Sleepless Night Away (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and brief anal play (A).

In the past year, my wife and I have certainly learned how to spice it up big time in the bedroom. We both have tried so many new things and have grown our connection both spiritually and sexually. We both have a huge passion and excitement for pleasing each other. The more we tease each other, the more our longing grows. We have gone from having sex once a week to every other day or at least three or four nights a week, and we are equally responsible for initiating some kind of spice, surprising each other with hot and creative thoughts.

One night recently, we were away for the night with our 7-year-old for a performance she was going to be in the next day. When we checked into the hotel, they had run out of single rooms with two queen beds, so they upgraded us to a two-bedroom suite. This suite was huge: two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, on opposite sides of the shared space containing a living room with a flat-screen TV and a full kitchen.

When we went to turn in, the little one felt wary in the strange place and wanted my wife to slumber with her, so I took the second bedroom for myself. It felt different to have a king-size bed to myself, but I made the best of it.

I got comfortable and watched television for a while. Then I checked out MarriageHeat on my phone, and my mind started to wander. It was getting a little warm in the room, so I decided to strip down to my boxers and sleep like that, but I kept thinking of my sexy wife and couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to pull up a video of us in the bedroom that we made the week prior, and I couldn’t keep my mind off her.  

Ironically to my surprise, I heard a light scratching on my door. “Hey honey, it’s me.” When I got up and let her in, she had a big smile on her face. “Hey, you!” 

“Hey, sexy!” I said.

My wife glanced down, saw my hard-on bulging out of my boxers, then smiled from cheek to cheek and said, “Ummm, you must be happy to see me!” Then she explained, “I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I would come hang out for a bit if you were still up.” But then she joked, “You are ‘up’ in more ways than one! Haha!” She winked and said, “Hold that thought,” before walking into the bathroom.  

I couldn’t help but eye her up and down. She must have been warm in her room because she went from a pair of PJ pants and a t-shirt to short shorts and a tank top. I lay back down, thinking of inviting her to join me in this king-size bed for a little bit, not able to take my eyes off her ass in those cotton shorts. Realizing we had to be up early, though, I figured I would try to behave myself.

The bathroom door opened, and the lights both near the bathroom entranceway and over the bed went out; only the bathroom light and one nightstand lamp shone onto the bed. I heard soft footfalls and said, “Thanks, babe, you must be heading to bed.”  

She came out from behind the wall leading to the bathroom. “Oh, yes, I am!”

To my surprise, a very hot and very naked woman was right in front of my eyes with nothing on but a big beaming flirty smile. She had her hair in a low, loose bun for the occasion, revealing her enticing neck. My eyes went from her luscious lips to the hard nipples highlighting her huge breasts, then down to her freshly shaved pussy and on to her sexy legs.

“Would you like to join me, baby?” I asked. I stood and put my hands out, pulled her close to me, and started feeling her up. Then our lips locked, and we started making out like a couple of horny teenagers. When I glanced to the left, I saw us making out in the vast picture mirror on the wall—so hot. Our hands roamed all over the place.

All of a sudden, I felt her hands go to the waist of my boxers. She dropped to her knees and pulled them down, then let out a moan.

“Oh, my God, you are so hard and look delicious!” She looked up and gazed into my eyes, then turned towards the mirror and started sucking on my swollen cock before moving on to suck my balls.

I watched all this in the mirror, amazed, and saw her reach for her clit with one hand and start rubbing. Then she stood up, grabbed my hand, and brought it down there; Holy shit, she was soaked.

I grabbed her other hand and gave her a huge smile, and then we went back to making out. Unwilling to break away, I backed her onto the bed and started sucking on her neck, something she finds incredibly arousing.  

She let out an “Oh my!” Only then did I journey down to her tits, their nipples now at full attention. I sucked on the left one and played with the right one as her hand wandered back to her clit. Soon she let out a pretty loud moan. “Oh shit, oh shit, I’m going to cum!” she cried out. That had me at full-metal hardness.

Then she tried something new: she tasted herself. What a turn-on!

Then I remembered I had a bottle of KY from the last time my wife and I went away. So I asked her to hang on while I went to my suitcase, brought the lube to the bed, and put some on my fingers.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and said, “Hey, big guy, what do you have up your sleeve now?”

I flipped her onto her back and spread her legs in the air, licking my lips. Then my knees hit the floor, her thighs straddling my face as she watched in the mirror. She was getting hot as hell. I ground into her soaking pussy, then tilted her hips a tiny bit to start rubbing her asshole. She couldn’t believe how great it felt.

Then, I grabbed for the lube, put a bunch of KY on my pointer and middle fingers, and started playing around her tight little asshole. After I got her nod and smile as a seal of approval, I inserted those fingers up her ass and began rubbing my other thumb on her clit in a slow circular motion.

Unexpectedly, I sped it up, then slowed it down, and I heard “Fuck, fuck, fuck—ooohhh!” She grabbed for the pillow to muffle her noises so as not to wake the little one up. All of a sudden, she squirted and came for what seemed like five minutes straight! Finally, I slithered up to her to start kissing her again, letting her enjoy tasting her juices.

Next, she stood up and said, “Take a seat, baby.” 

I sat on the edge of the bed, and she asked if she could have a seat, too. “Of course,” I replied.

She then proceeded to turn around and straddle me with her back towards me, facing the mirror as I sat at the edge of the bed.   She slid down and took every inch, letting out a sexy purr. She started riding me as I ground into her. While my hand teased her clit, she massaged her nipples. She came two or three more times on my raging hard cock. I could tell she was getting a bit tired but still having a blast, so I told her to lie down.

She giggled and said, “Yes, sir.”

I got back on the bed and put her legs on my shoulders, then grabbed her hands and plunged every inch into her, letting out a grunt. We couldn’t stop gazing into each other’s eyes. Knowing I wasn’t going to last long, I went at it, and she started grinding into me. My energy was so high, and she urged me on, saying, “Fuck me hard, babe—fuck me fast, babe—you’re in control.” My manly grunts and her womanly moans turned us both on even more.  

Within moments, I exclaimed, “Wow! I’m ready to cum so hard. I’ll pull out. Where do you want me to cum, hot stuff?” But she didn’t want me to pull out, and I really didn’t want to either. “Are you sure?” 

“Fill me up with all your hot cum!” Her response sent us over the edge; I slid back in and immediately burst inside her, and she started cumming so hard I could feel her squeezing around me.

My wife smiled from ear to ear, and so did I. I lay down, still semi-hard, and she wanted a taste. She licked our combined juices off of my cock for the first time and she loved the taste. Then, looking up, she informed me that she was still horny. She asked if I wanted to go down on her again.

I had never done that after cumming, but I was curious what we would both taste like. So I went to town, and it tasted great! I kept at it until she let out one last huge double-orgasm.

We lay there holding each other and made out for a few more minutes before she said, “Thanks for sharing your bed with me. Now it’s time to get dressed back in my PJ outfit.”  Then she winked at me and headed back to the bathroom.

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9 replies
  1. SilverGold says:

    Terrific, descriptive, sexy story! I enjoyed the parallels between the two of you and us. Suckling one nipple while playing with the other. Enjoying her sexy taste – both of us. Anal fingering – she loves and begs for it and it takes her over the top every time!!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I loved your story! Like SilverGold we saw parallels. On occasion I’ll lap my wife’s cum filled pussy and I love the taste. We use coconut oil + Aloe Cadabra flavored lube and very honestly it tastes yummy! So I guess it’s yummy & cummy! 😘 (But not crummy!) Most of our lovemaking sessions I scoop some of our cummy pussy mixed protein shake out and rub it on my wife’s nipples and enjoy licking it off!

    Like you, I have also been surprised & very pleased & turned on by sitting on the edge of the bed and my Melodie sitting on my erection. That is an amazing sex position!

    Your story is excellent and very real! Years ago we’d stay at a hotel or motel & sometimes send our teen kids to the pool for us to slip in a quickie! You were blessed to get a suite with separate bedrooms! We couldn’t usually afford the suites.

    Again, your story was beautifully written with such excellent imagery. It really celebrates the passion that can exist in married God-sanctioned sex!

  3. LovingMan says:

    I reread your story. It really is awesome! So I have to add that we too have had epic sex in hotels with mirrors! It is so fun for us to watch the action we were doing during all phases of our lovemaking sessions! We’ve had sex or done oral sex with mirrors next to the jacuzzi – in bed with the mirror on the wall – or in bed with the mirror on the ceiling!

  4. CreamyPatty says:

    I really love having hot dialogue during sex, and yours is great; thanks for sharing. My sex talk tends to be very primal and slutty, I guess because after servicing Jim I feel I can be selfish and tell him exactly what I want—and that's always having extreme climaxes as many times as possible. Jim really delivers because he loves me (as I do him) and wants to please me.

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