Wife Taken Again (A)

I lie spooning my wife after I’ve taken her. My cock swells hard, nestled between her sexy asscheeks, and I can feel the heat of her pussy, cum still leaking out of it toward me and creating a slick runway for me. She holds my hands against her large breasts, and I can’t fight the urge to roll and pinch her hard nipples. Though I can tell she’s drifting off, she still lets out a few moans and wiggles her ass against my cock, causing the head to press firmly against her asshole.

For years, my wife despised the idea of anal sex; but lately, she’s relaxed her stance a bit and come to enjoy anal play. She likes it when my fingers lightly rub lube or cum around her sphincter or when I lick from her pussy to her asshole. She’s even cum a few times when I’ve pressed my tongue against her tight little hole, opening her ever so slightly.

As she continues wiggling her bottom against my cockhead, I push forward and feel her asshole stretch a bit. She moans again but stops moving. My cock feels like it will explode any second. My heart drums, and I can feel hers pounding too. Her hand squeezes mine harder into her breast, and I hear her say softly, “Take me; I want you to have all of me.”

Though her words take me by surprise, only a second elapses before I begin to gradually push forward, my cock opening her asshole ever so slowly. She moans and shakes as the tight orifice allows my cock entry; then, I feel it close tightly around the corona.

I pause and groan, fighting the urge to fill her asshole with my cum. Her convulsions and moans signal her impending orgasm, and I feel her hot nectar run onto my shaft, coating it. After my urge to cum passes and her orgasm subsides, her hand slides back over my hip, doing its best to grab my ass and urge me inside her.

In her ear, I ask, “Do you want me to take your ass?”

“MMMMMM, yes,” she moans. And with that, I slowly push deeper into her, making her shake and cry out.

I know I’m stretching her a lot, so I stop and let her adjust to having half my cock inside. But she doesn’t want me to hold still. She starts rocking back and forth, sliding a little of my cock in and out of her.

I whisper again, “Mmmmm, work that ass on my cock. Get it ready to take all of it.” She tries to push back and take it all in, but I grab her hip and squeeze, holding her firmly. “Not so fast…”

“Give it to me,” she begs.

“Give you what, baby?”

Softly, my proper, sexy wife says, “Cock. Please shove your cock in me. Take me, p-p-p-please take me. Take my ass.”

Hearing her talk dirty always excites me more, and I can’t hold back. I pull her towards me as I press the rest of my cock into her. We both moan loudly. Her sexy body quivers, her breaths quick and short. I know it must hurt, and I love that she desired to give us both this experience.

I kiss her neck and whisper, “I love you, baby.”

Her eye is damp when she turns her head, but she smiles and kisses me. “I love you, too,” she echos, and don’t I know it! She grabs my hand and slides it down to her soft, soaked pussy, guiding my fingers around. Moaning, she kisses me harder and wiggles, rocking back and forth on my cock. Her fingers take mine with them inside her pussy, four between the two of us pushing against her rear wall so we can feel my cock sliding in and out of her ass.

“MMMMmmmmmm, sooo good, baby. God, what does this man do to me?” She starts thrusting onto my cock and our fingers harder and faster. “Ooooohhhh, yes!” Her body shakes, and I feel her pussy pulsing around our fingers and her ass squeezing my cock. Her body trembles, then relaxes, her nectar flowing like a river out of her pussy.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” I moan.

“Cum, baby. Mmmmmm. Cum all over me.”

What? Did I just hear her right? Cumming on her has always been a big no-no, something she associated with prostitution.

“Please, baby, cover me with your cum.”  I pull out of her ass, and she rolls onto her back. I quickly straddle her thighs, my balls resting against her pussy. “Give it to me, baby.”

I grab my cock, pumping it hard and fast as I rise up on my knees and take her hair,  lifting her head so she can watch.

She grins, opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue. “Ooooohhh, yyesssss!”

I’m seeing her like never before; she’s given me all of herself. Her eyes lock onto mine, and that’s all I can take. My hot cum shoots out, splashing from her forehead down into her mouth for the first time ever. She quickly drinks my cum and opens her mouth again, her smile telling me she enjoyed her first taste. The next few blasts paint her face, mouth, breasts, and belly.

Knowing I have at least one more in me, I squeeze the base of my cock and lean forward, placing the head of my cock on her tongue. My wife moans, and I release my grip, and two short jets shoot into her mouth.

She closes her lips around my cockhead and sucks hard. I shudder as she sucks the last of my cum and swallows it all down.

“OOOooohhhhh, yesssss,” I sigh and fall over once she releases my cock. I roll on my back, trying to wrap my head around what happened tonight.

My wife rolls over and kisses me passionately, then lays her head on my chest. Her hand slides over my cock and balls, softly cupping them. “Good night, my love. Sweet dreams,” she says.

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6 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Excellent and hot story! I was pretty skittish about anal sex at first but my wife loves it and over time I've learned to really enjoy it as well. She says it feels so good. A few months ago, we got some anal plugs and we now use those almost every time we have sex (on her, of course–not me) unless it's anal sex. She LOVES her anal plugs.

    On your wife previously not liking you cummimg on her because she associates that with prostitution, it's funny but my wife likes to be called a slut, a whore, my bitch, etc. If I cum on her, including her face, she loves it. Anyway, excellent way to finish things off with your wife!

  2. Lori D. says:

    My husband is also hard and horny when he wakes up in the morning. We usually fall asleep with me facing my nightstand and Jamie's chest is pressed into my back, his arm resting on my side his hand on my tummy. We also usually wake up this way… spooning. Some mornings I'm awake but pretend to sleep to see what he will try or what he will do because his erection is always pressed against my bum. Morning sex is always wonderful and a super way to start the day by expressing physically your love for your spouse.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    I loved being held in spoon position by my second husband. His hands around me caressing my very average breasts. He loved them and never made me feel he wanted them to be bigger. Took me some time to accept his hard cock against my ass as sexy. But I would try pleasing him in any way. He was more interested in making me happy and satisfying my needs.

  4. TLC2383 says:

    What an amazing time you two had! First time having anal sex and first time giving a facial, wonderful memories were created there. I'll never forget the first time I gave my wife a facial; now it's a regular part of our sex life. Still hoping she opens up to the idea of anal sex though. Great story!

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