Wartime Bliss

It was November 1944.  Rip couldn’t believe he was really and truly on furlough, going home to Jerri.  He’d been gone for almost eight months.  After D-DAy in June, life had been one bloody nightmare after another.  It was wartime, and he was a captain leading men against the Nazis in France.  But two things kept him sane: his faith in Christ and his love for his wife.  Prayers to God calmed his spirit; dreaming of Jerri warmed his heart.  Every time he had a chance to rest, he devoured her image with his mind’s eye.  She was so lovely, so gentle and alluring.  Sometimes he allowed his hand to wander inside his trousers and massage his aroused shaft.  Jerri knew he did that; in fact, she told him to do it to get relief when he was away from her.  But it was nothing like making love to her in person.  He couldn’t wait for tonight.

The train station was crazy and chaotic, and he figured he’d never pick her out of the crowd.  Wait… no, there she was—in that same light gray coat that she’d worn when she said goodbye to him!  She was pushing her way towards him, delight and longing lighting up her face.

“Rip!  Oh Rip, darling!  My darling, darling man!”

“Jerri, baby!”

He caught her in his arms the second she reached him and swung her around.  Both were laughing, and Jerri had some glad tears dripping down her cheeks.  He set her down and gazed for a second into her eyes.  She gazed back just as earnestly.  They’d forgotten they were standing in a loud, busy depot.  Then she grabbed him behind his neck and pulled him down to kiss him.

Kissing Jerri was always new, thrilling, and fiery for Rip, especially after months of not doing it.  Her lips—so soft, so gentle, so hungry—nuzzled and nibbled and pressed passionately against his.  He felt the dark weariness of wartime army life melting away as his mouth covered hers, searching for every indent, every nook of those delicious lips.

At length, he drew back and sighed a little.  “Jerri, you’re so wonderful.”

“I love you.  I’ve wanted you back so bad,” she confessed.  “Everything’s ready for you at home.”

“Home!” he breathed.  The word sounded so inviting and peaceful.  “I’m ready for home.” He paused and shot her a shy look.  She read it in a flash.

“I’m ready for you,” she said.  The words were simple, but the rose color on her cheek and the tender fire in her eyes turned them into something erotic.

They walked home since it was only four miles from the station, her hands wrapped around his arm and his eyes constantly resting on her hair, her face, her body.  How he was looking forward to seeing her out of that coat, and that skirt, and blouse, and all the rest of it… When they got in the door, Rip set down his bag, tossed coat and cap onto a nearby chair, then settled at the little table already set for two.

Jerri had prepared a nice supper from ration supplies she’d saved, which they ate by fire and candlelight.  Over and over, Jerri’s eyes sought her husband’s face.  He was so tired, worn down, and weathered into a much rougher man than he used to be.  Depressed, too; she sensed it.  But Jerri was an unusually strong woman with a firm faith that matched his own, with courage and a deep love for her husband.  Thank God she’d gotten through the last months alright.  Now she would do for Rip what she was created to do.

Without a word, she stood up and took the few dishes to the kitchen; they could wash them later.  Then she returned, pausing beside Rip.  When she still kept silent, he glanced up at her.  The invitation in her eyes was unmistakable, and it sent that old fire into his body.

He rose, taking her offered hand, and both wandered to the bedroom.  Jerri said, “I’ll just be a minute,” and disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Rip remained stationary for a moment, basking in the quiet comfort of this bedroom.  He remembered the last night they’d made love before he left for the front eight months ago.  Of course, it might be very different now; he had a history of painful things to try to shut out of his mind.  But what a wife he had to help him!  Her gentle understanding and patience were gifts that he praised God for time and again.

Finally, Rip turned towards the bed while loosening his tie.  Then a door opened, and he swiveled around.  The sight startled him.

Jerri closed the bathroom door and leaned against it.  Her drab clothes and shoes had been replaced with the most seductive costume Rip had ever seen.  It was a negligee of some kind, long and white and skimpy, with a shockingly high slit up the side which revealed her leg all the way up to her hip.  The bodice was black lace, cut low in a sweetheart neckline that framed her beautiful breasts.  Jerri had seen a picture of Rita Hayworth in something similar and decided she wanted one to wear for her husband.  She had fluffed out her hair, and the soft curling mass tumbled over her angular shoulders with a carefree beauty that intrigued Rip.

“You’re a sexy man in that uniform, Rip Vallen,” she murmured, scanning every inch of his tall, trim frame in the olive trousers and khaki shirt and tie.  He was too busy returning the favor—devouring her with his eyes—to answer, so she went on.  “So very sexy.  I can’t keep my hands off you.” She slinked up to him, swaying her hips more than usual, and deliberately reached up and stripped off his tie, then began unbuttoning his shirt.

Standing still, as if in disbelief as to what was happening, Rip just kept looking down at her.  Once she had his shirt unbuttoned all the way, she slipped her hands beneath his undershirt, and he took a sharp breath at her touch on his skin.  It had been so long!

“Jerri…” he moaned before grabbing her against him and taking her lips with his as her fingers slid around to his back, pressing and kneading the hardened brown skin.  When Rip came up for air, he mixed passionate words with kisses on her jaw and neck.  “Oh Jerri… I’ve been waiting… so long for this… you’re so gorgeous… how could… you ever love a… man… like me?”

“You’re the man I always prayed for,” she returned, her own breath coming faster as his warm, moist lips traveled over her skin.  “Oh, how I love you, Rip!  I love you so much!”

“You’re worth so much more than I can give,” he declared, raising his head to look at her, a shadow of uncertainty in his eyes as he recalled his invisible scars.

“You have given me everything I ever wanted!” was her rejoinder.  “Rip, God gave us each other.  We’re in love, and we’re so happy.  Now, what are you waiting for?” There was a bit of a grin in her voice.

Touched and delighted, he consumed her lips again, his hands wandering over her shoulders and back.  The silky negligee was so thin he could feel the hot vitality of her body burning through it.  She was lifting his undershirt, and he had to break off the kiss long enough to get it over his head.  Their mouths pressed wildly together again a second later.  Jerri forced him back towards the bed; he fell onto it, keeping her clasped against him.  Just kissing would have satisfied him, especially as he caught the view of her half-exposed breasts crushed against his bare chest.  It sent quivers through him and a spasm of movement into his shaft.

Jerri kept up her kissing, straying away from his mouth to feast on his cheeks and jawbone, and neck.  Every inch was enticing, for her enjoyment alone—how she gloried in that knowledge!  And she gloried in the joy of giving him the same: only he would ever taste her body and feel her lips.  She stroked his dark hair, a feature of his she particularly loved.

His hand was creeping up the slit of her nightgown and trailing its way up her thigh.  She shivered in ecstasy.

“Yes, yes, touch me, touch me everywhere!” she breathed, attacking his lips again.

Of course, Rip obeyed.  Soon he arrived at her throbbing vulva, shocked to find she was naked under this sexy outfit.  She’d trimmed her pubic hair, and he could feel that the whole area was wet.  He rubbed his fingers over her labia, then searched for her clitoris.  The sensitivity of a million nerve endings sent electric shocks through her whole body, and she jerked.  He felt it, and it thrilled him.

With another long stroke, he asked, “Do you know how much I want to be inside you?” in a husky tone that almost sent her over the edge.

She grasped his bare shoulders, trembling as he kept caressing her clit.  Her breasts swelled and receded with fast, heavy breaths.  “Oh yes… yes!  Make love to me!  I want you… I want you so bad!  I want to feel you fill me!”

That did it for him.  No more playing around.  First, he practically tore the negligee off her, stupefied for a second at the sight of her, naked and womanly and shameless before him.  Then he rolled over and kicked off his shoes, sat up on his knees, pulled his belt off, and unbuttoned his trousers.  A few jerks and they were removed, followed by his shorts.  Jerri watched, hungrily eyeing his stiff shaft.  For her, waiting another second was impossible.

She pulled him down on her, helping him guide his erect rod to her love hole.  With one plunge, he was in; they both gasped at the overflow of sensations.  Rip lowered his head to touch her hard nipples with his mouth while she massaged his back and squeezed his butt.  Expertly, they synced their movements, his pelvis lifting as hers rested, then her hips rising to meet his when he pushed back in.  Rip raised his head enough to look into Jerri’s eyes.  This wasn’t just having sex; this was making love—real, God-blest love.  It was so comfortable, vulnerable yet safe.  That unquenchable longing in Jerri’s eyes held him captive.  Oh, he loved her so indescribably!  And to have her looking at him like this as she welcomed his manhood into her precious secret place and grasped it with her tender muscles and lubricated it with her aroused wetness… well, it nearly melted him.

But she didn’t want him to get off too fast.  She wanted the bliss to last for as long as she could make it last.

“Darling… go slower!  Stretch it out!  Let’s do it all night!” she pleaded in his ear.

Accordingly, he slowed his gyrations, though he quivered at the heat in her voice.  Every millimeter of movement flooded him with sweet madness.  Quickly he recalled that her pleasure was guaranteed by touching her clit in addition to penetration, so with one hand, he reached down and vivaciously stroked it.  He almost couldn’t believe that instead of the dreary Army tent, he was back in this beloved room.  As he listened to the moans of his beautiful wife instead of the rumble of artillery, his anxiety and tension were thrown away to make room for ecstasy.

As Rip’s hard body pressed against Jerri’s and his fingers made love to her, she kept her eyes fastened to his face.  She adored every angle, every mark, every crease of the taut masculine features.

“Kiss me, Rip.  I want your lips.  I’ve wanted them so long!” Jerri whispered.

Rip need no more urging; he’d been thinking the same thing.  His mouth, open and hot and wet, covered hers with frenzied searching.  She felt so soft, so fiery and delicate beneath him.  Her smooth, warm legs had wrapped around his buttocks, and her arms gripped him around his back.  So many emotions boiled up inside him that he felt it impossible not to let some of them out in words.

“I’m… starving for… you…” he moaned, meeting her tongue with his.  “Jerri, Jerri, I don’t ever… want… to stop… Let’s make love all… night… tomorrow… the next day… for a month….”

“Oh, yes!  Don’t ever… don’t ever stop!  Rip!  Oh, Rip!” and Jerri’s cries began to come faster as he sent his shaft deeper inside her.  Every lunge was more powerful, more filling.  He didn’t have to go fast; his hot girth sated her.  Besides, his skilled fingers plucked and probed her clitoris to the edge of wildness.

“Jerri!  Baby!” Rip felt the blood rushing in his ears and dropped his head into the nook of her neck and shoulder.  The sweat had broken out on both of them; they could both hear the squelch and slap of Rip’s balls every time his body reconnected with Jerri’s.

She grasped him, her fingers clawing into his back uncontrollably.  Almost it seemed he was part of her.  A little more, and they could melt together in the mindless glory of oneness.  Oh, how delicious it was!  It always was, but it was even better after months apart.

Jerri’s belly convulsed, and her toes curled and tensed as the first wave crashed over her.  “Oh, God!  Yes!  Yes!  Harder, baby!  Deeper!  Oh, good God!  Yes!”

At her words and the gritting of her teeth, Rip pounded with greater force.  He felt it very possible to stab so deeply into her that they would be bound together forever, and he wouldn’t mind.  She was shaking and uttered one more cry of pleasure.  Rip could feel her leaking all over him, and it sent him over too.

“I’m coming… Jerri… you’re making me… come so… so hard… so damn hard….”

“Put it in my mouth, Rip!  Let me drink you,” Jerri begged, struggling to sit up.

“Yes… yes!” and he pulled out and rose to his knees, trembling.  His orgasm came with a tightening of his pelvis and an almost deathly strain on his shaft as it squeezed out its fertile cream.  When Jerri wrapped her lips around the wet head of his meat and sucked, he groaned and gasped for air, his hands on her head.  Every spasm filled his loins with a luscious weakness.

Jerri let him fill her mouth and swallowed luxuriantly.  He was sweet, and she wanted all of it.

At length, he collapsed, limp and sweating.  Jerri spoke nothing, just inhaled fresh breaths and rubbed her hands tenderly over her husband’s back.  She gazed with adoration over the strong manly body, naked and burnished and hers alone.  As he got his breath and his heart rate slowed back to normal, he turned to look at her too.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said softly.  “I can’t stand the thought of leaving you again.”

Jerri tried to keep the pain of the idea out of her eyes.  “How long do you have?”

“Ten days.” He traced his fingers up her smooth arm.

“Then, Rip,” she paused, nestling close to him and placing her hands on his chest, “let’s make it the most glorious ten days we’ve ever had.  I don’t want to be away from you for a minute.  If we’re going to survive this war, we have to hold on to every good thing God gives us.”

Rip gazed at her, his innermost emotions stirred.  “The best thing He ever gave me… was you.  Jerri, I love you so very much.” And tenderly, he brought his lips near and pressed them to hers.

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6 replies
  1. SophTea says:

    I love your stories, so much! I tear up each time and I am always so moved by how much love you weave into these stories wherein marital intimacy blessed by our Father helps us move past separation and struggle. I especially love your WWII stories, just something about a solider coming home and ravishing his bride is so amazing, I almost envision my husband that way! God bless and have a blessed day 💖

    • LovelyLonelyLady says:

      Thank you to everyone for the kind comments! As I have said before, I love the WWII era. If the Lord hadn't put me on this century, I hope He would have put me in the 40s. This is a place where I can combine my love for that time with some Godly erotica. I'm actually a published author but would probably never write steamy stuff for public or mainstream reading. People I know (including family) would be shocked to discover that I write stories like those posted here! And to reply to LovingMan, yes, it is a very rich, helpful outlet for me to pen these works. God is good in giving us this gift, especially unmarrieds like me. I keep submitting new stories, but it seems to take a long time for them to go live. More are on the way! I'm especially excited about a 2-parter I have submitted which follows an American woman marrying a Nazi officer. Just to get y'all piqued!

  2. LovingMan says:

    LovelyLonelyLady I love your historical marriage-based erotic romance stories! Keep up the good writing! For me writing fictional marriage-based erotic stories is a cathartic experience! Maybe it is for you as well. I even have written 5 marriage-based erotic novellas that are all too long for MH.

  3. x&c says:

    LonelyLonelyLady, we just love your stories. I commend you on your strong commitment to marriage and Christian values, and yet the idea of married sex being so passionate and hot. This story of true love expressed by sexual longing was so passionate. The wife's longing and willingness to taste her husband by letting him finish in her mouth and swallowing his cum-nectar was so intimate and loving. Thank you!

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