Hey, Babe, It’s the Weekend… (A)

It’s 4:45 on a Friday afternoon, and I’m at my desk gathering up my things to head home after a long, difficult work week. My phone whistles, announcing the arrival of a text, and I take a glance. I see it’s from my wife: “Hey, babe, it’s the weekend. See you soon…” followed by three hearts. For a split second, I feel the text hints at something extra-special waiting for me at home tonight, but I quickly dismiss it as wishful thinking.

I pull into our drive ten minutes later as darkness descends on this cold December evening. The porch lights are on, but the rest of the house stands dark, except for a warm glow behind our bedroom windows. My heart skips a beat, but again I push away the notion that she is up to something.

I walk into the house, hang my coat, and deposit my keys in the tray. I don’t see or hear her anywhere. “Babe?” I call out. Nothing. I quickly stash my computer in its weekend home and enter the kitchen. There’s a single candle lit on the counter, and a note lies beside it. It reads: “Hey Babe–It’s the weekend! I’m in the bedroom.” This time, the evidence is undeniable, and I smile. I feel my cock swell as I take the few steps toward the bedroom door.

I’m greeted by a room full of candles casting their flickering yellow light over my wife’s delicious frame. I catch her sly grin as I take in her lovely skin, covered by only a tiny black thong. She says for the third time, “Hey, babe. It’s the weekend,” followed by a question filled with fun anticipation: “How about we get it started the right way?”

Let me pause the story and tell you about my most beautiful and sensual wife. She’s very sweet and kind, but also fabulously naughty. While she’s 49, she has the body of a fit 25-year-old. As an avid runner, her legs are wonderfully toned, and her slim tummy and long trim waist rise to meet her petite but perfectly shaped breasts. Her tiny ass is rounded in all the right places, making it easily my most savored attribute of her nearly perfect form. Not only is her body amazing to look at, it contains a very healthy sexual appetite, allowing me to relish it with adventurous lovemaking several times every week. Tonight, however, marks four days since our last time together, longer than usual, and my heightened arousal confirms it.

The obvious bulge in my work pants shows I’m ready to go, but she announces with sweet but firm authority, “Tonight, I’m going to cum three times, and you can only watch, not touch, on the first one.” Only then do I see the chair she has strategically placed at the foot of our bed.

I obediently take my seat. I can tell that my wife is already hot, undoubtedly having enjoyed warming herself up since her text as I drove the few miles home from work. She dips her hand into our jar of melted coconut oil and spreads it across her stomach, breasts, neck, pussy, and slender, muscular legs. With her right hand, she reaches for her thick black vibrator, presses the power button, and places it gently on her still thong-covered clit. Her left hand strokes her stomach and breasts, then she pauses at her erect nipples, her fingers hovering there and providing each a soft squeeze.

She is beginning to squirm now and looks as if she has mostly forgotten I’m there. She hadn’t masturbated much earlier in life, if at all. But knowing I adore watching her touch herself, she has recently begun exploring and seems to have taken a rather strong liking to it, both with and without me around.

Now, she becomes much more intentional with the vibrator, increasing the pressure and quickening the pace on her clit. She reaches down with her other hand, raises her lovely ass, and wriggles off her tiny and now slightly dampened thong. I take in her freshly shaven and perfectly smooth pussy and its swollen opening. She again slides the toy down and inserts it several inches into her waiting warm wet slit. She closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and her throat lets out a slight whimper. The thrusting quickens, as does her breath.

She dips her left hand into the oil again and works it down her neck, nipples, upper thigh, then drops further down to her beautiful waiting ass. Eventually, her middle finger finds her tightly puckered asshole and begins to circle the rim. As it moistens, it loosens and opens slightly, and she relaxes back, intensely savoring the added sensation.

She’s getting closer now, I know; I’ve seen the signs a thousand times. Her chest heaves, her head moves side to side, and her eyes close. Her knees draw up slightly, her toes curl, and her body holds still before she shudders in ecstasy. Both hands involuntarily stiffen now as they finish their work on each of her holes. It’s a long one, lasting what feels like a minute. Her legs then relax and fall wide as she withdraws the toy and finger from their two pleasure spots. She takes a deep breath and says, “One down, two to go. But now, you get to join me.”

My khakis now display a dark pre-cum wet spot as my stiff cock yearns for freedom. My wife flips on her belly and turns sideways on the bed, facing the edge. She instructs me to remove my clothes except for my underwear. I gladly comply. As I walk toward the side of the bed, she stares at my risen cock making a tent of my briefs. With a breathy voice, she demands, “I need that hard dick of yours in my mouth right now.”

We work together to remove the final piece of clothing that separates her from what she so badly desires. My cock now stands at full attention, inches from her face. The head is deep purple, and small veins marble the shaft. Her oh-so-beautiful brown eyes look up and lock with mine as she gently kisses the tip.

As she withdraws, a thin line of my pre-cum momentarily connects my cock and her slightly open mouth before it snaps. She licks the remaining dab of my juice from her lip and leans in, fully engulfing my cock to its base. Her tongue circles my shaft, and she pumps it with great skill as she has so many times. Her hands come forward and gently fondle my hanging balls while her tongue slides up and down the underside of my manhood. Then, her head drops and tilts to kiss and gently suck my balls and sack.

She takes me deep again and lets out a little gag as I hit the back of her throat. I begin to thrust in and out and let her know how much I love fucking her mouth, and she groans. She reaches between her legs and wets her fingers with cream from her hot cunt, then her fingers slide behind my balls, and she lightly strokes my perineum and asshole with her slippery fingertips.

I’m in heaven. She senses I’m close and pulls away, reminding me with a grin that she has two more to go before it’s my turn. She slides off the bed, never releasing my cock from her grip as she does, then bends over the bed and presents a view of her luscious backside that ignites my animalistic passions even more.

“Now it’s your turn to lick,” she announces.

I drop to my knees, pausing to relish the sight of her two beautiful holes before I dive in. The warmth and sweetness of her pussy utterly intoxicate me, and my mouth gets to work, French kissing her pussy lips as it would her lovely mouth.

I hear the vibrator spark to life and feel her adjust herself slightly to apply it to her still hungry clit. Her moaning is beyond delightful to hear. I think to myself, as I always do, that I could do this all night.

She then asks me to do something we have never done. “I thought you might like to lick my ass tonight.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, and she smiles and assures me she is.

So, I slide my tongue a few inches north of her wonderful pussy to find her still-relaxed asshole. I gently circle the rim with the very tip of my tongue, feeling every contour and ripple for the first time. I dip my tongue slightly in and out of her, then lick all over and around her beautiful anus. My cock reacts strongly, getting even harder, and I feel more pre-cum drip from its tip. Her gasping, moaning, and writhing let me know she is enjoying it too.

I love and long to explore every inch of my wife’s sensual body, and I’ve dreamed of licking her here for a very long time. But my previous fantasies are no match for the real thing. After three minutes of glorious anal play, raspy moans erupt from her throat.

“Oh, yes, that feels so good. Yes, babe, yes. Keep going, keep going, don’t stop. You’re making me cum. I’m cuummming; I’m cummmming.” Once again, she stiffens, writhing, shuddering, and finally collapsing. She removes the vibrator, and I take it as my cue to remove my tongue from her amazing ass. “Two down, one to go,” she says with a relaxed smile her, eyes not yet fully focused.

She’s still in charge and directs me to lie on my back up on the bed. I once again obey, and within seconds, she straddles me and buries my still ultrahard cock into her wide-open cunt.

“Finally,” she groans, “I’ve wanted you in me all day.” She sits up straight as she rides me, rocking her hips vigorously and rhythmically back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. She moistens her fingers with more oil and brings them to her perky tits. Her nipples immediately respond and stand at attention as she circles them again and again. I love seeing her nipples grow hard and proud.

Her eyes are closed, and her mouth is open as she leans forward, pressing her clit forcefully into my pubic bone. Her pace quickens; she is still tremendously aroused from the last orgasm, and the third one is coming fast.

“I love riding and fucking your big hard cock,” she almost screams as the next wave hits her body. She loves all her orgasms, but I know she loves those brought on by the work of my hardened cock most of all. She pumps her hips almost violently, pulling every last ounce of pleasure from me that she possibly can. At that moment, I’m lost in awe and gratitude, and my heart is simply full of love and desire for my most amazing wife.

After her final release, she pulls me from my thoughts when she says, “We’re not done here yet, are we? I’ve had my three. Now it’s your turn.”

She knows my deep love for her amazing ass, and without my asking, resumes her position standing and bent over the side of the bed. Then, she reaches behind her, grabs, and gracefully guides my hungry cock into her waiting and very wet pussy.

I slide myself in and up and up, feeling the tight walls of her vagina swallow me whole. Once again taking in her shapely behind, slim waist, and lovely back with her arms splayed above her head, I gradually increase my intensity and speed. I press as hard as I can so the underside of my shaft receives as much pressure as possible, telling myself there is absolutely nothing like this feeling. I thrust and thrust and thrust, then grab her hips and freeze at the deepest point as my cock explodes, and cum pumps out in three strong ropes.

She moans with delight at my cumming with pleasure that seems to match my own. I collapse onto her back and enjoy the sensations as our sweaty skin meets. We exhale simultaneously, silently enjoying the feeling of connection as we rest here like this for some time. Only then does she lift and slightly turn her head, smile, and quietly whisper:

“Hey, babe, it’s the weekend…”

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7 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Awesomely hot story! You set the bar high for your first story. It is amazing when our wives take charge like that. There is really something about those brown-eyed girls, right. I fell deep into the soulful pools of my wife’s very quickly after meeting her.
    Please keep writing.

    • SoInLove7071 says:

      Thanks for your words of encouragement on the story, it was fun writing it,. Surprised my wife with my stealth post last night ;). I’m grateful everyday for the life companion God has blessed me with. When we keep working through the hard stuff we usually get to the good stuff, we’ve been there for quite awhile and it’s a wonderful place to be.

      Thanks again!

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Very hot story. Nice to read an ass described as small and tight in an era of the huge ass being popular. I recall the first surprise and pleasure of my husbands tongue moving to my back door. My naive life had not considered that possibility. But my body responded to the new pleasure. Not as great as his tongue on my pussy but a distinct shock wave through my body. Making me want his cock. For us, sucking him was more a special treat than regular practice. But that night he would cum in my mouth with my finger in his ass returning the pleasure.

  3. HappyHubby says:

    One of the best, most well written stories I've read on mh in a long time imo. For me you ticked all boxes. Great job and hope to read many more submissions from you.

  4. Bootylicious says:

    "I recall the first surprise and pleasure of my husbands tongue moving to my back door. My naive life had not considered that possibility. But my body responded to the new pleasure."

    So, SecondMarge, you've experienced analingus (rimming) before and you found it pleasureable. Glad to hear it! You should have posted on my recent discussion post on the topic. [ https://marriageheat.com/2022/01/17/analingus/ ] If you do, please tell us there: after your hubby did it once and you experienced a new sensation, did he do it regularly? Can a woman orgasm from having her ass licked? I know there are a lot of couples on MH that enjoy anal sex. I've always assumed (perhaps wrongly) that some tongue action would be included in that (since fingers and toys are often used in addition to cock). Hope to read more over there from other women who really enjoy a good rim job! (and what it feels like) C'mon ladies, don't be shy! haha

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