Ron and Anne 7.0: Home Again

Ron was returning from a month-long research trip to Alaska, part of his PhD co-op program. He went dressed for spring weather in the lower 48, not realizing the only difference between Winter and Spring in Alaska is whether the road equipment was out to resurface Muldoon Road on the east side of Anchorage. He nearly froze as it snowed the day he boarded the plane for home.

Anne really looked forward to his return for a number of reasons, their sexual relationship chief among them. It had been a long lonely time for a young wife with an infant daughter. She had chosen not to give herself an orgasm all the time he was gone to let the sexual pressure build. The last week had been especially tough.

The week before he was due in, she began to plan. She was going to give him a night he would not forget. If he didn’t go to bed pie-eyed, she was no woman. The evening he got in, she dressed carefully; make-up, perfume, hair, everything had to be just right. She chose a white semi-transparent blouse with no bra and her shortest skirt (not many of those left in her closet).

Anne had just finished nursing the baby and put her down asleep when she heard the front door open. She ran to greet Ron with a hug and a passionate kiss. For a time, they stood there holding one another. She had really missed him, the strength in his arms, and the man smell she caught as she buried her face in his chest.

Releasing her, Ron went immediately into the nursery to see their sleeping baby. He reached down and touched her cheek lightly to not wake her. Then he turned to look at Anne with a smile and eyes bright with tears. He had been just as lonely as she had been. All the love that she had for him seemed to be flooding back.

They went to the breakfast room where she had dinner ready. As they sat and ate, they talked. Anne enjoyed rebuilding their intimacy after the long absence. As they sat there, she noticed that Ron’s eyes kept dropping to her nipples showing through the white blouse.

With dinner finished, Ron said he wanted to clean up after his long trip. Anne was disappointed. In her imagination, she had expected him to grab her, tear off her clothing, and throw her on to the bed before making passionate love to her. Instead, he seemed to be stalling. Before she let him go into the bathroom to shower, she gave him another passionate hug, making sure he felt her braless breast again.

While he was showering, she thought through her fantasy. Did she really want him to be forceful, rough, and demanding? That wouldn’t have been Ron. Maybe she had been reading too many romance novels. She realized that if he had fulfilled her daydream, she would have felt used, violated. In love, he was letting her set the pace. The realization made her feel very, very loved.

Well, if he was letting her set the pace, it was time to turn in up a notch. Before he finished showering, she took off her clothes and covered up with a light robe.

When Ron came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, he sat down on the floor beside the bed to play with the dog, who was as glad to see him as Anne was. She watched them play for a while; then, it was time for her to make her move.

Anne called the dog and put him outside. When she came back in, she closed the bedroom door and stood in front of it. There was no reason to close the door; they were the only ones in the house. But she felt safer with it closed, and she wanted to feel safe tonight.

Anne stood there looking at Ron sitting beside the bed. From playing with the dog, he was more sitting on the towel than covered by it and his manhood was showing. The swelling which had started in Anne’s pussy with the braless hugs grew again with the thought of what would come next.

Anne undid the tie on the bathrobe, and with a shake of her shoulders, the robe dropped to the floor. When Ron’s manhood sprang to attention, she knew she had his complete and total attention.

His erection had the same effect on her that her nakedness did on him. Without looking, she knew her inner lips were swollen to the point they protruded through her brown pubic hair, and her tiny clitoris had an erection of her own. Her vagina had grown wet.

Anne started walking toward Ron while his eyes were glued to her pussy. When she reached him, she straddled his outstretched legs so that her feminine lips were directly in front of his face. As she stood there, she felt her female lubrication running down the inside of her thighs.

He moved his head forward and kissed her lady lips and then took her clitoris into his mouth. That felt good, very good. He began to flick the end of her clitoris with his tongue.

Anne hadn’t wanted to cum right away, but he was giving her no choice. Suddenly the dam broke and her contractions began. She felt herself leaking female lubricant and knew it was landing on his chest and lap.

Ron reached up and held her bare bottom to support her as her legs gave way. Her knees bent and she slid forward spreading her knees until her clitoris was pressed against him. It was almost too sensitive as it rubbed again his chest. She slowly slid down until she was sitting on his erection that pushed up near her vagina. She reached down and moved him slightly to be right at the opening. Lubricated by her wetness, she continued to slide down, until she was sitting on his lap with him completely inside.

Anne just sat, not moving. He had his hands on her butt cheeks, pulling her against him as if trying to force his manhood deeper into her. Then she felt him grow larger.

Suddenly and with a groan, Ron began ejaculating, filling her. Anne was surprised and delighted; she had never felt him cum without moving. She tightened her vaginal muscles, trying to squeeze him as tightly as she could. She wanted to continue to feel his ejaculation inside her.

When Ron was done, Anne leaned forward and laid her head on his chest with his erection still in her. They were both exhausted, but happy—very happy. He was home.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! Reunion sex can be so amazing! I loved the anticipation in your story. Then the way the sex actually happened is great! This sounds very real and really sexy!

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