19.0 Anne and Ron Move

Ron’s company transferred him to a new city. He went ahead of the move to get settled into his job and look at possible houses while Anne stayed behind, getting their current home ready to sell. One hard part of the move was losing the deserted farm they had rented for weekend camping. They’d made a LOT of romantic memories there. Anne decided that they should make one more before they moved.

The day Ron returned to pack, she met him at the airport terminal with a hug and a passionate kiss. “We’re going to the farm first,” she told him. A surprised look that turned into a broad smile was his only response.

Arriving at the farm, she gave him another passionate kiss and hug. To her pleasure, she could feel the male response she’d expected, but she released him. She’d been planning this for a while and didn’t want to rush it.

After the hug and kiss, Ron had his own agenda, but they had been married long enough for him to let her set the pace. He took off his shirt to enjoy the noon-day warmth and helped her unpack their picnic lunch.

With lunch over and the trash cleaned up, Anne decided it was time for her plan. She told Ron to stay in one of the chairs by the picnic table—she had a present for him. Then she went to the car, took out her cell phone, and started it playing a 1960’s song, “the Stripper.” She began to sway suggestively to the music.

Slowly, Anne unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her bra as the blouse fell away. Then, unzipping her jean shorts, she put her hands in the pockets and pushed them down until they fell at her feet. The shorts were so tight fitting that her panties slipped part way down with them, leaving the top of her feminine hair peeking over the waist band. For a moment, she stood and let him enjoy her in just her bra and panties, even turning her back so Ron could see that her panties had also slipped part way down her cheeks. As a younger woman, Anne had never considered her derrière particularly sexy, but Ron did—that was all that mattered.

She certainly had his undivided attention now. Turning to face him again, she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra clasp. She let the bra slide forward, catching it with her arms just before it exposed her nipples. Then, after a brief pause to build suspense, she released the bra and freed her teats. Ron smiled that foolish little grin he always had when he saw her naked, and she could feel herself blush from his evident admiration.

Anne hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and began sliding them further down. He clearly enjoyed watching her take her panties off to the music, so she prolonged it as long as possible by slowly slipping the panties a little lower to expose more hair, then her lady lips, and finally, her vagina.

As the song drew to the end, she let the panties go, and they fell to her feet to join her shorts. At the last note, she kicked off the shorts and panties from around her ankles. She unfolded her arms and legs in a standing spread eagle stance to completely display her nakedness and gave him a “Ta-da!” smile, then curtsied to Ron’s applause.

Her striptease had the intended effect. Ron’s erection was obvious, outlined by his snug pants. She never really understood why, after all these years, seeing her naked still generated such an automatic sexual response in her husband—but it did, and that was no bad thing.

Anne started walking toward Ron, and his eyes remained glued to her swollen lips. When she reached him, she pushed his legs apart to stand between his knees with her pussy directly in front of his face. She knew her tiny clitoral erection would be protruding from her brown pussy hair, and her vagina would be leaking female lubrication as it always did when she was naked outdoors.

Ron reached out and began gently stroking her lips. He smeared her female lubricant from her vagina up to her clitoris, making his finger glide. Once her clit was lubricated, he began rubbing it gently but firm enough to make it feel good—VERY GOOD. It seemed like only a moment before she felt herself cumming. She hadn’t wanted to cum this quickly, but she was helpless to hold back. His touch just felt too good to wait.

Tucking her hips, Anne pushed her clitoris into Ron’s finger until she felt the pulsating ecstasy of her orgasm. Female liquids began squirting from her vagina with each spasm of pleasure. Finally, after a dozen contractions, she went limp. She caught herself on the back of his chair as she fell forward, pushing her teats into his face. Reaching up, he held them in his hands and pressed them against his cheeks, nuzzling and enjoying their softness.

As Ron felt Anne relax in the afterglow, he stood to unbuckle his belt and push his pants and Jockeys to his ankles, freeing his erection. He kicked them off and reached out to pull Anne against him, pinning his erection against her soft curls.

Anne pushed herself away and moved his chair away from the picnic table. Then, spreading her legs as wide as possible, she bent over the table. As she lay on her stomach, she felt her crack open to expose all her lady bits, knowing her vagina was glistening from her ejaculation.

Ron was more than interested in accepting her invitation. As he stepped up behind her, his erection found her vagina without help. Then, he caught the top of her hips and began slow and gentle thrusts.

Squeezing him with the tightest pussy hug she could manage, Anne felt Ron grow large and begin ejaculating. She squeezed him again and again until he was drained. She couldn’t help herself and squeezed him one more time, smiling at his sharp intake of breath.

Still inside her, Ron laid his chest on Anne’s back and reached beneath her to cup her breast. She felt the warmth of his skin against hers and thought that even though only the memory of these experiences could go with them, this had been a splendid way to say goodbye to a place that had been such a blessing to their marriage.

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3 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Sweet story. Jim and I have a favorite isolated beach we retreat to from time to time. It's great that you two have special places in your memories!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I loved this story, Frankie! In every place we’ve lived we’ve made one more sexy memory before the move was final. One time it included outdoor sex at a wildlife refuge on our way back to our old place. Then my Melodie surprised me by wanting more when we got back to our half empty condominium. There was nothing left in the bedroom but the bed.

    The last paragraph of your story was my favorite:

    “Still inside her, Ron laid his chest on Anne’s back and reached beneath her to cup her breast. She felt the warmth of his skin against hers and thought that even though only the memory of these experiences could go with them, this had been a splendid way to say goodbye to a place that had been such a blessing to their marriage.”

    “Your striptease was soooo sexy! And my wife also knows how to do those awesome “pussy hugs!” For us some of our most passionate sex has included from behind sex position with my wife standing bent over or her kneeling on something and me standing behind her. So you leaning over the picnic table was a familiar kind of sexy for us!

    Thank you for sharing this excellent story & I’ll bet you have another beautiful story about you two “breaking in” your new home.

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