Quick Morning (L)

My husband’s breath quickened as I licked the tip of his penis and then the shaft. I tried to take him all in my mouth at once, but I couldn’t. Instead, I put half of him in my mouth and sucked. Through my lashes, I saw my husband’s eyes roll back. When I went down to his balls and licked them, he moaned.

I stopped and got up. I pulled his pants back up and went from the bathroom to our bedroom.

My husband came up behind me. “I like the way you suck my dick,” he whispered.

“You want to me to suck it again?” I whispered back.


“How about instead you fuck me before work,” I said. “Fuck me hard.”

My husband couldn’t wait to enter me. His erection bulged under his zipper as he watched me get on the bed and spread my legs. He didn’t even take off his pants, just pulled them down and came over to me with raging passion. I saw the precum already dripping from his penis and knew he ached to shove his dick into my wet pussy.

My husband kissed me, got on top of me, and tried to find my hole. We were still new to sex, still learning. So after a bit of fumbling around, I finally guided my husband to my sweet hole.

Oh, the look on his face. I told him to fuck me hard, and he entered me like a dog in heat. I gasped in delight as he immediately started fucking me, his hard penis pumping in and out of me. This was probably the fastest and hardest sex we’d experienced so far. My husband pounded my sweet pussy, and I moaned in delight. The fire in his eyes made me even wetter.

You like my pussy? Huh? You like fucking me hard?” I asked, and he nodded yes. “This is your pussy to fuck—and only yours.”

My words seemed to ignite him. He fucked me even harder, taking my breath away. My husband fucking me hard and fast was a new sensation for me. It felt so amazing. I couldn’t help but moan and grab hold of the covers on the bed.

“Argggg, argggg, argggg. No. No. No.” My husband grunted.

My husband didn’t even need to tell me what happened because I felt his warm cum inside me, filling me up.

“Fuck!” my husband said. He apologized and said he didn’t mean to cum so soon, but he couldn’t help it. He was upset he only lasted a few minutes and surprised that he had cum so fast.

Before I could respond, my husband took my left breast into his mouth and started licking it. When I moaned slightly, he did the same thing with the right one. Then without warning, I felt his mouth and hot warmth between my legs as he licking my pussy. He didn’t care that he just came in me and it was dripping out. I felt his tounge on my clit and let out the biggest moan ever! His tounge was like fire going through me, sening heat waves through my body. While his tounge  was on my clit, he put his finger in me.

I melted. I let out the biggest “FUCK” ever. My body didn’t know what to do but let out moans. It felt so amazing that I didn’t realize I was pulling the covers halfway off the  bed.

Then my husband switched things up; he put his tounge in my pussy and rubbed my clit with his fingers. My body squirmed around on the bed and was overloaded with pleasure. He was fucking me hard again but this time with his mouth and fingers.

After what seemed like forever and knowing he had to get to work, I told my husband to kiss me so I could taste him on me. He didn’t want to leave down there, but he slowly got up. I didn’t want him to stop either, but I needed to have our mixed juices on my lips. My husband kissed me on the mouth, and I moaned slightly.

“We taste good,” I told him.

I felt my husband’s dick between my legs and wondered how long it would take to make him hard again so I could have him cum in me once more. After work, a quick morning also became a semi-quick night.









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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved this story! So hot! I love to getting fucked hard and deep. Love to see the passion in my husband's face as he pounds my pussy. Sometimes that fire will get too hot and the session may be brief, but I know he will rise to the occasion again soon enough. Also, we both enjoy the taste of our mixed juices. Yum! Keep writing and stay horny!

    • Honeymooners says:

      Yes. I love it too. Especially when my husband holds me while he deep pounds me. It's amazing. Plus I love tasting our juices

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      I do understand. As a man I'm told that my face turns into a crazed beast ( I can't see myself..) & my eyes role back in my head..snorting like a werewolf at the point of my orgasm.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story of intense sex! In our opinion the pounding passionate sex sessions are one of the great ways to make love. The more slow and tender ways are great too! Both types of lovemaking are important to a happy marriage!

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Argg? So you role play he is a pirate!

    Tasting our own and each other’s bodily fluids can be very sexy. Going from sixty-nine to kissing can be hot. Even if you are sharing a Pirate’s cum with your husband. Lol

  4. Lori D. says:

    My husband and I love making love and we make love as often as we can. It doesn't happen very often but sometimes just after we married my husband ejaculates within a few minutes and he becomes very embarassed and very apologetic. I give Jamie a long warm kiss then tell him I will always love him as I rest his head between my breasts. I rest his head there since are both naked for a reason. The second time he understood and he pleased me with his hands, fingers, mouth, lips and tongue. My husband has given me many orgasms while he was limp. Thank God this doesn't happen very often though!

    • Tulsa says:

      I understand being quick on the draw, as it has always been a problem for me too. A wonderful thing we discovered while I pleasured my wife orally, now limp after cumming in her, was that when she then had her orgasm, I wasn't limp anymore! This always leads to us starting all over again!
      May not work for all, but it started us on multiples for both of us!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I agree! There was a period where I could make my husband cum before he wanted to simply by not lying still when he was close—and it is so hard to hold still! He always apologized, but I felt sexy and kinda powerful that my body and movements overwhelmed him with pleasure. As long as he didn't lose interest and neglect my pleasure, I was happy!

      (On the flip side, 20 or so years later, we went for five hours two nights ago before he finally came!)

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