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A Night of Small Embarrassments

Married Sex is a wonderful blessing. Sometimes, that blessing is as shiny and bright as you could ever dream. Other times, like this night four years into our marriage, you can’t help but laugh at yourself as that blessing is accompanied by embarrassment and mishaps. Hopefully, our antics remind you that not every night needs […]

Date Night Naughtiness (L)

It’s date night, the first in too long between a nauseous pregnancy, covid restrictions, and a demanding harvest. The date was set weeks in advance, and it’s finally here. I dab on some makeup for the first time in probably two years and marvel at how much has changed since the first time I got […]

Tantalizing Tailgate

The summer sun glares over the scorched field. As a lone bird soars overhead, I slide the iced tea pitcher across the tailgate to where he’s finally resting after a long day tending the crops. Our field meals are typically rushed, but this Saturday would be different. As he takes his time to finish eating, […]