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I was so bored.

Sundays are usually boring for me but this one Sunday, in particular, was a complete drag. I was so bored. I even cleaned the attic; that’s something I NEVER do. I made a few suggestions for Ian and myself to go out and have a little fun but he had an excuse for everything. So […]


I have never been that sexually frustrated in my life. I finally had a baby but via c-section. The healing period was awful. And as awful as it was, all I could think was “when will I be able to get laid?” Prior to giving birth I wasn’t having sex as much because I was […]

My Shorts

Over the past few months, I have been doing some thinking, and I have drawn the conclusion that my shorts got me pregnant. Well, not just my shorts, but me thinking I always have Ian right where I want him. And what’s funny is, he was never aware of the schemes I had but always […]

Other Things On His Mind

One Winter, late into the season, we experienced a blizzard. All roads were closed and as a result Ian and I were off from work and the kids were home from school. For those two days, we had a lot of family time. When the power went out on the first day, we lit the fireplace and […]


I know every marriage is not perfect, and Ian and I are a prime example. We once hit a point in our marriage where we were in an awful place. It was so awful that I was unsure if we’d be able to reconcile our differences or not. I was stressed. He is the only […]

I Am Spoiled

Ian and I argue like husbands and wives normally do. However, we had one argument in particular that lasted almost two weeks. The initial argument was about him working too much. Now, I must take responsibility in allowing it to linger by finally admitting that yes, I am spoiled. I decided that I wouldn’t speak […]

Just a Reminder (L)

One evening my husband Ian and I went to watch an NBA match. I was so excited because thanks to his company, once again, we had floor seats. At the time, it was that weird weather we get when it’s transitioning from Spring to Summer, so I dressed accordingly. I remember I looked quite appetizing […]