The Dinner

We were at our favorite restaurant in the back, and my sister was waiting on us. You kicked my leg. 

“What was that for,” I asked. 

“Scoot over,” you replied.

You knew I had always wanted to screw around in public but always told me no, afraid that we would get caught. But we hadn’t had sex in weeks because of you being gone for work, and I was dying to have you. 

I slid over in the booth so that you could be next to me. We talked about work, but I could tell that something was up. You gave me a certain look and slowly slid your hand up my leg, feeling the black lace thong that I had on. I kissed you and then pulled back. Your lips went to my neck as you slipped your hand under my panties, and started to finger me slowly. 

“I don’t care that we’re in public. I’m horny, and I’m getting laid,” you whispered into my ear. 

I gasped and smirked. This was one of my dreams. You took your fingers out and rubbed me for a little bit as I continued to talk about work and life. I wanted to kiss you so badly, but I couldn’t because everyone would know. 

“There’s a bathroom in the back, you know.” 

“No. I wanna do it HERE.” 

What the heck, I thought, and kissed you. You softly rubbed my clit and teased me, making me moan while I tried to talk. I didn’t care that my sister was waiting on us; she knew the unbelievable sexual chemistry we have. You began to finger fuck me, and I shoved my hand down your pants to stroke your raging boner. 

“You’re absolutely crazy,” I said. 

“And you love it.” 

I wanted you in me, to feel you fill me with your cum so badly. We made out a little bit while you continued to finger fuck me, getting more intense as time went on. You knew that I squirted with the right amount of pressure and the come here motion of two fingers. Thank God for that long silky black table cloth.

You stopped fingering me, so I purposely slid my knife off of the table and onto the ground, using it as an excuse to climb under the booth and rip your pants down. And did I go to town! You just went on eating your Chicken Alfredo while I made you cum, though it was hard for you not to moan.

This was so incredibly sexy. I couldn’t believe that we were almost having sex at a restaurant; the fact that we could get caught turned me on even more. My pussy was dripping wet by this time. I came back up from the table and slid next to you, and you rubbed me softly. 

“Damn, baby girl, you’re wet. I love it.” 

You kissed me and bit my lip. We both slid to the absolute back of the booth, and I got on top of you and started fucking you. My sister saw us and just laughed; I flipped her off and fucked you harder. You slapped my ass and then I gave you the ride of your life. I started to moan loudly, not able to take the pleasure.

Finally, I got off, and while you took care of the check, I waited for you in the car. I was under the blanket already stripped down nude, not that you could see. You opened the car door, drove to the park near the restaurant, got in the back, threw your pants off, and fucked me doggy-style. You grabbed my ass and smacked it until it was a cherry red.

To my surprise, you had one of my vibrators in the car. You must’ve been planning this! You turned it on, put it against my wet, throbbing clit, and sucked on my neck. It felt so good that it got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I got on top of you and fucked you until you were moaning. 

“Keep going, and I’ll cum, babe,” you warned me.

“You can fill me up in a few minutes.” I didn’t want you to orgasm just yet.

I lay down, and you slid yourself back into me a few minutes later, fucking me missionary style, one of my favorite positions. Not even 15 seconds after I started thrusting my hips to your rhythm, I moaned loudly and came. It was amazing!

You loved when I did that; it pushed you over the edge and you came inside of me. We both got dressed, laid the blanket out on the grass, cuddled, and looked up at the stars.

“I love you, baby.” 

“I love you too, baby girl.” 

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  1. LovingMan says:

    VERY sexy story! I’d worry about getting caught and arrested, but we’ve had some crazy brave sexual escapades in our marriage, so this is not totally far-fetched… especially if the couple was well hidden in the booth way at the back of a non-crowded restaurant and the waitress was a non-relative!

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