Honeymoon Patience – The Widower and the Virgin

I hope my story of first-sex difficulties helps others who might be discouraged that things aren’t “working.” 

Before my wife died of cancer, she urged me to remarry after she was with Jesus. “You were a good husband, give that capacity to love to another woman, don’t lose it. You need to keep loving!” 

I argued with her, “I could never be happy without you,”  but I knew she was right. I would long for the restoration of intimate companionship that I knew was so endearing.

God answered my late wife’s prayers, and mine, when I met and fell in love with a caring, beautiful, sexy woman who had remained single, waiting for God’s provision of a husband. A small group of friends and family attended our pandemic-limited summer wedding, and we headed on our honeymoon in a picturesque mountain town.

Our room at the historic inn was comfortable, updated, and well-appointed. We were both eager for sex, but aware of our different experiences. She was a virgin, only knowing the release of her desires in occasional masturbation pleasure. I had decades of mutually intimate, giving, playful sex in a previous and happy marriage. The fact that I was experienced excited her, and she couldn’t wait to learn all there was to know about having great sex.

Finally we were in bed together, tired from the wedding event and travel, but naked under the sheets and ready to explore!

My hands touched her body, and she felt her pulse race as I gently caressed her breasts, pausing to rub little circles around her nipples. As they hardened with arousal, I pinched and tugged gently. My hands traced down her chest and stomach to her neatly trimmed bush. I slid a finger between her labia folds and across the nub of her clitoris. She responded with moans of pleasure.

So far so good, I thought. I couldn’t have imagined being so intimate with another woman other than my first wife, yet this felt so right now that I had made a fresh covenant to love and cherish.

She touched my erection with eagerness, stroking my cock with the new holy freedom to enjoy her husband’s body. We caressed each other for a while, relishing the aroused pleasure growing in our bodies.

I couldn’t help but have a flashback from my first wedding night when as a younger 22-yr-old I slid on top of my new bride and so easily entered her wet and ready vagina. I expected the same again with my new wife and I moved on top of her. I rubbed my cock along her labia, which she clearly enjoyed with her moans. But I couldn’t find the opening I expected. She was tight, and after nudging to try penetration, we both realized it wasn’t going to happen. 

She was perplexed, “There’s something wrong with me!” She began to cry and we simply paused our foreplay and held each other. “Why can’t you go inside me?” she wailed. “What if we can’t have sex?” 

I reassured her that we would try again later and that I was certain eventually it would work. We prayed together, and she begged God to help her.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast on the old inn veranda and a day of biking on a mountain rail trail by a scenic river. That night we cuddled in bed and eagerly caressed each other’s bodies. But again, she was so tight there was no possible penetration. In tears, she worried again that after waiting patiently to have sex with a husband, now she was unable to. She fretted about how disappointed I must be, but I reassured her that I was OK and simply must be patient.

I knew that she so wanted the glorious “consummation” of a cock thrusting into her vagina, but I had learned over the years that good sex included more than just penetration. A finger on the G-spot, mutual masturbation, and oral sex all led to awesome orgasms. So after a few nights, I went in another direction.

My kisses of her breasts and nipples trailed down to her stomach, then her abdomen, then her inner thighs – until I was between her legs. Gently my tongue licked across her clitoris and she moaned my name. 

She was thinking, “Wow, so this is oral sex, I like it!!” I nudged her legs wider and with my fingers spread her labia so I could lick and suck her clitoris more fully. She began to squirm and arch her back as an orgasm surged through her body. And with gentle probing, I was able to slide a finger into her tight vagina and feel her becoming moist.

Giving her oral sex became the perfect foreplay that helped her become even more fully aroused. This intimate, erotic playfulness allowed her to enjoy strong non-penetrative orgasms, all the while learning to relax her vaginal muscles and get her moisture flowing. It wasn’t too many more nights before she was ready for me and my hard cock slid easily into her wet vagina, yes, “gloriously.”

Within weeks she was becoming highly skilled at love-making; she especially enjoyed giving me sensuous oral sex. And she writhed with the pleasure of multiple orgasms as I fingered her clitoris and her inner G-spot. Her vagina was now relaxed, naturally well-lubricated, and eagerly open for my hard, thrusting cock. No, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. Our bodies fit like two puzzle pieces.

What did we learn? Patience. Reassuring love. Taking time to enjoy various ways of giving and receiving pleasure. We’re glad that penetration eventually occurred, but our wonderful orgasms come from many ways of teasing, caressing, kissing, sucking, licking, fingering, and massaging, all of which we took time to enjoy. then and still take time to enjoy now. 



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13 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    GentleLover4Her, this is a great story. Your kindness and patience is beautiful!
    I think that this line was brilliant:

    “ What did we learn? Patience. Reassuring love. Taking time to enjoy various ways of giving and receiving pleasure.”

    I couldn’t help but notice several similarities between you and your bride and me and mine:
    -I was married before though single from divorce when I met Melodie
    -Melodie was a good Christian and a virgin and she had waited for 4 decades for me to show up
    -Went to a mountain resort area for much of our honeymoon
    -I also thought sex with my virginal bride would be a breeze
    -We failed at vaginal penetration on our wedding night
    -I treated her kindly and was patient
    -My wife also had that intimate erotic
    -We soon figured penetrative sex out and still enjoy a vibrant and loving marriage relationship including 3 decades of glorious sex!

    • GentleLover4Her says:

      Glad you've had decades of glorious sex! Ps 90:25 TPT We've been overwhelmed with grief; come now and overwhelm us with gladness… with decades of delight.

  2. Devoted2You says:

    Patience is key! I love how you shared the struggles both of y’all had and how y’all incorporated different ways to receive and give pleasure! I’m very happy y’all are experiencing such great, loving sex (the way God wants it to be between a husband and wife). Even the background stories on both of you added a nice touch to the overall story. I look forward to hearing more from y’all!

    Much love and blessings!

  3. LovelyLonelyLady says:

    I love stories like this. My prayer is actually to marry a widower, because I long for a man who will have experience and the ability to guide and teach me. God bless your new marriage!

    • LovingMan says:

      LovelyLonelyLady, I want to say that widowers are not the only worthy “once married” men out there. I know because sometimes divorcees are judged as not worthy. I met some Christian women when I was between marriages who openly said that they would not even go on a date with me because I was divorced. That is being very judgmental. I certainly made mistakes and committed minor sins in my first marriage and bigger sins between marriages – but I completely repented. I did everything that I could to save that marriage. But my then wife was done with me and done with our kids and done with Christian values at the time. .
      So, realize that a divorced man COULD be a wonderful choice for you. My wife was not judgemental at all when we met because she believes in the power of the atonement of Jesus… and she has been an awesome mother to my kids from my first marriage and we’ve have had 30 years as partners, soulmates, and passionate lovers!

  4. SouthernHeat says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. Moral of the story: Good things cum to those who wait!!!
    So many fantasize about the wedding night being perfect; it’s never perfect but still wonderful. Sex gets better and better the more you communicate and the more you both open up emotionally.

  5. Maxlove says:

    Great story! As a widower on the eve of re-marriage (to a widow), it's encouraging. My two stories on here are of my late wife. I'm hoping to share more, some from before, but mostly now from the new lady!

    • GentleLover4Her says:

      I plan to write about the tension as a sexually experienced widower suddenly without a partner. Would love to hear how you handled that period of aloneness.

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