Realtor Roleplaying with Wife

 My wife and I had gotten into kind of a sexual rut, but luckily, we found a weird kind of “spark” that we never expected.

As a real estate agent, I show many homes in the course of a week, which means I get the access codes to multiple properties, some vacant, some still occupied. One day, I had to show a client a home, but my wife and I had plans that night.  I decided to take her with me, and she could just wait in the car while I showed the property. Just as we were arriving at the address, the potential buyers called and said they could not make it. So, I decided to view the home on my own with my wife. It was kind of fun since she never has accompanied me on a showing before.

We got to the master bedroom, and I made a comment about how “this is where all the fun stuff happens.”  I started to get horny, and my wife was right there.  She understood exactly what I was getting at, and she was willing!  Honestly, it was the best sex we have had in a long time, being in someone else’s bed like that.

Since then, it has morphed into our favorite sexcapade. I will book a showing for a pretend “client” but take my wife there instead. Once I make sure there are no RING cameras or home security cameras, we have the place to ourselves to do whatever we wish. We have had sex in strangers’ beds, on countertops and couches—even on a glider in a baby’s room!

We have gone so far as to go into the sellers’ dresser drawers, and my wife has worn the woman’s panties and bra.  I’ve actually sucked my wife’s nipples through the fabric of the seller’s wife’s bra.  That is so wrong, but still so exciting.

One time we found a sex toy in a drawer; you can only imagine what we did with that and where that went…lol.  But for some reason, pretending to be different people. to pretend we are the sellers, to “roleplay” we are them in sometimes a million-dollar (or more) estate, has brought us closer together.

I know professionally what I am doing with my wife at these pretend showings could make me lose my license, but I’ll ask the public out there.  Is what we are doing SO bad?

We hope the community can kindly offer some Biblical guidance for this reader. ~ MH

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I do think what you are doing is "so bad." You already realize that it's professionally unethical. But can you honestly say you are following the golden rule? Would it be fine with you if someone you don't even know lied to you that they had a potential buyer for your house, asked you to prep it for showing and leave the premises for an hour, then came into your home, rambled through your belongings, tried on your underwear, used your vibrator, and had sex in your bed?

    I can see how the forbidden aspect of this behavior could turn one on, but it's not very loving to do this to others. It's dishonest and invasive and disrespectful. Better to rent an AirBnB or vacation rental, where the host should expect their guests will be carrying on as if they are at home and are paid to clean up after. (They also tend to lock away any personal belongings, so you'll have to bring your own props if you want to continue the roleplay as is.)

  2. Excited Husband says:

    This is great. I would never go as far as wearing others underwear or using another's sex toys but this sounds really exciting as I would imagine that you use all the sexual energy remaining from the current residents, particularly in the master bedrooms.

  3. CreamyPatty says:

    Several problems with this submission; aside from the basic criminal nature of your home invasion and wanton disregard for personal property, you simply must take quality planning time with your wife to develop a creative, interesting and sexy role play "movie."
    I say movie because you two should set the scene, the location and write a sexy script that will drive each other crazy. Be sure to spend extra time on your wardrobe.
    Jim and I do this role play game and every time we do it gets harder to top the last one! My ass is still sore from the paddling I received from "an older professor of mine, stopped by the house looking for Jim." And boy, I thought Jim was a tough one to swallow!

    • LovingMan says:

      CreamyPatty I like your advice. What they are doing is unethical and probably illegal. Essentially they are breaking and entering. Going through people’s drawers etc. is a huge violation of privacy. But your ideas were excellent. Please give us a story with more explanation on your “movie” role play.

  4. texan says:

    Struggling to find the right words to be helpful here… BLUF, this doesn't sit right with me.

    I understand the desire to spice things up; there are many stories on this site that deal with nude beaches, doing things in public, a hot tub, or in a back room at a party (or even a pastor's office)… but there is a difference between those scenarios and what is described here. I'm not sure how to explain that difference, though, but I feel it in my core. Perhaps it is the personal violation of the homeowners? The abuse of professional trust?

    Definitely the crossing of lines by using homeowners' personal intimate items – if nothing else, that puts this in a different category than the other scenarios.

    To me this feels like a violation of trust, harmful to others, and far different than other scenarios I've seen on this site – but I'm not able to precisely articulate why I feel that way… from a societal perspective, obviously it's the criminal risk – for most of the other scenarios, if people are 'caught' they likely will just be embarrassed or chased off the property, whereas this scenario likely would result in criminal prosecution and loss of license. Should that be the measuring stick? From a biblical perspective, it's about the harm and disrespect to the homeowners, and disregard for the professional license expectations.

    Role-playing this scenario in your own home, or a rental house, or in your own office would be a much better alternative for seeking to keep excitement in your marriage.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    I have been in homes that were for sale. While peeking in drawers is not ethical it is relatively mild. Even gotten a bit romantic. But to me having sex in their bed or using their clothing is way over the line.

  6. ClimaXX says:

    My comment:- If I caught you and your wife using my wife's underwear and sex toys I would have you arrested and your name would be on the news…..
    But, I can understand the game. Plan it differently. Do not use and abuse other people's property.
    Sorry! This reaction might sound very harsh.

  7. CreamyPatty says:

    Loving man, thanks for the compliment and if I get the time soon I’ll write a story. This type of story cums easy for me because it’s almost reporting rather than writing. I have submitted a couple stories and nothing has happened. Guessing I keep violating guidelines. Thanks again, LM!

    [From MH: Nope, the last two are just waiting to be plugged into the publication cue. Good job on those!]

  8. CreamyPatty says:

    LovingMan, I just sent MH a story as you suggested I do. A little off topic but I'm confident it will get a rise out of you! 🙂 Sorry, bad pun, I know!

  9. starlight says:

    So, I totally get why this is pretty wrong, but it's also freakin' hot! And honestly, if I found out you'd done it in my home, I'd likely be as turned on by the idea as you were doing it! Then again, I'm saying that within the context of knowing your background from MH; so yeah, the comments above are definitely more objective, but I did want to share that I found it hot!

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