Ron and Anne 8.0: an Afternoon at the Farm

Anne’s grandmother moved to the city and gifted her farmstead to Anne’s parents. They asked Anne and Ron to clean things up after the move as a favor. The couple arrived at mid-morning, and Ron went out to straighten the barn while Anne stayed inside to take care of the house. It wasn’t in bad shape; by 11:30, she was done. She fixed sandwiches from the supplies they’d brought, and at noon, they broke for lunch. Then Ron went back to finish the barn, but Anne had nothing left to do that afternoon.

The warm day and lunch, combined with the fact that it was early in her first pregnancy, made Anne drowsy. She decided to take a nap but left the bedroom door partially open in hopes that Ron would finish in time to join her. She liked the idea of him napping next to her. Although they were married, it felt a bit naughty to imagine being alone together here at her grandmother’s house. She tried to sleep, but those risqué thoughts kept coming unbidden: they were totally alone and would have nothing to do once the barn was finished.

Lazing on her stomach, Anne heard the back door open and pretended to be asleep. Ron pushed the bedroom door further open, came in, and sat on the edge of the bed. He brought with him the scents of hay and sweat—a good smell, a man’s smell. He sat there for a few minutes, then took her bare foot and began massaging it. It was like he had flipped a switch; her entire body relaxed. Ron had never rubbed her feet like that before. She nearly went to sleep for real.

Ron massaged each foot, then up to the backs of her calves. Slowly, his hands moved from her calves to the back of each thigh. He slipped his hands under the legs of her shorts and panties and started kneading her cheeks. Anne regretted his pulling his hands back out of her shorts to start on her back. When he reached the string of her halter top, he untied the knot and finished massaging her back. At her neck, he undid that knot also.

Anne felt a twinge of tension. It was obvious where this was going. But it was her grandmother’s house, after all. Despite a moment’s ambivalence, Anne realized she enjoyed the mischievousness of their messing around behind everyone’s back.

Ron massaged down her back until he reached the top of her shorts again, then stopped. He was waiting for her.

Anne turned onto her back, leaving the halter top on the bed and her boobs utterly exposed. Of course, Ron had seen them before, but there was a difference between the privacy of their home and seeing them bare in bright afternoon sunshine at her grandmother’s farm.

For a few moments, Ron just sat there looking. His gaze could only be described as total admiration. Without hesitation, he reached out to hold one of her teats. They were swollen and sensitive with the new pregnancy, but he slowly and gently massaged it as if it were a fragile egg that might break if roughly handled. He smiled in simple delight as the nipple became erect in his palm. Then, he looked down at her shorts and slid his hand to the waistband. He looked back at her, almost asking permission.

It was hard for Anne not to smile. Ron knew it was okay to go on, but it was sweet of him to check. After all, they were not at home. She raised her bottom to show her approval.

Catching the elastic waist of the shorts, Ron pulled them down and off her feet. Without her shorts and top, Anne was naked except for her panties, and they didn’t hide much. They were white and thin enough that he could see her bush of curly brown hair through them.

He slipped his thumbs in the legs of the panties and started pulling them down. Unlike the shorts, he did it slowly. It felt terribly wicked as he first exposed Anne’s pubic hair, then her feminine lips and vagina. He pulled the panties partway down her legs, then stopped.

Anne lay there, realizing that she felt more naked—more wonderfully naked—with her panties pulled down her thighs than she would have if he’d taken them off.

Ron remained still, just looking at her pussy. Then ran his fingers through her pubic hair, lightly tracing the curls covering her outer lips as if using his fingers as a feather. He continued down her thighs to the tops of her panties and back up to her pubic hair, being careful not to touch her inner lips. He then drew his finger back down her thighs to catch the waistband of her panties before sliding them completely off.

Anne couldn’t help herself. She drew up her legs, let her knees fall wide apart, and felt her vagina open as her swollen inner pussy lips separated. Ron was welcome to see anything he wanted. She lay there with her eyes closed, taking pleasure in knowing he was looking.

His fingers gently combed through her pussy hair again until he touched her inner lips. At her quick intake of breath, he knew that was what she wanted. He began to slide his finger down her slit until he touched the opening of her vagina—her very wet vagina if her panties had been any indication.

On their wedding night, Anne had been pleased that she was the one who had to teach Ron about how a woman’s body worked—that in initiating sex, a wonderful, magical spot at the top of her female lips was far more important than her vagina. He had been an apt pupil.

Ron slid his fingers back up her lips until they touched just the right place. It became erect against his fingers. He continued to gently caress her lips and fondle her clitoris. He could feel the intensity of her reaction to his touch build until the dam burst, and the pulsations began. He continued the massage as her entire pussy contracted over and over again.

After a dozen or so contractions, her clitoris became too sensitive. She caught Ron’s hand and held it.

He let go of her clitoris and stood up. Quickly undressing, he displayed an erection that was more than ready. On his knees between her legs, he lowered himself on top of her, his chest just touching her nipples.

Anne reached between her legs and guided his manhood into her vagina. She then wrapped her legs around him and, with her heels against his buttocks, pulled him deep inside. Ron slowly moved back and forth, and as Anne’s vagina muscles tightened around him, he came with a suppressed groan that Anne found wonderfully satisfying.

Ron stayed there for a moment, supporting himself above her, then rolled onto his side facing her. His spent erection fell into her hand, so Anne held it, and Ron reached across her and held a teat. Holding each other like that, they drifted off for an afternoon nap.

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3 replies
  1. Lori D. says:

    What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the sun shining and the smell of fresh country air. It's also nice that your husband knows what you yearn for without you leaving too many hints. My husband Jamie and I are the same. Neither of us has ever said no to the other. Neither of us has ever said things like, "Not tonight, I have a headache, or "I'm tired." God Bless both of you.

  2. LovingMan says:

    There is something naughty and surprisingly intense about making love at a relative’s house when no one but you and your beloved are there. Been there – done that!

    This story is a beautiful example of how wonderful married sex can be! Thanks for writing it and sharing it.

    We have found that some of our most intense and highly erotic sex sessions involve massage. We even bought a portable massage table that folds up. We highly recommend getting a massage table… however, make sure it is a sturdy one and can support the weight of two married lovers!

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