Ron and Anne 13.0: A Weekend Off – Part 2

You may want to read “12.0 Anne and Ron Take a Weekend Off – Part 1” first.

It was the last day of Anne and Ron’s weekend off. Ron had orchestrated the weekend as the first step in his intent to change himself into a more loving, caring husband. It had been a delightful time alone in his boss’s cabin, away from work, the children, and responsibility. It was like their honeymoon again.

Especially for Anne, it was far more than a honeymoon. There wasn’t just sex; there was a lot of honest and open conversation. Communication that was far more intimate than any they had enjoyed as newlyweds. Mostly, it was Ron seeking Anne’s coaching on how he could be a better husband. But it wasn’t all one way. Anne admitted conviction about failures in her responsibilities as a Christian wife. It was the kind of conversation that ended Saturday night in what could only be described as loving, caring sex.

Anne woke early Sunday morning on her back and as naked as she was the night before. As she drifted out of her sleepy fog, she realized Ron was sitting on the side of the bed with a hand on her pussy, lightly stroking her lady lips – lips which were swollen with the affection they had received while she was still asleep.

She was surprised at how close she already was to cumming. She tightened her muscles to keep from leaking, but that just made the feeling of his fingers more intense. She felt her hips lifting off the bed and her legs began to shake. Then the dam burst as her pussy began pulsating. She didn’t just leak – she gushed. The contractions seemed to go on and on. Each contraction caused her to squirt. She was grateful she still had the hand towel between her legs from the night before.

As her contractions ended, she opened her eyes to see Ron looking at the soaked towel. He had that smile of satisfaction he always had when she ejaculated. He gently covered her pussy with his hand; then looked at her watching him and said, “I am so richly blessed.”

As the exhilaration of her afterglow faded, his smile disappeared. Looking at his watch, he said, “Our time is up. We only have a few hours before meeting your parents at church to pick up the children.” To Anne’s disappointment, he got up and giving her a final kiss, went into the bathroom. Pretty soon she heard the shower running.

Unwilling for the weekend to be over, she picked up her clothes for church and followed him into the bathroom. She could see his silhouette on the other side of the shower curtain. Setting her clothes on the counter, she stepped into the shower behind him and reached around his chest hugged her bare breast against his back. Then taking the bar of soap from his hand, she began washing his chest.

Gradually she worked the soap down his stomach. Eventually, her hand began to bump the tip of his erection which had sprung to full attention from the affection of her soapy hands and her nipples against his back. She began to caress his erection while gently massaging his testicles. Through his back, she could feel a rumbling purr forming as he approached climax.

He turned to face her, holding her tightly to his chest. She continued to fondle his testicles while stroking his erection. She felt him climax through her tightly closed fist as with a groan he came. He came hard enough that his sperm shot all over her stomach from the bottoms of her breasts to her pussy hair.

Spent,  he relaxed his hug. Then Ron began to chuckle and Anne joined in giggling, both of which became full-blown laughter as they stood in the shower just enjoying the delight of loving each other. Finally, he released her with, “We really do need to get ready to go,” and they both rinsed off.

Stealing a little of the time they had left, they took a few minutes to dry each other before getting dressed – not without an additional kiss or two. It had been a wonderful weekend. While straightening up the cabin and washing the linens, Ron stopped to ask, “I have heard of couples renewing their vows after a few years of marriage. Is that something we should do?”

Anne walked up and put her arms around him. “Honey, there is nothing we could do to compare with the love and commitment you showed to me this weekend.”

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Frankie, this was a great story. In marriage there are so many ways to please our spouse sexually. Great sexy way to wake and please a wife and the touching + hand job in the shower were very sexy way for a wife to please her husband too!

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