Ron and Anne 5.0: Night in the Trailer

Anne and Ron had been married for several months when they traveled to see another married couple who had been in their wedding. They spent the night in a trailer on their friend’s property. The problem was that the trailer didn’t have a double bed. Anne would have to sleep on a trailer-sized, single bed in the bedroom. Ron went to the living room to sleep on the daybed, which wasn’t any larger than Anne’s bed.

They couldn’t help resenting their friends a bit for not making it possible for them to sleep together. Anne wasn’t able to sleep. It was infuriating having Ron right down the hall so tantalizingly close. She wanted him beside her and couldn’t do anything about it. The trailer creaking at his end told her that he was having just as much trouble sleeping.

Finally, Ron got up and turned on his light. She heard him come partway down the hall, then stop, probably trying to decide whether to return to the daybed or come into her room. She knew what she wanted him to do, but he just stood there, indecisive. He needed a little push.

“Having trouble sleeping,” she called out. As intended, Ron’s realization she was awake decided him.

Ron came in to stand beside her bed. Having him there in nothing but his Jockey shorts felt exciting and more than a little bit naughty. He looked down at her and smiled one of his foolish, sheepish smiles. Then he bent down and gave her the lightest of kisses. Standing up, he reached out and gently pulled on her hand.

Anne got out of bed and followed him into the living room, where he turned and hugged her. She felt her breasts, free under the nightgown, pressed against his bare chest as he gave her a passionate kiss. A sense of achievement swelled as his manhood grew hard against her through his underwear.

He released her, and reaching up to take her chin in his hand, he stroked her cheek with his thumb. She enjoyed his touch and didn’t want to breeze over this gesture, spoiling the moment, but that hug and passionate kiss created a strong desire for more.

Ron’s gaze dropped to the bodice of her nightgown. It was the one her mother had given her for her wedding trousseau—very revealing. His admiration for what he could see through the gown became evident. Oddly, his seeing her breasts through her semi-transparent gown made her feel more exposed than if she’d been naked.

His foolish, sheepish smile returned. He slid his hands from Anne’s neck down to her shoulders, then slipped the gown straps onto her arms. The nightgown dropped to catch on her breasts. His fingers continued down her chest to lightly trace the smooth curves. Each time he touched the top of her gown, it slid further down until it was hanging only by her nipples. One more touch and the shift came free; it dropped to the floor leaving her standing in nothing but the panties she had felt obligated to wear since they weren’t at home.

Ron stood there for a moment, enchanted with Anne’s bare breasts as he always was. He could not look without touching; his hands reached out and enveloped each breast. First, he cupped them, weighing them in his hands, then gently kneaded them and felt their softness. Next, his thumbs and forefingers massaged the nipples as they grew erect. She smiled at his obvious delight at her body’s reaction.

He put his arms around her, pressing her now naked breasts against his bare chest. At the same time, his manhood pressed against her. His mouth found hers in another passionate kiss to match his fierce hug, and Anne grew breathless. Then he slowly slid his hands down her back until they reached her panties, then pushed the flimsy garment down past her hips. For some reason, it felt naughtier to have her cheeks bare to have her breasts exposed.

Then, dropping to one knee, Ron slid the panties on down to her ankles. When he looked up, it was directly at her pubic mound. Now it was his turn to be breathless. He reached out and, running his fingers through the brown curls, gradually pushed it aside until he touched her feminine lips.

Anne realized she didn’t want this standing up. She pulled away from him and, kicking off her panties, sat down on the narrow daybed, lay back, and spread her legs as much as possible. It felt terribly wicked—and terribly good—to be on display like this.

Never taking his eyes off her, Ron kicked off his Jockeys and sat on the other end of the daybed. He bent over and kissed her swollen lips. His tongue touched her clitoris, bringing it to erection, and she felt herself cumming not long after. Her hips raised off the daybed, tense and expectant, pushing up against his tongue. She began to pulsate as waves of pleasure surged through her, and Ron continued to kiss and lick her clitoris until the contractions ended. She finally touched his head to stop him. It had become too sensitive.

He slid up her body, lowering himself to his elbows so his chest barely touched her breast. She felt his manhood penetrate her vagina, and then he began sliding in and out. His chest rubbed her nipples and made her squeeze her vagina tighter as she wrapped her legs around him. That was all it took; he came. Each thrust felt wonderful as he filled her.

Ron relaxed, holding himself against her breasts for a moment before rolling on his side beside her. She turned on her side facing him to make room. Then reaching down, she held his spent erection in her palm. Neither of them had any more trouble sleeping the rest of the night.

When Anne awoke, Ron had managed to turn on his back, and her head was pillowed on his shoulder. Her breast lay on his chest, and she had one leg draped across his. After he’d turned during the night, her hand had instinctively found his manhood again. While he didn’t have a full erection, her grip obviously had some effect on him. She thought about climbing on top and riding him cowgirl style as he woke up, but there wasn’t really enough room for that. Well, they would be home that afternoon. There’d be time later, and it would be more comfortable in their own bed.

Without disturbing him, she got up and dressed. She realized their friends were aware that a newly married couple wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping together in a single bed—no matter how small.

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