A Better Symbol for the Incarnation

As many Christians this time of year celebrate the Incarnation, I want to pause and reflect of the symbols we use to signify that blessed event. The Lord loving us and sending His one and only Son into the world is truly the center point of history! But are there symbols that remind us of this truth more effectively than a decorated tree or a wreath on the door?

I had to stop and think. What was the divinely chosen means by which our Savior came to earth? A woman. To be more specific, through a woman’s vagina.

He did not descend into the temple and come out through its gates in majesty and splendor. No, he was united with humanity inside a womb and emerged through the labia gate in humility and love. By doing so, He forever made it a sacred place where He is to be worshipped and glorified. The vagina is the best illustration and symbol of the Incarnation! It is truly the gate of Heaven!

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus said “the seed is the Word of God.” In John, Chapter 1, the beloved apostle wrote that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” So the best way, in my opinion, to illustrate the event in history where the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and caused the Word to become flesh is when the living seed is deposited within the vaginal temple, or if alone, the living seed bursts forth into the world.

So as Christians, let’s recapture the true meaning of the holiday. Rejoice and celebrate the glory of the gate of heaven by showing your gate of heaven to your husband without shame. And offer your intercourse as an act of worship as the seed is offered within those gates, aided by the flow of your inner anointing.

Have truly happy holidays!

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  1. Watts2 says:

    Well said.

    Did you know that some of the early Church Fathers so idolized virginity, and specifically the Virgin Mother, that they denied that a normal birth happened, and that somehow our Lord was "beamed" out of her womb and into her arms; without ever going thru the vagina. In that way no man had ever been between her legs.

    "Beam me up Scotty!"

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      Thanks. If you look closely and icons and statue of the BVM, they are vaginal in shape. Subliminal messages?
      I think they should be displayed without shame as a celebration of the incarnation. But that’s just me

  2. LovingMan says:

    Interesting thought. I think the sexual relationship between man & wife is incredibly sacred. Entering my wife’s beautiful vagina is one of my life’s greatest honors.

    I think that our sex organs are the most sacred parts of our bodies. It is one of Satan’s lies that our bodies are dirty or that our sex organs are nasty. God created our sex organs in part to provide mortal bodies for His children to come to Earth. He also wants married couples to rejoice in the experience of making love.

    Men and women should recognize the beauty of our bodies, (including the vagina and the lovely external sex organs of females) not in a vain way but in a give glory to God way.

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      I agree. There was an edit done to my post, which is the prerogative of MH. That’s fine. But I was going to say to freely display it without shame to any who would be blessed by seeing it. But I understand there are parameters to what we write.

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