Learning to Communicate

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a blessed day. As always, our prayers go out to you all!!

For this story, V is my husband and S is me. Also, there is some content in this story that although romantic to me and my hubby, may not be comfortable for some readers. I never cuss, so it is not a worry regarding that, but if some slightly rougher loving is not your cup of tea, I understand. We are still on our journey, still learning every time we make love, and I am sure we will continue to learn, grow, and love each other more as the years go by. I wrote this over the course of about a week, so I was able to revise and make sure there was not anything that would be too insensitive. Nevertheless, I thought I should put out a fair warning to anyone who reads this.

Recently, I have been investing a lot of time into writing these stories. I love a community that really values how special it is for a husband and wife to share love and make love with another, but also people who appreciate the special kind of love between a man and his wife, in or outside the bedroom. I wanted to write about our journey in how we talked about sex as a couple and to share an experience that helped us further our communication so early (about 3.5 months) into our marriage.

Growing up, I and my hubby had similar experiences learning about sex. Being homeschooled, parents were the first and only source of education. Both of our families are conservative but never saw sex as bad. Rather, it has a certain context, and that context is a loving marriage. My husband said that in his culture, everything happens with Satvigam which means that everything should be done with a certain context around it that leads to the best version of that thing. For us, that context was when we get married. We were both not told details (other than the very basic things), but that sex is something we should communicate about as a couple and learn about together. As a woman, I was told that making love is a way to make my husband feel loved. My hubby was told that making sure I felt loved and safe as a lady was one way I would be more inclined to love on him. Basically, we have to invest in the other person and their happiness and not be selfish since we are no longer two people but one in marriage in the eyes of God. It turns out this advice was more than correct, lol.

As we neared marriage, I thought about how we would make love. I had never seen a man’s private parts, and he had never seen what a lady’s parts would look like. We were going to see each other for the first time, and only each other for life! We held hands, but kissing was something we wanted to save for our private time together on the wedding night or honeymoon. The most contact we had was hugging. I was a bit flustered, thinking about what it would be like to make love with him. I knew the basic process: his manhood in my ladyplace. But how would it feel? Would I crave it? Would I also make him feel good? I remember hugging my pillow like I hug him now when we sleep, tight to my body. I would giggle to myself thinking about it. I still do, even after getting married.

My husband told me that he would think about it but was afraid of hurting me and wanted to treat me as delicately as he could. He did not know any more than I did, and so it was new to him, but he said he wanted to take the lead and be reassuring about it all so that I would feel more secure.

After our honeymoon, we settled into a good routine, but of course, we found time for intimacy almost every day! At first, we thought maybe we could have sex every day, but we soon figured out that giving him a bit of time to recharge and me a bit of time to build anticipation would lead to sex that (although still frequent) was at a good pace and had value. He would come up behind me when I was cooking, or sometimes I would wear a sleep shirt all day so he could see my legs. (He loves my legs; I think it’s so sweet of him.) This would lead to some intimate time.

At first, I was very shy to ask for time in that way. I would say that, on average—although my husband was also a bit nervous to ask for sexy time with me—his interest was high, mine was medium. That does not mean I would not want to have sex with him, but I was just new to this. He really took a lead and made sure to make me feel comfortable and desired at all times, so I always felt good.

But on an 80-20 ratio (maybe even more so towards him), he initiated sexy time. I felt bad because I did not want him to feel that I never loved him or desired him; God knows that I did. My mother told me that doing that can be heartbreaking to a man and that feeling physically loved by his wife is one way a man faces his struggles. Especially considering how my hubby treats me and makes me feel, it was not fair for me not to invest in these matters as well. I was just shy and did not know how to talk about sex or ask for some time with him. I wanted to talk to him about this, and let him know how much I truly loved him.

The day before my hubby would go back to his job, I remember asking if we could go to our bedroom and talk for a bit. I wanted to tell him how he made me feel physically and share what I thought felt good, and I hoped he would do the same.

He was very understanding and listened. My hubby is a very solutions-oriented person, but understood romanticism and was always romantic in our relationship. He told me he would try to pleasure me and make sure I felt good. He shared his physical feelings and what he thought felt nice, and I duly noted it because I was proud that I could make my husband feel that special pleasure.

Then, I brought up that I had to muster all of my bravery to talk to him like this, and that if I cannot say it face-to-face, I would like to call or even text. He said that he was new to this but would try his best to communicate in a comfortable way as well. We agreed that any health-related issues were to be directly communicated, because that is much less about sex and more about health, and we love each other enough to want each other to be healthy.

We do not cuss or swear. We do not judge those who do, I think that happens in the context of lovemaking and shows the intensity and emotion when a husband and wife are making love. Of course, such raw love and emotion in a couple is amazing and displays the passion between them! We also did not feel comfortable with conventional language; it felt too scientific, and I felt like we were robots exchanging programs, not making love lol. So we settled on terms that described what we thought our bodies looked like. My breasts and bosom, my buds above (nipples), my rosebud below (clitoris), my petals (vaginal lips), my flower (my vagina in general) were the parts of my body. Hubby adds stems to represent my legs and leaves to represent my arms. I suppose he is keeping with the general theme lol. We also use “ladyparts” or “womanhood”.

For him, I use bamboo stick (penis), and I am not going to lie—I have said hotrod, and he could not stop laughing. I suppose that one was a bit weird! But those are what I will also use to write stories with, including this one.

As a measure of safety so that others did not see our more private messages, we used a third-party encrypted messaging app called Telegram. It was easier for us to communicate things when we were perhaps too nervous to tell each other in person. I would send little love notes to him over it, and he would send messages that just ignited that fire in my womanhood.

I wanted to share one thing with him that I felt he may like to do. He is a very Godly man who is not only the wonderful spiritual leader of our household but a man who has strength in many ways and chooses to use it for good and for his loved ones. In that way, he is extremely dutiful and loyal. When we were dating and I would sometimes do something he felt was wrong, he would look into my eyes and say with such fortitude, “No, darling.”

I think his noble character and strength are something that attracted me to him. He always takes the lead and tries to make me feel safe when we are making love. That protective nature is something I love about him. This is why I submit to him as my husband: because he loves me so and treats me with dignity.

One way I wanted to “submit” was a bit more physical lol. But I wanted him to take charge because I have seen him do that before. I wanted him to push me up against a wall, touch me and run his hands over my bosom and bum, over my petals down below, and make me squirm. I was hesitant to let him know that I would be comfortable with him doing this, and in fact… I sort of want and need him to. I never had these thoughts before marriage, but now I felt so beautiful being a woman with my man that I would think about him making love to me randomly throughout the day.

When I text him, I believe he knows it is not something sexy-time related, but rather just something else in life. But we use the Telegram app for intimate talk only, so I love to think that he gets fired up, ready to hold me close and make love to me, whenever he sees a notification on his phone. It makes me so happy that I can pleasure him from a distance; I feel so very pleased and fiery to know that I can make his manhood stand at full mast and that I have him wrapped around my little pinky finger! And so, I just had to tell him…

S: Sweet, can I tell you something…

V: Ofc darling

S: I was just doing some work, and something came across my mind. I was thinking about u, bby

V: What a coincidence, it just so happens I was thinking about you.

S: How do u think about me?

V: Well, usually you are not wearing anything, for a start.

S: (blush) u cheeky boy! Well, I love how you take charge, that leadership in our marriage, and the way u always want to do what makes me happy and what makes me feel loved…

V: haha thank you, I try my best

S: Well I want you to do it a bit more roughly.

V: Say no more, darling.

S: Sweet, just a minute please, I am almost done telling you! I will not take too much of your time…

V: trust me, bby. I have something you will need to do tho

S: Absolutely!

V: When I come home, you are to be seated on our bed, wearing whatever you like. No need for us to do dinner, or chores, or talking… nothing. Tonight, I intend to enjoy dessert first.

I swear to the good Lord above, I could almost hear his voice saying that last line that he typed. I was on fire, and I could feel myself building up the dew on my petals in my ladyplace. I put my phone down, and I knew it would be a special day for us. This would be the first time one of us had openly shared a fantasy or desire like that… would it work out for us? It did not matter, I just needed to be ready! It was already quite late into the afternoon, so I could not waste any more of my time.

I went straight to the bathroom and started my preparations. The first thing I did was strip down and shave my petals. My mother taught me how to wax down there and I often do it by myself, but other than that, I keep myself with a small grass patch or even bare. Today, I wanted to be clean-shaven for my hubby.

I shaved my legs, making sure I liberally applied some pure coconut oil on my legs and flower to make them buttery smooth. I love that feeling of smoothness and cleanness; it makes me feel more feminine and beautiful. And what lady wouldn’t want that feeling?!?! Not to mention it gets a certain someone very heated lol. 

I then started the water in the tub, added a bit of shea butter and rose bath liquid, got in, and let myself relax.

My hubby always encourages me to care for my own health and wellbeing. (He quotes, “a couple that looks after each other’s health and wellbeing, looks after the tone of the household.”)  And taking baths is something that always helps me. At times, he comes in and sits next to me, often watching a movie, reading a book, or doing some of his work. Other times, he joins me in the tub, and it always ends with me moaning and pleading for him to go deep inside me. Those times are my favorite.

But this time, it was just me. I relaxed, and let myself drift into meditation. I wanted to be in the right mindset. I could imagine his hands traveling over my soapy, bubbly body, his fingers twisting the buds on my bosoms, and his arms outstretched across my tummy and legs. I could feel his lips on my shoulder and collarbone, devouring that sweet spot that makes me whimper and moan.

I was starting to feel the dew down there, and with my eyes closed, I almost felt like he was here, with me sitting in between his legs, being slowly melted in his arms. God, I love him. I love his touch, his handsome face, his silent strength, his hearty laugh, the way he is so tender and loving with me. I could be in a dream like this forever…

Wait, how long had it been!?! I soon realized that time was ticking away. It was already 4:30! Hubby would be home in a little over an hour!

I hurried out of my dreamy state and got out of my tub. After a quick shower to clean myself a bit, I dried off my body. I have an assortment of lotions, but my favorite is an Aromatherapy Vanilla Rose lotion that smells divine! I applied it all over my body and face, rubbing it into my legs, my bum, underneath my breasts, and on my neck. Every place my husband’s hands go needs to be soft, and every place his lips go must taste delectable. I worked the lotion into my breast skin and felt myself tingle and whimper when my fingers caressed my nipple buds. I took the time to swing my arms around my body, and feel every curve and crevice. I rolled my hips a bit, and walked about in the bathroom, swaying my bum. I was just being cheeky now lol.

I moved my hands all over, wishing he would get home even sooner. But a part of me wanted him to take his time so that I could prepare a bit more! I continued to doll myself up. I don’t wear makeup, but I do put on face cream and lip gloss. I use a lip exfoliator, which makes my lips feel healthier, so I applied some of that after the face cream. I have a good amount of lip glossies (lip moisturizer balms that also add a bit of color), and the one I thought would stand out is the cherry sangria gloss. It was not ultra-bright but a slightly toned down, more alluring red. I remember wearing it on our honeymoon one night when we went to a live event, and my husband’s eyes were glued to my lips! I felt like he was imagining kissing me, and it made me dew up with anticipation. I finished up by putting my hair in a bun.

Lingerie is not something I wear too much. I wear lots of lace nightgowns and house dresses, but the most romantic thing I have are some nightdresses that have straps that go on my shoulders, with lace that covers my chest and on the hem of the dress. I wear them in the summer and fall, when it is warmer at night, and opt for those longer nightgowns when it turns much colder.

I was always a bit shy to go shopping at a lingerie store, or even at a store online. Any advice from the ladies as to how I might start shopping for lingerie would be appreciated. I want to get things I feel pretty in and things that make my husband happy, so any help on how I may involve him too may be helpful. He is very bashful and honestly has enough self-control to not look at other ladies like that in public. But I want him to be comfortable enough to say to me, “This looks good on you, so buy this piece.” I suppose that comes with more time, and if he has been so patient with me, I need to give him that grace as well!

I opted for a maroon satin nightdress with lace accents. He had only seen it once before when I was just showing some of my wardrobe to him, and he said it was very nice and that I would look gorgeous in it. I slipped it on and put my hair down. By the time I quickly curled my hair, it was 5:30. I heard my phone buzz:

V: I just parked the bike in the garage. On my way up.

S: Yes, sweet. I am waiting for you…

V: You better be. (smirk)

Oh, was I waiting! I needed to stop myself from giggling; I had butterflies in my tummy! After quickly lighting some candles, I turned off the lights and sat down on our bed, legs turned to one side, eyes closed.

I heard the door locks open, and the door opened then softly shut closed. Footsteps neared the room, and I could tell my husband was stopped dead in his tracks. I opened my eyes to see my hubby standing in the doorway, reaching behind him to shut the bedroom door. He walked over and reached out for my hand. I gave it to him, and he pulled me off the bed and pushed me up against the wall. I was now face to face with my lover.

“You look delicious…”

“Well, I wanted to make sure your dessert was well prepared. So I took my time…”

“Mmm, you did. Shame that it will all be a mess when I am done with you, darling.”

“What will you do?” I said, panting and whimpering. I felt flooded down below, in bliss that my hubby was fulfilling my first fantasy with him.

Leaning in, and with a kiss on my cheek, he said, “I will do whatever I want to…”

If I had not already been ready for the taking, I was now—completely at his whim, fully surrendered to our love and desires.

He entwined his big hands into mine and raised my arms against the wall until they were spread above my head. He put my hands together and, with one arm, held both firmly above my head. He did it all with such skill, like a tactician watching the field and making his best moves in a battle.

Then he leaned in and brushed his lips against the nape of my neck. He went lower and kissed the ridge of my breasts, which were covered by lace. His other hand drifted below, moved my panties to the side, and started to stroke and caress my petals. 

His arm stopped holding up my hands, but I kept them there. “I am all his tonight,” I thought, “and his hands ought to give me pleasure in any way he sees fit.”

 He used one hand to caress me below, and another to caress my breasts and buds. He had this serious look on his face as if he was trying to figure out what makes me tick. Oh, was I ticking!

“Sweet, please… take me to the bed… please I’m begging you,” I was on the verge of tears as he held me against the wall and made me moan for God knows how long. My sweet guided me up the mountain, and gave me utmost pleasure at the top, just as he does every time we make love. I transcended my own body as my soul reached heaven, and I moaned the loudest I ever have, letting out a squeal and whimpering as I came down from the summit. 

“I love the way you sound when you whimper and squeal. Very alluring and sexy, darling. You’re lucky I have plans for you; otherwise, I would not be able to hold myself back.”

I lost my sense of time, and although this was becoming a lot for me to handle and I wanted to be one with him on our bed, I also did not want his hands to leave my body for even a second. His fingers were so deep inside me and although they were his fingers,  they were not his manhood—that was what I was aching for.

As if reading my mind, he leaned in and said, “I will take you there when I want to. Is that clear, darling?”

“I’m sorry, sweet…”

“You better be,” said my hubby before his fingers went even deeper inside of me, making me jump and moan loudly. With a slight smile, he said, “Alright, maybe I have done enough of this.”

He picked me up in his arms, and while looking into my eyes, weary from the pleasure he had given me by inserting his fingers and rubbing my bud and petals, he set me down softly on the bed. His shoes and socks came off, then he told me to undress him, and I happily obliged.

I took off his pants to reveal his boxers, which had a large tent forming around his aroused manhood. I took off his shirt to reveal his masculine, strong, and tough chest and the amazing, bulky physique my hubby has. I gave him a kiss on his chest and moved up to his lips, but he stopped me.

“No, you lie down. Remember, tonight I give everything, and you receive it. Is that clear?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be fair if you did all of the wor…”

“Is that clear, yes or no?” His deep growl was so… primal and masculine.

He looked straight into my eyes. I was, in the moment, utterly at his mercy. All I could muster was a soft, “Yes.”

He had a gleam in his eye and that serious look still on his face. I could not help but melt away at the sight of him. He retrieved a towel from the bedside table drawer and had me sit down on it. Then he sat down behind me and pulled me close such that I was sitting between his legs. No longer face to face, I felt his manhood poke my bum and I giggle. I felt its warmth and its strength in its hardness; I could not wait for him to be lodged deep inside of me.

His hands wrapped around my waist and started to caress my breasts and my petals and bud below. I grabbed onto his muscular legs, reached back to his neck and arms and shoulders, clamoring for anything to hold onto as he gave me pleasure that I did not know I could ever have. I panted and gasped for breath until finally losing my patience, and burst out, “Baby, please,I need you inside of me. Don’t make me wait!”

He stopped moving his hands, put one around my face, and turned it to face his handsome countenance.

“What was that?”

I was frozen, not sure of what to say. But I whispered in the small pocket of air between our lips and faces, “I… just… need you so much…”

“I’m right here. But tonight, you are mine. So I am going to take my time with you.”

His tender touch left my face and resumed caressing my body. He ran his hands to each part, using his deep and sensual voice to whisper into my ears each time his hands reached a new venue.

“Your neck is always so supple and soft. I love to kiss it. It’s also an efficient place to kiss so that you make those sweet little sounds…”

“Yes, sweet…” I barely got out words as he started to kiss the back of my neck.

“Your bosom is so soft and comforting. Two heavenly globes that will offer nothing but unmatched beauty for my entire life…” His hands started rubbing and even twisting my nipple buds.

I lost it then and there. I started to scream and squirm and shake. He saw it, and he was not willing to stop. I had just reached a peak, but he certainly ensured it was not even close to being my last. He was giving me such immense pleasure

But today was HIS day, yet I was not giving him that same release. I hoped he would be inside me soon enough. At this point, I wanted his bamboo in my flower faster than he probably did!

“Your legs are amazing, so toned and smooth. I love the way they feel on my hands. You don’t even know how many times I think about running my hands all over them when I am at work.”

His hands ran over my legs just as he said, softly caressing my thighs. He then cupped his hands around my bum cheeks and massaged them. I felt myself coming down from my peak again, and his sensual touches helped me relax for a bit. Only for a bit, though.

“Well we can’t have you relaxing, now can we…”

I immediately feltt his fingers inside me again. His thumb was on my rosebud, spinning it around and making me moan and groan.

“Oh… mmmmhhh… oohhhh, my god, sweet… please don’t stop… please… I want you so bad…”

“Yes, darling, just focus on me. Let yourself go.”


I was soon brought to the summit of the mountaintop again, and I exploded in overwhelming love and passion.

He moved a bit and placed me down on the bed on my back. My hands were roaming the bed looking for his body, with my eyes rolled back and my body and soul still reeling from that explosion.

My hubby leaned down and started kissing me fervently, devouring my mouth. Oh, I missed his lips! The sweet taste of his mouth is something I crave day in and day out. I grabbed his face and locked my legs around his waist, wanting him closer to me. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and I laced it with my own. I love the way our mouths and souls are connected.

Still at my peak, moaning from the out-of-body experience he just gave me, I soon felt his kisses travel along my tummy near my belly button. He knows I get ticklish there, and so the cheeky boy decided to give me a few giggles by kissing and nibbling on my tummy lol. He then went lower and started to kiss on top of my lady parts. He kissed the red panties that lay strewn to the side of my petals and removed them my from body. He then ran his fingers along my petals, slowly enticing me.

“Darling, your petals are flooded with desire. Good lord, I love your body…”

Within no time at all, I was screaming again. Oh how this man makes me moan for him! My energy was saved up all day for this, and although I felt like exploding, I also felt like I had no energy to say anything in coherent English at this point. I was reeling from the most recent peak.

But then I felt something amazing… my husband’s manhood rammed into my flooding flower. It was like I was on top of that mountain again, but now I was lifted even higher.

“OHHHHHH, my god… ohhh… mmmm, sweet, please make love to me… make love to your wife, please!”

“Oh, I will.”

He began his strokes, and I clawed at the sheets, turning my head in rapture as his hands grabbed my nightdress and pulled it off my body. His lips found my neck and face and layered them in lovely little pecks and smooches.

I grab his back and shoulders and felt his red hot lips all over me; I was just moaning. He slammed into me over and over, nothing held back. I managed to moan and whimper and get out whatever words I could at every stroke that pounded deep into me.

“Oh… my… god… sweet… I can… feel… every…. inch…. OHHHH…. ahhhh…. baby… please don’t… stop… I… love you…. I need… you…”

His groans were primal, and he sounded like this tough, rapturous creature who has come to claim what is his and do so with abandon. I was 100% invested, and I felt myself being lost to his manhood, to his tender strength, to his masculine parts stretching my little flower. I felt taken—just as I so dearly wanted to feel.

He leaned back and put one hand near my neck. His fingers, still wet from my dew, entered my mouth, and I latched onto them, tasting my sweet’s skin. I tasted my own dew on there, and I could see why he found it so fascinating. It was hot but sweet like candy.

There was a lot going on: his fingers in my mouth, his hand near my neck, his manhood inside of me. He kept going like this for a long time, and then he said into my ear, “Turn around and lie on your stomach. I’ve wanted to try something for a while now. Not sure if it will work or if it is possible, to be frank, but I am going to do it.”

I felt his manhood leave my flower, and I pouted a bit because I had been waiting for him all day. I turned around and lay down on my stomach. But he heard my whine, and I felt a slap on my bum.

“AH! Sweet, why did you slap my bum?!?!”

“Did it hurt?”

“Well… no it felt… it felt…”

“Good? Come on, my little minx, don’t lie.”

I felt myself blush. It did feel good when he slapped my bum, and it made me feel sexy. He slapped it again 

“This is what happens when you pout, is that clear?”

“Mmm, yes baby…”

He pulled my legs and now I was on my knees and hands. I was not sure of what he was going to do but I reminded myself of who we are: I am his wife, he is my husband. I trust him with my body. Our bodies are not our own anymore, but we are one. He would not hurt me because he loves me as if I am a part of him. I am his rib, and I trust and love him enough to let him do as he so pleases.

I felt his bamboo stick on my bum, moving in between my bum cheeks. I felt the veins and the long stick leading to the end that was large and engorged. I loved the way it looked and felt and moved. I never knew this is what a man’s parts would look like… I was in love with his body and his manhood and craved it.

He bent over and whispered in that deep, exotic voice, “Are you ready to be taken like this, darling? You better be.”

He then stuck his manhood in my little flower, and I felt myself moan loudly, arching my back and pushing myself onto him instinctively to get him deeper and deeper. Soon, I heard myself yelp a bit, then his entire length was buried in my rose. I was his. All his. Just what I had been dreaming about all day.

I could hear his groans, as he whispered my name and felt utter pleasure in being encircled by my flower. He was mine. All mine. He started his movement, in and out, rhythmic and slow at first.

“Mmmm… yes sweet… oh, my god, this feels so deep. I can feel you so deep…”

Leaning into my ear, he said, “Maybe I should go a bit faster,” and started slamming into me faster and faster, deeper and longer, more powerful each and every stroke.

I met his every move, uniting us. The folds of my petals were wide open for him. His hands grasped around my waist, made as a perfect grip for when he makes love to me. I said a silent prayer to the good Lord above who brought me such an amazing husband who protects me and provides for us both, who is an amazing lover, and whose silent strength is something I have come to depend on.

I was loving this, but it was getting to be intense, and I reached my peak again,

“OH MY GOD…. SWEET…. MMMM… AHHHHHH….OHHHHHH!!!!!!” I yelled as I started slamming my bum back onto his body, wanting his bamboo more and more, craving the feeling I had. What was this feeling? I do not know how to accurately describe it, but I am sure you ladies understand. I felt so womanly, making love with my husband in such a raw and natural way.

I started to go weak in the arms, and I think he felt that too. He pushed my head down into the bed, and my arms went down too. My knees gave way, and I was flat on the bed. He angled up a bit and started slamming me down onto the bed. His hips were hitting my round bum over and over, and I reached my hands out and grabbed the pillows, stretching my body and trying to give him pleasure. I was groaning and making noises I do not think either of us could even understand or describe.

He grabbed my neck and turned it tenderly, leaning down to kiss me on my lips, and then he did something that really made me explode again. As if on queue, with every stroke into my womanhood, his tongue delved deep into my mouth; I was being taken in two ways by my own husband. I loved every second of it.

“Ahhhhh, yes… wow you feel so amazing, like a vice on my… ahhhh…” he moaned against my lips, and I could feel his manhood begin to pulse. He was about to reach the peak. I was there too.

“Yes baby, let’s go there together. Lead me there. I am with you, sweet… ooohhhh… mmmmm, keep it coming. I need you sweet, I need… you… so much…!”

My words fumbled as his strokes got deeper and faster. He grabbed my knees, and now I lay with my bum up, his manhood buried deep inside of me, and my face and arms on the bed. I screamed into the covers, almost embarrassed by all the noise I was making now.

He reached forward and grasped my hair, lightly tugging on it. I was losing it, not able to contain myself as he owned my body. It felt oh so good. Then came his peak.

“Ohhh… darling… I think I’m about to…” he groaned and moaned.

I felt his manhood go deep into me one last time, deeper than ever before as he exclaimed my name. Then I felt his hot bamboo release into me. The hot, gushing liquid filled my womb, and the rush made me reach my peak again. He tried to maintain some balance, but he was slipping. So he fell to the side and held me in a fetal-like position, his manhood still inside of me.

The products of our love combined in my flower and spilled out. The mix of dew and honey made me feel like we created great passion between us. I was whimpering, unable to speak.

He began to notice my dilemma and said, “Darling, are you alright?”

“S-sweet… I… I really… this was… so much…. I love you. I just love you so much. Thank you for everything. I love…” my words were slurred, but he held me as I slowly regained my sense of reality.

I had never experienced such love, such happiness, from anything. And we just got married a few months ago! I know it will get better as grow, as we learn and mature in our relationship, and I look forward to those romantic, passionate nights—and to these intense nights where he takes me!

We said our sweet little nothings as he held my trembling form. I moved onto his lap and sat facing him. Soft kisses and caresses were exchanged. He then lifted me up, with his hands on my thighs and bum, and my arms around his neck and shoulders, softly rubbing the scar on his back. He carried me over to the bathroom shower. The intensity of it all hit me again, and I started to cry a bit. He held me as my tears cascaded down his chest and abdomen. I let him tenderly wash me and himself. He then dried me off and helped me clean off the bed and put the towel on top in the wash.

He laid me down and came around. I felt his body behind mine, his bamboo stick now softly laying against my bum. I swayed my hips and purred against him, and he grasped my hips in response and pulled me tight to his body.

“Getting flustered again, are we?” he asked.

“Mmmm… I think that may be partially your doing, sweet! But I am always here to feed your hunger. I love you. Wait… what time is it?”

“That was a bit of a nonsequitur… I don’t know to be honest.”

I looked over at our alarm clock. “It’s 7:00. You must be hungry! I am going to make some dinner.”

My hubby stopped me from getting up. “What did I say? No dinner. I already ordered ahead, and so dinner will be here very soon!”

Our delivery came, and we ate together at the table. I had put on a nightgown, but he still looked at me as if I had not a thread of clothing on my body. I love that I get his blood hot and boiling; it makes me feel happy to be the object of his desire and the prize of his conquest.

We talked about what happened, and agreed that this was something we loved. The thought of doing it again made me dew up with anticipation.

And knowing what exactly he would do to me pleased him greatly. Usually, he takes a very romantic role in our lovemaking, making sure I am comfortable and doing alright, and always takes a tender lead in our passionate nights. But this was something he really enjoyed, and I must say I do not think I could ever get sick of this.

We retired to our bedroom after dinner and some clean-up, and he said to me, “Never hesitate to communicate anything to me. I am your husband; I have a duty to make sure you feel happy. I love you, and your happiness matters. Every meal you cook for me, and every kiss you give me serve as a form of strength, a strength you do not even know. Every time we make love, it makes me feel like I can take on an entire army!  Truly, I do not know how else to say it. Always feel free to tell me anything. If not in person, then you know that I am one message away. Is that clear?”

I was blushing still, and very happy that my husband gave me this sensual experience. I could barely move myself to look at him. His hand came around and softly turned my face to his.

“I said… is. that. clear?”

I loved this side of him. His leadership attributes and the honor and noble character he has are the number one reason I fell in love with him. Of course, the fact that he is the most handsome man I have ever seen also helps!

“Yes, sweet!” I shed another tear of joy, which he wiped away.

I leaned back and kissed him deeply. We then drifted off to sleep, my body held in his arms, his arms wrapped around my waist and his hand laying underneath my bosom.

I am still shy; I think that is just my personality and who I am. But he is very accepting of that. He knows that making me feel comfortable and ensuring privacy can help me share things with him. He also gave me permission to write about this to you all, because he said that perhaps sharing it in such an anonymous way could be helpful.

Now, emotions are not his strong suit. He is very logical and reason-oriented. But he knows that romance takes time, and he always gives me grace in that way. I hope this story helped you all realize that although you may be a lady out in the world, you can let yourself be a wife, a woman, and a feminine lover for your husband and for yourself in the bedroom. It only grows the relationship.

As for the gentlemen, certainly, be your own masculine beasts for your lady. There is a sense of security in the marriage bed because you can trust the love of your spouse. I shall always be the soft place to land for my husband, and I know he will be a pillar of protection to lean against should I face struggles. He is mine, I am his. I cannot wait to be taken in love and sensual passion for many more passionate nights to come. I love you, my handsome hubby ♥💋😚

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it! I pray for love and happiness in all your marriages and beautiful passion in your marriage bed.

To the ladies: again, if you have any ideas for lingerie for a lady new to it all, and how I can get my husband to help me out with such things, I would really appreciate the advice. God bless, and have a splendid day!

With love,


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11 replies
  1. kdm1984 says:

    I had no clue what kind of lingerie to get, so I had my husband pick out what he thought looked best on me. 🙂

    Really enjoy your writing, and how the relationship you have with your beloved sounds like the healthy version of the traditional sort, not the boring or authoritarian versions. My husband and I are both shy, logical types, so we don't share much on here, but we love each other's inner intensity.

    • SophTea says:

      I have no clue either lol so perhaps I ought to sit down with my hubby and figure things out! And thank you, that means a lot to me. I feel like those relationships devalue sex and present it as a bad thing, which hurts the marriage. We aim to practice sex in a way that gives glory to God, and empowers our marriage. Many prayers for you and your beloved <3

  2. Frankie says:

    SophTea, You said "My mother told me that doing that can be heartbreaking to a man and that feeling physically loved by his wife is one way a man faces his struggles." You were fortunate to have a mother who was a wise woman.

    • SophTea says:

      She is wise, yes <3 God intended sex as a way for a couple to be lost in one another, away from the suffering of life, and I love that my relationship has become that! God bless you and you beloved "n_n"

  3. LovingMan says:

    What an amazing story and advice! My wife & I have had peak sexual experiences over the years so we can relate to much of what you said. In our opinion we need that loving bond you described so well… the bond that is magnified by married sexual love. Your description of it being a transcend state was so accurate. For us every lovemaking session is not this wild and intense but some certainly are and we are senior citizens with big health challenges. So you looking forward to many years of great lovemaking can be spot on!
    I loved your own terms for ladyparts and manparts! I’ve shared some of our epic lovemaking sessions as MH stories. We also think sharing these stories promote the beauty, passion, & power of married love!

    • SophTea says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the story <3 and thank you for your wisdom as well, hearing from couples such as you and your beloved who have a relationship centered around God and beautiful married sex over a long and happy marriage is incredibly inspiring! It truly shows the power Godly sex holds, and what good it can do for a husband and wife who are madly in love as they grow together. Many prayers for the happy couple, have a blessed day "n_n"

    • SophTea says:

      100% agreed "n_n" I think that comfortable line between me and him does wonders for us, and of course keeping a line of prayer open to God is a must to help cultivate a healthy relationship! God bless and have a wonderful day!

  4. Gemlin says:

    This was so beautiful, thank you for sharing. It brings me back to when my wife and I were first married. Thinking about it, and sharing about it, and planning around it. It felt so free to be able to explore our sexuality together, without any guilt, within the beauty of marriage, just as God intended. We’re six years in, and every time I watch her get undressed I still can’t take my eyes away from her. And every time she smiles I get to be reminded that I’m married to be the prettiest darn woman in the whole world.

    As far as lingerie advice, I understand I’m not a woman, but my wife is the same way. She gets very shy about that sort of stuff. Give yourself time, and take baby steps, but when and or if you’re ever ready, maybe you could both try and go to a romance store together, and pick some stuff out together. My beautiful bride and I love making this a part of date nights, every now and again. It can be a bit awkward at first, but so was sex, and like that, through time and working at it, it becomes far more comfortable. Hope that helps 🙂

    • SophTea says:

      I am glad that you enjoyed it 😊it seems you have such pure and Godly love for your wife, and I hope and pray for that love to grow for the years to come! I certainly get flutters whenever I see my hubby, so I can comprehend the feeling!

      I will take into consideration your advice regarding lingerie, it seems like a good idea for me and hubby to spend a date night browsing, or maybe even talking about it to help break the ice. While he is awfully bashful, I am even more shy about going into lingerie stores so it may be online to start lol. Thank you for your kind words and advice, God bless and good day "n_n"

  5. Giants05 says:

    Great story… love this. We started off very shy w/ lingerie about a year ago. Started w/ me bringing home something hot and her getting turned on and flattered. Then she surprised me with an online order. We loved the excitement it brought both of us, from both me giving and getting her turned on, which was a turn-on for me, and her surprising me and getting me worked up, which would make her super horny.
    I also started surprising her w/ sexy panties. She loved how it turned me on, and she also would get super hot slipping them on. Then she would get some to surprise me, and that would make her super horny w/ how sexy she felt and the excitement I got.

    We started slowly, and now she has an entire selection of super sexy lingerie. Last week she threw out all her traditional panties and now wears nothing but cheekies, thongs, and g-strings. She looks and feels super hot.

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