Love Train’s Menu – Part 1

I like to compare sex to delicious meals. I also think trains are sexy! So let me tell you about today’s ride on the Love Train. You could think of it as us in the club car eating yummy food but with a limited but great menu.

My wife is near the end of a battle with a yeast infection (or some kind of infection) and so sexual intercourse was off the sex menu today. However, it was the day after Thanksgiving, so I got my holiday fellatio session with my sexy wife, Melodie. But it was different from most of the other times. Melodie has rather recently managed to overcome her problems with giving me oral sex outside of the bathroom. (Problems arose due to her being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.)

Today, she asked that I not cum inside her mouth. Many times she’s let me, so I’m not going to complain. Cumming in Melodie’s mouth was off the menu, but oral sex was ON the menu! Still a very sexy sex menu! Complaining by me would just limit the sex menu more and be hard on our relationship.

We started by having an appetizer called deep kissing. Another appetizer was me doing lips on her nips. Very satisfying! She held her full lovely breasts cupped on each side to offer me my treat! Then she did lips on my nip to really get me going. I was on my back, masturbating, as she cupped and gently fondled and squeezed my balls and her lips worked their magic on my left nip. All these were very nice appetizers.

I asked for the main course, which was for her to give me oral as I lay on my back IF she felt she could handle it emotionally in that position. As it turned out, she could and did with no qualms. I’m so proud of her!

I lay on our Queen bed with my upper torso and head propped up on some pillows. She went right at it and engulfed close to half my length as she pumped with one hand part of the time. Melodie has not given me oral sex in this position since the first time we gave each other oral a few weeks after our honeymoon. She has given me oral as a holiday treat (one or more times a month) for many years, so her skill level is off the charts! Her mouth is rather small, which means she has to flex her jaw to get it open wide enough to accommodate my erection. She gave me this precious gift for a few minutes this morning until her jaw needed a rest. I used our private photos and videos app to film it all. Seeing and feeling her magic tongue and enchanted lips like an alternative Love Tunnel caressing my bullet train… sigh! What a rush!

Next, SHE lay back, and we did another main course! I kneeled next to her, and she turned her head as I pumped my erection in and out of her mouth for a few more minutes. My heart and lungs etc. have made it very challenging but still possible for me to reach orgasms; lately, it has taken a long time. But to my surprise, I began to get very close to climax. Remember, Melodie had stipulated that I not cum in her mouth. So I withdrew and pushed my tip down to rub it on her closest smooth, soft, sexy breast… and I immediately came like a freight train!

It was very surprising to come so easily since between my bad heart and side effects from heart meds, an antidepressant, and neurological meds, it usually takes a long time to get me to arrive at Orgasm Station. But Melodie’s skill at giving oral is spectacular—as was my orgasm! It was like we were on the high-speed train we rode across Europe!

I know I’ve said this before, but I think it bears mentioning again. (Or maybe it “bares” mentioning again… pun intended.) When our sex menu is limited, we need to enjoy what we can and not mourn what is not available in this particular sex session or lovemaking session that we are in. We used to have lots more orgasms in a lovemaking session before heart failure, cancer, and medications’ side effects moderated our sex menu. But for us, love finds a way. We still have very regular sex in spite of the challenges. We also have worked on being patient and loving when our menu items didn’t match up.

Today, I dearly wanted to give more pleasure to my wife, but she was still too sore. So, we accepted that it was off the menu today. Loving on her ladyparts will happen again in a few days. And with the time off, her body will be begging for another ride on the Love Train—with a wider menu next time!

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