Ovulation Day (L)

One of my fantasies is having a “wedding-night baby.” I don’t know why, but there is no hotter thought than getting pregnant that first time with my husband. Imagining our first intercourse having resulted in conception—his sperm reaching my egg and creating a baby—is so hot to me.

When my sister announced her pregnancy, she had been married for 14 weeks. She said she most likely got pregnant on her honeymoon. How sweet is that? Sometimes I wish I had gotten pregnant on my honeymoon. When my husband cums inside me, I think about our future baby, about my body and how amazing it will be to carry a tiny human inside it.

I know God has a plan for us. Right now, my husband and I don’t feel the time is right, but we can’t wait to start actively trying. Just the thought of my husband and I being in the act of making love and feeling him let go inside me drives me wild. I imagine his semen traveling up inside me to seek my egg, then the two bonding into one to create a tiny human. This is an act of God. I can’t wait to carry our child inside me, knowing our act of love resulted in our child. I crave my pregnancy body and breasts, and I eagerly desire to have pregnancy sex, another new experience for us.

Recently, I started using a period app that predicts my ovulation date since we are using a birth control method that allows me to experience a normal cycle. When the date came around, I got extremely wet thinking about my egg being released. I roused my poor husband, who was exhausted but happy to wake up and make love with me. My body was calling him. It didn’t take long for him to grow an erection that peeked through the opening in his boxers. I pulled him out and felt my insides leap with joy. Gosh, I quivered at the thought of his cock being inside me and putting our child inside me. I played with his cock until I felt his release nearing, then I stopped, kissed him, and whispered, “Put a baby inside me.” This isn’t a new fantasy for us, but it’s so hot.

I got on top of him and ever-so-gently positioned myself. Then, I bent down close to him and whispered again, “Put a baby inside me,” as I started moving up and down. “I’m ovulating right now.”

My husband couldn’t respond as I started to slowly fuck him. Moans filled the room. I bounced harder and faster until I tired out, then he flipped me over to the bottom and took control. While kissing my breasts, he slid two fingers inside me and started finger fucking me to the point I lost my breath.

When I finally could, I yelled at him to fuck me; I needed him inside me. I pulled him in and whispered, “I want your baby. I want your cum. I want you to fuck me, baby.”

My husband positioned himself in front of my hole and started teasing me, but that just made me wetter and even more determine to have him inside me. I took hold of his cock and put it inside me. Gosh, the feeling was so intense! I felt my sweet wet walls wrap around him as I pulled him close to me and whispered, “Fuck me.”

My legs twined around him as he gave in to my demands. His sweet hard cock covered in my wetness plunged slowly in and out of me. I moaned for him to go harder, and he did, making our bed shake with the force of his thrusts. I held onto him tightly, and our bodies rocked in sync. I looked into his eyes, and he kissed me on my sweet lips. On and on, he rocked me.

A few minutes later, I heard what I wanted to hear. As I knew he would, my husband started to grunt. I prepared myself. Oh, how I wanted this, and so did he. I begged over and over for his cum. He tried to resist but gave in when I wrapped myself more tightly around him. I got even wetter knowing he was about to fill me up.

When he told me he was going to cum, I whispered, “Yes, cum in me,” and held onto him as his eyes rolled back. His semen shot out and deep inside me, where I knew my egg waited. If we weren’t preventing it right now, it could have created our beautiful baby!

My husband and I weren’t done yet. Before I could get up, he started rubbing my pussy until I came, my body shaking with pleasure. After waiting a few minutes for me to recover, he started rubbing again, and soon another sweet orgasm took over my body, building to a massive crescendo before releasing again. The intensity had me welling up in happy tears.

My husband kissed me again, and I lay back for a few minutes to revel in what just happened: I brought my husband to orgasm, and he took me to the heights of pleasure. On top of that, I was ovulating! Just knowing and thinking about his sweet cum coursing through my womb in search of my egg got me hot again.

I guess you could call this a baby-making fantasy, but it’s a hot one for us. I can’t wait until the time is right for us to have children. Then, when I ovulate, my husband’s sperm can join with my egg to create our baby. To know that our baby will be created out of love and from God is so amazing.

Sex is truly something amazing and unique, created by God to provide us with pleasure and with children. I look forward to when my husband and I start trying so we can write all about it here on MH. For now, I hope you enjoy our fantasy baby-making/pregnancy stories.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Wow! Your love and passion for each other really shows in this story! Very well written!

    Having & raising children is an amazing experience so I pray you get that opportunity when the time is right. Having and raising children is we mortals doing God’s work.

  2. Peterpan says:

    This story is very hot. Almost like I am watching you both having intercourse and trying to get pregnant. I wish for both of you that you get pregnant, and to have that experience of lovemaking while pregnant. Keep sharing!

    • Honeymooners says:

      My husband and I decided to wait. We were very young when we married. We did want to start trying 2.5 years ago. Literally, I got off birth control and we started trying. It was so much fun. However, the current pandemic was hard on us. We're still young and want kids young. We want children but on God's timing. I would love to have a baby inside me. Our baby. I want to experience pregnancy sex too. We would love lots of babies. However, we're enjoying each other right now. Of course, if God says nope I want you to be pregnant now then there's nothing we can do lol. We can try to prevent all we want and delay but God can say your time to get pregnant is now. Children are planned by God no matter what we try to do. I know it's so hard for us to wait but that means when it finally happens waiting will be worth it. This is why our conception fantasy is a turn on. When I get off birth control again, trust me we will not stop lol. It's a turn on for both of us just knowing our love will create our child. I'm excited just thinking about it. Well, round 2 of this story is coming up lol.

  3. Ron33 says:

    Hot story! I worked with a lady several years ago that got married and pregnant on their honeymoon. Kind of quick; you need to get to know each other. But for some people, I guess it works out okay. Hot story for sure!

    • Honeymooners says:

      It's so hot knowing you got pregnant on your honeymoon. Especially if it's your first time together. Just to think 9 months ago you were married and 9 months later marriage and love created a tiny human baby. It warms my heart.

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