Valentine Date

My husband is just the sweetest! On Valentine’s Day, he gave me flowers and a box of candy, and that afternoon, we went to see a romantic movie together. We don’t enjoy the crowds at restaurants on Valentine’s Day, so we made reservations for the following weekend at a nice fondue restaurant.

Friday night finally came!  I was anticipating and looking forward to our date night.

I dressed in a short, black, pleated skirt, a zip-up red sweater with a red lace bra (no panties), and silver high heels. As we were leaving our house, he asked what panties I was wearing. I smiled and said, “What panties? I’m not wearing any, babe!”

We arrived at the restaurant. It was upstairs, and he enjoyed watching my hips and legs as I walked up the steps in front of him. He said the swaying of the skirt was very sexy!

We enjoyed our meal and conversation, then it was time to head home. That’s when the fun really began!

I slid my seat back so I could put my feet on the dash, and my hubby rubbed his hand up my skirt until he reached my pussy. He started to finger me at the red light, but a truck pulled up beside us, so we had to stop. As soon as the light changed, he started fingering my pussy again. I got so wet, and he was smiling, enjoying this thoroughly. He continued until I was close to cumming.

Then I told him to stop, and I unzipped his pants and began a hand job. He was going crazy I had to slow down so he wouldn’t cum; I had more plans for him. He had to drive on the highway for a bit, so I stopped teasing him so he could concentrate. However, once we were on less busy streets, I started to stroke his cock again. He was breathing heavily, trying to hold back and concentrate on driving. 

I kept up the slow strokes just until we arrived home. Then we let the dog out and stood by the door, kissing, until she was ready to go back in the house.

Afterward, we went straight to our room. He dropped his pants, and I got on my knees so I could suck that magnificent cock. Mmmmm, his precum tasted so nice.

He pulled me up and kissed me hard. After I took my sweater off, he pushed me on the bed, pulled up my skirt, and started to feast on my pussy. In seconds, I was cumming, but he continued until I soaked his face with a second orgasm.

I was so ready to feel that big cock stretching and filling my pussy. Tonight he was so big, and I was swollen and tight.

“Ahhhhhh, fuuuuck, you feel so good.  Fuck me. Fuck me, please. Ahhhhhh, mmmmmm.” When he hit my deep spot, I moaned and squirted, cumming so hard!

He fucked me so well—wildly, passionately. Pulling out slowly, he’d then slide in with a nice, deep, long stroke and held deep in my pussy until I began to shake. Finally, he started to groan as he filled me with his big load. I moaned and screamed as I came with him, but he continued to slide in and out until he went soft.

Then he went down on me. This is something he’s only done two other times, and he gagged those times but did it to please me. This time, he seemed ravenous! I told him he didn’t have to do it; I know he does not like to taste his cum. But he was so into it! He said, “You love it, so I’m going to learn to like it too!” (Aww, he’s just so wonderful! How he loves me and loves to please me! I’m one blessed woman.) He thrust his tongue in my pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!” I came so hard! That was too hot and such a turn-on.

We then lay in each other’s arms. After catching our breath, we went to the living room and watched some TV, snuggling. I thought the fun was over for the evening, but boy, was I wrong!

By the time the program ended, I had gotten tired, so I left the room to take a nice hot bath and get ready for bed. Then I lay in bed with no covers, waiting for my love to get ready. My handsome fellow walked into the room and asked if I was ready for more fun.

“Well, I’m pretty satisfied from earlier, and I know you’re probably tired. But I guess you could give my pussy a kiss goodnight? I suggested with a smile.

He knelt down and began teasing, licking, and kissing my pussy. It didn’t take long for him to have me moaning and cumming to another sweet orgasm. Then he stood up, and I got a glimpse of that big cock just begging to be sucked. My mouth drooled with desire; I needed to taste him.

I leaned over and licked all around the tip, then licked each side, up and down his shaft, before grabbing his balls with one hand and the base of his cock with the other. I put his cock in my mouth like a big lollipop, twisting the hand with a tight grip around his shaft as I sucked and caressing and tugging his balls with the lower hand. Mmmmmmmm, how I love to give him these combination handjob-blowjobs! But I couldn’t wait; I needed that cock back inside me.

My husband climbed on, missionary-style, and I let out a moan as he slid in slowly. I was swollen up and wet, so his cock felt amazing as he buried it balls-deep.

I grabbed his ass, pulled him in tight, and held him there. My body shook as I screamed, “Fuck, baby, you feel incredible! Oh fuck, there’s nothing better than fucking you.”

He began those long, slow, deep thrusts, gradually speeding up. 

Oh, my God! Ooooohhhh, I’m cumming! Ohhhh, fuuuuck!”  I soaked his balls as I came.

He continued to slide in and out as he held me, kissed me, and caressed my hair.  But soon after, he rolled off so I could ride cowgirl, sliding down on that wonderful rod and putting my tits in his face. He grabbed my hips and licked and sucked my nipples as animal passion overtook us both. I rode him wildly, both of us sweating and moaning.

He said, “Baby, I love you so much! Oh, fuck, this is incredible.”

An orgasm overtook me; I came so hard! I slowed my motion so I could enjoy the wave of orgasmic bliss. Then I continued riding that stud until another orgasm hit. “Ohhh, fuck, mmmmm, ohhhh. Feels so incredible!

He rolled me off and went down on my pussy again, moaning and enjoying it so much! “Ohhhhh, mmmmmmmm!” He brought me to another orgasm. 

After I caught my breath, I said, “Let me suck that cock some more. I can’t get enough of it. I need to taste you; I need you to cum for me.” I got on my knees with my ass towards him becuse he loves to finger-fuck me as I suck his dick. Then I got some Uberlube on his balls and shaft and went to work sucking, licking, and twisting as he finger fucked me. The closer he got, the more turned on and ready for his cum I became. I let out a muffled moan as I orgasmed just before he shot his load. Several spurts of warm cum went into my mouth and dribbled down my chin as he grunted and groaned.

“Mmmmmmm, that was amazing, babe. Thank you,” he said. “I love how you suck my dick!” 

This had been an amazing night with my lover and my best friend. We hugged and held each other, kissed, and voiced how much we love and are blessed to have each other! We thanked God for bringing us together and for the honor of being married to each other.

It’s our prayer that our love continues to grow and flourish as God intended. May we never be guilty of taking this love for granted!

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24 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Hot story! Nice on not wearing panties. My wife stopped wearing panties a few years ago (unless it's that time of month) and it turns me on so much! As she's said to me, she really couldn't care less if someone catches a glimpse of her pussy. My sense from talking with her is that more and more women are now going commando. Hot!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      He loves it when I don’t wear panties or when I take them off at a restaurant and hand them to him!

  2. Plumb Crazy says:

    In your story, you have created what I would consider the complete summation of every thoughtful post and comment ever written on MH; it captures what is the single most important wish and desire for every man in the universe: that of being, Loved, Honored, and Desired by our wonderful wives. If we could have the wish of our hearts as Sons of a Loving Heavenly Father, this is how we all would love to be revered by our sweethearts. You, fine lady, have captured not only what we wish for in the bedroom but also the true concept of intimacy that is even deeper than "The Act Of Marriage". If, no matter what happens as husbands and wives during the day, we all could come(cum) together at the end of the day, lay down every contention that happened that day, strip down naked with each other, and share our insecurities and vulnerable weaknesses with our wife and have her accept us as as we are, as shown in you posts… well, we could build every protection, slay every dragon, and win every war that came our direction to infringe on our marriage and our families. Nothing matters to us as men more than to know and feel these things, so, well written. Thank you, SouthernHeat.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Wow just wow such kind words! Melts my heart ! So glad my stories portray our love! Hope to always honor my husband in my stories I truly adore him

  3. LovingMan says:

    SouthernHeat, this is such a sexy – erotic wonderful story! It’s one of your best!!!

    Interesting that your hubby/lover is usually reluctant to give you oral after filling you with his cum. We are the opposite, so I love doing it. But I don’t do it very often. But when I do, it always speeds up Melodie’s orgasm or starts her on the way to a second or third orgasm.

    I feasted from her pussy it last time we had sex – after I came in her – and I swear that Aloe Cadabra Tahitian Vanilla flavored lube + coconut oil + pussy juices + cum… tastes like European chocolate!

    Usually, to get my fix, I scoop some of our “pussy-mixed protein shake” out and rub it on her nipples… and have fun licking it off as Melodie comes while using her vibe!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you glad you enjoyed this story! I’m super glad he’s learning to enjoy cream pie

  4. Peterpan says:

    As usual another hot story from Southernheat. Thanks for sharing. I am always amazed by both of your sexual apetite and energy. I guess it must be some' that is in the genes. Enjoy it!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you ! We work at trying to stay hot for each other ! Sometimes the mind is willing the body isn’t cooperative. Most if the time we have plenty of energy

  5. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    As always SH, super hot, passionate, and loving story. I read it to my wife over the phone as she drove to work this morning. She said it sounded like us when we just can’t stop. It may be a little thing but I love your husband’s observation about your skirt. Made me think of a dress my wife has that we often call her “restaurant dress.” It sways and bounces just so perfectly when she walks. I love it when she wears it shopping; I always fall behind her a bit so I can watch.
    God bless

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