Workout Pants, A Husband’s Best Friend

My wife and I are a late-middle-aged couple, both 5’4″ tall.  I have a slender frame, but I have put on a few extra pounds around my middle over the years (a little bit of a “papa” belly.)

Janet has a medium frame, and like me, she has a little more weight around the waist than she would like—a muffin top, as she calls it.   Of course, like most women, she hates those few extra pounds. However, she knows how to dress to camouflage her little “faults,” and I know that her normal, late middle-aged appearance results from two great children that God has given us.  Besides, I find her large bosom to be most attractive.
Janet’s legs, although not thin, are quite shapely.  She has a variety of workout pants in her wardrobe.  Some fit loosely for just lounging around the house.  Other pairs are in the more formfitting category.  Of course, I LOVE it when she wears the tighter workout pants.  All of the athletic pants look great on her, but I have my particular favorite, a dark gray pair with white threads blended into the fabric.   The contrasting white pattern in the gray shows off Janet’s curves, and they fit her especially well.  I can’t keep my eyes off her on any given day, but this pair of workout pants demands my attention!  The fabric hugs her rear end perfectly and shows off the shape of her thighs and calves.  I know I am a very blessed husband to have such an intelligent, respectful Christian wife.  But I also enjoy the blessings of her physical beauty as well.  I enjoy seeing her in any of her outfits, but Janet’s workout pants really do a number on my libido!
One Saturday—mid-morning, after being up a while and showered—we started getting ready to go and watch one of our grandkids play baseball.  I was finishing up in our bedroom when I realized I needed to change shirts so I would be wearing our grandson’s team colors.  My wife was in our large master closet, still choosing her outfit for the day.  Our closet has two tiers of horizontal rods nearly all the way around for maximum storage space, and when I walked into the room, I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find Janet standing on a folding stepstool that we sometimes use to reach the higher clothing rod.
Janet had on a maroon tank top and dark red underwear—and nothing else!  I noticed the top was nicely tight on her upper body,  but with her up on the step stool, I had a most impressive view of her lovely rear end (nearly at eye level.)  The creamy skin tone of her silky smooth legs contrasted nicely with the darker clothing.  My husbandly eyes drank in the sight of her half-dressed body as she reached up to sort through her row of tops.  I quickly changed my shirt, then noticed Janet was still trying to make her choice.
“Need any help?” I asked.  Honestly, I was totally sincere in offering my advice with no strings attached.
My wife evidently anticipated that my question would be followed by some degree of physical touching somewhere on her body.  (It has been known to happen!)  “No, I don’t!” she answered, glancing back to check the location of my hands since she was rather vulnerable up on the step stool, her invitingly smooth bare legs just waiting for my touch.
“Okay,” I responded, “I was just offering to help!  I know we don’t have any time to horse around!”
Janet chose a light blue long-sleeved shirt and stepped down to the floor.  As she buttoned her top, my wife asked me to hand her a pair of her workout pants that were located closer to where I was standing in the closet.  Of course, I chose my favorite pair.
“Here, wear these!” I suggested.  “They’re one of my favorite pairs, and they look really good on you!”
Janet smirked, “They’re your favorites because they are tight!”
“Well, yeah.” I grinned.  “And because they look really good on you!” I reiterated.  Perhaps she accepted my choice as a loving repayment for her mistrust while on the step stool; it was too close to game time for further discussion.  She took the pants offered, and I exited our closet.
I stood waiting in our tall entryway to hold the door open for her when my wife came down the stairs.  Janet’s hair was nicely done, her face carrying just a hint of makeup.  She moved carefully, holding the rail, and her slow descent gave me all the time I needed to enjoy the sight of her in a casual but VERY  appealing outfit.  The top two buttons of her light blue shirt were open, which allowed my eyes a tantalizing peek of the very top of her cleavage left uncovered by the scooped neckline of her tank.  The partially fastened shirt gave enough camouflage to hide Janet’s little bit of extra around her middle, but the top half of the shirt was nicely snug against the wonderful curves of her ample bosom.  Then there were my favorite workout pants, hugging her shapely thighs and calves to perfection.
When Janet wears her tighter athletic pants in public, she always chooses a shirt long enough to cover most of her rear end.  My wife doesn’t want anyone to think she is trying to “show off her butt” with her snug pants.  With the proper choices,  Janet had transformed what she would describe as an immodest “look at my butt” situation into a more age-appropriate “my bottom is covered, but you can notice my legs” affair.  The way Janet holds herself in both attitude and appearance is a vision of “modestly sexy.”  I love that aura because her beautiful curves are still evident no matter how she tries.  I’m not trying to sound prideful, but I don’t mind “showing off” my intelligent, attractive, well-dressed spouse.  At the end of the day,  like other fortunate husbands, I am the lucky one enjoying every bit of her behind closed doors.
As she reached the bottom of the stairs, all I could think to myself was “Wow!” as I ran my eyes from her face to her toes and back up again.  Then my beautiful wife leaned forward and gave me an even better glance at her cleavage as her upper body and breasts twisted and shifted from the simple, innocent action of slipping on her shoes.  When she stood up straight, I took the opportunity to initiate our morning kiss.  It is our quick little ritual that we share to give each other a sweet little kiss on the lips before I leave for work or just to start our day.  The morning had been a little hurried due to our “places to go, people to see” circumstances, so I leaned toward her, and we had our short little kiss just before we headed out the door.  But I held her shoulder so she couldn’t back away as the kiss ended, and I looked lovingly in her eyes.
“You look soooo nice!” I complimented.  “I need another one!”  We enjoyed a second kiss on the lips, and I made sure this one was longer and firmer, sending a signal to my beautiful wife about my husbandly infatuation.
“Okay,” Janet stated as she backed away, ending our short-and-sweet romantic interlude.  Her eyes gleamed.  “Save some of that for later!” she teased as we scurried out the door and headed to the grandkid’s game.
We thoroughly enjoyed watching our grandson and his team play together, and I had the added pleasure of watching my wife all during the game in one of her most attractive outfits.  My eyes followed all of her movements as we cheered and encouraged the kids.  I especially enjoyed watching her walk around in those athletic pants.
After the game, we drove back home to have a small bite of lunch.  The kids and grandkids would be busy this particular afternoon, and we planned to do some yard work.  However, I had the earlier vision of Janet’s half-dressed body up on the stepstool in our closet still imprinted in my mind.  The added enjoyment of seeing her in such an appealing outfit (with my favorite workout pants) all morning had allowed my desire to build, and now I wanted nothing more than to make love to her.  Plus, her comment as we left for the baseball outing kept echoing in my head.  How much “later” did she mean when she told me to “save it?”  All the possibilities were making my head spin!  I don’t know if Janet’s first actions when we arrived home were intentional or not, but they certainly set the tone for the next couple of hours.
In our usual fashion, we came in and left our shoes and socks at the door.  As we prepared a light snack to fuel us for our  yard work, my wife complained about the overly warm temperature in the house and promptly removed her shirt “to cool off.”  In public, she would have never taken off her overshirt.  She’d think that exhibiting her entire backside in snug workout pants would be too immodest, to say nothing of the tight tanktop hugging her bosom and the little extra around her middle.  (Believe me, I did not focus on her perceived physical flaws with all her enticing curves drawing my attention.)  But in the privacy of our own home today, she had no hesitation in displaying for my eyes.
Now, as she moved about the kitchen, I couldn’t stop looking at her ample chest in that tight tank top or her lower half in those formfitting athletic pants.  To make matters even harder (pun definitely intended), Janet kept finding reasons to reach up to the high shelves in the cabinet, such as to retrieve some smaller plates for us to use or to put loose items away.  Stretching up even just a little to perform those tasks accentuated her legs and rear even more, and I was rapidly losing any interest in yard work.  Instead, I became extremely interested in testing the waters to see if my wife’s private little show could lead to more intimate possibilities.  Knowing the kids would be busy for at least a few hours allowed for all kinds of opportunities!
I settled down a bit as we ate our lunch while sitting at our long countertop, and Janet read emails on her phone while we ate.  Sitting beside my distracted wife gave me plenty of time to gaze at her upper body with its bit of exposed cleavage.  I don’t know if it was simply my opportunity taken or her opportunity given, but the effect on my desire was the same.  We finished our lunch, and then I encountered “the last straw” that demolished any remaining willpower I had to “save some for later” (Janet’s earlier hint of the prospect of physical delights.)  The sight of my wife leaning against the sink while rinsing the dishes rekindled my desires.  I had a great view of her profile, and the curves of her chest, rear, and legs melted my resistance.
I walked over, leaned against Janet’s back, and put my chin on her shoulder to whisper in her ear.  “You look sooo nice in this outfit,” I murmured.  Then, I kissed the area of the side of her neck where it blended into her shoulder.  I reached around her, my right hand and arm circling her torso.  “In fact, you are irresistible.”  I kept nuzzling at her neck.  “I don’t think I can wait until later… I am CRAVING you!”  I hugged her a little more firmly.
“What about the yard work?” she asked, drying her hands on a towel without disrupting my affectionate actions.
My husbandly instincts detected an opportunity.  “I think we should save the work for later… and play now!” I answered.
“Of course you do!” Janet smiled.  “You always pick the worst time to start these things,” she chided.
I had already formed my arguments.  “No, this is the best time,” I retorted.  “If we do the yard work now, we might be too tired to have fun later.  Or the kids might call us for dinner or something.  It’s better to play now!”
“Mmmm,” Janet murmured.  “Maybe.”
I leaned my pelvis forward, pressing my rock-hard erection against her rear.  “I really, REALLY want you!  I’ve been aching for you since I saw you in the closet this morning!” I confessed.
“HA!” Janet exclaimed.  “I KNEW that would happen!  I was trying to hurry and get dressed, but you came in too soon!”
“No,” I replied, “I came in at just the right time!”  I nuzzled her neck while I moved my forearm upward to press against the bottom of her breasts, slightly lifting them and pressing against her nipples as well.  I used my left hand to caress her left hip and butt cheek.
“And these workout pants—”  I emphasized that last comment by sliding my hand down to the back of her left thigh, “—and your legs!” I sighed.
“You’re pathetic!”  she commented with a slight laugh.
I answered, “It’s not pathetic to desire my wife!  I’ve been aching for you ever since this morning, and the way you look in this outfit is amazing!” Then I lowered my voice to a more serious tone and added, “I really, REALLY  want to make love to you!”
“Oh my,” Janet smiled.  “Are you begging?”
“Do you want to hear me beg?” I whispered, kissing her neck as my right hand now lightly grazed her right breast, feeling her nipple hardening under her top.
“Mmmm,” My wife murmured.  “Maybe?” Her voice trailed upward in a lilting, sensual invitation for my best effort to convince her of my sincere intentions.
I was glad to surrender if it meant making passionate love to my wife!  “You’re too much for me!” I said, my hands gently lifting her large breasts, still contained in her bra and shirt.  I kissed her as passionately as I could from behind, our mouths barely able to meet with her torso pressed into the edge of the sink.
“So, tell me about my legs,” Janet urged as our lips parted.
I slid my hands down her body as I knelt behind her.  My wife took a tiny step wider with her right foot, permitting me to indulge my desires.  I started caressing each lower limb slowly and gently, murmuring, “Oh my… your legs…” I looked her up and down and massaged more firmly, feeling her muscles hidden under the thin fabric.  I shamelessly began my verbal pleas for her surrender.
“I am dying to worship your bare legs!”  I admitted.  “Please…” I murmured, working her calves with firmer pressure now.  “I’ve got to have you.” I moaned, kissing and nuzzling her thighs, my hands caressing up and down her legs and making their way all over her luscious rear.  I was helplessly aroused, crazed with utmost desire to show her how much physical desire she had created in me.
“Please!” I begged.  My hands continued to roam as she remained standing there in sultry silence.  I was going out of my mind and decided to force her to make a decision.  I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her workout pants, not saying a word but threatening to pull them down right there and then!
“Oh, MY!” Janet exclaimed.  “Not in the kitchen!”
“Then we’d better head upstairs,” I growled in warning, “because I can’t hold back any longer!”
We both moved quickly to the stairs.  Being the gentleman I am, I had my wife go up ahead of me.  Foremost for her safety, in case she slipped, but secondly so that I could gaze at her legs and derriere as she climbed up the staircase.  Janet kept glancing back with a watchful eye to make sure I kept my hands to myself and warned me to do so.
“Don’t worry,” I said.  “I’m not going to do anything silly while you’re on the stairs!”
I kept right behind her all the way.  Once she was off the staircase and on solid flooring, I had no reason to hold back.  “Now I’m gonna get you!” I exclaimed playfully and “goosed” the back of a thigh right where her butt cheek begins.
Those creases are Janet’s astronomically sensitive weak spots!  She is INSANELY ticklish there!  With a yelp and a squeal, my wife twisted away from me, turning to protect herself.  A couple more squeezes on her legs were all I needed to rev up the excitement in the room.  Janet playfully slapped my mischievous hands away as she moved to the bed and climbed onto the high-top mattress in a half-hearted attempt to escape my grabby hands.  However, she didn’t get very far and collapsed on the bed.  The mattress supported her torso, pelvis, and most of her thighs, but her legs dangled off toward the floor.
It was a VERY compromising position, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity.  I wedged myself between those limbs, leaning against the mattress; this would prevent her from closing her legs together.  Then I used my left hand to hold her left leg against my hip and slid my right hand into the vulnerable crease at the top of her right thigh.  I kept it there, my fingers applying just a little pressure on her most sensitive flesh, poised for further action.
Janet was still catching her breath from our playful chase but immediately responded to the threat of more tickling.  “Don’t you DARE!” my wife said.
We both knew my threat was a playful but (probably) empty one.  If I seriously tormented Janet on these spots, she would find it intolerably mean, and it would ruin the mood.  But I did remain in position—ready to strike, so to speak— and let her contemplate my next move, just to keep the excitement level high.  And in the spirit of husbandly fun, I reminded her of my benevolence.
“I’ll be nice,” I smiled, keeping just the right amount of pressure on her sensitive spot as a reminder of the “tortures” that could have been, “even though you’ve been teasing me all day with your outfit and all.  And you  did call me pathetic!” I reminded her.
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Janet smiled.  “You win!”  My wife breathed deeply in relief.  “Let me get up on the bed,” she offered.
“Oh, no,” I corrected her.  “I want to finish what I started in the kitchen and unwrap you like the best birthday present EVER!”  I slid my hands around and under her thighs and pulled her hips back off the bed’s edge so that her feet could reach the floor.
Janet had her feet about shoulder width apart, standing just a couple of inches from the side of the bed.  Her hands held her torso up from the mattress, and the top of her pubic area hit just below the edge of the bed.  It was the perfect position for what I wanted next, which was to devour those shapely legs with my ravenous hands!
I knelt behind her and began massaging up and down her legs, caressing her muscles under the tight fabric.  My hands roamed all over her buttocks, kneading that flesh as well.  Using both hands on one limb at a time, I  started at an ankle and worked my way along her muscular calf.  I would then massage all over and around her thigh, making sure to let a hand slide up between her legs and intentionally bump against her fully covered vulva.  I did that twice on each leg, and my wife murmured in approval each time.  Then I slipped a finger of each hand into the waistband of her pants and hungrily peeled them down and off with Janet’s full cooperation.  For now, I left her underwear in place, so I had the same enticing vision from the morning surprise.  Next, I ran my hands all over those bare legs, using the same sensual massages as before and adding gentle kisses along the way.
“Ohhh, my,” I murmured into her silky smooth flesh.  “I love worshipping your legs!”
I continued my slow, tender assault until Janet teased, “I like what you’re doing, but my legs are getting bored.”
I kept nuzzling her limbs, but again, I let one hand wander upwards along her inner thigh until my fingertips teased the outermost edges of her vulva, which peeked out from the borders of her red underwear.  Still kneeling behind her, I kissed her thighs and grazed the knuckles of my fingers against the fabric protecting her private flesh.  I felt a nice little tremble of pleasure under my fingers as my wife’s body reacted to the new sensations.  Pausing my kissing, I used my left hand to caress and knead her rear while the fingertips of my right hand performed a  light, spidery “scratching” of her vulva through the thin fabric of her underwear.
Janet sighed, shifting her weight from one foot to the other; my increased efforts were having the desired effect.  But I was determined to make her melt from my sensual play, so I continued until Janet finally succumbed.  My wife bent forward on the mattress,  supporting her upper body on the bed with her forearms.  She even inched her feet just a little farther apart, obviously surrendering to my husbandly intentions.  Her reward was more pressure from my fingertips as I kept caressing her mound.
My wife now moaned softly in desperation, her pelvis caught in my web of teasing pleasures.  I felt her wetness leaking through the red fabric of her underwear.
“Oh my,” I murmured, ensuring she knew I had discovered the evidence of her arousal.  “Still bored?” I asked teasingly.
“No-o-o,” Janet stammered.
“May I take these off?” I asked, not waiting for her answer before peeling the underwear down.  I leaned back to give her room to shift her legs briefly as I removed the last vestige of protection from her lower half.  “Thank you,” I murmured in appreciation of her cooperation.
She obediently hesitated, standing still and awaiting my next move.
I nudged those silky legs further apart than before.  “I’m not finished,” I said.  “I unwrapped my first present, and now I want to play with it.”   We both become more aroused when we refer to our sexual body parts in the third person.  I nuzzled and massaged the back of each thigh and then kneaded the flesh of her butt cheeks in a firm but loving way.  “Oh, yyyyyeah,” I sighed, acknowledging not only the wonderful sights before my eyes and in my hands but also her willing indulgence of my husbandly desires.  Next, I slid both hands between her legs and, using just my thumbs, caressed her labia back to front as my hands moved forward and under her.  Then, I added my fingers and sensually massaged her outer labia, teasing into her wet slit with my fingertips.  With my fingers just inside her most private folds, I opened her up.  Janet’s little gasp of delight was music to my ears!
Now my fingertips barely touched her moist inner lips, and my thumbs caressed the outer borders of her vulva as I moved my hands back and forth between her legs, gently teasing her swollen flesh.  With both hands concentrating on her triangle of delight, Janet’s arousal increased steadily.  I loved how she was so excited yet held herself still while I dreamily enjoyed her body.
Keeping one hand at play in her warm, wet slit, I caressed backward with the fingers of my other.  I trailed beyond the rearmost folds of her vulva and used just a fingertip to tease her sensitive perineum.
“Oh, m-m-my…” my wife gurgled.  Her beautiful melting sounds, along with the slight trembling of her legs as she tried to hold up against my pleasuring, were an incredibly sensual experience for me.  I could tell she had reached the point of needing relief from physically standing so long while enduring my relentless foreplay.
 “Ready for the bed?” I asked softly.
“Ohhhhh, yesss…” my wife groaned.  I took my hands away from her bottom and helped her roll onto the high mattress.  As she settled herself, I hurriedly stripped off my own clothes.
Now that Janet was on her back, I continued worshipping the front and inside of her thighs—first with caresses, then with kisses—moaning contentedly with delight.  My lips traveled into the creases where the soft flesh of inner thigh meets vulva.  She moaned as I  nuzzled those sweet folds, my fingers teasing the edges of her wet inner labia.  I was touching very close to her swollen clitoris.
“Don’t go too fast,” my wife sighed.  “I don’t want to finish too soon!”
“Don’t worry,” I murmured.  “I have more of you to unwrap!”
With that comment, I worked my way out of the tempting delights of her most intimate parts and slid up beside her on the bed.  I reached out with one hand to fondle each of her large mounds still encased in the bra and tight top.  Her nipples stood extremely erect and visibly strained the layers of fabric, and I encouraged the hardened tips even further with a few caresses from my fingertips.
“Ah, yeah,” Janet groaned.  She enthusiastically helped as I peeled off her top and tossed it aside.
The bra she had on looked very attractive on her, so I decided to leave it in place a bit longer.  I kissed over all the bare skin of her chest that I could see while my hands and fingers caressed and kneaded her breasts right through the fabric.  Then I captured her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, tweaking the protected tips.  With her nipples still covered, I had to use firm pressure for Janet to enjoy my actions.  Any concern about applying too much force on those tips disappeared as I heard my wife’s moans of delight!  Still, I didn’t play too long this way because I was aching to unwrap the rest of my God-given gifts and work toward our ultimate goal.
“Time to see the rest of my presents!” I stated with great satisfaction.
As I reached under her,  Janet turned just a little to give me room for my hand.  I found the four-pronged clasp of her bra and deftly unfastened that restrainer in practically negative time!  As my left hand came out from under her torso, it held one side of the band while my right hand slipped the far loop off her shoulder.
As I placed her bra aside, Janet shifted her torso to return flat on the bed.  Her wonderful breasts jiggled sensually as they found their balance with earth’s gravity.  Then her mounds flattened out to become delicious pancakes of flesh for my eager eyes and mouth, topped with deliciously pink, engorged nipples.
The only thing better than the sight of this beautiful reveal is to physically partake of the delights that God has provided for me; I proceeded to uphold my part of His plan by leaning in and kissing all over Janet’s beautiful breasts.  I moaned in pleasure as I  tasted Janet’s flesh.
“Ooooh, your body is so beautiful…”
My wife murmured in approval, knowing that the attention she was receiving was not only a sexual act but an experience of total appreciation for her as a person, a wife, and for our marriage!  Even though we talk about our “feelings” and express our love verbally and mentally, the actions of making my wife feel attractive, appreciated, and desired give me a high that transcends the mere physical part of lovemaking.  Her giving her body to me is the ultimate act of blending our essence as a couple here on earth.
Now I had her womanly flesh in my hands, and I gently kneaded her mounds and used my thumbs and fingers to play with those erect nipples.  Then I reached over to our nightstand and retrieved a small jar, and Janet’s eyes lit up when I brought out her favorite lovemaking accessory!
“Mmmm,” I murmured.  “I know what you like!” I finished my sentence by opening the jar and started applying coconut oil to my wife’s chest.  Then I beamed in appreciation.  “This is your reward for being so nice to let me play in the middle of the day!”
Janet absolutely LOVES the sensual, slippery feel of the substance, and I was determined to do all I could for her pleasure.  I used a couple of dollops and massaged the oil all over her torso and pubic area, then back up until I could slather her mounds with the aphrodisiac.  I used both hands on one breast at a time,  kneading the flesh thoroughly before allowing the oily boob to slip through my hands.  As each beautiful breast escaped,  I would tweak and tug the nipple.
Janet thoroughly enjoyed my sensual massage of her chest, moaning in approval and participating in the fun by finding some oil and applying it to my upper body.  “I LOVE this!” she exclaimed, playing with my chest and nipples with her oiled hands.
In our contest of mutual satisfaction, I had a distinct advantage.  Although both our chests are very sensitive, my wife’s large breasts make it much easier for me to play with hers.  She did her best to keep her fingers in contact with my torso, but I didn’t have to work as hard to keep my fingers on hers.  As we played with each other,  I was soon “winning.”  I had her slippery nipples captured between my fingers and thumbs, tweaking and pulling them to full extension.  Then I added my most deliciously devastating move: once I had her nipples stretched to their maximum length, I added a  little twisting, rolling action!
As I pulled and rolled her pink tips between a finger and thumb, Janet went into pretty much total meltdown!  Her eyes glazed over, wide with arousal, and her mouth opened as she moaned and gurgled in pleasure! Yet, somehow, she kept playing with my nipples, flicking, pinching, and tweaking my erect nubbins for all she was worth.
With my wife’s expert chest play, I was also moaning and gasping in delight.  I leaned closer so I could go after her with my mouth, but just before I did, Janet pleaded, “Ooooh, you’ve GOT to kiss my chest!  PLEASE!”
Hearing her willingly ask for pleasure ALWAYS turns my arousal up a notch.  I held her gorgeous breasts firmly, one in each hand, and went after her succulent flesh with a ravenous flurry of kissing, nuzzling, licking, and sucking her engorged nipples!  I went from one to the other in a frenzied release of pent-up desire!  It arose from the sensual agony I had enjoyed all day, starting with seeing her half dressed in the morning, then hungering after her in her snug clothes, and heightened even more at the privilege of enjoying her naked, willing body!
I moaned uncontrollably as I feasted on her luscious breasts!  Using my nose, chin, and cheeks, I caressed and teased every bit of her chest and nipples!  I kissed and licked my way around her engorged pink tips, finally taking them into my ravenous mouth, sucking and working them over with my tongue.  When I pulled away from one to go to the other, I deliberately kept my mouth on a nipple, only letting it escape by slipping through the small tunnel made by my lips!  The wet, sensual noises created as I went from one tip to the other increased my fervor even more!
 Janet was not just lying down and “taking it.”  Her moans of pleasure added to my excitement, but she kept her hands busy on my body as well.  She played with my chest and torso, adding more coconut oil to the fray, and I felt her hands roam southward. Finally, my wife slid her hands down to my pubic area, finding my balls and throbbing organ.
Janet knows exactly how to play with my “southern parts” to perfection!  She formed a tunnel with her slippery right hand, encircling my rock-hard shaft with her fingers, thumb, and palm. Next, my wife gently pumped, milking my erection from the base to the tip.   My shaft slid through her oily hand, and she would tighten her grip just a little as the head passed through.  This delicious technique assured maximal contact and caressing of the edges all around the head of my penis!  The coconut oil took away all possibility of uncomfortable friction, but what was left was an immediate,  intense ring of  “fireworks” exploding all around the corona!
Very quickly, the exquisitely pleasurable but intense sensations became too much for me to bear!  The steady rhythm and pressure of Janet’s talented hand caused sizzling tingles that just wouldn’t stop!  My beautiful wife seemed intent on using my penis as the fuse to set me on fire and make my brain explode from her sensual stimulation!  I abandoned her chest, fast losing control of both my male organ and my mind!
“Oh, Guuuh!  Oh My!  Uuuhhh!” was my helpless, moaning response to her attentions.  Getting my penis totally inside of her was the only way to quench the intensity of pleasure I could not endure!  I broke down and began begging her for relief!  My eyes wide with arousal, I desperately asked permission to slip inside of her godly physical temple.  “I need to get IN you!  NOW!  PLEASE!”
Janet parted her legs for me.  As I brought the head of my rigid organ to her entrance, she smiled, still holding my swollen shaft and guiding the tip into her warm vault.  I was hoping to go in immediately and right to the hilt, but her hand on my erection made sure I couldn’t just plunge into her as wildly as I desired.  As the head parted her moist inner labia, Janet released me only gradually.  She kept her hand sandwiched between us, my penis trapped in the “V” made by her now spread fingers and thumb.
I could only slide in SLOWLY, bumping into the back of her hand that was keeping me at bay!  I whimpered with pleasure as she let me at least partially fill her private temple with my steely erection!  The torturously slow, controlled insertion she allowed did reduce the intense, almost unbearable waves of electricity raging from the head of my penis.  The pleasurable sensations calmed down to less intense friction that engulfed my entire penis.  Once I pressed my pelvis firmly against hers, my wife removed her hand, reached around, and took hold of my butt to pull me in deeper.
“AH!  Yeah…”  I grunted in satisfaction, finally realizing the victory of full insertion into the depth of her womanhood.  Within seconds, I was pumping methodically in and out, attaining the perfect rhythm and depth guaranteed to fulfill our desires!
Janet held onto me for a few strokes but then clutched the sheet on either side of her hips, opening herself to my pleasures; I was free to move my hips at my discretion.  With her arms beside her upper body, every thrust I made caused a gentle shifting of her large breasts back and forth on her torso.  Those flattened mounds of pale flesh moved in sensual rhythmic waves from her collarbones to her ribs at the top of her midsection.  Her erect pink nipples followed in unison with the rest of her chest, and our sounds of pleasure added to our mutual arousal!
I gradually increased the pace of my pelvic thrusting.  The change caused Janet to gasp with approval, and my eyes filled with the vision of my wife’s heavenly breasts bobbling at the faster rhythm!  “Beautiful…” was all I could say as Janet mewled in time with each bounce of her chest.
I had stretched my arms out for support on the bed, and my chest hovered closer to Janet’s face.  I could tell by the sensual look in her eyes that she knew EXACTLY what I desired next and would definitely deliver, but I couldn’t wait and begged for the pleasure I craved.
“Pleeeease!” I hissed.
My reward for my shameless, willing “surrender” was to experience my wonderful wife use her talented mouth and tongue to satisfy my desires!  As she kissed and sucked and lapped at my nipples, I moaned with satisfaction.  Then, without any request from me, she reached up with her fingers and used a spidery, fluttery motion to tease and sensually “tickle” my sensitive inner arms and armpits.  Janet knows this playful action sends my arousal to the moon!
I moaned loudly and picked up the pace of my hips, and Janet moaned as well, enjoying the increase in speed and force.  Then she spoke a single word.
“Close?” she asked, knowing exactly how high she had me on the pleasure scale.
“Oh, YEAH!  OH, YEAH!” I groaned,  heading toward my orgasm like a train out of control!  I didn’t know if I’d be able to hold back my own explosion, so I frantically asked, “Can you GO?”
“Uh-HUH!” Janet admitted.  “Kiss my chest!”
Her request meant she was on the edge as well, and I satisfied her desire by leaning toward her left breast and covering her nipple with my talented mouth.  I sucked and licked on her erect tip as my pelvis moved back and forth.
“AH! YEAH!” Janet groaned in delight!  I knew the end was close.
I had started all this by worshipping her legs, and I desperately wanted to feel one of them now as I rode her into our finish.  I clutched her left hip and rear, then slid my hand behind her left thigh, gently lifting and bending her leg so I could get in as deep as possible.  I couldn’t hold off any longer!
“GO for me!  PLEASE!” I urged.  We both enjoyed the groans of our unstoppable mutual eruptions, and soon we exploded in a fantastic tidal wave of pleasure!  After the crest, we just held each other close as the waves of intensity slowly subsided.
After basking in our afterglow, we eventually did get to our yard work.  And later, our kids did call to invite us to dinner.
My wife smiled as we left for a busy evening.  “You were right!” she commented.  “I’m glad you insisted on having playtime  first!”

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9 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Very nice. After reading this I need to bring down a couple of my workout pants from my closet, I might be missing out on some great cock-teasing opportunities! Thanks for the great story, and have a great day!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Beautiful! Wonderful! SO easy to relate to for us! I think some younger people think older married couples don’t have sex anymore. Maybe some don’t, but many of us definitely do!

    Your story is so sweet and so sexy. And your use of words is absolutely brilliant! You are a VERY good writer!
    I have such a warm feeling from reading this. Your love and commitment and passion are truly amazing.

    I’m read this right after WE made love this morning, and I can relate to so much of your feelings of love, passion, & obsession for your wife and her beautiful body! I can also relate to how certain parts of your wife drive you wild. Been there & done that with MY wife!

    From each & every happily married husband: Thank you Heavenly Father for our kind, intelligent, beautiful & sexy wife.

  3. theyoungcouple says:

    Please, for the love of God and being an example of a strong, Christian marriage, keep posting! Comments are not allowed unless you sign up so I picked my user name to be theyoungcouple because your stories are the best I’ve read yet! We are newly-weds (March 5, 2022) and are still um…learning. Your stories of a seasoned, experienced married have helped us soooo much. We want the marriage that y’all have!! Not just for this level of sex but because it is so so clear that God is the center of your marriage and has fueled your passion as husband and wife. Please, please keep posting.

    • oldmarriedcouple says:

      Thank you for the compliments! I am glad that our experiences have been so well received. Mostly how putting God first can really add to a great marriage and a great love life. Although I describe my wife's physical attributes in telling our story, it was her personality that attracted me at first.
      But you mention the seasoned marriage with Christ-fueled passion, so I will pass on a few comments in that regard.
      It's always best to be respectful and considerate: hold the doors; when getting a snack, ask if she wants one or just bring one to her. Help w/ housework, etc. Talk about things. Those practices go a long way to make bedtime great! Also, be unselfish. I have mentioned, and it's true, that I derive more satisfaction and pleasure out of giving than receiving. When my wife allows me the ultimate gift of intimacy, pleasuring her is a huge boost to my self-esteem and libido, and if for some reason I couldn't have my own orgasm, I would prefer to watch her enjoy hers as I lavish her w/ attention.
      I have always been a touchy-feely husband. I may just hug her a few times during the day or find ways to brush against her backside with mine while in the kitchen. I "steal" kisses regularly and hold hands frequently (watching TV, in the car, etc). In the past few years, I have made it a regular practice to give her a "no strings attached" back massage after we get into bed. I don't expect that every back rub will lead to sex, but many times that happens. Having your hands on your wife's body doesn't reduce your chances; just be patient.
      I also try to make sure that when my wife is changing clothes or taking a shower (clear glass partitions are wonderful), I am always "around" changing into my clothes, etc. I want her to KNOW that I am excited to see her naked form, even if we aren't about to make love. As I have stated, we have both put on a few pounds in 40+ years, but make sure she knows her body is the most exciting to you! Compliment more than her face, breasts, and butt (sincerely, not fabricating). I have mentioned my wife's legs to her, their shape, softness. Her neck, the crease of her groin, her sexy high arched feet as I massage them. All those little things help lead to the act itself. When you have permission, treat her body like the playground it was meant to be! Take time to enjoy every square inch of your spouse, and she will be yours forever. And that's what God rally wants for us!

  4. MoseW says:

    I love seeing my wife naked, she turns me on like I never thought possible. But seeing her in her tight leggings or spanky pants and braless in a sports bra or tank top, especially in public when I catch other guys turning to watch her perfect ass… knowing others find her as sexy as I do but they only have an inkling of how she looks naked. I'm her husband, so I'm the one that gets to see and enjoy Lacy in every way. Sounds like you're an equally lucky man.

    • CreamyPatty says:

      MoseW, you sound a lot like my hubby, who gets hard whenever he catches someone checking me out, which is why I seldom wear a bra as it "lets my puppies breathe" as he calls it. I see it as my way of keeping him horny, and that translates into more sex for us. Win-win.

    • CreamyPatty says:

      I'm sure Lacy loves the attention – and it's always fun to turn heads, trust me.
      Jim always fills me in on guys he notices checking me out. It's a real turnon, especially when he tells me as he is licking my cream.

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