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All About Tip On Nip

“What is tip on nip?” you might ask if you are not a regular reader of my MH stories. “Tip on nip” is something that we figured out about 5 years ago. We’d already been married around 25 years at the time.

I first got the idea during a sex massage session. Since we both firmly believe that God can inspire married couples in their sexual relationship, I’ll give Him the credit for the idea.

My wife, Melodie, and I (Tom) take turns massaging each other. First, it’s therapeutic in nature and then it turns erotic… VERY erotic!

Here is how it happened that we were inspired to discover tip-on-nip sex:

We got out of our showers and set up the massage table, both still nude. I turned on our halite lamps and started a fire—okay, it was a YouTube fire with soft music on our flatscreen bedroom TV.

We are both skilled at giving massages. I was massaged first, and Melodie knew she was next. She massaged my back and neck then my arms and legs. I flipped over, and she massaged my pecs and then focused in on my man-nipples. Then she got more coconut oil and coated my man parts with it. She gently massaged it into my sac, then all over my now hardening erection. The coconut oil melted quickly. Things definitely had gone from therapeutic to erotic, and I was loving it.

She ended my massage by brilliantly pumping my erection that she’d coated with even more coconut oil. She used both hands in an amazing switch-hands maneuver. Since we were planning on having intercourse later in this sex session, she only edged me instead of bringing me to climax. (It feels great when she does give me an orgasm this way! But this type of edging gets me really aroused, so I’m harder when I go inside her later.)

When it was her turn on our massage table, I gave her a therapeutic massage of her back, legs, neck, arms, etc. Then she turned over and my hands and fingers wandered to her beautiful boobies and nummy nipples. Then one hand sought out her pussy to shove some coconut oil inside and to stroke her labia and clitoris.

While standing by the massage table and playing with her voluptuous breasts with one hand, I suddenly got the inspiration to do something new. I had never thought about this before! I handed Melodie the bullet vibrator, then I stood on tiptoes at first and began stroking my hard rod and rubbing my tip on her closest nipple. I think it was her left one. My other hand inserted one, then two fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out.

She gasped in pleasure, and I asked if she liked what I was doing with my tip rubbing on her raspberry (nipple).

I do!” she answered. And she sighed very deeply.

Then she proved how much she liked it by cupping her large left Nordic breasts and pushing it and its hard nipple up towards me. I kept pumping my rod on her nipple and my fingers in her pussy as she sighed more and buzzed her clit with her bullet vibe.

Standing up on tiptoes was kind of difficult, so I placed one knee on the massage table near her excited titties and continued what we’ve come to call “tip on nip.”

In less than 30 seconds, she came hard with pleasure-filled jerking spasms as she arched her back until she was on her shoulder blades and cute buns! “I’m cuuuuuuming!” she cried out in a gasping and husky sex voice!

“Can I lick your pussy?” I asked.

I WANT you to!” she pleaded. Then she opened her legs wide and used her hands to open up her beautiful pussy to my tongue and lips. It was a coconutty, oily but delicious taste.

“Put your tongue inside me!” Melodie demanded.

Of course, I complied as she thrust her pussy up to feel as much of my tongue as she could. I also lapped at her clitoris and took long licks from her vaginal opening to her clitoral hood! By the time I stopped licking her pussy, my face was covered in coconut oil and Melodie’s pussy juice! She had been breathing hard and sighing and even occasionally gasping in pleasure.

Next, I mounted her in missionary position and “rammed it home,” as the artillerymen used to say. Melodie loves it hard and fast when she’s uber-aroused! She pulled my face to hers and she kissed me, oily face and all! It was so wonderful to give her my passionate love in such an erotic way! I kissed and sucked her nipples and we did more tongue-dance kisses—all without stopping our mutual pumping of penis and pussy! I was healthier back then, so we had intercourse for several minutes before my cum filled her love tunnel with creamy evidence of my love and passion for her. My orgasm was huge!

Before I got up, I slid down and feasted on her leaking pussy. What an amazing taste. This was before we had discovered Aloe Cadabra flavored lube, so it was a more natural pussy flavor with a coconut oil twist.

Then I stood up again by the massage table and went back to massaging and sucking on her big beautiful breasts and titties as she resumed using her bullet vibrator. I rotated between sucking her raspberries, massaging and pinching her nipples, and doing more tip on nip… this time on her right boobie. My erection came back rather quickly.

Of course, she came again, and what a wonderful sight that was to watch. Her oiled body reflected the firelight and halite lamps. Her breasts heaved with the deep breaths she takes during orgasm, and her beautiful face was in ecstasy! Watching all that plus the wonderful sensation of the underside of my glans rubbing on her areola and hard nipple triggered my second big O of the lovemaking session. I came all over her right nipple and breast! So we pretty much had simultaneous second orgasms.

I switched to her left side then. I just massaged the cum in on her breast and returned to doing tip on nip on her left boobie again. This allowed me to pump my again returning erection with my right hand and pump her pussy with my fingers. She kept buzzing her clit with her vibe.

She looked up at me and said, “I love you, Tom!”

“I love you too, Melodie,” I replied. “You are so beautiful!”

“And you are so handsome!” she replied.

Then she pushed my right hand away, seized my oily rod, and began to pump it herself with her left hand. (Her right hand was still holding her vibe to her clit.) When she let go of my shaft, I returned to my rotation of stimulation on her beautiful breasts and titties: mouth and tongue on nips, tip on nip, hands and fingers on nips. I inserted the index finger of my left hand and turned my palm up then did the “come hither” motion to stimulate her G-spot, and she came again… and again.

In fact, before I got another turn to lie on the massage table, my beautiful, kind, sexy wife looked up at me and shyly told me that she’d had a total of five orgasms while we were at play.

We ended with me back on the table and her doing her magic massage of my rod as she leaned over so I could suck on her nipple.  I erupted in orgasmic joy all over both of our tummies!

If I remember right, I had three orgasms in this lovemaking session. Melodie’s five orgasms were phenomenal for her! I was so proud of her for letting go of her inhibitions and reveling in the joyous sexual sensations!

(By the way, a few days later I lowered the level of our massage table so I could do tip on nip with both feet on the floor.)

So, tip on nip is something we do nearly every time we make love. Usually, I kneel next to her on the bed. I have described sex that includes tip on nip many times in my MH stories, but there’s one more true tip on nip sex story ready that’s coming up as my next post. That story happened this morning, and afterward, I felt I should share with my MH friends about how I was first inspired to do tip on nip. One of the things we’ve learned from MH is that not everyone has the same sex menu. So maybe tip on nip won’t rock your world. But it sure has rocked ours and really enhanced our lovemaking sessions! We highly recommend it!

Keep on lovin’!


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5 replies
  1. JavaRN says:

    LovingMan, wow what an incredibly sexy, hot and stimulating story. That is so incredible that even after so many years of marriage you all still find creative ways of sex and lovemaking. God has definitely blessed you two!! And I agree with you: I love the taste of coconut oil and come mixed together! (Especially when it’s hers, mine and the oil). Wasn’t planning on waking up this morning and getting so turned on, but after reading that I definitely had to reach for the coconut oil myself!

    • LovingMan says:

      JavaRN thank you for your kind comments. I guess it’s never too late to learn something new…. even in sex. And you are right, we ARE very blessed to have each other! I am sure eating a pussy-mixed protein shake may gross out some people – but whatever works for the couple within their marriage covenants is fine in my book. Everyone is allowed their preferences.

    • LovingMan says:

      Really King Arthur? I thought WE discovered that?

      OK, just kidding. There is probably nothing new to discover in sex …that other people for thousands of years haven’t tried… except that new things… that are new to the couple are THEIR new discoveries for them. I know MH has given US some ideas!

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Tip on nip is one of our enjoyments as well. Occasionally we do tip on clit. I read about a couple whose wife would push her clit into the end of his penis head. We do this sometimes, and it is exceptionally intense!….especially if she is doing the thrusting….🤷🏻‍♂️. Also, though she is not into anal intercourse, she does like me enjoying her rosebud on the tip of my cock!

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