Shower Eruption

I was finishing up my shower when I heard the bathroom door open. Within seconds the shower curtain pulled slowly back, revealing my gorgeous wife, completely naked. Her fiery eyes looked me up and down as I stood half in the cascade of water from the showerhead. My heart began to race as she came closer, her eyes darting back and forth from my eyes to my cock. As she stepped into the waterfall with me, her hand squeezed my stiffening cock, already stroking me by the time her tongue was in my mouth. Pure passion raged in both of us.

Running her hands down my body, over my hard nipples and torso covered in chill bumps, she went to her knees. As her fingers followed the ridge of my hip flexor muscles to my manhood, she looked up at me and, maintaining eye contact, opened wide.

Her mouth took in the head of my cock. Then, creating a light suction, she pulled back, releasing me with a slurpy pop. My cock swung in front of her face until she devoured me, only to pull her head back again. She glided off the tip of my head with the sound of a lollipop tugged suddenly through the lips. Over and over, she sucked and released, her hands resting on my thighs, exploring the contour of my quads as she pleasured me.

“That’s so hot,” I moaned as I watched my cockhead pop out of her beautiful lips again and again. I was going crazy, looking into eyes that spoke her love of every inch of me.

Brittany always loves kissing and licking my massive veiny cock. She often drags her wet lips across my veins just to feel them bulging under my skin. Then, with one hand, she cupped my balls while flicking her tongue quickly on the underside of my cock. Extra-slick with saliva, her tongue did circles around my thick head, sending my eyes rolling. Next, starting at the base near my balls, she dragged her tongue up my shaft all the way to the head and engulfed me in her warm mouth. She knows how to drive me wild.

I grabbed her ponytail and gently thrust into her mouth, going slightly deeper than before. She responded by grabbing my butt with one hand and lightly tugging on my scrotum with the other. I thrust into her mouth again and again, the vibrations of her moans bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

Sensing my cock swelling, Brittany took control again, stroking me as she went down on me. Twisting her hand around as she jerked my cock, and sucking me as deep as she could, she had me about to go over the edge.

I grabbed her head with both hands as she bobbed on my rod. The amazing visual, accompanied by the sounds of her slurping and sucking me echoing off the shower walls, finally did me in.

Bracing myself with my hand on one shower wall and continuing to guide her head with the other, I released my voluminous load of cum into Brittany’s mouth. With each spasm, the hot liquid flowed into her until she could hold no more, and as her mouth slid off the end of my erupting cock, a rope shot up the side of her face.

With a few more pumps of her hand, Brittany drained every drop out of me. Then, swallowing what she had been holding in her mouth, she licked up the rest of my sticky load from her lips.

The rush of pleasure still very much coursing through me, I reached over to turn off the shower. Brittany grabbed my hand as soon as it left the faucet and guided it to her dripping pussy. I knew then that the night was just getting started.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Wow! VERY sexy! I guess that you (or the man in the story) is good for at least a round two. ! I’m that way. What a sexy start to a lovemaking session. Most of our fellatio takes place in the shower or in the bathroom. I have two upcoming stories about it happening in other circumstances.
    Nice job on this story! (Or should I say nice blowjob IN this story?) Oral sex with my wife can be so amazing!

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