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Made It Home & Made Love

About the title: If there were room, I’d have said, “Made it Home from the Hospital and had Two Great Lovemaking Sessions.”  The truth is that our lovemaking sessions include sexual intercourse several times and usually 1-3 orgasms each. Now on with the story!

I made it home from the hospital four days ago, after a surgery that did not go well. And I know we’re crazy, but we actually got in a lovemaking session the next morning. Oh, it was definitely challenging. In the middle of the first intercourse, I had to get up to deal with my incision.

When I returned to the bed, Melodie shyly admitted, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I came while you were in the bathroom.” She looked so cute when she said it too. Of course, orgasms youthen her, so she was extra cute!

“That doesn’t bother me at all!” I said. “I’m glad you were able to come so soon!” And I gave her a kiss.

We did more of our fun routine of tip on nip + lips on nips + more X position sexual intercourse, but I finally came after sucking her left ripe raspberry, then her doing lips on my nip as I masturbated to an explosion of cum.

It had been a while between orgasms. I HAD been in the hospital for several days and hooked up to heart monitors and a camera looking at me while in the ICU, so Melodie couldn’t help me orgasm. We’ve done sex in the hospital room’s bathroom shower before (at other hospitals) while Melodie was “helping” me shower. But with my incision, I wasn’t allowed a shower while in the hospital this time.

* * * * * * *

Then there was what we just did this morning:

When we first woke up, I spooned Melodie, and we cuddled for a while. Then I rolled onto my back and lifted my PJ top and pulled my PJ bottoms down to my knees; then, she began fingering my nips and cupping my sac. I pumped my rod and told her we were priming the pump.

After a while, she got up and stripped, then went into the bathroom briefly to wash up, etc. She laid her sexy Nordic body down by me when she came back in, and I lubed her pussy with coconut oil. Then I handed her the small wand vibe and said, “Time to prime YOUR pump!”

But Melodie insisted on priming me some more first. She loved on my nips as I pumped my erection for a while. (We did some kissing first.) Then we switched activities, and I loved on her right nipple as she buzzed her clit. She was spectacularly beautiful, and I told her so.

She snickered when I got tangled in my oxygen cord as I tried to get up. Then, she again applied the vibrator to her clitoris while I went around to the other side of the bed and lay down on her left. Then I went to town, loving on her left nip.

Soon she felt down to check my hardness by squeezing my rod and said, “Mmmmm, that’ll feel good!”

“You want me up inside your beautiful pussy?” I asked her.

“Mmmm… Yes!” she replied.

So we slid into our X position (at right angles) and made PIV love for a long time. My health condition is pretty dicey, so my erection’s firmness waxed and waned, but we had a wonderful time. Melodie was still buzzing her clit and using her free hand to play with her cute raspberry-pink Nordic nipples. After a while, I reached up and took over her nipple stimulation with my left hand. We made love in this gentle way for probably 20-30 minutes. It was wonderful to be sexually coupled for so long.

Eventually, I slid out and climbed up beside my naked sexy wife to do nipple lovin’. She kept her vibe on her clitoris, and I loved on both sexy raspberries. I was pumping my rod as I sucked each delectable nipple. Finally, we went back into X position, and I was again quite hard.

“Mmmmmm!” said Melodie as I slid inside her beautiful pussy. “That feels nice!”

We were able to lie there at right angles making love—rather vigorously (the way we both often like it) for a minute—until I was able to climax. Melodie began twerking and doing her amazing Kegal muscle hugs that drove me over the edge into sexual ecstasy! (Vigorous thrusting for a long time probably would have done me in.)

I loved her so much! I slid up beside her, and she asked for her “whatchamacallit” vibrator inside her. I knew she meant her G-spot vibe, so I sat up and got it. I turned it on low (the way she likes it) and slid it way up inside her very well-lubricated pussy. (My cum was leaking out around the shaft as I watched the G-spot vibrator slide in. That’s a very sexy sight!) Her bullet vibe was still buzzing on high.

I lay next to her and said a quick prayer to God for her. I reminded Him of how well Melodie was taking care of me, and I asked that she’d be able to cum and have a really nice climax. Then I began to again give my best oral love and finger stimulation to her magnificent Nordic nipples.

I soon sensed a very short fuse. Melodie was sighing loudly, her full breasts were heaving with her deep breaths, and the boobies were becoming even fuller. Her face took on the appearance of a young woman 1/3 her age. I was soon proved right about the short fuse; in less than a minute, her shapely breast I was sucking on and tonguing pushed up into my face as her back arched off the bed.

It was obvious, but I paused my oral loving on her nip and  asked, “Are you cumming?”

“Y-y-yes!” she exclaimed in her husky sex voice. (I love that voice!)

I quickly resumed my nipple loving, and she had a lovely and well-deserved long orgasm!

“Thank you!” she said sincerely as I leaned up to kiss her cute mouth after her return from the top of Mt. O. I thanked her as well.

Round two would have been unwise this morning and probably dangerous. We were both satisfied and full of love for each other. (Of course, she was also full of my cum!) She looked so beautiful lying there nude in her post-orgasmic youthening phase! I even snapped a couple of photos of her on our private photos app.  

I told Melodie how beautiful she was. Of course, she scoffed, but I think receiving my love helps her to know of her beauty. She is beautiful in EVERY way, not just physically and sexually. My appreciation for all she does and is outside our bedroom actually turns me on IN the bedroom!

I told her again how beautiful her breasts were, and I cupped her nearest boobie and sucked briefly and tenderly on her nipple.

“You better stop that before you start something!” she warned. I knew she was right. We were very blessed to manage to do what we’d just done. Doing more would undoubtedly put me at risk.

Maybe what we’d just done was already foolish and unwise, but loving each other like that—including the tenderness, the closeness, and the erotic kissing-licking-sucking and pussy pounding, etc.—is such a fantastic experience every single time! In fact, it is an erotic yet Spiritual experience to make love to and with your spouse!

Lying there cuddling after I removed the G-spot vibe, I told Melodie that making love to her makes me feel young. I told her later this evening that I had felt much better and more positive in my surgery recovery all day today vs. yesterday. I also told her that I am sure that making love to her was a big part of that.

This evening, I was looking at the laundry hampers all full. I usually start the laundry, and we fold it together. I apologized for not being able to do anything. “I’m good for nothing,” I said.

Melodie’s pretty Norwegian doll face took on a coy look as she said, “You’re good for something! You’re still good at sex!”

I gave her a kiss, and we both laughed.

“I’ll just stick around to be your sex toy then,” I joked.

“Works for me!” she said, and we hugged and laughed some more.

I assume that this will be posted in a few weeks, so this update will be out of date, but I want to thank y’all for your prayers and your kind comments on my posts! I am progressing slowly but surely in my recovery from surgery. There are complications to deal with, and another surgery is planned down the road depending on how well I heal from this last operation, but God is giving me the strength to endure this and still enjoy life. God is my strength!

MH, if ya wanna publish this sooner, then that would be great too!

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Hi to our MH amigos!

    It looks like MH chose to publish this very recently written story soon! Thank you MH. I appreciate it. Thank you to everyone for your prayers in our behalf.

  2. Peterpan says:

    I always love the way you describe your lovemaking sessions with your Melody. Very visual written and also leaves some' to the imagination. So to say a very hot story. Thanks Lovingman and your Loving Wife of course!

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    So glad you are home and recovering. I’ve been praying for you both. Love that you still made love, and what a healing effect that gift if sex is to our body and our emotional health.

  4. oldmarriedcouple says:

    Your stories are very inspirational as well as exciting. They do serve as an example that we have to appreciate what God gives us on a daily basis. Like manna from heaven, we survive on the daily bread of our relationships, and that includes the physical relationships with our spouses. Normal aging can be challenging, but having health issues is even more difficult to deal with, and you two are a great example of how to handle things in spite of our earthly trials. I'll be praying for your recovery. God bless.

  5. LovingMan says:

    What nice comments you all made! Thank you! You warm our hearts!
    I am slowly improving – we even made love again this morning! We even managed a round two! (& it didn’t kill me!)

    SouthernHeat you are right that the gift of sex is a healing gift to our body and minds! I think we are enjoying our love life so much right now because we realize how close we came to me leaving mortality! OMC we definitely continue to appreciate what God gives us each day!

    My wife re-explained what the doctor told her after the surgery. He was wondering if I was going to make it. He was leaning towards not. So the many prayers offered in my behalf + blessings have once again helped me stay with my family, friends, and my wonderful wife!

    Thank you once again all for your prayers!

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