The Night

Hey all, thanks for reading! This is my first attempt at a piece of erotic fiction; I hope y’all like it! It’s a fantasy of what I hope my wedding night would be like, if I ever get one. Never done this before, so please let me know what you think of it; I am particularly interested to know if the events described below are realistic and believable. Thanks!

I took a deep breath and tried to calm the palpitations that were pounding through my veins. I was standing on the edge of a mountain, nothing but vast open space around me for miles. The height wasn’t helping me relax, and for the hundredth time, I silently asked myself why on earth I had wanted to get married on a mountain?

Then I saw her, veiled and gowned in white, gracefully descending the stairs towards me…and the world was made anew.

Okay, let me back up a bit and start at the beginning.

My name is Josh, and I am…well, let’s just say I’m an average guy, reasonably good-looking, and very solidly walking a middle path through life—which is as much as to say I haven’t got a lot of money, but I am not hurting either, and I’m certainly no heartthrob, but I ain’t ugly. I’m the kind of guy that likes to be in the middle of things without being the guy out in front of everything.

Now that that is comfortably out of the way, let me present the real reason I wrote all this down, and the reason 90% of you are reading it: my wife.

Odd, how small a word that is: wife. And yet, it holds so much meaning…

She’s my lover.

My companion.

My homemaker and helpmate.

My everlasting.

My forever and ever, amen.

Not to belabor a dead cliche here, but she is also the kindest, warmest, sweetest, prettiest, and funniest woman in the whole world to me. I’ve never known anyone like her, and to be honest, I have no idea why she would want to share the world with me…but I sure ain’t complaining.

We met a couple of years ago, courtesy of some mutual friends at a religious convention we both happened to be attending. She was dating a guy she had known for years and expected they would marry, but from the moment I first saw her… well, let me just tell you about what happened.

I was travelling with a group of friends and family, and we had come from a few states away to attend this convention, a weekend-long affair. We had gotten a late start, so it was a couple of hours into the meetings that we finally arrived at the event center. But that turned out to be the best thing that had happened to me up to that time because every couple hours, they would have a short bit of live music as an intermission while everybody got up and stretched their legs.

So right as we were coming in the darkened back of the conference room, the music was starting on a bright stage at the front.

And there, standing alone in the brilliance of the floodlights, was Sara.

I didn’t know her; I had never seen her before, and if she hadn’t been there at that moment, I probably never would have. But there she was, standing tall in a flowing black evening gown, a well-burnished violin tucked under her chin. Her eyes shone, and her bow moved gracefully across the strings. The music that she coaxed from that violin… I have never heard anything so beautiful in all my life.

To be honest, I had never really been into music that much; I’m more of a writer and artist than a musician. I’ve certainly never been too keen on the violin.

But that day, as those trembling chords wafted enticingly and poignantly across the room, I stood transfixed. The music swayed and danced slowly all around me, and onstage, Sara swayed with it, her eyes now shut and utter peace upon her brow. I cannot tell you how long the piece lasted, but I stood there for a thousand years, like Beren when he first saw Luthien, and I knew.

I knew I had laid eyes upon the one, the only one.

And then, as the music came to an end and the spell was broken, my fledgling hope was dashed upon the rocks. No sooner had the crowd begun to applaud than a tall handsome guy sprang up onto the stage and caught her in his arms, laughing and swinging her around in a circle. I can still hear the silver tinkle of her laughter, surprised and delighted, and see the radiant smile on her face… and then all at once, he was down on one knee before her. She had clapped both hands to her mouth, and the crowd was going wild as he presented her with a ring.

Have you ever had a dream about something wonderful that you want with all your heart, and it is just about to happen, and you cannot possibly wait one more second… and then you wake up? And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get back to sleep? Well, that’s what happened to me. I felt strangely hollow, like a part of me I didn’t even know existed had suddenly been taken away from me.

The remainder of that weekend was, well, a bit strange. I met her and was introduced, we shared some laughs and stories, and I found out she actually lived in the same town that I did. Ironic, no, traveling all that way to find what was at home the whole time? I found out that I loved the violin, and she was keenly interested in my art, and after the convention was over, we kept in touch simply as friends.

The rest of the story is actually quite complicated and rather boring, to be honest; it wound up not working out for them, he moved to another state, and she stayed. We got a bit closer and became better friends, yadda yadda yadda. She went through some hard times, I went through some hard times, we helped each other out… and for about a year, I just never could find the right time to tell her how I felt.

Then my mom fell sick and passed on rather suddenly. And without dwelling too much on the pain of that time, let me just say that, in a moment of desperate loneliness, I blurted it all out to her—and ran.

I know, I know, dumb move. But no one had ever accused me of being smart anyway.

Turns out, she had actually grown very fond of me too and didn’t think I was all that into her, which I guess tells you all that you need to know about my communication skills. But the upshot was that we decided to give it a go and see what happened. She was a bit hesitant at first, having already broken up with a guy, but I think she felt more certainty this time.

I knew immediately. But it wasn’t till around six months ago that I thought she might be ready.

There’s a State Park in northern Georgia, a small mountain called Fort Mountain, that my family and I had always enjoyed visiting, with lots of trails, cabins, a lake to swim in, and some of the most breathtaking views in the South. Sara and I shared a love of the mountains, and frequently she and her folks had come down there too, sort of double-teaming our family outings.

Along one of the trails at Fort Mountain, there is a wooden deck that juts out over the edge of the ridge, affording a magnificent panorama. But to make it even better, the way the trail winds up to it, you can’t really see what is waiting for you until you actually get to the platform, and then it just spreads out before you like a map hurled from the hand of a giant. For a fleeting moment, it makes you feel like you are flying.

Call me a romantic fool, but I had long decided that whenever I got married, it would be here. And so, on a chilly day six months ago, I sprung the question.

I had a little help from her younger sister, who I swore to secrecy and took into my confidence because I wanted to make this moment as special as I could. Our families were both there, about a dozen of us altogether, and her parents were going to Florida for a vacation the next week. I figured this would be the best time for what I had in mind.

I managed to send her sister on ahead of the rest of us on the pretense of getting some good pictures of all of us coming up on the overlook, and then, by a combination of cunning and blind luck, got myself and Sara to the front of the party.

No matter how many times you go there, the view is always just as breathtaking; but this time, I scarcely even saw it. My heart was pounding like I’d just run a marathon, and I was literally breaking into a sweat despite the chill; that’s how nervous I was.

Sara didn’t suspect a thing. She moved down the last flight of stone steps to the platform, looking out at the view with the usual wide-eyed expression that it always causes, and I had managed it so that we were able to get to the railing where her sister was before the others had quite reached the deck itself.

I knelt, silently, looking up at Sara as she looked out over the valley. The wind blew her dark hair back away from her lovely face, raising a flush on her cheeks, and she closed her eyes and sighed, apparently never dreaming what I was about to do. Her sister was grinning from ear to ear, snapping away with the camera.

I actually had to swallow, twice, before I could make the words come out. Then just as I was about to speak, we heard a gasp from our folks, who had just seen us. Sara turned, and her eyes, as she looked down at me, went wide and filled suddenly with tears. She put her hand to her mouth, and every dang word of the pretty little speech I had planned went right out of my head.

So, I improvised.

“Will you marry me?”

And the next thing I knew, her arms were around my neck, and she was sobbing in my ear.

“Yes! Yes, oh yes! Oh, Josh, I love you! I love you!”

It was only the wind, of course, that made my eyes start running. I mean, it was chilly, right? And then I was on my feet, fumbling with the ring, and she was laughing and crying at the same time. Her sister’s grin was gonna split her face in two as our families crowded around, hugs and kisses flying. My Dad thumped me on the back, and I asked hers formally if I could marry his daughter… I mean I would have if he hadn’t grabbed me in the same kind of hug that her mom was giving her.

And when I asked her when she wanted to be married, she said she wanted to leave it up to me; so, like a genius, I said, “Let’s do it right here, in June.”

Which brings me right up to a few minutes ago, waiting for her to appear and join me on the deck. I glanced around for the thousandth time at the little party of us: my younger siblings (I’m 26 and the oldest in a large family), her mom and sister, a few friends, and a photographer.

Oh yes, and my dad, who was actually going to perform the ceremony. I forgot to mention that he was a preacher and very striking in his black suit.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in late spring. The sky was clear and blue and so very vast; all around the overlook, the woods murmured and swayed in the balmy breeze, birdsongs drifted plaintively, and the whole world buzzed with life and vitality.

I reached up and fidgeted with the collar of my tux; they always make these things too stiff. As I mentioned, I felt like I was running hard while standing still, and the height and the sheer vastness of the incredible view… well, they weren’t helping. My best man, Jake, who was also my best friend, smirked at me as I shifted a little on my feet.

“Scared?” he asked with a grin.

I snorted. “You have no idea.” Jake was a few years older than me and still single by choice.

I closed my eyes for a moment, breathing a swift prayer for calmness… and when I opened them, there she was.

You all should know that even as an artist, I can honestly say I have never seen anyone as lovely as Sara. But at that moment, as she descended the steps on her father’s arm, I felt like I was looking into heaven itself. Her white gown fit close to her slender body, hugging the perfect curves of her hips and full bosom before falling into graceful folds to the ground. I noticed the toes of her wedding shoes peeking shyly out from the hem, and I had to smile inside: if I knew anything about her, they would be sensible flats. She hated any kind of heels.

The neckline of her dress was tastefully low, leaving her lovely shoulders bare and showing just the slightest hint of cleavage. But I barely saw these things as I caught her eyes, shaded a bit within her veil but still very plainly shining out at me. My own began to well up again as the tidal wave of emotions crashed over me. What words could describe the feelings of that moment? It was life and joy and love and all that is good in this world rolled into one incredible sensation.

“Wow,” I breathed, scared to blink lest she vanish like a dream, and slowly I stepped forward to meet her.

She smiled bashfully as her father lifted the veil, kissed her on the cheek, and then gave me a strong but brief hug. He’s a big man, and she takes after him, tall for a girl and just a little shorter than me. She glanced at me as I took her hand, and a lovely blush rose on her pale cheeks as she looked at the ground.

I led her to my Dad, standing there with his Bible open, and all creation sang around us.

“… Do you, Josh, vow to take this woman to be your wife, to love, honor, and cherish her as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” I said, my voice a bit higher and shakier than I intended.

“And do you, Sara, vow to take this man to be your husband, to love, honor, and obey him so long as you both shall live?”

She looked into my eyes and smiled. “I do,” she whispered.

“Then by the power vested in me by our mutual Faith, I pronounce you man,” my Dad looked at me, “and wife.” He looked at her, and I swear there was a proud tear in his eye. “You may kiss the bride.”

It was our first kiss…we both were virgins, determined to wait. And it was sweet, but kinda awkward too…

And we were now married. She was a week shy of her twentieth birthday.

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for! But first, hold up a second; there are couple of things I wanna point out.

Sara and I were complete virgins who had never even kissed before our wedding day. I know that sounds crazy, but it was what we felt was the best way to do it as Christians. However, that does not mean we were ignorant of what we were going to be doing together… heck, no! In fact, we had actually exchanged quite a few rather lengthy emails, discussing sex and marriage and what we felt was right and wrong, being honest and frank with each other as much as we could.

Why do I bring this up? I guess just to make the point that we felt that communication was vitally important to our growth as a couple. Too often I have read and heard of young couples going into the start of their lives together with no clear idea between the two of them as to exactly what their intimacy should look like, which can lead to frustrations and disappointments right off the bat. And while I can truly say that there really is no teacher like experience, a bit of background work beforehand goes a long way in prep for the experience.

So, I suppose my advice to others would be to wait, as far as actually doing anything with each other, but don’t be shy in talking about it beforehand. It can make all the difference in the world.

The rest of the day passed by in a bit of a blur. Partly just because of the whirlwind nature of such things, but also undeniably because of the anticipation that we both definitely felt. It was like the day was going too slow and not slow enough…which makes no sense at all, but that’s what hormones do, you know? I couldn’t stop looking at her, and she kept blushing and smiling whenever she looked at me, which always made every thought fly clean out of mind. The predictable result was that by late afternoon, both our families were doing their best to get on the road—and leave us to ourselves.

We had booked a cabin there in the park, and after staying the night, we would be heading south for our honeymoon, a less stressful arrangement than simply taking off at once, hopefully.

So as the sun was sinking into the west, we said our goodbyes and gave hugs all around. Sara and her mom laughed and cried together, and my Dad grinned at me as we shook hands; then they all piled into their vehicles there in the parking lot and drove off while we stood and waved, bathed in the golden glow of the sunset, till they had gone around the bend. Finally, we were alone.

Alone together. What a delightful paradox. I glanced at her, so lovely it made my heart hurt to look at her, and offered my hand. She took it and we slowly walked back to our car, not saying anything, just feeling each other’s presence.

I opened her door and she slid gracefully into the seat, and then I went around and got in.

I glanced at her. She looked at me.

“Hey,” I said softly as if meeting her for the first time. “I’m Josh. I’m your husband.”

She smiled a very pretty smile. “I’m Sara,” she murmured. “I’m your wife.”

“You wanna go?” I asked.

She swallowed and nodded a little. Her hands were folded tightly in the lap of her dress, rustling against the satin as she squirmed a little. I know my heart rate was going up, and I had to take a deep breath to quell the sudden nervousness that hit us.

After all this time, we were gonna do it. Finally, no barrier stood between us, and with a rising tide of excitement, I revved up and turned down the road to the cabins.

The cabins were small, but very cozy, with a snug living room and open kitchen/dining area, serviced of course by a massive stone fireplace, with the single bedroom and attached bath behind. Before we got there, somebody in our group had already spruced things up and even had a fire going behind the glass panels to keep the heat in but let out light.

When we pulled in, I could see the firelight dancing through the windows, and something about the cheery, homey warmth of it gave me an idea. I shut off the engine and got out, opened her door, and handed my blushing bride out of the car. She smiled at me again in the gathering evening, and I raised her hand to my lips.

“I love you,” I whispered, and then impulsively bent and swept her up off her feet. She gave a little shriek and a laugh, and her arms went around my neck to hold her secure, which also gave me a perfect view down into the shadowy cleavage under her dress. I swung her up easily—she’s very light—and strode up to the cabin door.

“I know it is only for tonight, but,” I said, as I opened the door and stepped in, carrying her across the threshold, “welcome home, my love.”

I saw her eyes get teary in the warm light before she buried her head in my neck with a little sigh. I carried her to the door of the bedroom, and as I set her down, I noticed that the end table lamps were the only lights on, creating a soft, warm light that was perfectly gentle.

We stepped into the room, her in that lovely dress and me in my tux, and just stood there for a moment, looking around. The silence was deafening, and I thought for sure she could hear the blood pounding in my ears.

The warm light played softly across her features as she quietly looked around the room. The skin of her shoulders and neck was so smooth, so inviting… I just wanted to kiss her and take her right then. But I was extremely nervous; this was the first time I had ever been alone with a woman, one I had a right to, and my mouth went dry.

She was standing beside the bed and just looking at it when I gently laid my hands on her shoulders from behind. Sara jumped and gasped, looking back at me with her blue eyes wide and dark, and her skin under my hands felt so warm and soft and smooth…

“Hey,” I murmured gently. “You okay?”

Sara nodded shortly and looked back at the bed, and I could see her chest rising and falling quickly. I gently caressed her shoulders, and she let out a little moan as her head fell back.

“Just, take it slow, please?” she asked, her voice unsteady. “I’m, uh, a little nervous.”

“Of course, my love.” I leaned in and gave her a little kiss on the side of her neck. The feel of her skin against my lips made me suddenly dizzy. “We have all the time in the world.”

She leaned back against me with a sigh, tilting her head to allow me better access to her soft, inviting neck, and I was suddenly very aware of her butt cheeks gently resting against me.

Somehow, my pants seemed to have gotten a bit tighter all of a sudden…

“Tell you what,” I said then, raising my head to look into our reflection in the mirror that, only now, I noticed was on the other side of the bed. “Why don’t we shower first… together?”

She caught her breath with a little gasp and bit her bottom lip as she nodded at my reflection. “I’d like that. But first,” she twisted around in my arms like fluid satin and slid her arms up around my neck: “Kiss me.”

Her lips were a heartbeat away from mine, and I could feel her breath as her chest began heaving again. I gazed deep into her eyes, and slowly lowered my lips to hers… and we kissed, a real kiss, for the first time.

It was indescribable. It was like heaven and fire and light and sound. It unmade me and forged me anew, the soft touch of her full lips… so warm and gentle. And it was like coming home and being left out in the dark at the same time, at once satisfying and yet leaving me voraciously empty and yearning for more.

It was like being re-born.

Her eyes drifted shut and she melted against me, a soft moan escaping her as I gathered her in my arms. She fit so perfectly; her beautiful body molded against mine as if we had been designed for each other. Her head tilted and our lips slid back and forth, tasting, yearning, drinking deeply of each other… until somehow my tongue touched her lips.

She gasped into my mouth and her eyes flew open. “What was that?”

I chuckled—or I tried to. In truth we were both breathing too heavily to talk coherently, and before I could say anything, she glued her lips to mine again, open this time and tentatively exploring, and our tongues met and danced.

She whimpered, and my knees felt suddenly weak; she sagged against me and her lips writhed against mine, her fingers going up into my hair while I clasped her tightly to me, dimly noticing her breasts crushing against my chest.

I don’t know how long we stood there like that, but it felt like an age before we came back up for air, gasping and panting and flushed. At least, she was flushed, a lovely blush suffusing her brow and bosom, and her lips swollen and parted. I imagine I looked about the same.

“Wow,” she murmured, trying to get her breath, “what was that?” She giggled, and I chuckled breathlessly, and suddenly we were laughing in each other’s arms.

She rested her head on my chest, and I wrapped my arms closer around her. We just stood, swaying gently, and then she looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her soft hand caressing my face.

“Mm, for what?” I asked.

She smiled. “For loving me.” She cocked her head coquettishly. “You do love me, right?”

I grinned. “Always.”

“Say it,” she demanded.

“Say what?” I played innocent.

“Say you love me, dummy!” she mock-glared at me.

“You love me,” I said obediently, and then caught her off guard as my fingers raced up her flanks, tickling her soundly. She jumped and shrieked with surprise, laughing hard and squirming in my arms.

“Stop! Stop it!” she gasped, twisting and out of breath. She finally caught my hands and held them, and looked up into my eyes.

I leaned a little closer and whispered in her ear, “From the moment I first saw you playing that violin, I knew you were for me. And I have loved you since long before that. I just didn’t have a face to add to the soul I already knew was out there. You are my everything, my one, the woman I have been looking for my whole life.” I paused, and now there were happy tears in her eyes again. “I love you.”

She looked so adorable, with her long dark hair up in the back but a few locks loose and flowing around her face. Her bare shoulders gleamed in the gentle light, and a look of yearning happiness shone on her face. I caught her in my arms and swung her around, off her feet, the same way I had seen her former fiance do at the convention, and her lips met mine again as I set her down.

“Now,” I said once we disconnected, “how about that shower?”

She loosed a quick breath, and nodded. “Typical man,” she said, trying to sound cocky but betrayed by the breathlessness of her tone. “Just wanting to see me naked.”

It was supposed to be a playful taunt, but it came out with a gasp and the tension suddenly rose exponentially. I knew she was nervous, but there was a wild desire in her eyes, a molten fire burning and desperately trying to get out.

For my part, well, my hands were starting to shake a little as we moved toward the bathroom. Just as we reached the door, I impulsively grabbed her butt through her dress, and squeezed, not hard enough to hurt but not gently either.

She gasped aloud and her back arched involuntarily, as she actually bent forward a little. Her hands clutched at the door frame, and she moaned as I kneaded her flesh, probing and digging a little, and I could see her trembling.

She was completely vulnerable, and we both knew it.

My heart was pounding, and my mouth had gone dry again. I had never touched a woman like this before, and my brain was going into sensory overload… and we hadn’t even taken off our clothes yet. She looked at me over her shoulder, and the raging desire in her eyes was almost enough to undo me…but there was a look of fear, too, or perhaps just apprehension, that made me stop and lean forward to kiss her again. She was so delicate, so beautiful, and a part of me wanted to ravish her on the spot, to take her as mine and claim her deeply.

But I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her, and we had to take it slow. I tried to think of her as a rose, a flower that needed gentle care and nurturing to reach it’s blossoming.

The bathroom was one of the most luxurious features of the cabin, and with good reason: this one was the honeymoon suite, of sorts, and whoever had designed it had that in mind.

There were variable lights that could be dimmed or brightened, and the walls gleamed softly with the golden ambiance of polished pine. A thick, soft mat rested upon the floor before the bathtub, which was made of smooth flagstone and actually rested a little below the level of the floor, with steps leading down into it. And I didn’t know this at first, but the stone walls around it had heating elements built in… because few things are more uncomfortable than a cold stone shower.

The space wasn’t really large, but there was room for us both to stand a few feet apart and be able to move around; and as we stood there and looked at each other yet again, it felt like there was a warm, comforting cocoon around us both.

Sara’s eyes were dark in the soft light, and a very beautiful flush was stealing across her cheeks. It was time, and we knew it.

She reached up and pulled the pin out of her hair, and with a gentle shake of her head, her lovely dark tresses tumbled down around her face. She peeked out of them as I shrugged off my jacket, and then loosened and removed my tie. There were hooks on the back of the door, and I turned and hung them up as she sat down on the toilet to remove her shoes.

There was something intensely cute about her bare toes peeping out from under her hem when she stood up, and it distracted me as I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt. Sara seemed to be trying not to look at me, whether out of bashfulness or nerves I wasn’t sure, but I heard her gasp quietly as I pulled off my shirt and dropped it to the floor.

I am by no means a muscular kind of guy, but I do work hard and don’t carry any extra weight, so I guess it shows. I gave her a little smile and undid my belt. Her eyes got wide, and she blushed furiously when I shoved my pants down and stepped out of them.

I stood still for a moment in just my boxers and tried to act like I wasn’t scared clean out of my skin, no pun intended. But my heart was pounding, and I had a hard time controlling my breathing.

Sara watched me with her wide eyes, and when I didn’t move, she seemed to remember she was still wearing her dress. Languidly she turned, and drawing her hair forward to expose the nape of her neck, she bowed her head a little and whispered, “Undress me, please.”

I gulped, and my whole core clenched. I stepped up close behind her and oh-so-gently breathed on the back of her neck. She shivered and gave a little gasp, and I brought my hands up to the small zipper at the top of her bodice. I swear the darned little thing got even smaller as I fumbled with it, my fingers suddenly too big and clumsy, and internally I berated the fashion designers who made stuff like this so ridiculously hard to handle.

But it was only a moment, and then I was watching, almost like I was someone else, as my hand drew the zipper down and slowly exposed a widening sliver of skin. She trembled as it slowly ventured southward, past the band of her strapless bra and on down to the small of her back, right to the top of her black lace panties. Her hands instinctively went to the front of her dress to hold it up. The curve of her spine was so lovely, and my fingers brushing against the skin of her back made her gasp and shiver with every touch. I couldn’t have spoken to save my life; I was breathing hard and fast through my clenched teeth.

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I gently rested my hands on her hips, and her shoulders twitched. I leaned forward and planted a very soft kiss at the base of her neck. She moaned softly, and then again as my hands slid upward, past the swell of her hips and her slender waist, gliding over the silky fabric up her back until, so very softly, my fingers left the satin and traced across the exposed skin of her back.

It was intoxicating. Her skin was hot to my touch, almost burning my hands, or at least that’s how it felt, and her head was drooping forward. I could hear her breathing turning shallow. I slipped my hands into the back of her dress and gently slid them outward, across her quivering shoulder blades, taking the fabric along until my fingers curved around her shoulders.

Her dress fell with a gentle rustle, to bunch up around her waist, and I heard myself moan aloud as I looked at her bare back, then let my hands skim back down her flawless skin.

She gave a little cry, and her head went up and fell back. I couldn’t resist; I pressed my lips to her exposed neck again and she writhed against me, gasping as she reached back and grabbed at me, whatever part of me she could get her hands on. My hands slipped inside the bunched fabric, gripped her hips, and pulled her back against me, then swept upward across her stomach to cup her full breasts.

Her hands covered mine as I kneaded the soft flesh within her bra. Looking down over her shoulder, I had a perfect view of her creamy breasts and the way the soft skin yielded and gave in to my touch. She moaned when my thumbs grazed over her protruding nipples, which were trying to poke clean through the thin fabric. My boxers got tighter, and I fought to keep from just throwing her to the floor and screwing her brains out.

“That’s really nice,” she whispered, turning her face to kiss my cheek. I tore my eyes from the enchanting swell of her breasts and kissed her again, this time our tongues going straight in and caressing each other. Then, my fingers found the front snap of her bra and it gave way.

She gasped into my mouth, and I groaned and nearly fell to the floor as I felt the warm, soft, yielding flesh filling my bare hands for the first time. Her nipples were hard and pointy under my thumbs, making her shiver as I tweaked them and my cock strain dangerously in my shorts. All of a sudden, I tore myself away and stepped back.

She swayed unsteadily for a moment and turned to face me with confusion in her eyes. her hair was wildly askew, and her hands impulsively covered her heaving globes.

“What’s wrong, Josh?” she breathed unevenly with a slight frown. She blushed as she glanced down at herself, her dress wantonly bunched at her lovely hips.

I gulped hard. “Nothing,” I managed to get out. “But if we don’t slow down, we’ll never make it into the shower.”

She gave a breathless little laugh, and I grinned back, then let my eyes rove over her body, brazenly, obviously, willing her to feel my burning desire for her.

Have I mentioned how beautiful she is? Her long dark hair was a frame for a face that was pale and lovely, slender, with finely formed features that seemed, to me, just perfect. Her slender and delicate neck curved out into exquisite shoulders, and below them, the most beautiful pearlescent breasts I had ever seen—and the only real ones, at that—swelled from her chest.

She dropped her hands as she saw my eyes sliding over her, and with a very pretty blush, she showed me her charms. I was enraptured. They were full and round and perky, and as I had already experienced, they filled my hands to overflowing, and I have fairly large hands. Her pink nipples stood proudly, belying the shrinking shyness that seemed to overtake her and just begging to be kissed and suckled, with the darker area—the areola, I think?—about the size of a quarter-dollar. They were utterly perfect.

It took some effort to look away from them and continue my visual feast, but I was rewarded with the most beautiful, flat abdomen and finely sculpted hips just flaring out from her slender waist before disappearing into the tangled white satin that she still wore. There, the top of her lacy black panties peeked out sensually, providing an awesome contrast to her pearly skin.

I glanced back up at her face. She was blushing and biting her bottom lip, and there was an unmistakable fire in her eyes, a desire that was consuming her core. That’s how she expressed it to me later; at the time, I could only marvel at the beauty of her flushed face and lovely young body.

But we had to keep going; couldn’t spend the night there in the bathroom. I took a deep breath to steady myself.

It didn’t.

So, I just took another and, without stopping to think about it, shoved my boxers straight down to the floor.

Now it was my turn to get warm in the face as Sara gasped, and her hand went to her mouth again. She was blushing furiously and staring at my groin—more accurately, at the very erect part of me that was protruding from my groin.

“Oh, my,” I heard her murmur. “Is that… um, will that fit?”

Now, like I said, I’m an average guy, so I don’t think I would have had anything to be ashamed of anyway; but the way she said that… I felt like I was a heck of a lot bigger. I couldn’t help giving a smug grin at her tone.

“Sure it will. You’ll see,” I assured her. “You’ll get bigger too, remember?”

Her eyes were still a bit wide as she looked back at me, and I gestured toward her waist. “Your turn,” I said hoarsely.

She blushed again. “Um, okay.” How I love this woman!

Hesitantly, her hands went to her waist and poised, thumbs sliding in between flesh and fabric. She looked down, and her breath turned shallow again. Then she pulled her dress and panties down together with a sharp exhale.

Her hands covered her crotch as she straightened back up. Her legs were absolutely gorgeous! I can’t tell you how many times I had thought about those glorious legs, imagined them bare past what her shorts ever revealed and wrapped around me, the silky smoothness, the intense warmth they would radiate…

“Hands by your sides, my love,” I said, my voice lower and shakier than I intended. She looked at me with a mix of shyness and lust, and her hands drifted away from her sex and left her open to my gaze.

My mouth fell open a little and my breath went out of me in a rush. She was so utterly lovely there, her lips swollen and pink, completely bare and glistening slightly. Her breath was coming hard and fast, and when I glanced at her face, her head was up and slightly back, almost like she was trying to look defiant. But my eyes instantly went back to her womanhood.

“You shaved?” I muttered; the only semi-coherent thought left in my brain. She nodded breathlessly.

“Waxed. My mother taught me.” A fleeting look of concern crossed her lovely face. “You like it, right?”

I walked the few feet to her and took her face in my hands. “I love it,” I whispered, and kissed her deeply. She moaned and leaned into me, her hands caressing my back, and I felt the heat and softness of her breasts rolling against my chest.

We disconnected with a sigh, and I held her eyes with my own as I stepped back. Silently, I raised one finger and twirled it around indicating I wanted her to spin. A shy smile crept over her lips and she slowly and coyly turned around, watching me over her shoulder as my eyes feasted on her nakedness.

And as for her butt…if you took sexy, mixed it with adorable, and gave it a playful bit of jiggle, you might have some idea of the incredible beauty I was treated to. Her butt was firm and round, and just the right size. The cheeks bounced perkily as she gave a little wiggle, and I looked back up at her, and we laughed.

Then I nodded toward the tub. “Will you do the honors, my lady?” I asked chivalrously, and she giggled breathily and stepped over to the tub faucet. She bent, perhaps a little more than strictly necessary, and turned on the tap while I gaped at the cleft between her cheeks. Her pussy peeped out coyly, the damp lips pressed together by her thighs, and seeing me watching, she gave another playful wiggle.

My mind was still trying to process the fact that I was alone with a naked girl and that she was mine. The blood was charging through my veins and throbbing in my manhood. She looked so soft and smooth all over, so delectably good.

Once the water was warm enough she stepped into the spray with a gentle sigh as the water cascaded down her body.

“Aren’t you going to join me, my lord? Please?” she said, with another shy blush. I love her ability to blush.

And I didn’t wait to be asked again. I stepped down into the tub with her and gathered her wet, slippery, nubile body into my arms. Our lips met again under the showerhead, and we made out with reckless abandon. My hands stroked all over her back and sides, teasing the flanks of her breasts, and she moaned into my mouth as her lips writhed and her tongue danced with mine. Her hands swept down to grab my butt, and my cock stiffened as it was caught between our heaving bodies.

I leaned her backwards a little, pressing my lips hard against hers, and caught her tongue between my teeth. She whimpered as I bit down just a little, and her hands came up to cup my face. My arm went around her to support her, and the other hand found a wet and squishy breast… and squeezed. She jumped, and her head fell back with a laugh, and I took the opportunity to devour her sweet neck while the hot flesh yielded in my grasp.

Then, and I’m not exactly sure how, she was sliding to her knees in front of me and came face to face with my manhood, erect and proud and very happy to see her. She blushed again, looking for all the world like a lovely water nymph with her hair hanging wet across her shoulders and her lips, kiss-swollen and parted. She looked up at me from under her eyelashes and whispered, “Can I touch it?”

Just hearing her say that made the member in question twitch, and she jumped a little. I should mention that Sara is rather easily startled, and this situation was so new and all… yeah. Back to the story.

I could only nod, and the anticipation made my head feel light. My breath was coming in shallow gasps, and I braced myself against the warm stone wall as her delicate little fingers stroked across my shaft.

It was heaven. I closed my eyes and moaned, tilting my head back in the shower… and almost jumped out of my skin when something very wet and very warm and very alive suddenly engulfed my cock head. My eyes flew open and there she was, naked, soaking wet, kneeling before me with her pretty lips wrapped around my shaft and her big, lovely eyes staring straight into mine.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned, my hand coming to rest behind her head as she started to bob. “That’s incredible… don’t stop…”

Her mouth was snug, and her tongue was playing wicked, wicked games with the underside of my cock. Then there was a sucking sensation, and things got tighter and slicker. I watched as almost my whole cock disappeared into that beautiful mouth. She was sucking hard, and I threw my head back and groaned again as I felt her swallow, repeatedly, the contractions rippling down my shaft in exquisite torture.

Then she hummed.

And I lost it.

The whole world exploded in brilliant waves of pleasure, and I could only grunt as my hips jerked, spewing my pent-up cum deep into her willing throat. I cried out, writhing in ecstasy… how can I possibly describe the sensations? Never had I felt anything like this; and she kept faithfully sucking until I came back down to earth, lightheaded and braced against the shower wall.

I heaved a deep, shuddering breath and opened my eyes. She was still kneeling in front of me, my spent cock dangling near her lips, and she looked very happy with herself. She smiled and opened her mouth, and I gasped when I saw her tongue coated in white. She swallowed noisily and then gave my cock a very dainty little kiss.

“How was that, my lord?” she asked in the same shy tone, looking up bashfully. I was still breathing heavily, and I reached down and grabbed her and hauled her up to her feet, planting my lips firmly on hers as she giggled in delight. I could still taste a little of me in there.

“That, my lady,” I answered, my hands groping her butt and her arms around my neck, “was absolutely fantastic.” I kissed her again and she sighed. “But how on earth did you learn to do that?”

She actually looked a little embarrassed. “Um, well, I practiced. With… with bananas.”

My eyebrows went up. “Bananas?” I could just see it now: my beautiful wife, sucking whole bananas down her throat. I swallowed a laugh. “Why bananas?”

She was tracing circles on the back of my neck, and I kind of wanted to lean my head back and just purr. She was so pretty with the water streaming down over her and me.

“Well,” she said, “I figured they’d be about the right size, and I knew you would love it if I could go deep, you know? And if anything went wrong, well, bananas are easy to swallow.”

My hands were wandering over her wet back, and she closed her eyes and sighed. “I suppose they are. I never thought of it that way,” I said. She smiled and leaned her head back a little. I took the cue and nuzzled her neck. “You know I’ll never be able to look at a banana the same again,” I murmured against her skin.

She made a noise between a laugh and a gasp as my lips found and sucked on her earlobe. Then I spun us around so that she was against the wall, and as her eyes opened, I planted a tender kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Now,” I told her, “My turn.”

Her eyes widened for a moment, and then fluttered back shut with a moan as my lips slid down her neck and across her chest. She tasted so good, so warm and smooth, and her head fell back as I skimmed her breast and sucked a whole nipple into my mouth.

“Oh, Josh!” she gasped, arching her back to offer more of her breast to my ravenous mouth. “Oh! Oh, my goodness!”

And then my hand slid down across her stomach, right to her crotch and gently, so gently, traced the outline of her puffy lips. She squirmed, and her hips bucked as a gentle cry came out of her mouth. Her hand seized mine and dragged my fingers through her dripping cleft, and then she opened her eyes, wide and scared, when my lips left her taut nipple and trailed southward across her quivering, delectable flesh.

“Oh!” she gasped, as I gently nibbled at the joint of her thighs, where her skin so impossibly smooth! “Oh my,” she whimpered, feeling my tongue swirl across the swell of her mound. “Oh, Josh, please,” she moaned, stopping me and looking into my eyes, “you don’t have to, Josh. I don’t need—”

“Shh!” I stopped her, laying my finger on her lips, while her eyes were very big above it. “I want to,” I growled, and then, without breaking eye contact, I dragged my tongue straight through her slick, hot folds.

She gave a shuddering moan and wilted against the wall, and I ravenously licked her again and again. Her flesh was soft and yielding and so exquisitely sweet, like nectar. I buried my tongue as deep inside her tight opening as I could get it and felt my cock hardening back up again.

Then it happened. I placed my hand on her mound, to hold her squirming hips still—she was writhing above me, whimpering with pure need, and I was in awe at the sight of such wanton nakedness and pleasure—when my thumb brushed the top of her slit. Suddenly she cried out, almost a scream, and her thighs went rigid, clamping my jaw between their silky heat. Her torso throbbed and jerked, and a look of panic came over her face.

“OH, JOSH!” She wailed. “What’s happening! OH! AhH! I feel it… It’s coming… AAAHHHH!!!”

I had to grab her soft hips and pin her to the wall as she began yelping, her body spasming hard and out of control. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened in one long wail of pure ecstasy as a flood of nectar streamed out of her sex into my mouth, which I had managed to keep glued to her pussy the whole time.

Her hands found my head and compulsively ground my face deeper into her wet crotch, her hips bucking and squirming as the aftershocks of her orgasm rippled through her. I tried to keep my eyes on her face, but her breasts kind of got in the way, quivering and swaying with her body. I reached up and pinched one nipple, and she jerked. Then all at once, she went limp, and I had to hold her up, my hands sliding up the backs of her soft thighs.

I stood and scooped her into my arms, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me, and buried her face in my neck. She was still spasming, and I was in awe of the beauty I had just seen and the fact that she could be so vulnerable with me and share her most sacred pleasure so openly.

It actually brought tears to my eyes, and then I heard her sniffle against me.

“Are you okay?” I whispered into her hair.

“I don’t know,” she moaned. She raised her face to mine; there were tears streaming down her cheeks. “That was so wonderful,” she whimpered, shivering. Her forehead drooped to rest against mine. “I feel like I’ve been taken apart and rebuilt. I’ve never felt anything like that.”

She was still shivering, despite the hot water streaming over us, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. “I love you,” I whispered.

Carefully, I eased us down to sit, her still perched in my lap, and hugged her close till the trembling faded. She raised her head and fixed her lips to mine again, and her fingers started trailing though my hair. It was a tender, sweet, gentle kiss that brought me roaring back to life beneath her.

She must have felt me growing directly under her pussy because she giggled into my mouth and pulled back. “Ready to go already, huh?” she asked with a smile. “I think I’m gonna like you.”

“You better,” I quipped, nipping at her nose. “Cause if you don’t, I might be tempted to betake my hand to this very cute butt.” And I gave her a playful smack on the backside.

She jumped and squawked. “Hey!” she laughed. “Watch it, mister!”

I captured her lips again, and we shared another kiss. How could this ever get old? She wiggled a little on my lap, which only served to make me even harder.

“Come on,” I said against her mouth. “Let’s get out of here.”

I helped her up to her feet—she was a little weak in the legs, she said—and turned off the water. We stepped out, and I grabbed one of the oversized towels and wrapped it around us both.

She snuggled up to me as I dried her back and tousled her hair a bit, and her hands found their way down to my manhood again.

“Hmm, you’re so hard,” she murmured dreamily; she was decidedly more relaxed now. Her hands were so soft, much softer than mine had ever been, and she nuzzled affectionately at my neck as her fingers stroked and squeezed gently.

“Love, you’d better stop that, or you’ll be the undoing of me,” I said softly into her hair, not wanting her to stop but not wanting to cum yet either. She giggled—how I loved the sound of her delight!—and we got back to the business of drying off each other’s body.

I noticed then that we hadn’t even bothered to close the bathroom door, and it made me chuckle a little; but then my mind was otherwise occupied as Sara flashed a seductive look over her shoulder at me and strolled out into the bedroom. And by strolled, I mean swaggered. She swung her hips from side to side, making her lovely naked butt sway and bounce with each step. She reached the bed and bent over, keeping her legs straight while she placed her hands flat on the coverlet, and wiggled her bottom in my direction.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, her hair draped across her back, and there was a self-satisfied smirk on her face as she saw I hadn’t moved from the doorway.

“What’s the matter, my lord?” she purred. “Aren’t you going to join your lady?” Her pussy was gleaming in the light of the lamp, the slick folds dewy and moist between her legs.

I gulped, and she bit her lip and sighed as I walked toward her. She looked forward, watching our reflection in the mirror across the bed, and moaned as I ran my hand over the soft skin of her butt. I sank my fingers into her flesh, groping her and squeezing her cheek, and then I knelt behind her and dragged my tongue through her sex again.

“Oh my,” she moaned, her hips squirming in my hands. I licked her deep and long, and then opened my mouth and sucked her whole sweet pussy into my lips. She groaned and arched her back, thrusting her ladyplace harder into my face. My teeth grazed across her lips and she shuddered, dropping her head to the comforter.

I was beginning to notice something: seeing and feeling her pleasure and arousal was actually turning me on more than the idea of her pleasuring me. Hearing her moan, watching as her naked body writhed and squirmed under my ministrations, and knowing that I was making her lose control of herself… it was like a powerful drug, and I dug in deeper and gripped her hips harder as she started whimpering again.

At the same time, the knowledge that she was willing to be vulnerable with me, to allow me to do things to her, to touch her and take her and do what I pleased with her… the trust and the love of it all hit me like a train. I felt humbled—and exhilarated! So, I started nibbling on her pussy, letting my teeth sink ever so gently into her hot, wet, quivering flesh.

She cried out and clawed at the bed, her whole butt trembling and sweat breaking out on her skin. My hands gripped the backs of her soft thighs, and then my lips and tongue found her little clit, like a third nipple only bigger and very slick, and as I sucked it between my lips and strummed my tongue across it she started jerking again.

“Josh!” she gasped, her toes curling and her thighs starting to quiver. “I think… ahh… I think I’m gonna cum again…ohmygoodnessdon’tstoppleeeasse!”

She wailed as the spasms took over her pretty, slender body. She was gleaming, a light dew of sweat shining on her skin, and the muscles in her back were contracting and squirming as she cried out into the bedspread. I kept my face firmly planted in her sex, sucking for dear life and gently nibbling on her little button.

Suddenly she threw her head back and let out a yell, her whole body going rigid, and a flood of girly nectar drenched my jaw. Her butt cheeks clenched and unclenched violently, right there in my face, and she was gasping for air.

“Stop!” she gasped, squirming away as her clit became too sensitive. “Too much…” she mumbled as she collapsed onto the bed.

I sat back on my haunches, and I couldn’t help grinning like a fool. She turned her head and looked back at me, breathing hard, her hair across her face, and smiled back with her eyes half shut.

“Thank you, Josh,” she said very prettily, and for good measure, I leaned in and gave her one good hard lick before standing up. She jumped and giggled, and I stood back to survey my handiwork.

She was breathing hard, lying facedown, half on the bed with her hips and legs hanging off and her knees on the floor. I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful butt, so round and cute and perfect, and the moisture dripping out of her sex and running down the inside of her thighs. Her back was heaving, her hands still clutching at the comforter, and her hair was all over the place—the picture of relaxation.

I leaned over her, supporting myself on my arms beside her, and planted a hot kiss in the middle of her back. She sighed and her eyes closed.

“You make me feel so good, Josh,” she murmured, “like a princess.”

“My princess,” I mumbled into her damp skin, and she smiled, then gasped as my fingers slipped between her legs again. It was so slick and wet down there, and hot, like a mini-oven. I grinned as the thought of hot dogs in an oven came to mind. My hot dog was aching for a feel of this oven.

Gently I turned her over, and she smiled up at me as I scooted us both up onto the bed. Her breasts were slick with sweat, so full and round and swollen, and I leaned down and suckled her nipples gently for a few minutes. She cooed and sighed, and then pulled my face up to hers for a kiss.

“Mmm, I can taste myself on you,” she giggled.

“You like it?” I asked.

She made a production of licking my lips with her dainty little tongue and frowned consideringly. “Yeah,” she said slowly, “I think I do.”

I nipped her nose again. “Good, ’cause there’s more where that came from,” and I dragged my fingers through her sex again and presented them to her mouth. She smiled and sucked two into her lips, smacking and swallowing noisily, and even bobbing her head off the bed as if they were a mini-cock.

My eyes glazed, and she laughed. “Delicious,” she declared.

I dipped head and kissed her again. “You know you are unbearably cute?” I told her.

She smiled again; I swear I’ll never get tired of that smile. Then her eyes flicked down, just a touch nervously, and I looked deep into her eyes.

“Are you ready, my love?” I asked her tenderly, gathering her in my arms. She nodded and swallowed.

“Yeah,” she said breathlessly. “Please just go slow, okay?”

I nodded and reached down between us, guiding my cock head to rest against her lips. I groaned a little as her slick flesh touched me, and I murmured, “Spread your legs, my love.”

She obliged, and I heard her breath hitch as I pushed a little, getting the head seated firmly between her lips. I took her face in my hand and kissed her deeply again. “Try to relax, darling,” I told her, and then thrust gently into her slick cleft.

She gasped as the head of my cock slid in an inch or two, and I stroked her face with my thumb.

“I love you,” I whispered against her lips, and then thrust again, this time going in a little more and hitting resistance. I had to stop and clench my teeth to keep from cumming too soon; she felt so good and slick and hot. It was incredible… really indescribable.
“Darling, I have to go deeper,” I told her breathlessly, and she nodded and swallowed.

“I love you,” she said softly. “Take me.”

I heaved a breath and thrust hard… and something gave way inside her. She cried out, eyes shut and her hands clutching my shoulders. There were tears gleaming on her lashes.

“Almost there, my love,” I groaned and gave one final push…then sank deep into her. She cried out again and grabbed me, her arms around my neck, and I held still, which wasn’t easy. Her pussy was quivering and rippling around my shaft.

She was crying softly, but when I tried to say something, she relaxed and lay back, looking up at me with tears in her eyes. “Please keep on,” she asked quietly, and I kissed her again and pulled back, then thrust forward. She groaned again, but not as agonized as before, and there was less resistance inside her.

“I’m not going to last long,” I told her, and she managed to smile. “I’m yours; take me,” she murmured, and that did it for me.

I tried to go slow, I really did. But once I thrust in again and she whimpered in more pleasure than pain, I couldn’t help it and started going faster. To my surprise, she wrapped those incredible legs around my hips and started pulling me in, deeper and harder, and her breath was turning shallow again.

“Better now?” I grunted, as my hips smacked into her butt over and over, her pussy dripping around my cock and sucking and squelching as I withdrew.

She nodded. “Much better,” she whimpered. “It feels good now… oh, my… Uh, I think I’m going to… ooooohhh…”

And her voice trailed off as she actually started to orgasm again. Her eyes rolled back and her lips parted, and she moaned out one long continuous word: “Joossssh….!”

It was so beautiful I wanted it to last forever, but no such luck. I gave one last mighty smacking thrust and emptied myself into her with a growl. My whole body locked up and trembled, and I think I saw stars, then I collapsed onto her, our heaving bodies sweaty and sticky and sated.

I looked down into her eyes as I caught my breath. “That,” I said unsteadily, “was incredible.”

She smiled delightedly. “Mmm, yeah. I love you so much.”

I gathered her in my arms and rolled over, taking the bedspread with us and sweeping it over our nakedness, and we drifted off to sleep.


Later that evening, we lay together, me on my back and her curled against my side with her leg thrown across mine. A very pleasant heat emanated from her pussy pressed against my hip. Her head rested on my shoulder as her fingers traced circles on my chest. Meanwhile, I stroked her hair and just marveled at the naked beauty lying there in my arm.

“Sara?” I said, after a while. “There’s something I’d like to tell you.”

She shifted and looked up at me, her big blue eyes full of love.

“I want you to know that, for the rest of my life, I promise that I will always be available for you.” I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to say this, so I just ad-libbed. She looked a little puzzled.

“I mean sexually,” I added. “As much as I can possibly manage, I want you to know that I will never turn you down if you want me… anytime, anywhere. Okay?”

She smiled and kissed my chest. “Okay.” Her eyes were soft and gleaming; I could lose myself in them forever. “And I promise that, too,” she added. “I am yours, and you can take me whenever you want—and I hope you do it a lot.” She grinned, and I grinned back and kissed her soundly. She’s so adorable….

“So,” I began, as she settled back down on my shoulder, “I was thinking maybe, someday, I’ll come home and you’ll be folding the laundry in the living room…”

I paused, and she waited, then looked up at me. “And?”

“And,” I went on dramatically, sliding my hand down to caress her soft bottom, “I might come up behind you and…”

She swallowed and her breath caught. “And pull down my pants and take me right there? Without asking?” she finished, with a gentle heaving of her breasts.

I nodded, my mouth suddenly too dry to talk.

She crawled up me to plant a soft kiss on my lips. “I’d like that,” she murmured softly. “I’d like that a lot.”

A certain part of me twitched and hardened at that, and she felt it and giggled. “I think you’d like it a lot too,” she whispered seductively and dragged herself down my body, her nipples searing a line down my chest, my abs, past my hips, until her mouth found me again.

I lay back with a groan and surrendered myself to the ministrations of her heavenly tongue.

Life is good, no?

     Hey there! Whew, what a ride…thanks for reading. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!

–Aaron T.



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  1. LovingMan says:

    I pray that you will find your bride. Your mention of the importance of communication is great! Realize that not all honeymoon experiences go smoothly… but most of us work through it and enjoy a great relationship- sexual and emotional.

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