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Security Cameras (L)

This post contains strong language (L). 

From Mary Beth’s POV

At church on Wednesdays, Benjamin and I teach a couples’ Bible study based around Ephesians 5:21-33. We’ve called the study “Instructions for a Christian Household,” and on this night, the second in the series, we focused on the woman’s side of the equation: honoring and submitting to the leadership of her husband. The subject matter stirred curiosity and fear in a few, especially our pastor’s soon-to-be wife, who is just 21—the same age I was when I started to learn. But that’s a story for another day.

As we pulled into our garage, we found our back door ajar. Benjamin went to check it out, telling me to call the police when he saw it had been busted open! Scared, I asked him to come back and let the police investigate further when they arrived, and he did—reluctantly. He wrapped me in his protective embrace, and together, we waited.

Soon the police arrived and checked the house for intruders but found none. They asked us to come in and take inventory for their report. Our TV and other electronics were missing, and the little safe that held my jewelry and a small amount of emergency money. Upstairs, the culprits had dumped out all of our drawers and ransacked the walk-in closet. All my sexy and naughty nighties lay strewn in clear sight, and they’d dumped the contents of our toy box as well. The young officers took notice; while they remained professional, I thought they seemed a bit distracted by their thoughts.

When the officers finished taking our report and departed, Benjamin took me to his sister’s house to spend the night. I didn’t want to, but he insisted that he needed to know I’d be safe while he cleaned up the aftermath. Our pastor installs security systems as his “day job,” and Benjamin determined he’d have him set one up for us. Until then, I had to spend two long, lonely nights without him, the longest time we’ve ever been apart. Though the days drug on interminably, at least I did learn to enjoy FaceTime,  and Benjamin took a liking to it as well. I knew it would become a fun tool for our naughty moments.

Finally, on Friday evening, Benjamin took me home and showed me the improvements he’d procured: new front, back, and patios doors as well as outside security lights and cameras. All the door locks required fingerprint ID, though there was a coded keypad for emergencies. Inside, he’d commissioned motion detectors, and he pointed out the cameras in every room, including our bedroom. The control hub in the closet also connected to our phones. Benjamin explained that he needed me safe and protected when he couldn’t be home.

I hugged and thanked him for taking such amazing care of me, which soon turned into a heated make-out session. It had been so long! We started ripping and pulling at each other’s clothes. He’d stripped me naked and tossed me on the bed in no time, where I stared as he removed his pants and boxers to reveal the hard, throbbing cock I hadn’t had in three days. I watched him stroke it a bit.

“Spread your legs.”

Though softly spoken, the unmistakable edge of command in his voice had me panting and biting my lip as I opened up for him. My hot, wet, smooth pussy invited him, craving, needing him to fill it and feed it.

Benjamin grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed, then held my legs straight up against his chest on each side of his head. “I need you, Mary Beth. Put my cock inside you. I need to FUCK you.”

I grabbed his cock and pulled it down till I felt the fat head pressing into me and opening me. Once inside, he took control, lifting my hips by his grip on my legs and arching backward, his head thrown back in utter abandon.

I cried out at the sudden entry, and his concerned eyes instantly found mine until my panting lips curved into a satisfied, reassuring smile. Then I followed his gaze as it skimmed down to my belly, and there I saw a bulge.

Benjamin released an ankle to press where his cock head pushed up inside me. Then he took my hand, placed it over the bump, and covered it with his. He pulled out slowly before thrusting in again, and I felt his cock tapping against my palm. The sight made him seem all the bigger to me, so close was my hand to my navel. His hand pressed down over mine, and he ground as deeply as possible, making me squeak and thrash as the intensity of my pleasure doubled.

After several more thrusts, Benjamin pulled out and rolled me onto my belly, lifting me by my hips onto my hands and knees. He asked if I planned to be a good girl. “Yes,” I said, all the while pushing back, reaching like a madwoman for his cock, wanting him to take me and finish me. I pleaded with him, begged.

When Benjamin took a handful of my hair and pulled my head up, I gasped and moaned, “Fuck me.”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Fuck. Me.”

“I still can’t hear you, baby. A little louder?” I swear I could hear his smirk.

“P-p-p-please, baby, shove your big cock in me and FUCK ME!”

I yelped as he tugged me up by my hair until I stood on my knees, my back against him and his cock poking between my thighs. He pointed to the ceiling and told me to say it again.

I trembled. The cameras! Apprehension washed over me for a moment, but then came the excitement!

“Tell me again what you want. Then I want you to look at the camera so I can show you later how SEXY you are when you’re being pounded.” He grabbed my tits, the mounds spilling out of his hands as he squeezed.

I quaked. “Please, baby, give it to me. TAKE ME. Ooohhhhh, fuck me, Fuck! ME!” I felt so wild for him. Staring at the camera, I slid back and forth along his cock, arching my back just right to get the head to rake across my clit. Meanwhile, he pinched, twisted, and pulled my nipples so hard that I came hard all over him.

As the spasms took me, his other hand grabbed my hip and pushed me forward again so he could slip his beautiful cock all the way up into my pussy. I continued to gush, my eyes fluttering as he started driving in and out of me. My tits bounced around in circles as he pounded.

“That’s it, girl; take it all. Show me what a slut you can be for my cock.”

I’ve been taught that porn is wrong, but this! Being filmed by and with my husband and knowing that we would watch it together later had my mind crazy and my body tingling. “Yessss. Oh, YEssss, fuck me. Yes, sooo good,” I cried. “Fuck me; plant your seed in me.” I didn’t really think about what I said, just tried to get the words out loud enough that we could enjoy them again afterward.

“Oh, you want to carry another child of mine? Oh, yeah, I’ll sow my seed…”

At his words, my mind reeled, and my body started to convulse. My pussy clenched over and over, milking him, and my creamy juices gushed out around his relentlessly pounding, beautiful cock. Then my body ragdolled, but he kept up his onslaught a few moments more until I heard his almost-anguished bellow. I gasped and sucked in a deep breath, bracing myself just in time; his cock erupted, flooding my pussy with his hot cum while I shuddered and shook. Once his hot cum stopped filling me, he let go, and I collapsed face-first into the tangled covers.

The next thing I remember is waking up under the sheets and hearing, “TAKE ME. Ooohhhhh, fuck me, Fuck! ME!” I rolled over quickly and gasped in shock. Benjamin had his phone on his chest, replaying the security recording. He tilted the screen toward me.

I watched my beautiful husband taking me, pleasing me, and loving me like no other, and I quivered at the raw, passionate act of love. My submission to my husband allowed him to provide for and take care of me the way a husband should. Seeing myself like that was a tremendous turn-on, I have to admit. I’m pretty dang HOT.

I snuggled up to Benjamin and laid my head on his chest to watch the recording as my hand slid down, wrapped around his already hard cock, and slowly stroked it.

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11 replies
  1. 20sophiemarie00 says:

    Oh My oh my. I sooo sooo love this story, turning around the fear and violation of such a traumatic event of having strangers in your house and touching, let alone stealing, your things. You are a good husband, making sure she is safe in your home when you are not there. And you have such a deep, passionate love for each other and a sex drive that blows my mind. I know the rush of being filmed sexually. I've experienced it one night with my husband. But I think now, with the anxiety I'm experiencing, we should install a security camera system. I'm going to go back and read again slowly and really ENJOY it. 😉 thank you

  2. LovingMan says:

    Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! Wow! The husband in the story turned a negative experience into a positive one eventually!
    My Melodie also loves a good pounding from behind very similar to your description. It really works for us with her kneeling on and at the edge of the bed with me standing behind her… just like in the story.
    However, we never call sex or sex play “naughty” – because sex is God-sanctioned in marriage. Although a few times when we’ve done outdoor sex or car sex, I’ll admit that it felt naughty!

    • 20sophiemarie00 says:

      Dirty talk and acting and playing like we are doing something naughty can be and is a great turn on. Just like "My Husband huge hard cock" My huge Tits" My Hot Tight Little Pussy" "Fuck mme yesss Fuck me"….mmmmm im getting all hot and bothered

  3. Ron33 says:

    Good story. Funny thing about security camera's, a friend of mine left a game cam on by accident in their bedroom, said he hadn't picked it up in two or three months. He put the card in his computer and found out his wife had a lot of "alone" time when everyone was gone.

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