“Please, please, please, f—” Part 2 (L)

This story contains strong language (L).
You can read Part 1 here.

I loll on his side of the bed, waiting for him to finish working on the computer and taking the time to recover from and reflect on the— lovemaking? Pounding? No, the fucking session we’d just had. My heart is still racing as I muse on the desperate grasp of hands-on flesh, my unhindered pleas for more, his generous compliance as he enthusiastically complied.

I open my eyelids to peak as my husband soon comes to join me in bed. With the lights off, I roll to my side and surrender the warm sheets to him. “Thanks for tonight,” I whisper as I pull the blankets up against the chill of the October air.

“Satisfied, my love?” he asks as he rolls over to gently spoon me. I’m about to respond when his hand casually rests on my breast and a guttural moan replaces my words.

I clasp my hand on top of his and wordlessly urge him to knead and grasp at the flesh and nub he finds there. Though I’d just pulled up the blankets a moment before, the heat that flashes through me is undeniable.

Feeling the need in my breast, and the pressure of my ass pushing desperately against his pelvis, he happily obliges by snaking his other arm under my head to grasp both tits. I moan with pleasure, though feeling greedy for stealing his sleep after already receiving such vigorous lovemaking within the hour. My inhibitions quickly melt away as I feel his lips on my neck, his breath in my ear, and the pressure returned below.

In the darkened room, I throw off the blanket and swing my leg over his chest. His strong hands clutch at my ass cheeks as I peel off his briefs for the second time that night and bob my head down for a taste. I hear an unrestrained sigh as I swirl my tongue around his head. Then I nibble my lips along his length before lapping at his manhood. His approval is conveyed in moans, but I know I don’t have the access I need to truly spoil my hunky hubby. I slide my knees to beside his head and drop my mouth to properly engulf his large, throbbing member. With my pelvis above his head and my ass in the air, I suck his cock deep into my throat and hum to affirm the tracings he trails around my areolas.

I tilt and lay on my side to give my hands unbridled access to his shaft and thighs. Grasping and massaging, all while sucking and swirling his thick rod, I hardly notice that he’s navigated my lace panties down to one ankle. With strong hands on my hips, he pulls my pelvis to his warm and waiting mouth. I’m above him again and feel his throbbing cock in my mouth pulse in time with his lapping tongue.

As my mouth and tongue continue to bob, taste, and engulf his nether regions, my leg climbs the wall to give his whiskered face unlimited access to my garden. I pull my sloppy mouth from his dick.

“Please…” I beg as I hump his face.  “Please… ”I moan as his tongue laps deeper and deeper bečtween my lips. “Please…” I growl as I roll off him onto my back, giving him greater access to his oral gifts. “Fuck—” I grunt as his fingers join his mouth in spoiling me.

I roll his hips and pull him above me, desperate to continue the mutual oral experience. With his knees at my head but his head at my opening, I beg, “Please, please, please fuck my mouth!” and I am rewarded with his cock pressed to my lips.  I suck and swirl as he thrusts, and I feel myself elevate as he continues his half of the 69.

My head drops off the side of the bed as I gasp for air, not sure whether the need is from the cock in my throat or the tongue in my pussy. I growl low and horny as his fingers take over, one hand massaging my lips and vagina, the other tracing to my breast. Before I can react, the shadow above me is no longer a penis but rather his handsome lusty face as he aligns himself at my entrance.

“Please,” I ask, with hands rising to caress his face. “Please,” I beg, as that face descends to my breast. “Please,” I cry, as my hands desperately grasp at his hips to pull him closer. “Plea—fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” as he obliges and sinks that well-lubed dick into me. As he gyrates and pulses into me, blasting the load he withheld from my mouth, my head lolls back off the edge of the bed, and I disappear into waves of ecstasy. I’m overcome by his strength, his generosity, his perseverance, and his passion.

I am my beloved’s, and he is mine.

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5 replies
  1. Nashoba 99 says:

    I don’t know how your computer screen didn’t burst into flames while you were writing this…Wow! It is hot, romantic, juicy, and loving. Bravo VTV! 👏👏👏

  2. LovingMan says:

    Ah the joys of round two in a lovemaking session! (or round 3 or round 4) It’s always an amazing experience when you and your beloved have just made love and then you feel the passion rising again and go for it one more time!

    This hot & uber-horny sex, like you described in this excellent story, is always so fun. Other times lovemaking will be warm and tender. Both the poundings and the more mellow sex are wonderful and God-given to married couples.

    I think you sharing your sexy stories like this is important because Satan and the world love to perpetuate the lie that marriage leads to boring sex. Yes, some marriages struggle but many of us have happy decades of both warm & tender sex AND erotic poundings. Both are lovemaking and both glorify God!

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