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Anniversary Passion

It was a Sunday, the night before our 24th anniversary.  We had plans for the next night, but this particular Sunday was a gorgeous summer evening.  We each had some work to complete for our jobs, but I suggested we take a bottle of wine to our backyard fire table and enjoy the beautiful August evening while doing our work.

We went outside around 6:00, and both had our work finished after about an hour.  We spent half of that time talking about the many blessings of our life together, recalling stories from our past, laughing, and savoring each other’s company.

One bottle of wine led to a second. Finally, at about 9:45, I suggested we head inside to get cozy.  Rarely do we ever go on to a second bottle of wine, and since I’m about 200 lbs and E is 115 (at 50), I had my fair share.  The best part of tipsy lovemaking is the release of inhibitions and the staying power from being a bit desensitized.

We entered the bedroom and kissed passionately.  After four days without intimacy, E was craving me as much as I was her.  I recall her ripping my clothes off as my rod lept from my shorts to greet her.  I stood as she sat at the edge of the bed.  While I pulled her clothes off, she caressed my hard cock and grazed her fingernails underneath my scrotum.  I reveled in the pleasure as she got to her knees and took me in her mouth.

E used her beautiful lips to toy with me.  Her lips scrolled over my swollen head while she massaged my perineum. Then she reached for the end table next to our bed and grabbed our lube.  She put some on her palms—and on my fingertips, too—and then began to work me with her soft, slippery hands.

I let her work for a while, but soon I made sure my fingers made it to her love place.  She was incredibly wet and inviting, so I pushed her back onto the bed as I stood over her at her side.  One of my hands now massaged her gorgeous breast while the other kept busy down below.  At first, it was one finger methodically rubbing her, then two, then three.  All three fingers took control of her body as she lay back, arms behind her head, captivated by my hand’s activity.

Her breathing began to accelerate as I took my time alternating between her clit, G-spot, and letting my finger glide around her anus. E’s hips started to buck and squirm as she reached for my hips to pull me into her, but I held back for a bit, just to tease.  She squirmed even more and demanded, “I need you.” I tried to resist again, but she slid her hips towards me while pulling me closer.

I finally decided to give in to her desire and entered her with ease.  She let out an immediate gasp as I slid inside and then again as I went deep.  Our love parts couldn’t have been more connected.  We held steady in that spot for a few minutes as I let her feel all of me while teasing her nipples with my free hand.  She held her breath as I filled her.

The wine desensitized me just enough to be able to spend an incredible amount of time alternating between deep penetration and rotating my hips such that only the head of my cock swirled just inside her opening.  As I gyrated with just the first inch of my length probing her, the suction from her wetness kept intensifying.  And since she got wetter from that movement, my occasional deep thrust only went deeper.

In time, I could feel I was getting closer to climax.  E can always sense this as well, based on my pace.  As I started to speed up, she demanded that I go deeper.  Each time my cock went all the way, she declared, “Yes,” “Oh, yes.” Soon our pelvises were slapping together rapidly. “Yes,” she cried, “Yes. Faster. Yes. Take me!” Her eyes bore into mine. “Harder. Yes—Don’t stop…” And suddenly, my balls released!  She felt my explosion, and her body tensed up, then let go with mine.

We collapsed into one another’s arms, and the next thing I knew, it was 6:30 AM, and I awakened to E planting a kiss on my cheek and whispering, “Happy Anniversary.” As I woke, I remained fairly stiff at the memory of our rendezvous, and I could feel her juices coating my shaft.  The feeling stayed with me all day at work and through our anniversary dinner on Monday night.

The intimacy and spontaneous love of that Sunday was a true blessing from God as he allowed us to celebrate our marriage and give the gift of our bodies to one another. That Monday night, we also offered ourselves to one another after our anniversary dinner.  I won’t go into full detail, but just imagine a beautiful bride taking your hand to guide you behind her as she kneels on the floor on all fours.  I love my wife!

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