Drive-Through Amusement

A new fast food place recently went up in the small town close to us, so my wife and I went to get a bite to eat. We couldn’t believe how backed up the line was; it wrapped around the building two times, and we knew that the wait would take forever. But my wife was craving the place, so I agreed to wait in line. The line stood still and it did not seem we would be going anywhere anytime soon.

My wife smiled as she pulled a blanket from the back seat and laid it over my lap. Then she slid her hand under the blanket and undid my pants. She said, “It’s dark, and no one can see. Besides, we have time to kill.”

Having my typically shy wife act in such an overtly sexual manner made me hard before she even had my cock out of my pants. She knew just how to please me with her soft, gentle hand. As we slowly moved through the line, she pumped me and pulled at the collar of her shirt to show me more of her cleavage, my weakness. This was the first time we ever behaved this way in “public,” and the thrill of the danger made it all the hotter.  I was in paradise. Her hand moved up and down, tenderly stroking my dick, leaving me speechless. I had never been so glad for a long line.

After about ten minutes, when we were two cars away from ordering, my cum gushed all over her hand. Thank goodness for that blanket! I was still in a state of joy, gratitude, and shock all rolled into one.

We ended up driving home and eating the food on the way back into town. When we got inside, I grabbed her by the hair and started to kiss her neck, and she gasped with excitement. My hand took hold of her breast and stayed there for a moment, savoring the enjoyment she displayed. Her moaning increased as my hand slipped into her shirt and under her bra, taking her nipple between my fingers and toying with her. After a minute or so, I spun her around and kissed her long and hard. My wife reached down to my hardening dick, but I moved her hand away away.

“This is your turn,” I told her, then took her hand, walked her to the kitchen, and put her up on the counter. I lifted her to slide off her pants and panties as she removed her shirt and bra.  We kissed again, and I took one breast in my hand while my other started rubbing her pussy. She clung to me, so wet that she was dripping, and I easily slid a finger inside her. My mouth then journeyed to her nipples, going back and forth from one to the other like a slow dance where the couple glides across the floor.

I sucked on her until she cried out my name; her body shook, and she looked into my eyes. I knew that look. Her first orgasm of the night now handled, she was ready for the second. So I slid her hips closer to the edge of the counter, then opened my fly enough to thrust my reawakened member into her. As I continued to slide in and out of her, she wrapped her legs around me and bit my ear while her hand tugged at my hair.

After a few minutes, we both finished at the same time, her body shaking and clinging tightly to me. Both out of breath and fully satisfied, we shared a final long kiss.

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4 replies
  1. WeldersWife says:

    Ohhh very hot story! Playing in “public” is fun and exciting alone but from the wife’s perspective, I’m willing to bet that she thoroughly enjoyed being taken so passionately when you got home. 🔥🔥

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story. My normally conservative wife has pulled a stunt like that a few times. It is a blast when she does! I loved everything about this story!

    Maybe it goes without saying but your care in being sure she was satisfied too was nice.

    That image you described of taking her with her nude on the counter was soooooo sexy!

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Great story ! I love to do the unexpected tease him in public or be a bit daring ! Gets he excited thinking about it ! Very hot how you took her and gave her what she needed when you got home! Great job !

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