amazing orgasm, Daniel told me to keep the vibe on my clit. I was so sensitive, but I managed to do what he told me. Slowly stroking my pussy. Daniel brought me to another orgasm—and we just kept going! I was amazed that within seconds, the pleasure starting building all over again. I came a third time, and it was so easy and felt terrific! As the fourth orgasm hit, I moaned loudly, “Ooooooh, FUCK, baby!!!” Coming off of that one, I wasn’t sure I could go for anymore. I was feeling so hot, though; still so horny! Mindblowing pleasure ran through my body. “Ohhhh, baby,” I said, “this is amazing!”

“Steph, baby,” he said, “this is so hot and so easy. One more, baby. You can do it!!” And he brought me to another orgasm.

I ended up having five orgasms within that short time frame, and they all felt so amazing!!! I lay my head on his shoulder and told him how much I enjoyed his sexy fingers. I kissed him and said, “You sure know how to pleasure this bitch.” I love when he pushes me past my comfort zone and beyond what I think my physical limitations are.

The pleasure I felt that day overwhelmed me, and the love and connection between us was something that words can’t even begin to describe. To know that God made us just for one another and that we can continually have that much fun, connection, and pleasure together is truly astounding. So, it was a Sunday well spent; we began the week content!!

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12 replies
  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Such a sexy story! So wonderful to have that fun hot intimate relationship and keep marriage fun! Reminds me of some of our fun sexy times. Nothing better than sex w/ my man. Thanks for sharing with us; please keep writing!

  2. Giants05 says:

    This was so hot and so inspirational. I took a half-day off since she only works half days, and surprised her. We spent 4 hours in the bedroom before our little girl got home. Was so hot.

    How did he enjoy the plug up the ass? That sounds kinky.

    It's so awesome for us guys when you ladies cum a lot. She usually cums twice in a row, but there are occasions when it is so so much more.

    She calls herself my horny bitch on occasion. Mmmmmmm.

    • Sexlovers says:

      Mmm sounds like an amazing time!! He loved the ass play. Nice! I love calling myself his horny bitch!!

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