“Please, Please, Please, F-” Part 1 (L)

“Could you do bedtime routine tonight?” I ask, desperate to unwind. “If you do that, I’ll have a ten-minute head start on me-time; then, I’ll be ready for some us-time.”

My strong and noble husband is happy to oblige, and as I sink deep into a hot bath, I hear the glee as he and our son enjoy stories and snuggles before baby’s early bedtime. Hearing B grow and thrive as a father warms me to the core as the hot water releases the tension of a month’s worth of stress and exhaustion. I take my time in the tub, allowing the steam to clear my head and draw my attention to the hunger in my heart and my hunger… below.

After withdrawing from the tub and wrapping a robe around me, I quietly tread across the house to find my love busy at work on his computer. Tracing the muscles in his neck and shoulders, I marvel how he can labor all day in the harvest heat yet still be so present at home.

“Hey babe.” He turns to me. “How was your bath? Do you want to unwind with an episode?”

With a wink, I drop the shoulder of my robe and suggest, “Why don’t we get more wound up instead?” I scamper to the bedroom and hear the closing laptop and scuff of a chair as he jumps up to follow me.

I’ve laid out the pillows perfectly to accommodate a massage and properly relieve the tension he carries in his shoulders. As he lies face down and I knead the knots and admire his strength, I can’t help but grind my nakedness against his firm cheeks. And as I lean forward to pamper his neck, I feel the trail of moisture I leave behind me. I abandon the robe and let my pert, rigid, pencil-eraser-firm nipples tickle along his back.

In an instant, he’s rolled me to lie beside him, and he begins a massage of his own. With my globes now accessible, he alternates between nipples, using his thumbs, fingers, palms, lips, tongue, and teeth to drive me wild. I’m instantly writhing in desperation, too hot and bothered to know how to get him to keep pleasing me here, while also ravenous to have him please me… there.

I jerk at the waistband of his briefs, groping to take a good hold of him and share the pleasure that’s pulsing through my core. As I close my hand firmly around his manhood and begin to rhythmically tug, I’m thrown to my back.

“You’ve done enough massage for now- allow me!” And with that I’m split open by one, then two thick fingers prying at my opening, pushing, circling, thrusting, massaging, then tantalizingly drawing out moisture to dampen my lips and thighs.

“Please-” is all I can shudder out before he is above me, his fingers removed and his cock ready at my entrance. “Please-” I gasp as he pushes in to claim me as his. “Please-” I cry, as he begins to roll and heave into me. “Fuck me-” I plead as he paws my breasts and launches into a rhythmic pounding. For missionary, I’ve never felt so primal, so needed, so satiated!

“Fuck, yes, harder!” as he piles into me. “Fuck, yes, more!” as he tugs my nipple into his mouth. “Fuck, yes, please!” as I lose myself in pleasure as his thrusts connect us deeper and deeper.

“I want you on the couch,” he growls. As he withdraws and dismounts, I’m left with an emptiness that I’ll do anything to fill.

Too anxious to waste time closing the blinds to the street, I flip off the living room lights as I sprint to the couch. Not wanting an empty pussy for a moment longer, I push him to sit, and I pounce at the opportunity to mount him. Bracing my knees beside his hips, I wantonly throw myself down onto his waiting cock. My hands grasp for traction and leverage, clutching the back of the couch and the back of his hair as I bounce and bob on his rod. I grind down onto him, desperate to feel him as deep as I can. I writhe, pressing myself harder against him and feeling myself stretch to accept his girth deeper and deeper. Fireworks flash across my vision as I sink onto him.

His mouth finds my breast, and he sucks and bites my flesh as I thrash and hump above him. I gasp in pain and pleasure, and he takes the pause as his opportunity.

Suddenly, I’m thrown to the side. “Please-” I ask, as he turns me to the wall. “Please-” I moan, as he spreads my knees. “Please-” I beg, as I brace my arms on the back of the couch. “Fuuuuuuuck,” I growl as he sinks into me, balls deep, and pounds me. I clamor to hold a grip as he thrusts into me from behind while tugging on my high-alert nipples swaying below me.

“Please, more, please, fuck- yes! Fuck- ugh! Fuck- I need you to fill me!” I urge as he grabs my hips and throws me against himself. My pussy swells as I feel him throb and release, and we collapse to the couch together, spent, wound up, and perfectly content.

We clean up, and I head back to the bedroom, expecting to doze until he finishes his computer work and joins me for sleep. Little do we know our dance is far from over that night.

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11 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Such a sexy story! The comment of seeing your husband succeed and grow as a parent is awesome! Seeing good parenting (or good grandparenting) done by your spouse makes you love them even more! Seeing your spouse succeed at work or anything does that too! That all seems to contribute to the passionate lovemaking in your excellent story. And I really think the story is well written.

    • VirginTilVixen says:

      Thanks for the commendation on the writing! This is my only one published so far, but a few more in the queue.

      Yes! I think every new thing our partner excels at (big or small) shines a new light on a different facet of how wonderfully God made them! And when I see B shine, I desperately need to be closer 😉

    • VirginTilVixen says:

      My husband is such a tease sometimes- more often than not I’m on the brink and begging for him to take me over. There’s something special about vocalizing that need for your SO, probably why this carries into a Part 2 (soon)

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story! I read it yesterday, but got distracted and forgot to leave a comment. Love the heat and passion that exuded from the story. Anxious to read more of your stories. Keep writing and stay horny!

    • VirginTilVixen says:

      Wow, thanks! I feel like I got a celebrity shout out- I’m always excited to read (and reread) your posts.

  3. jeremyscottbrewer says:

    I would love to hear my wife use that word in the bedroom. She begs me to “do” her or “screw” her, but I would totally lose it in a good way if she used the word “fuck.” She’s pretty conservative when it comes to language, and so am I. Maybe we can start exploring a little more!

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