Sherri’s Show

I had been working long hours at the shop, we were working anywhere from ten to fourteen hours a day during the week and seven hours on Saturday. This particular event happened late on Thursday night.

Sherri had showered and gone up to bed, leaving me to make sure the house was all locked up and the kids were all in bed and asleep. I took my shower and headed up the stairs to bed. When I entered the bedroom Sherri was already in bed and seemingly half asleep with only the small lamp on the nightstand near my side of the bed lit. Sherri had gotten into bed with no bra, only a loose t-shirt and panties. I could see her nipples poking up a bit and her large (about the size of a silver dollar) light brown areolas through the white fabric of her t-shirt.

As I slid under the covers next to her, I caught a glimpse of her jade green silk panties. I could see where they creased into her pussy slit, and all I could think of was how much I wanted her at that moment.

As I attempted to interest her in at least a quick screw, she made it plain that she was simply too tired for that. So, I tried to go to sleep with a hard-on, but I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying to get my throbbing cock to go down for what seemed like hours. I lay there not moving, just concentrating on relaxing.

A while later, I felt Sherri stirring. Then, after a few minutes, the activity on her side of the bed increased. I lay there pretending to sleep with my eyes as closed as I could get them and still see what was going on because the movement was becoming rhythmic. I could make out the action of her hand beneath the sheet—she was rubbing her pussy.

I couldn’t believe it. This was the woman that insisted that she never masturbates and that I not jack off. I figured she might just be scratching or something, but then she glanced in my direction to check if I was awake. As difficult as it was, I kept my breathing as normal as I could and did not stir at all. At this point, I realized that if I could manage to keep myself under control and pretend to sleep, I might get a bit of a show.

Sherri then pushed the sheet down to her waist and pulled her t-shirt up so she could gain access to her tits. She started to rub her tits in a massaging motion and to play with her nipples, pulling and tweaking them for a few minutes. Then, she did something I had never seen her do before. As she was playing with her tits, Sherri raised one of them to her mouth and started sucking her own nipple.

As much as I tried, there was no way I could get my hard cock to deflate with this show going on. As she continued to play with and suckle her tits, I could see her nipples getting stiffer and stiffer, the wetness from her mouth making them glisten in the moonlight. She then started to rub her hands up and down her sides and stomach, pausing just above her pussy mound. When they strayed down to her thighs, she rubbed the outside and front of her thighs, careful to not directly touch her panty-clad pussy.

I could hear her breathing change a bit as Sherri teased herself, her hands stroking her inner thighs. She quickly looked in my direction again, assuring herself that I was still asleep and that her secret was still safe. Then her hand slid lightly over the front of her panties. The rubbing motion became more and more rhythmic as she petted her pussy.

It was all I could do to remain still, not drool and keep my hands off my now painfully throbbing cock. I could feel the pre-cum oozing down my shaft as she lovingly caressed her pussy and traced her finger up and down the crease of her panties, teasing it more. Her quivers as she played with the front of her panties made the mattress tremble.

With her left hand, she started playing with her left tit and lifted it to her mouth, while her right hand wriggled its way under her panties to make direct contact with her hair patch. When her finger touched her clit, she telegraphed it by the hiss of her breath and the way her hips shook. She gave up on sucking on her tit as her left hand found its way down to her pussy also. She seemed to be using her left hand to keep her panties out of the way so she could gain better access to her pussy.

By now I could smell the wonderful aroma of her wet pussy, and her breathing grew more and more ragged along with her excitement. As I watched, Sherri pulled her right hand out of her panties and began to lick her fingers. Then she dipped her hand back into her panties to get more of her juices and tasted them again.

With a tiny whimper, Sherri arched her back. let go of her pussy, and slid her thumbs into either side of the waistband to pull her panties down. She moved ever-so-slowly and gently, I suppose so that she wouldn’t wake me. Folding her legs up close to her ass, she slid her panties down to her ankles, then lifted her feet, took off the panties, and tossed them on the floor. Now the wonderful smell of her wet pussy flooded my nostrils.

Next, Sherri got out of bed and went to her dresser. To my astonishment, I could make out a purple vibrator in her hand! I had no idea she had a vibrator.

At this point, I almost think she wanted me to catch her, but there was no way I was going to move to let her know I was awake and ruin my show. She pulled her pillow down a bit as she came back to the bed and removed her t-shirt. What in the world was she doing? When she climbed back in bed, she placed her feet up near my head and her hips on her pillow. I think she might have been looking at my straining cock, as there was nothing covering it as I “slept”—I always go to bed nude.

Sherri lay next to me, her pussy less than two feet from my face. Her eyes twinkled as she looked over at my dribbling cock, and her right index finger began to trace a line up and down her pussy slit. She was in the perfect position for me to see the milky white girl cum oozing out of her hole. Sherri knew how creamy her pussy was, too; she dipped her finger into her hole and brought it back to her mouth. Her labia had swelled and drooped a bit as her excitement grew. I really wanted to join her, but I didn’t dare.

Her fingers began to explore her wet cavern; she started by inserting one finger into her pussy and worked up to two, then three, fingers. Then her left hand made its way to the top of her slit and parted her labia a bit so that her right index finger could have easy access to her clit. I watched in amazement as she frantically rubbed the little clit I could see poking out a bit in the moonlight. It was so sensual and erotic in a way that I could have never imagined if I had not seen it in person.

Now Sherri reached for the vibrator and flicked its switch, and a light came on at the tip. I could plainly see that this purple vibrator was at least ten inches long and had the girth of a very large cock. Sherri traced the lighted vibrator up and down her slit, then slowly inserted the end into her sopping wet vagina and began thrusting. As she screwed herself with it, I could hear the soft sucking and sloshing noises her soggy pussy made. Her pussy lips were engorged and distended as she attempted to remain quiet while trying to cum. I could see the glowing end of the vibrator come almost all the way out of her pussy, then disappear as she pushed it back into her hole as far as she could. Sherri started to grunt softly each time she rammed the vibrator into her pussy. Her juices ran down the crack of her ass and got her pillow wet.

Sherri’s right hand moved down to her pussy and started tracing circles around her clit while she continued to fuck herself with the vibrator. I could tell she was close to cumming when her hips began to buck and quiver more rapidly. Her whole body started to quiver as she neared her peak, and as her orgasm started to take over her entire body, she gasped. She suddenly pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and applied it to her clit. It was almost silent. Her grunts and shaking got more intense; she arched her back and pushed her pussy up into the air, stiffened, then made one final grunt as she went limp. I could still see her pussy lips quivering and drooling as more cream leaked out of her lovely hole.

After a moment or two, Sherri turned her vibrator off. She reached down to her soggy pussy and gathered another taste of her own cum. Then she rolled over, grabbed some tissues, and wiped her sopping pussy. She got out of bed, placed the used tissues in the trash can, and went downstairs. I heard the shower come on…

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wow! Very hot! Made my pussy wet and I just had to touch myself. Mmmmm! Thanks for sharing and God bless. Merry Christmas and have a very happy New Year. Stay horny!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I love watching my wife’s erotic show of touching herself when she’s really aroused. Your description was excellent and some parts were very familiar inasmuch as I’ve seen my wife do the exact same particular thing. I don’t know how you'd resist grabbing her for some hot lovemaking!

  3. Bootylicious says:

    Well, that was definitely a HOT story! Soooo, she doesn't masturbate, huh? LOL I wonder why she denied it all these years and how long she's actually been flicking the bean?

    You would most definitely have to tell your wife that you saw her getting herself off and how turned on and hot you found the whole thing! If she knew you whole-heartedly approved, that it's a HUGE turn on, and that you want her to do it in front of you whenever she feels like it, you just might see a whole new side of your wife and get to share in her enjoyment. Win-win!

  4. texasman76 says:

    Loving Guy, you did an amazing job writing this. Very arousing and what a wonderful show for the wife to unknowingly put on for her husband! I have always slept naked as well. One night I was on top of the covers since it was hot. I was asleep but not for long. She started playing with my butt hair which got me rock hard. After caressing my cheek and crack hair for a while she moved to my nipples and chest hair, lightly pinching each nipple then moved down my hairy stomach to my stiff cock. She played with him for a while, and by then, I had to have more. She had gotten wet which allowed me for easier entry. My wife also shook the bed like the wife in your story, but I was facing the other direction and didn't get to see the show. Keep up the great writing. If you have saved yourself for marriage, it's totally worth it. We were both virgins when we married.

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