Wife removes panties while husband drives ~ MarriageHeat

Further Conversation

On a long warm weekend, my Master and Mistress took Pussy and me (Dickie) to a holiday home in a hamlet with a lovely beach. Whilst they got dressed to go out, I saw Pussy, shaved bare and glistening. “Wow, Pussy,” I said, “We look like we are in for a fun weekend.”

Pussy said, “Dickie, I can’t wait to suck you off,” just before Mistress hid her in a silk thong and sundress with shoestring straps—no bra over her stunning cleavage. As I was standing to attention, Mistress gave Master a kiss, squeezed me, and said, “I see Dickie approves,” before Master tucked me into his shorts; thankfully, he went commando, so I was free to move around a bit.

Whilst Master drove, I heard Mistress laughingly say, “Sorry, hands on the wheel, not my titties.” Then she said, “Let me slip off my knickers; I won’t be needing them. They’re wet; maybe Dickie would like a little cuddle.” Mistress unzipped Master and began to stroke me, rubbing me with her silky, wet knickers. That had me throbbing even before she slipped me into her mouth as far as I would go.  She began to kiss and suck me, slipping up and down. It wasn’t long before she could feel my boys tensing to blow and said, “Let’s stop somewhere. You won’t relax until Dickie’s happy and can have a little rest.” Then she just held me in her hand, gently caressing me until Master stopped the car.

As soon as Master stopped, he pulled his shorts down and let me and my boys free. Mistress said, “Lie back and relax,” and bending down, she sucked me into her warm wet mouth. What she could do with her tongue was pure ecstasy, twirling her tongue around me whilst playing with my boys. I couldn’t help but moan, “Oh yeeeeessss. Sorry, Pussy, you’ll have to wait till later.”

Then Mistress suddenly stopped, tensed, and began to shudder and shake me. I thought, “Oh, she’s about to come as well!” and the thought made my boys blow, shooting my after-dinner mint (as Master called it) into her mouth clamped tightly around me. Mistress screaming, shuddered, swallowed as best she could as I kept firing, and sucked me until we were both spent.

What happened later in the day and early evening is for another day. Here’s what Pussy told me later, while I lay still and rigid within her as she gently played with and sucked me: “While Mistress was eating you, her naked bum was in the air. I was so hot and dripping wet, begging to come. Then, when Master slipped two fingers inside me, I couldn’t help but clamp around his fingers, screaming. I lost control as he pumped them deep within me. I was just happy that Mistress didn’t bite you as I came.”

Just thinking of it and feeling Pussy’s warm wet lips firmly sucking me soon had my boys ready to blow again.

Pussy laughed, clamped her muscles tight around me, and said, “Come on, big boy, give me all you’ve got. This after-dinner mint’s all mine.”

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