Ron and Anne 9.0: First Home

Ron had finally graduated from college. He now had his first real job that earned enough money for them to live without clipping coupons and eating ramen noodles every other night. With it came a move to a new city, where he and Anne could finally afford to purchase their first home. They now fit the world’s definition of adults. They were married with a child (soon to be two children), two used cars, and—as of this morning—a house with a mortgage.

Having left their daughter with Anne’s parents, Ron and Anne drove from their hotel to the new house. It was empty since the selling couple had moved out already. Their furniture (what little they had from their small college apartment) had yet to arrive. Later, they would get some used furniture from Ron’s parents, and even then, there would likely be several trips to Goodwill to furnish it completely.

Walking up to the front door, Ron unlocked it and pushed it open. Then he turned around and picked up Anne to carry her across the threshold. He did it as easily as he had in their first apartment several years before. Setting her down, he pulled her to him with a loving kiss and a hug that was maybe a bit more than just loving.

Standing in the combination living/dining room, they began to discuss where to put the furniture, the wall where they’d put the bookcase made of bricks and boards, the sofa and chairs they’d get from his parents, and where the Christmas tree would go when the time came. Hand in hand, they walked from room to room, mentally furnishing each. In each space, they prayed for God to make their new house into a home.

In the master bedroom, Anne grew tired; the pregnancy was sapping her energy. They sat with their backs to the wall where they planned to put their bed. Ron put his arm around her and began to stroke her bare arms and legs with a feathery light touch that she always found comforting. Laying her head on his chest, she drifted off to sleep, and Ron leaned his head back to dose a little himself.

After a half-hour or so, the pressure against Anne’s bladder woke her, and she got up to go to the bathroom. As she did, she sneezed. With an “Oh, no!” she dashed through the bathroom door. She explained from the bathroom that the sneeze made her leak. Her panties were hopelessly wet, but she had turned on the heater, hoping her shorts would be dry enough for her to wear home when they left. A few moments later, she came out. Hearing the commode flush, Ron looked up to see Anne totally bottomless.

At the sight of her, Ron’s pants began to get uncomfortably tight. His squirming as he tried to adjust for the erection she was causing made Anne feel very sexy. She was pleased that, even pregnant, she had that effect on him. Finally, Ron gave up and just held out his arms.

She walked up to straddle his outstretched legs and then squatted to sit in his lap for the hug he was offering. Her baby bump wasn’t large enough to get in the way, and it was a turn-on to press against the swelling in his pants.

After sitting there for a few minutes, she wanted more than just a hug. She sat down completely, her bottom pushing his legs apart until she sat on the carpet between them. Then she lay back and let her knees fall apart, spreading herself in invitation.

Ron stopped for a moment, just admiring her swollen feminine lips protruding from the curly brown hair. He felt privileged to be married to this incredible girl. He began giving her tummy and the insides of her thighs another feathery massage with the tips of his fingers. Occasionally, he’d let his fingers cross her pubic hair.

Anne lay there, obviously enjoying the affection. Ron heard the little, quick intake of breath that indicated she was ready for more than a gentle touch and began to lightly stroke her lips. When he felt her clitoris become erect, he began to massage it in a slow circular motion.

She started pushing her hips up toward his fingers, wanting him to press a little harder. Her legs began to shiver, and a “Yes!” was squeezed out of her throat as she came. After a dozen contractions, she relaxed. With a look of complete pleasure, she lay there enjoying her afterglow.

A few minutes later, Anne reached out her hands, and Ron took them and pulled her back up to squatting over his lap. As she supported herself by holding his shoulders, he immediately pushed his shorts and underwear out of the way. Looking down, Anne watched his full erection pop out from his underwear. It made her smile with more than a little pride. She reached between her legs and guided him to the opening of her vagina, then sat down as he glided easily into her.

With the help of his hands on her hips, she began slowly moving up and down on him, tightening her muscles as her pregnancy Kegel exercises had taught her. It took only a few strokes before Ron came with a groan. Anne closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his ejaculate filling her. She relaxed against him, laying her head on his chest in the most intimate of hugs.

After a few minutes sitting there, Ron began to lose his erection. Knowing the sperm might leak onto the carpet, Anne stood and, holding her vagina closed with her hand, hurried to the bathroom to pee again. She returned, carrying her shorts in one hand and her toilet paper-wrapped panties in the other. She could have put on her shorts while in the bathroom, but knowing the effect it had on Ron, she wanted him to see her again, still bottomless.

Ron stood without pulling up his shorts and underwear. He reached out to pull her against him for a last and very interesting hug. Then they dressed and left the house, holding hands again. It had been a very special way to make their house their home.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! First sex in a new or new to you house or apartment is always a great way to break the house or apartment in and make it your home!

    I remember with great satisfaction the top sexual experiences we had in different places we’ve lived. Hmmmm…. Sounds like an idea for an MH story!

    This story is very well done. Little details like trying to keep from leaking semen on the carpet ring so true to life! The spontaneous sex after an impromptu nap was awesome! Thanks for writing & sharing this story!

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