Tantalizing Tailgate

The summer sun glares over the scorched field. As a lone bird soars overhead, I slide the iced tea pitcher across the tailgate to where he’s finally resting after a long day tending the crops. Our field meals are typically rushed, but this Saturday would be different.

As he takes his time to finish eating, I clear the serving dishes away. “Come join me, my love,” he beckons, drawing me back onto the tailgate. I’m happy to oblige and settle in to watch as the prairie sky turns from shades of blue to the lightest hues of oranges and pinks. With my head on his shoulder and his arm around my waist, I’d never felt so at one with God’s creation.

Realizing we probably have an hour until sunset, I decide this is the day to make this city-girl-turned-farm-wife’s fantasy come true. Keeping my head on his shoulder, my right hand drops to his crotch while my left draws his hand to my breast. As he takes my cue and begins to squeeze, I trace my finger up to the button of his Levi’s to get better access. He tenses at my touch and looks to the road running along the east edge of our field.

“Are you sure?” he asks, pulling my hand from where it was rubbing his briefs. “The corn isn’t very high; I’m sure we’d be seen from the road.” I silence his concerns with my mouth over his, and as our tongues dance, I straddle him. Our pelvises burn with friction through our jeans, but we dry hump, grind, and moan into each other’s mouths anyways.

He draws back, “Why don’t we load up? Then I can finish you properly at home.”

I sigh, disappointed that I couldn’t tear his focus from the gravel road. I keep my hips planted above his and begin to nuzzle and nibble his neck while I unbutton my top. The wordless response in his groin is all the confirmation I need as my shirt falls to the ground.

He takes one last look at the road before losing himself in my breasts, barely concealed in his favorite black lace bra and spilling from the top into the summer air. He runs his hands through my hair, down my neck, across my collarbone, and onto my presented rack. I grind hard against him, still straddling my cowboy on his tailgate, desperate to ride until the cows come home. His hands massage and mold my flesh, and I drop the should straps to give him full access. As his calloused fingers descend into the cups and greedily grope at my nipples I cry out, awash in pleasure.

“Hun, are you sure? I don’t know if I can stop if you keep winding me up.”

Who needs words to answer, when peeling off the bra and throwing it to the wind says everything.

I let myself slide from his lap, trailing my pert nipples along his chest, past his hips, down his legs and off the tailgate. Soon, I stand between his knees with my bare breasts soaking in the summer sun and tug at his jeans again. I long to free the erection straining against the denim, and as I lower his pants and briefs below his amazing butt, his powerful cock slaps me in the face.

“You don’t need to do this,” he weakly protests, “we have a perfectly good bed at home.” I bring his hands to my tits where they rest on his legs. “Are you sure you want to take the chance of being seen? We could…” his voice trails off as I swirl my tongue around his head and slit. “I love you” is the last moan I hear as I plunge my mouth down and engulf his member. He clutches at my breasts and holds on tight as I twirl, taunt and tease along the length of his shaft. I try desperately to bring him to climax, but my access is limited with my feet on the ground and his ass on the tailgate.

I slowly slurp my way off his cock, and gaze into the handsome face awash in the glow of the sunset. “B-, I have a favor to ask.” His eyes open at the sound of my feigned innocence. “Anything K-, after a sucking like that, anything.”

I take his hands from where they continue to fondle my chest. He looks at me inquisitively as I pull him from the tailgate to stand with me. “Are we done love? Should I get cleaned up?” I move his hands to my brunette pigtails. “What’s the favor you wanted to ask?”

As he grasps my hair, I drop to my knees. “I need to you fuck my mouth!” With that, his penis is pressed to my lips and I gulp and gag and desperately suck to bring my man pleasure. He frantically humps my face, and controls the depth as he holds my hair. Topless in a field, with my mostly-clad husband thrusting into my mouth, I’ve never felt so incredibly submissive and dominated. Yet ironically, I’ve never felt so free.

Suddenly, we hear the unmistakeable crunch of tires on gravel. B pulls me to my feet and throws me into the box of the truck. “Stay low until they pass; that show is only for me.” He tweaks my nipple, then holds a tractor part in front of his otherwise exposed erection and waits as the truck passes 50 yards away from us.

Panting, trying to catch my breath after having my throat filled by his endowment, I giggle at the thought of being caught. “What would the neighbours say if they saw me half naked in the back of your truck?” I asked. His mischievous denim eyes glinted. “What would they say if you were fully naked?” and with that, he pulled my jeans down to rest around the tops of my boots.

His eyes flashed as he pulled me to the edge of the tailgate and began to taste the early traces of himself on my tongue. The cool evening air had my nipples on high alert, and the dampness of my panties sent a chill through me as the fresh air danced past. His rough hands frantically groped at my breasts, enjoying the mounds that, until maybe today, are for his eyes only. His fingers clench into the peaks of flesh voraciously, while his thumbs tickle delicately across my nipples. I moan as he intensifies his massage and begins to grind his exposed erection against my lace-clad garden. When I feel him drag his length along my slit, a whimper slips past my lips.

“You like that, my exhibitionist girl?” We both laugh, since I had been raised as conservative as they come. If only those two shy virgins on our wedding night could see us now. I want to reply, but at that moment my delighted shriek echoes through the field as he pinches my nipples and grinds against my clit.

I’m in ecstasy, when suddenly he withdraws. Thinking another vehicle is nearing, I drop down in the truck. But instead of the crunch of gravel, what I hear is quite different. I glance past my exposed body to see my handsome hubby slowly, rhythmically, pumping his dick. “Is that why you stopped? So you could touch yourself?!” I demand.

“No, dear, I stopped so YOU could touch YOURSELF.” My mouth fell open—partly due to the sight of his raging hard erection, but mostly at his suggestion that I masturbate. “You know I can’t do that! My pleasure only comes from you! You know I’ve never tried putting my fingers… there!”

Visions of my field fucking were melting away, when he cupped my face in his hand. “I want you to experience the beauty that God created. That means the beauty in sex, and the beauty in you.” He slowly tickles a finger along the centre of my soaked panties. “If you play with your tits, I’ll make it worth your while.”

Trusting my husband, I let my hands cup my breasts. He nods in approval and begins to stroke my slit. I begin to rub, and my panties are yanked down to my ankles. I trace around my areolas, and watch in delight as my nipples extend. I purr as I lightly pass a finger over my nipples and feel the motion mirrored as his thumb traces over my clit. I’ve never experimented like this, but being naked in the field seems like the perfect time to be primal. I rub more, discovering myself, and gasp as my husband’s affirmation comes in the form of a strong fingering.  As he thrusts and twirls and massages my vagina, my experimentation intensifies, and I begin to tweak and twist and pinch my nipples.

I hear tires again, but I can’t be bothered. I continue rubbing, twisting, and tugging, pretending that the truck is parked to obstruct me and that the corn is tall enough to obscure my husband on the ground. Wait, why is my husband on the ground? I sit up to ask just in time to see him pull my legs free of my boots, jeans and panties. He is kneeling on the ground, with my now bare legs slung over his shoulders, and oh, oh, OH! His tongue is on my slit!

I twine my fingers into his golden hair to draw him closer, but he stops. “I said I’d make it worth your while IF you keep pleasing yourself.” He tantalizingly laps at my thighs, my knees, slinking away until he sees my hands return to my breasts.  My head snaps back in pleasure as he resumes his oral ministrations on my lower lips. I begin to mirror his movements—as he licks, I stroke. As he presses, I knead. As he nips, I pinch. And as he sucks my clit, I tug my nipples and howl.

“Please! Fill me! Make my fantasy come true and fuck me here on this tailgate!” While he loves to tease and make me beg, I could tell he was ravenous after coaxing me toward self discovery. He stands up with one hand pumping his dick and the other going behind my neck. Our mouths collide and I pant in anticipation. My naked body glows pink in the sunset. I lick his teeth, he sucks my tongue, and I firmly grasp his erection and pump more vigorously.

He grabs my wrist. “Not yet,” he says firmly, and uses his grip to flip me where I sit. My naked ass and pussy now glow in the sunset, and my legs dangle down from the tailgate.  My manipulated nipples sing against the cold metal of the tailgate, but all I care about is that raging cock and how to get it inside me.

“Now, please!” I beg, wrapping my legs behind his and drawing him closer. “I need to feel you. I need to be fucked by you. Make this truck shake as you drive into me!”

I feel his hands clutch my hips and his heat at my entrance. Without warm up, he plunges into me at full depth, and I can’t contain the primal, erotic moan that escapes from my throat. I clutch the spare tire in the truckbox and hang on for dear life, revelling in the hardest humping, fiercest fucking we have ever done. With every thrust, the truck suspension shifts then throws me back into his next pounding. I’m awash in sensations as my farm fantasy is fulfilled – being ravaged on the tailgate by my hunky hubby.

“Fuck – yes – more – yes – ugh – fuck – please – fuck – oh!” My cries are carried on the wind as he penetrates me from behind. His hand comes around and covers my mouth, attempting to keep our public moment in this field private for us. I ride the waves of his passion and feel myself pressing back against his nearly violent thrusts.

I feel him tense and know that he’s about to fill me. I clench his member with my walls and prepare to milk him, when suddenly he pulls out. I’m frantic to finish. “Do you want to finish in my mouth?” I ask, as I peel myself off the tailgate. “Should I jerk you off and let you finish on my chest?”

He furiously pumps his cock while shaking his head no to my offers. I join his hand as it frantically massages his penis, and he pulls me over to the tailgate. Perching himself on the metal, he lifts me up straddling him. “Your turn, cowgirl.”

That’s all the encouragement I need, and I’m descending on his member in an instant. With my feet braced in the truck and his hands guiding my hips, I throw myself down on the full length of his cock. I drag myself up his dick and rocket down again. I rub, grind, bounce, hump and shimmy to get the full friction for both of us, gasping for air every time I drop to full penetration and feeling him slice to my inner core.

His mouth finds my already tantalized breasts, and he licks, nips and suckles as I bounce wildly on his erection. Clasping my hands behind his heads, I use my arms to press my rack together and it’s a wonder he doesn’t suffocate as he submerges himself into my cleavage.

I clutch the back of his work shirt and lose myself in the sensations. His mouth and beard on my chest, his hands frantically clutching my hips, my thighs chafing against the denim still around his legs, and my pussy hungrily swallowing his enormous penis. I gasp, losing myself now to the waves of pleasure and feel his balls tense and release as he coats my insides. He humps and thrusts up to meet my hungry demands, and my clenching walls milk him. I collapse to his shoulder, spent, and look up in time to see a truck idling down the gravel road.

“B, isn’t that the same truck I hid from before?” He sneaks a glance and shrugs. “Could be any one of the half dozen that kept circling by. I didn’t think they could see us, but I do know this road has never been as busy as it was tonight.”

I can’t help but laugh as I dismount and watch him tuck his piece back into his jeans. Looks like we both had a bit of an exhibitionist streak tonight. As I marvel at how his jeans hug his ass, and contemplate how to get him out of those jeans for another round tonight, it dawns on me: he may be fully dressed, but I’m completely nude! My pigtails blow in the wind as I delicately run barefoot around the field collecting the garments that the wind had stirred.

Enjoying the show, my husband talks dirty to me in the fading light. “I love how your tits bounced in my face as you rode me.” There’s my bra, slung over the edge of the box. “You were so sexy demanding to suck me- I loved the initiative.” Found the jeans; those didn’t go too far. “I’ll always remember the sounds you made as I tongued you while you played with your nipples.” Ah-ha! My shirt. “I can’t wait to have you again, my sexy cowgirl.” Now, where are those panties?

The sun has now set, and I frantically search the ground. B follows my path, caressing my boobs through my now-found shirt and bra, tracing the line of my ass through my currently-commando jeans. I walk around and around the truck, checking downwind, all the while trying not to cave to his advances.  His touch is torturous, and I know I can’t wait to have him again. After ten minutes of hunting and caresses, I admit defeat.

Hopping in the truck to drive home for round two, I chastise him: those panties had better not resurface during harvest! As we speed off in the moonlight, his eyes glimmer in the light of the dash. He reaches into his shirt pocket, then behind my shoulders and down my top to begin fondling my right boob. There’s an unmistakable feel of damp lace in his hand.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful sexy story! We’ve made love in the outdoors/half in our SUV – with my sexy wife initiating everything by exposing her beautiful boobies and stroking them as I drove. She was pinching her nipples-much like you described. She encouraged me to love on them too so I pulled over to lick-flick- & suckle (again like you described.) Eventually, she kneeled on her seat with pants down and boobs out, and I stood on the ground right on an isolated road at a wildlife refuge. The pounding sex was incredible! (We almost got caught by some motorcyclists.) Actually, we did that twice this year. Made for some very nice memories! When we got home, we also went at it again with passion, fervor, and yes, love.

    Thank you for your sexy story because it brought back some great memories!

    By the way my conservative wife said the same thing about touching herself but has learned to do it (much like you described but also letting her fingers do the walking & stroking on her clitoris too) …and she loves how her sexy show drives me wild! (& it feels great to her too!)

    I have to add that we also made love in an Australian hotel room and in a hotel closer to home at sunset & seeing her with the alpenglow of the setting sun on her beautiful nude curves was breathtaking to me!

    Again thank you so much for your wonderful story!

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