Wife Showers

To most people, I appear shy in public, although friendly and caring. They don’t know that hidden behind the quiet exterior is a sex addict. I can’t get enough of it! Some days I cannot stop thinking about my cock. Maybe I’m not totally obsessed with it, but at least twenty times a day, I do think about my cock. I think about what it looks like, what it feels like between my legs, in my briefs or boxers. I think even more of how it feels when I get to stroke it. I have been masturbating most of my life and, for as long as I can remember, jacking off at least once every day, if not more.

Now, as a happily married guy for over 28 years, I still have to admit to enjoying some of my most intense orgasms solo. I still usually do it a minimum of four or five times a week and on good weeks, almost daily. I don’t think my wife has any problems with my masturbating, but it’s something we’ve never talked about. For several years while the kids were still at home, it was difficult to find enough privacy for a good, intense masturbation session, but it has always continued to be a wonderful part of my sex life. Nowadays, I can look forward to those times and plan more on how to have a great time with my cock!

Though I’ve never kept a true diary on my masturbatory exploits, I thought I’d reminisce a bit and share just how important masturbation has always been to me.

I arrived back in town from a one-week business trip. I had been able to catch a slightly earlier flight and get home about an hour before initially planned. After I paid the taxi driver and took my bag and briefcase inside the house, I could hear the sound of the shower coming from our bedroom upstairs. I walked on up and along the hallway, smiling the whole way, figuring I’d sneak up on my wife. Maybe I could get a little peek before announcing I was home. I had missed her tremendously the past week.

When I got to our bedroom door, I looked beyond and noticed the bathroom door was open slightly. I smiled ever broader as I knew that would make it easier to peer inside for a moment or two and watch my wife in the glass-enclosed shower stall. I laid my bag on the bed then walked toward the bathroom. When I got to the door, I slowly leaned toward the three- or four-inch opening and saw her reflection in the large mirror over the sinks.

Surprise was far from the lone response I felt at that moment. Shock made up part of my reaction, but intense amazement at seeing her stark and real better describes the emotion. There she was, leaning back against the shower wall with the hand-held shower massager right between her spread legs!

I have long wondered whether my wife masturbated, but in our twenty-eight wonderful years together, we never discussed the subject. I had not raised the question because I figured this was a very private thing for her, and she was entitled to do it or not do it as she pleased. Our sex life had been great, and I had seen no need to upset a good thing. Although I have masturbated while fantasizing about Mary Ann pleasuring herself in front of me, I never once pictured her doing herself this way.

So though I wasn’t surprised my wife was naked in the shower, I felt intensely amazed to find my wife masturbating in all her sexy glory right before my eyes!

I briefly thought of how, when I masturbated in the shower—which I do often enough—I typically felt rushed, and it wasn’t as great. But one thing I could usually do is make more noise. Although I couldn’t take my time, I did enjoy it, and my orgasms were typically filled with grunts and groans that tended to enhance the experience. Not having to worry about the noise I make is more of a turn-on. Of course, a closed door can muffle only so much noise!

As my wife got more and more into what she was doing, her movements got stronger and more obvious. Her panting grew louder, punctuated with soft little moans and sighs. Her voice was no more than a whisper, really, but in the bathroom, it seemed like she was gasping loudly with excitement.

By then, I had unzipped, dropped my pants and briefs, and was gently stroking as my wife pleasured herself unknowingly before me. I was careful, though, not to move too much. I still didn’t want to give away the fact that I was peeping. I realized that if I could see Mary Ann in the mirror, she could just as easily look up and see my reflection. If she had, she would have clearly seen I was spying on her and, if that was not bad enough, jacking off to the sight of her naked body and her secret erotic solo show.

Yes, I realized it, but I really didn’t care; I was so horny at that point.

As I stroked the hardest of hard-ons, I watched my wife lean back against the bath wall as she kept the shower massager pointed directly at her crotch, presumably continually buzzing her scrumptious clit. After about two more minutes, her face got a very concentrated look, and she started rocking back and forth. She hunched over with her mouth wide open in a big ‘O’. She stayed frozen in that position, only hunching her cute hips forward, easing her sex closer and closer to the steady spray between her legs.

Mary Ann closed her eyes, and her face radiated the growing sexual delight she was giving herself.

I shared the intimacy as my cock swelled in my hand.

Suddenly her movements changed.

Mary Ann thrust her hips forward jerkily and strong. It was as if she was stroking herself with the steady stream of water. Yet after only another minute of this obviously intense self-pleasuring, she stopped her thrusting and seemed to tense her entire body. In the next moment, her whole body lurched, and although she scrunched up her face as if to stifle a groan, it totally escaped her lips, “Unnnnnnnnnn!”

That groan grew and grew to a high-pitched cry of ecstasy.

I saw the panting rapture on my wife’s beautiful face, watching in total fascination and sexual awe as she exploded in a series of jerking pelvic raptures. I clenched my teeth and dared not move my hand too far and bump the door inches in front of me. I know Mary Ann didn’t expect me to be standing outside the door peeking through the gap, so trembling with excitement, I tried to masturbate as quietly as I could while still taking in all her lust-filled exposure.

It was all too much for me. As I watched her slick inner lips swell and part, I tensed and held my muscles tight as her throaty cries filled my ears. I slid down a bit, thrusting my hips upward, mimicking sinking my cock deep in between those wet pink lips and on deeper into my lovely wife. I stared hard at those repeated jerks of her dark, soaked crotch.

She gasped again and again as one orgasm after another overtook her. I had never elicited this kind of reaction from her before—not with my hard cock, my fingers, nor my ever-eager tongue. But instead of it making me jealous, I joined her in her ecstasy. As she writhed in orgasm, I rose on my toes and went over the edge myself. I tried my best to be silent, but as the first convulsion hit, I gave a sharp intake of breath followed by a very audible sigh.

I swear the first jet of my cum impacted the bathroom door and shook it just a little. I closed my eyes and held my breath as I kept squirting over and over and over again, feeling my cum shoot out, hearing it splash against my side of the door.

When I opened my eyes, besides being drained and satisfied, I was stunned. I looked down and saw I had squirted all over the bathroom door. But what amazed me most was the amount; it honestly looked as though I had poured about a cupful of creamy white semen down the door! I guess I had missed my beautiful wife more than I knew.

For a few more moments, I didn’t move or make a sound.

Then I heard a loud exhale and a very audible “Mmmmm,” come from the bathroom. It was Mary Ann, and she sounded so satisfied. Her climax must have been a good one.

I watched her rinse her fingers and her legs off.

That made me realize I still had some cleaning up of my own to do. I pulled my handkerchief out of my pants pocket and quickly dabbed up my mess the best I could, holding on to the door handle so that the bathroom door didn’t move and give me away.

All of a sudden, the shower shut off. I froze.

Then I stumbled back, awkwardly pulling up my briefs and pants at the same time.

I backed out of the bedroom and straightened myself up, threw my cum soaked handkerchief into the spare bathroom, and then turned back around.

I called out, “Dear, I’m home!”

I walked back into our bedroom and on into the bathroom. The look of embarrassment on my wife’s face was almost comical as she still stood there in the shower stall. Of course, she had no idea I had just watched her put on a spectacularly erotic one-woman show, but she was surely blushing.

I held out a bath towel and smiled, leering as I looked up and down her beautiful naked body, “I’m sorry I didn’t come home sooner and join you.”

Her face went beet red at that thought.

I grinned a very devilish and very knowing grin.

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38 replies
  1. Salcpl says:

    I really was aroused by your story. I have seen my wife masturbate for me many times. It is always so hot to watch her pleasure herself. It would be even more erotic under the circumstances you described so well. It’s one thing to be fooling around and watch my wife masturbate for me after she is already turned on. It’s another whole level to walk in and catch her pleasuring herself when I wasn’t involved in making her horny.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Agreed Salcpl.
      It's amazing to watch. Can't help myself . I interrupt her and suck her pussy while she is masturbating!
      Great photo on this post too!!!!

  2. RevTeas says:

    Loving Guy,
    I too am a very regular mastutbator and love to watch Bae play with her pussy. You've written this very well. I can totally visualize your wife thrusting her pussy. Against the jetting water and hear her cries as she cums. I had to start jacking off as I read. Thank you.
    – Rev Teas

  3. Waiting Hardly says:

    Truly wonderful memory to treasure! I love watching others masturbate and don’t consider it porn at all. Rather than making me lust after them, it just reminds me to enjoy my own body as a gift from my Creator. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tulsa says:

    As I have said before, not a lot of hotter things than catching your wife masturbating! Mutual masturbation is without a doubt hot, but walking in and getting too watch, her not knowing you are there, is indescribably hot!
    Great story!

  5. LovingMan says:

    Wow! Great story! I love watching my wife with one of her vibrators when we make love! When she’s really hot she’s been known to stroke her ladyparts with alternating hands or use two fingers to take a tender walk on her clitoris! (Lets her fingers do the walking!) She’ll use her free hand to pinch her big beautiful nipples. That’s awesome to watch too! I pump my erection frequently as she buzzes her clitoris. And it’s always fun to see her stroking herself or buzzing herself when I come into the bedroom because she usually takes the first shower on lovemaking mornings. I’ve even seen her wired in the shower… but unlike your story I was in there with her!

    • SuzyQ69 says:

      I'm guessing she's like me, landing strip! And yes, would love if MH relaxed a bit and let a tiny bit more show. I've been a reader for years and finally got an account! There are some great thinly clad members in some pictures I would love a better look at! Lol

  6. Bootylicious says:

    Second Marge: "Watching is indeed a pleasure."

    For sure! Ladies, do all of you get turned on watching your husband jerk off? (I have a girlfriend who doesn't like watching her man play with himself at all.)

    • SecondMarge says:

      I have had my issues with masturbation growing up and being taught it was wrong. My husband tried to help me by giving me an “educational “ DVD of different women pleasing themselves. When I got turned on watching them I felt my body betrayed me. It still is one of my favorite things to watch, now without guilt. Yes I enjoyed watching my husband and some videos of men he shared with me. Then my guilt returned when I accidentally walked in on my son. Yes, I do enjoy watching men and or women masturbating. I can’t imagine a healthy sexual person would not.

    • SuzyQ69 says:

      Me too! We have beautiful parts and we play them like a finely tuned classical instrument, resulting in a crescendo that any composer is hard pressed to mimic.

  7. Bootylicious says:

    Curious if anyone else on MH has been caught masturbating? Did you stop abruptly or were you at the point of no return and just kept going? I wonder why it is that we get so embarrassed about being caught naked, or having sex, or masturbating? I mean, it's as normal as brushing your teeth, right? We all do it, so it really shouldn't be as big of a deal as we make it, should it? At least nothing to be mortified about. Full disclosure: it's always been a fantasy of mine to catch someone else (male or female) pleasuring themselves and they're enjoying themselves too much to stop (we all know those uninhibited feelings, right?) and just keep going to the finish. Pretty hot, if I do say so myself…;-)

    • Ben G. says:

      Hey Bootylicous,
      I got caught masturbating by my Aunt ( father's sister) when I was a teenager. I stopped immediately and she lectured me on how doing such a thing was dirty and wrong. She told me that only homosexuals do such a thing. She said she was going to tell my father. If she did he never said anything.
      I didn't jerk off for the longest. Then one night I gave in once I found out it was normal. Have been doing it ever since.

    • SecondMarge says:

      It’s probably tight living quarters but it seems my son inherited my father's lack of the need for privacy. I did learn how much bigger a cock could be when hard. My mother would have freaked out if she had known I saw him.

      I usually have my eyes closed but once opened them just in time to see my son watching me. Too late to stop. The conversation after was almost as uncomfortable. My nipples hard pressing against the thin material of my top and his boxers bulging and threatening to open for an escape before I delayed the talk until later. Good thing I’m not Catholic; I would have been Hail Mary and Our Fathering all night.

    • Loving Guy says:

      I have experienced both.

      One time I was staying at my buddy's place in high school, and I was going for a drink of water at night. My buddy's dad was out of town for work. I heard some moaning from the direction of my buddy's parents room. The door was open slightly. I noticed that my buddy's mom was talking dirty on the phone and saying her husband's name. Then I realized that my buddy's parents were having phone sex. My buddy's mom was wearing stockings and heels. Her nipples were really hard. Her pussy was hairy. Her other hand was between her legs. I went back to my bedroom as quickly and quietly as possible. I had to jerk off. I took some tissues from the bedroom kleenex box and went to town. It was the only time that I have seen or heard a woman masterbate in person.

      One time, I was jerking off and got caught by one of my mom's friends who was coming by hoping for a chat with my mom. I was jerking off with the window open and blinds open. When I had to stop to answer the door, my mom's friend admitted that she accidentally saw me stroking my cock. I apologized, and she completely understood. In fact, she said that her husband does it too. Furthermore, she said that now she could hardly wait until her husband got home to have sex with him. Not only did I have some fun, but my mom's friend and her husband had a good time as a result. Two issues resolved for the price one!

      Funny thing is that it was the same lady both times!

  8. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Great fantasy, Loving Guy! I think it's cool how you characterized your someday-wife so intricately without focusing solely on her physical attributes. It makes me wonder if this version of you, in the fantasy, would maintain the illusion of ignorance or would open up later that you had seen, enjoyed, and approve of her masturbation. I know the "catching" is a big turn-on for you and many others, but it can also be fun to put on a show when you *expect* to be caught and know that it will be appreciated. After nearly 30 years, I expect you'll know each other well enough to have that conversation!

    I also found it interesting how you conveyed your sex drive. That your thoughts turn to your cock and masturbation and not to humping every woman in sight makes you seem less a "sex addict" and more of just a high-drive person. I liked and related to that, as probably most on MH can.

  9. Hot Tamale says:

    Ooooo, I second Booty's request! Would love to read about others getting caught masturbating…especially if you didn't care and just kept going…or if you were too close to cumming to stop and had to keep going! Keep em coming/cumming! Hope you don't think me odd, but I always find "caught stories" hot, for some reason…

    Perhaps, I could even add for the MH women, the "strangest place you masturbated because you were just too horny to wait and had to cum right there and then!"

    • SecondMarge says:

      I both love and dread that moment of no return. It would indeed make for an interesting story line. That exceptional pleasure when your body prevents you from stopping even though continuing is wrong and very naughty.

  10. Megantxmom says:

    Oh my yes! I love the photo. And the story. Both got me suuuuper wet and wanting some attention from my own fingers. Might have to send hubby to the park w/ the kiddos so I can have some “mommy time.”

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