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President’s Day Tip On Nip

For about a week my wife’s genitalia has had another bacterial infection. She’s got a form of treatable cancer, so she’s on chemo pills every day. The chemo meds suppress her immune system, and sadly, that leads to more infections.

So although we had amazing oral and vaginal sex a week or so ago on Valentine’s Day, today we had to take vaginal sex and even vaginal touching off the menu. The chemo pills sometimes cause sores in her mouth, so my holiday oral sex was also off the sex menu this time.

But it’s been a week since she’s cum, and it’s been five days on antibiotics, so my sexy wife could now be touched on her clitoris although her love canal was still too sore. My recovery from surgery was making progress, but pretty slowly, so we couldn’t go out somewhere fun like we usually do on holidays.

I had made homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast to help make the day a little more special. Now it was midday on President’s Day. Since we were stuck at home, I decided to have us do something fun in the bedroom. I went into the living room where Melodie was watching a movie on TV that she’d seen before. I had just taken a midday shower and wore nothing but my robe when I walked in. I had edged some in the shower, and I was still partially hard.

I sat on the other couch with my robe “accidentally” falling open and talked to her about what things we could do (and could not do) sexually to celebrate the holiday at home. I knew she could see my partially hard penis as we talked because she kept glancing at it. Finally, I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

She was a bit apprehensive because she was still pretty sore inside. But lately, we have a full lovemaking session every three days, so after seven days of no orgasms, she was wired! So I removed my robe, and she stripped off her clothes.

I should mention that my kind wife gives me an orgasm every non-sexual intercourse day via stimming my nipples as I masturbate, or I get oral sex on holidays or a hand job or a sexy happy-ending massage. 

Even so, I had missed filling her pussy with my erection and my semen. Plus I missed giving her orgasms though I had been given an orgasm or two every single one of those seven days. But SHE had been untouchable down there all week (although she DID let me lick and suck and love on her gorgeous breasts yesterday.) So like I said before, she was wired today! In fact, I’m sure that the boobie play yesterday had her even more excited today!

We started nude on the bed with her sitting up and me gently scratching her lovely back. Although she’s 70, her unbelievable skin looks like no one told it how to age.

Then she lay down next to me, and we had some nice kisses—REALLY nice ones with some excellent tongue dancing! She began to pinch and squeeze her nips. That is a good sign that she’s getting really into it!

So I moved to her breasts, cupped one, and nip-stimmed the other with my mouth. When I got coconut oil on my fingers and began stroking her clitoris, she sighed and returned to pinching and pulling on the nipple that wasn’t in my mouth.

She requested her vibe, so I handed it to her. We couldn’t insert the G-spot vibe today, but as she started to buzz just her clit, I moved into tip-on-nip position with me kneeling by her ribs. I started by rubbing coconut oil on her nipples and then pumped my erection as I rubbed my glans on her nipple. My free hand played with her other nipple.

I’m telling you, this was a wonderful sight! She cupped the side of her boobie and pushed it more into my pumping penis. I could feel my balls rubbing on her arm and the side of her ample breast. But the tip of my member on her nipple was intense!

Because of my very bad heart, I took two 20-second rest breaks, then went back to doing tip on nip after each break. During the second break, I added Aloe Cadabra Mango-flavored lube and more coconut oil to the nipple that I was stimulating. So after the second rest break (or the third time of doing tip on nip), we were both ready! The third time is the charm!

She was getting close as I pumped my rod while my glans rubbed her tittie; I could tell. But I got a sudden urge to kiss her sexy and very kissable mouth. With our mouths open, we started touching our tongues and moving them back and forth like I do when I am giving her oral on her clitoris.

As we played tongue games, Melodie came strongly. Yes, her cumming as I’m deeply kissing her has happened before, and it’s great fun! I think her orgasm was so good due to all those non-orgasm days preceding it. I knew I was close to MY orgasm too, so I kneeled back up and went back to doing tip on nip.

She reminded me of our rule: “If you can cum, then do!” she said.

Her giving that invitation turned me on even MORE!

After watching my beautiful best friend cum and seeing the youthening effects on her, plus seeing and FEELING that beautiful breast and perfect ripe raspberry nipple on the underside of my super-sensitive glans… my orgasm was triggered, and it was a doozy too!

I came all over her right boobie and especially on her nipple. She went to start wiping it off, but I wanted to check off a bucket list item.  I stopped her from wiping off her boob, and I licked some of our special mixture off her shining coconut oil, Aloe Cadabra, and cum-covered breast!!! (I’ve been wanting to cum on her gorgeous breast and lick it off for some time!) It was delicious!

I kneeled back up and said, “Mmmmm, mango-flavored boobies!”

Melodie rolled her eyes at my comment.

She had reapplied her vibe to her clit while we had been doing more tip on nip, and if she wasn’t sore, she could certainly have had another nice orgasm.

So although I would have loved to slide into her gorgeous pussy, I could not do that today. However, we’d both had great orgasms, so we were content with the delights of today’s sex menu and sex banquet.   It would have made no sense to whine about what we couldn’t do.

By the way, over the last five years, we’ve had many simultaneous orgasms while doing tip on nip. But this is the first time I had more than a tiny taste.  Of course, if you’ve read my stories on MH you know that often after creaming my wife’s pussy, I scoop some of our flavored protein shake onto her nips, and I love licking off the tasty treat!

Later in the day, I told Melodie that as long as we are healthy enough to have sex, we’d keep at it because making love to her, no matter what is on the sex menu, is Nirvana every single time! We both are very grateful to the Lord that our lives have been preserved to still be together in mortality when it easily could be otherwise!


It is now three days later, and I had not posted this story yet.  So, I decided to let y’all know that my sexy wife is doing better and we had a lovely lovemaking session this morning. Yes, it included tip on nip on both sides – AKA on both of her cute nipples. AND it was wonderful to again feel that most beautiful and erotic of all caresses: her hugging my erection with her Kegel muscles as I pumped her pretty pussy full of my love!

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