Is it wrong?

As you’re underneath me, I don’t want to hear your voice…

I simply don’t want to hear you, as that’ll mean–
as I thrust in and out
I feel your nightie rise, I can see
in my mind, just that much more
I crave to feel your breasts struggle
to move only because we’re pressed so hard
together, never assunder you give me
three in one
you, me and sunlight
night sonnet of rocking
deep tissue massage
so that you’ll feel my heart, your ragged breath
more roughly, you say…
your legs oblige me
the smoothness, yet powerful
feminine grasp of you
i crave for, squeeze me
as I press for the the creator
of your pleasure, only to come
out the other side
onto the white
mattress, we pound, that’ll mean–
you’ve not only orgasmed
once, twice, three times
I’m not counting,
simply carressing for that moment
when you gasp so loudly
I have no choice
but to be thankful to hear
your voice to Heaven
your clasps sweet as we collapse,
to rise in you again,
as many times as He will
allow this side of eternity

–it’s not wrong
my masculine grasp answers

…I love…I simply love to hear your gasps as you get closer to the edge of uncontrolled undefilement. This place is ours, this moment, given. Your request, listen, for me please…

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2 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I liked this poem! Gotta love that term “uncontrolled undefilement.” Made me think of Hebrews 13:4. I think that scripture reminds us that married couples are pure in their sexual love for their spouse.

    I too love to hear the gasps and sighs of my wife as we make love. She is not usually very verbal during sex but her nonverbal sounds are awesome! Her orgasms are often accompanied with her sexy husky sex voice announcing “I’m coming!” Those are my 2 favorite words!

    Yet at times she will be 100% nonverbal as she climaxes in her own little earthquake! Those gasps and sighs are excellent too.

    Thanks for the very creative poem. It reminded me of the first few years of our marriage where I’d get re-hardened after coming inside her … then we’d go at it again.

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