How do you feel when your spouse tells you to cum?

Hi, MHers. How do you feel when your spouse tells you to cum—in a loving fun way, I mean.

My husband tells me it’s okay to cum on him. So while he’s inside me and I’m rubbing myself, hearing him say, “cum on me” heightens my body and mind. When he says it, it’s like I can’t prevent myself from cumming; it just happens out of nowhere, sometimes. If anything, I  cum sooner when he says it. It’s just very encouraging and hot.

I never expected to feel this away. I can easily rub myself off. Or he rubs me to orgasm and tells me it’s okay to cum, more than once even. I guess I know how he might feel when I tell him to cum inside me. It feels like my cumming turns him on even more. Sometimes when I cum he comes right after.

Does anyone feel similarly? Does it turn you on to hear your spouse encourage you or give you permission to orgasm? Does it turn you on to see your spouse cum?

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  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Good question. The “cum now” command does nothing for me. In fact, I occasionally have performance anxiety, so sometimes it ends up being a turn-off. Which is weird. I think what you described is way healthier. I definitely resonated with “Sometimes when I cum he cums right after.” YAS!! Her orgasm is the most orgasm-inducing thing that can happen to me!!

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Feeling your partner cum certainly is a pleasurable feeling that could put someone over the top. Being told to cum, or given “permission” is more a psychological event that would depend on life experiences.

    To go with that is them telling you they are about to cum. Or when you feel that they are about to cum. Do many of you use the squeeze technique to try and prevent him from cumming?

  3. Ilovemywifeforever says:

    It is a MAJOR turn-on when my wife tells me to cum inside of her. Sometimes she will tell me to cum when 30 seconds into intercourse and sometimes she will tell me several minutes into it. But I will usually cum 5 to 10 seconds after she tells me to.

  4. Tulsa says:

    It absolutely turns me on when she tells me to cum!
    When we masturbate together, and she tells me, “cum on my tits”, I only need to aim….no stroking required! (I have a thing for cumming on her nipples.) And when I cum, she usually does too. If not, I’ll help her along with a lick and a suck. That does it for her, and pretty quick too!

  5. LovingMan says:

    YES! It absolutely turns me on to have my wife tell me to come (or cum)! In our elderly and health challenges & conditions we have a rule that says “If you can, then do!”

    Melodie will encourage me to cum and start to twerk with me inside her pussy and it always triggers an orgasm. She’ll sometimes tell me to cum when we are doing tip-on-nip. (I masturbate while rubbing my tip on her nipple as she applies her vibrator to her clitoris.) In both cases (during vaginal sex or tip-on-nip,) when she cums it often triggers my orgasm!

    YES, it turns us on to see & feel each other reach climax! My wife is so beautiful when she cums! To me, she looks like a sexy woman in her 20s when she is aroused, but especially when she cums!

    With our health problems and medication side effects, sometimes reaching the top of Mt. O is a real challenge, so we are patient and encourage each other in our climb to the summit. We even say silent prayers that our spouse will be able to get to the top of the peak! That’s one of the great things about married sex: you can pray about it and during it. Plus, for us, God almost always answers those prayers with a yes!

    • Honeymooners says:

      This is beautiful. We pray too. It's a beautiful thing. God bless. Thanks for sharing. We love seeing each other come. It triggers our own too to see our spouse in pleasure.

  6. archer80ok says:

    I love it when she tells me to cum inside her. She will only do this when she is ready to end the session. Very hot and let's me know she is satisfied. I am a little more hesitant to tell her to cum. Hot because I don't want her to but I don't want to put the pressure on her.

    • Honeymooners says:

      What I love is when my wife tells me to come in her. She squeezes, holds onto me, and I can't go anywhere. It's so hot that I have no choice but to come. I don't want to, but it's the giving-in feeling for me.

      I understand pressure. Sometimes it's very hard because it feels like pressure. We communicate so sex doesn't feel like a race.

  7. SuzyQ69 says:

    I love being told to cum too SingleDreamer! Do you have someone who can send you a text or something to tell you that while you masturbate? My husband used to do that after we got engaged. He would just randomly send it to me, sometimes I would actually be masturbating and it would make me cum. Other times it would get me started.

    If you don't have someone right now, maybe this will help.

    [Insert your favorite husky sex voice] "cum single dreamer, cum hard. Oh yes, cum, cum now! Cum all over!"

  8. Mtstreetdoc says:

    I love feeling my wife cum while I am inside her. I especially enjoy her cumming while I am licking her and seeing her squirt, soaking the sheets and my face.

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