The Checkup (L/F)

This story contains brief strong language (L).

As we lay in bed at night, we discussed the next day’s plans. I reminded my hubby that I had my annual OB/GYN appointment scheduled for the next evening. Those appointments always turn him on, and he always teases me. He turned towards me and said, “Ohhh, nice. What if the doctor makes some moves on you once he sees your sexy pussy?”

“I don’t know what I’d do,” I responded. “What would you do if you were me, baby?”

My hubby said, “Oh, you know, you might as well enjoy it.” He didn’t mean it, of course; we were just teasing each other. But it started to get us both turned on. I ended up riding him cowgirl-style, and we both came together.

Fast forward to the next day:

I wear tights, pantyhose, and sometimes even lingerie under my clothes a lot. This day, I decided to go with a full-bodysuit lingerie piece. I felt dirty and risky going into the doctor’s office this way but just decided to have a little bit of fun. Also, knowing how I was dressed turned my hubby on immensely.

As I entered the exam room, they advised me to get undressed for my full exam. The lingerie piece I had on was crotchless, so I left it on as my boobs were easily accessible as well. I felt a bit anxious, not knowing how the doctor would take it all.

When he entered the exam room, he just stopped for a minute and looked me over. At the moment, I felt a bit embarrassed and just kind of looked up at him and said, “Is this okay, sir?”

“Of course,” he replied, “I should still have access to what I need.”

Let me add here that the doctor was so hot! The white lab coat against his darker complexion looked stunning, and the stethoscope around his neck added so much professionalism that I was even shocked at how turned on I got instantly. I wondered how in the world I was going to be able to control my response during the exam.

He sat down and began to look through my chart, asking if I’d been having any issues, so I told him that I felt like something was wrong with my sex drive; sometimes, I couldn’t get wet. He said he would perform several tests to see if we could figure out the issue.

First, the doctor had me lie back. He stated that several areas of my body should be most sensitive to arousal and began the exam by rubbing my feet and up my thighs.  I could tell instantly that I might have gotten myself into more than I could handle. When he asked how I was feeling, my voice trembled a bit as I replied, “Great!”

Then, the doc came around the side of the table and began to exam my breasts. I noticed that he fondled them more than at a normal exam. I tensed up a bit, and he asked me if I was okay. At my affirmative answer, he told me to just relax.

“You can trust me as a medical professional,” he assured me. “I’m just trying to get to the bottom of your issues.” 

I took him at his word and began to release the tension in my muscles, but about that time, he pinched my nipples. I gasped! It felt so good.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes, I actually do,” I admitted.

The doctor began to move back down the end of the table, but his hands stayed on my legs, rubbing them the entire time. He stated that he would now begin the vaginal exam. I started to get nervous, but instead of going straight to the inside of my pussy, he began by rubbing the outside. Ahhh, the pleasure began to mount, so intense for me.

“You’re still okay, still trusting me. Right, ma’am?”

“Yes, Doctor,” I replied, not sure if it was true. Then his fingers slid to my clit, and at that moment, I realized how wet I’d become.

“Mrs. Smith, you aren’t having any problem with arousal right now.” I felt heat rise to my cheeks, but the doctor reassured me.  “That was my goal; your body is doing a wonderful job of responding. Just relax, dear.”

He proceeded with the exam, warning me that he would now slip some fingers into my vagina. As he did, I couldn’t hold back a whimper, and my body shuddered. “Mmmm, yes,” he crooned, “that’s it. Just surrender to the pleasure.” He began to finger my pussy so hard and fast that I moaned aloud. But after a little while, he stopped fingering me, and I waited with anticipation for what might happen next.

The gynecologist came around the table and back to my boobs. He said, “I have something to try,” then leaned across the table and placed a clamp on my left nipple.

As he reached over me, I felt his hard-on brush against my arm. Wow! I was so shocked to realize he was enjoying this as much as I. A small gasp escaped my lips as he attached another clamp to the right nipple.

“How’s that feeling?” he asked.

“Oh, I love it!” I didn’t even recognize the deep, purring voice as my own.

The doctor proceeded to insert a dildo into my pussy. He fucked me so hard and fast with the dildo that I felt myself squirt a few times. I began to lose myself as the pleasure overwhelmed my body, moaning softly and basking in the bliss.

Then, I heard the zipper of the doctor’s pants. He said he wanted to try one more thing.

I knew a thing like this shouldn’t happen during an exam, but I was mesmerized and blissful. As he spread my legs as wide as he could and slid his rigid cock into my soaking wet pussy, I gasped, in awe of how it felt!!

We made eye contact as he moaned and said, “This has to be one of the best pussies ever. Mrs. Smith, how’s this feeling?”

“Oh, Doctor, it’s am-m-mazing.” I moaned. He fucked me ruthlessly until orgasm overwhelmed us both.

His exam finished, the doctor straightened his clothes and left the room to allow me to get dressed and ready to go. When he came back in, he told me he would need to see me back for a few follow-ups to ensure that the methods we had tried were still working. He also stated that I should include some of those techniques with my husband to enhance our sex experiences at home. Then, just before he walked out, the dark-headed, handsome doctor came over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I left feeling so hot, sexy, and giddy. But I also felt a bit of dread about describing the experience to my hubby.

When I walked into the house, my husband was already home from work, waiting for me. We sat down, and I began to discuss the appointment, not holding anything back; I gave him all the details. As I told the tale, I could tell he was getting so turned on. I reached over and felt his cock, confirming my suspicions. He was so hard! Of course, I still felt super turned-on, which lead to an amazing lovemaking session.

Afterward, my hubby told me that from now on, he would be at all my OBGYN appointments so that maybe he could watch the action.

“Whatever you order, Doctor; you know best!!”

This was an amazing night of well-thought-out role play by my hubby; he set it all up. It was an incredible night of super hot sex!! We love playing out experiences that we would never allow to happen in real life! I can’t wait for my follow-up appointment with my caring doctor/hubby.

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15 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    VERY sexy role-playing in this story! My wife & I did a role play on our anniversary a few years ago and she told me a month later that to her it had been some of the best sex we’d ever had.
    I think in part that it’s the build-up to sex in role playing that makes the sex so good!

    • Sexlovers says:

      Role play is an amazing way to spice things up and make it so hot!! Glad to hear y’all have had fun with it too!

  2. Lori D. says:

    The year after I was married I made my yearly appointment to see my gynecologist. My husband sat in the waiting room while I was completely nude in the examination room with my doctor. After he checked my breasts he continued to the part I dread, the pelvic exam. He visually inspected my vagina and vulva then moved to the manual exam. I could feel one finger enter and I squirmed a bit. Then two fingers entered me and I felt a little moan of pleasure escape my mouth. When he asked if I was okay I just nodded. Then he inserted the speculum. I felt the walls of my vagina spread wide open and again I let out a moan. He assured me he felt nothing abnormal and then suggested I have a rectal exam as well to detect any tumors or other abnormalities. I know I moaned again when I felt his finger in my bum. He assured me again he saw and felt nothing abnormal which I was greatful for. When my husband and I returned home he asked if he could inspect me. Being highly turned on I couldn't refuse. In bed I told him what the doctor did and he followed everything to the T. Then Jamie did what you described, he probed my pussy with his cock many times while checking my bum with his finger. It was wonderful and I did more than just moan. I shook violently during my orgasms, and I welcomed my husband's sperm into my vagina.

  3. Ashlynn2469 says:

    Mmmmm I love rolplaying. My husband is younger than me by 15 years. He is in the military and is not home very much and we dont get to communicate much when hes gone. So needless to say we do alot of self pleasuring and come up with some naughty ideas when we are alone. Some of them are so amazing we play them out when he gets home. Ive been writing about some of our roleplays and fantasies. I cant get enough and writing about us help easy my need.

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