I sat on the bed in my towel, loitioning my legs. ~ MarriageHeat

Our Growing Passion (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and involves anal play (A).

For my husband and I, sexual passion in our marriage continues to grow. Because we have found there is a tendency for sex to become stale and too familiar if we don’t really work at it, we are always looking for fresh ideas and new ways to please each other.

MarriageHeat has been a real help and inspiration to Xavi and me as we are always trying to expand our repertoire of ideas and sexual experiences within the context of a godly marriage. I want to thank all of you couples who share your experiences of sexual passion; they are a great inspiration and help in our marriage.

One of the things that my husband and I continue to explore is to not only do new sexual things but also add in sexy talk as we do them. For me, sexual talk helps me to immerse myself in passion, and that makes all the difference for both of us. The following story, based on a true-life incident, describes both a new practice for us of anal experimentation and also the passion of using sexy words as we make love.

Sexy talk doesn’t come easy for me. In fact, as we begin to make love, my words are milder and more suggestive than sexy. I’ll say, “Do you want to have a session?” or things like, “I’ll make it worth your while! I want to make you feel good. All day, I’ve been thinking about the things that we could do together and you could do to me.” All of that is rather mild and frankly not very hot.

But as our lovemaking session intensifies, I am able to talk in a much sexier way. It would sound crude and crass to talk this way if we weren’t in bed, but letting loose and talking this way when we’re having sex really help me immerse myself in a wonderful, passionate state of mind.

It was Saturday morning. In an hour or so, my husband had to leave for a men’s activity at our church. I had just finished a bath and was toweling off as my husband entered the bathroom to jump in the tub I had just exited.

“Morning, baby!” he said with a grin and began multitasking, brushing his teeth as he sat soaking in the tub.

A while later, he emerged from the bathroom to walk back to our bed and sit beside me. I was nude under my towel, rubbing lotion onto my legs. He sat on the bed next to me and gave me a sweet gentle kiss on the lips.

“I sure do love you, baby!” he said, gently caressing my face with his hand.

“I love you too, honey! But that wasn’t much of a morning kiss!” I said as I looked into his dark eyes.

He smiled, then kissed me again, only this time, he held my face and gently thrust his tongue into my mouth. It was one of those deep, promising kisses that make me feel an emotional stirring in my heart and a tingle in my pussy. Our tongues continued to tangle as he slipped his hand under my towel and began to caress my breasts. Our kissing grew more insistent, and his hand wandered down to my inner thighs, gently probing.

Putting one of my legs over his, I opened to him, and as he caressed my pussy, I grasped his warm penis which was beginning to grow and harden. I moaned softly, enjoying the taste of his probing tongue and feeling my pussy begin to grow wet and feverish.

“Aren’t you going to be late, baby?” I panted as he began to suck my breasts, then kissed up to nuzzle my neck before trailing back to suck my nipples again, which was definitely causing me to get wetter and more tingly.

“I don’t think I care!” Xavi whispered as I continued to stroke his cock, which was now fully hard and beginning to leak a little slippery pre-cum.

“Baby, I love you so much! I think I better suck on your cock!” I panted, then pushed him back onto the bed. I threw my towel on the floor and began to stroke his stiff penis, which by now was pointing at the ceiling. I grabbed some flavored lubricant from the nightstand and massaged him more firmly, and he groaned, bucking his hips up and down.

“You like that, baby? I love stroking your cock. It feels so warm and hard in my hand!” I replied. I rubbed him slowly as I moved up to kiss him, gently sucking on his tongue as I began to squeeze him a little more firmly. Then I refocused on his penis, watching clear fluid bubble up from the eye of his cock as I rubbed up and down, playing with his balls at the same time.

He said, “Carol, baby, I want you to suck my cock. I want to be in your mouth so bad!”

In my huskiest tone, I said, “I love your cock so much, honey. It’s so beautiful when it gets so big and stiff for me!” I continued to pump him up and down as he grew harder and wetter and the veins began to stand out more. As I continued to pump him slowly with my hand, his cock made wet sounds that turned me on.

Xavi gasped as I began to suck him, rolling my tongue wetly around the head of his penis and then taking it into my mouth, pumping with my hand as well as my lips. He looked at me with desire as his cock, wet and hard, slipped in and out of my mouth. He tasted delicious as he oozed pre-cum in his growing excitement.
I kissed all the way down to his balls, bathing them with my tongue and taking them into my mouth one by one, then gently licked all around his sack causing him to moan. Then I licked and sucked back up to the head before increasing the tempo.

He whispered, “Oh, baby, that feels good. I really want to fuck you, but I don’t want you to stop sucking my cock. Oh, baby, please keep sucking me.” He kept thrusting his cock up into my mouth as I sucked him, and I knew we were both getting so turned on!

I moved over to straddle him in 69 position, sucking and rubbing him as I lowered my pussy onto his mouth. He immediately began to lick me as eagerly as I was sucking him. I began to buck my hips, rubbing all over his face, sitting up and really “fucking his face” with my pussy, which was not very lady-like but was soooo hot!

I started to suck him again, and then spread his legs very wide, rubbing some of the lube onto his shaved asshole. At first, I just caressed the outside as I sucked the head of his penis. But I could tell he liked it, so I added some lube and gently inserted one finger in his anus, pumping it in time with my sucking mouth.

He gasped, “That’s it. Keep sucking, baby; it feels so good! I love your finger in me as you suck me!” His cock began to swell and stiffen even more and he cried out, “Oh Carol, your gonna make me cum. Oh, baby. Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cuuummming!”

His cock began to spurt warm gushes of creamy cum as I concentrated on sucking on the head and the pleasure ring from his frenulum around, just under the head. I kept my hand pumping hard and sucked until his great shivers of pleasure slowly subsided. Then I let his cum flow down around his penis and kept rubbing it in until I moved off of him to give him a deep (and I’m sure very cummy) kiss.

“I thought you were going to fuck me! Just couldn’t control yourself, huh, Sport? Where does that leave me?” I asked with a fake puppy whine.

Xavi rolled me over on my back and said, “I think I can make you feel nice before I have to leave.”

“Oh, yea? Just how will you do that?”

“I will think of some way to pay you back because you are such a hot, sexy, cocksucking cum slut, and you know I like my woman a little bit trashy… and also because I love you!” he said, his face still flushed from his orgasm.

“I will have you know I am not the least bit trashy. I am a lady!” I acted offended.

“Oh yeah? Well, I am going to lick and suck your pussy and taste your wet juices and make you cum so hard, that I don’t think you will be acting ladylike at all! I think you are going to act like a hot little fuck-slut that loves to have her cunt licked; that’s what I think!”

He suddenly and firmly spread my legs. Then he kissed me deeply before he began to work his way down to my tits while gently fingering my pussy. I gasped slightly as I felt him slip one and then two fingers into my wetness.

Xavi began to slowly lap at the outer edges of my hungry pussy, kissing and licking all around my cunt but coming just short of touching my hardened clitoris. He lifted my legs, spreading them extra wide, which for both of us is a real turn-on. As he spread my legs, holding them wide and rolling my hips up to expose me further, he kissed his way lower toward the bottom of my pussy and then continued down to my very sensitive ass. He gently teased and tongued my ass, causing me to groan with pleasure. This is fairly new for us, and I am learning to really get turned on by it.

“Do you like that, baby?” Xavi paused to ask. I gasped and nodded, but he said, “I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you like. I want to hear you beg for it like the sweet, sexy slut that you are. Tell me, baby; beg for it!”

I was panting as I responded, “Oh, Xavi, I love it, baby! I love it when you tongue my ass, and I love it when you lick my pussy. Please, please keep licking my ass, please keep sucking my pussy until I cum! Keep going… I’ll be your sex-slut whenever you want!”

I continued to moan as he teased my ass with his warm tongue and then licked his way up to tongue-fuck me, alternating between my ass and my pussy. As I felt his sweet tongue finally swirl up to my clitoris, I couldn’t help but moan. My climax was quickly building as he teased and licked. It felt so heavenly, and I got lost in it.

“Ohhh, baby! Yes! Just like that! Fuck me with your tongue, baby! Lick me, lick my pussy, baby! Ohhhh, yessss!” I panted, grabbing his head and holding it to my hungry wet cunt as I pumped my pussy into his mouth, spreading my legs as wide as I could. “Baby! Keep sucking my clit! Yes! Oh, baby, I love you so much! Yes! Yes! Suck on it! Oh, yes! I’m gonna CUM! OH FUCK …OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…OH FUUUUCK! I’M C-C-CUM-MMMING!” I panted, gripping his head with my quivering legs as I came with incredible intensity. It went on and on with almost unbearable pleasure until it slowly began to ebb, leaving me in a haze of contentedness.

Once my quivering passion waned, Xavi kissed his way up my body until our mouths met once more. I could taste my pussy and my orgasm on his tongue.

“Thank you, baby! I love you so much!” I panted, holding him tight.

“I love you! I’m off to the men’s meeting, but I will be thinking of you!”

I just love it when Xavi talks sexy, and I love it when he “makes” me talk this way. For us, the term “slut” is not degrading or dirty. It means that I am totally into my husband and our marriage. That means that in the bedroom, I am totally into the God-given gift of our sexual passions. That is what we mean by “slut.” It means I am committed to being sexual for him. I am completely into fulfilling his sexual desire, and he is into mine.

The gift of passion and pure desire means that we don’t just have sex, we FUCK! My husband doesn’t just have a penis, he has a stiff COCK, and I love it! He doesn’t just have semen; he has warm CUM! And when we voice these sexy words, it really helps me to get lost in our mutual desire. I just love the idea that he desires and adores me so much that he loves to kiss, lick and suck me EVERYWHERE, my lips, breasts, legs, toes, pussy, even my ass!

So I really adore being his COCK-SLUT, his CUM-SLUT and his FUCK-SLUT! This isn’t dirty, to us; it’s passionate, and for me, it is so liberating. For my husband, this is a dream cum true. This is what he and probably nearly every man desires—a woman he cannot only love and provide for but one to share his passion with and fulfill him sexually. I truly love being that woman who loves sucking, fucking, and cumming with marriage heat!

I would love to hear from some of you couples about your experiences trying new things, especially from wives like me who find it hard to talk sexy but are learning like I am.

Love, Carol

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14 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    So loved this story! So Hot! My husband and I both love "dirty talk." It really adds that extra erotic spice to our fuck sessions. Thank you so much for sharing, Carol! God bless you and your husband, and stay horny for each other always.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    You certainly learned the words. I struggled learning to say them convincingly. It was so against my upbringing. But anything to make it pleasurable for my husband.

  3. Loving Guy says:

    I love dirty talk… Second Marge, I applaud your willingness to be open to making it pleasurable for you're husband. I would imagine that he would do the same for you in return.

    I was taught that compromise is an important part of marriage. When you are married, it is not just yourself that you must thinking about, but also the wishes and desires of you're husband/wife. A selfish husband/wife will not result in a loving, happy marriage, that's for sure!

  4. Just a man says:

    As a man I can say that there is not anything more sexy than a woman bringing confidence to the bedroom. We love our brides unconditionally, and nothing hotter than a woman that will say give me this or that way or whatever ever it is..
    We as men often overlook/misread what you HINT at and what you actually want.
    This is a hot story and I hope you will have even hotter ones in the future.

  5. RockyGapMan says:

    Great story!

    Loved the background you gave about Xavi getting ready to go to the Men’s Meeting, and your initial reticence to using “sexy talk” during your encounters. What does this tell us? Several things…

    Godly men love to fuck their wives and be fucked. They love being admired and passionately desired by their wives. Couples need not let time make the intimacy between them grow stale. A loving, positive attitude towards sex and a willingness to learn and explore each other in new ways keeps the bond between them fresh, passionate, hot and exciting!

    It seems like the more we gravitate toward honoring this precious gift God’s given us as married couples, the more we desire it and that special connection it brings us with our spouse.

    Thanks for sharing such an honest and vulnerable story of your personal growth. It’s an inspiration to us all.

  6. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Dirty talk makes my baby feel slutty. She loves it. It gets pretty wild in the sheets. Woah. Butt then…after we explode and our cum flies everywhere.. lol.. the crazy filth talk subsides ..leaving us closer than before.

  7. Suzyzz says:

    Love the words you use. I do the same and so does my hubby. We are sluts in bed and that makes fucking so enjoyable. Love you for your words, love the way both of you make things happen and love this beautiful story that is setting my pussy on a tingle. More from you; I think we share similar traits when our moods dictates our minds.

  8. PatientPassion says:

    Wow, this is sizzling hot! I'm so glad I made the time to come back and read this story!

    I'm truly happy for you both, not only because you clearly have an awesome and erotic sex life together, but because you're learning and growing together, and opening up to new things that can enhance your relationship. Keep that attitude of openness to things that can bring you two even closer together, and openness to all things that might make your life better in some way!

    I hope that my future wife and I can learn to grow and communicate together in ways that are as sexy as you guys are doing!

  9. 1blessedman says:

    Loved the analingus and sexy word-play. The audibles of sexual encounters is exquisite. Love it when my wife grips her own tits, mumbles through some hot expletives and then begins writhing as I lick her lady place and massage just in front of her rosebud!

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